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  1. So.

    If you do plan on getting this title, what system? Playstation, X-Box or PC?
    While we're at it, what do you think of Valve's multiplayer games so far?​
  2. I played this when they were allowing it to be played in Alpha

    I played it in Beta

    I'm not going to buy it. I played it for a few hours, and it was...meh. It was fun, but after a few games it got old quick to me :/ If I did get it, it would be for the Xbox One.

    Valve's Multiplayer games are pretty good, hopefully they don't let it go to their head and fuck something up.
  3. Looks pretty good. Already got a couple friends getting this when it comes out.
  4. A game sold entirely as DLC and is purely multiplayer with a single game mode and objective.
    The only thing different was the monster, characters, and terrain.

    Tried the beta. Thought it might be fun if it had single player and maybe some different multiplayer modes.

    Will not buy.

    Valve hit pay dirt with left 4 dead and its sequel. It just worked. A cooperative shooter with a unique (sorta) versus mode. Evolve is not even close.
  5. I can easily understand that the game may get dull after some time. I had the same issue with L4D on console until I switched up to PC and began playing player created campaigns which really made the game new to me. I'm expecting the same to happen with Evolve which is why I'll get the PC release, though I may wait a few months after release to get some updated information from players and see what others think of the finished product.
    This makes me think of Titanfall and how terribly it failed. It's a fun game, it really is but the lack therefore of diversity. This is a major concern of mine in this game and I don't want to see it take the same path as Titanfall. But as I stated before, being a Valve game, I can look forward to what the Steam workshop will have in store.

    But yes, Valve sure did hit paydirt with L4D, as it was an excellent, reliable and simple equation to put together. Maybe the finished product will offer up something we don't see coming.
  6. I haven't played it myself (Apparently my computer wasn't strong enough to play the beta even though it's top of the line...), but I watched a few LPs (The Achievement Hunter Let's Plays of it are cool) of it. I'm... not particularly impressed. I mean, it's a good effort, but I don't see much variety in the gameplay and I can see it getting old fast.
  7. Helms Deep survival map. I totally forgot about l4d having that huge modding community.

    And pc game nowadays that's central on multiplayer that doesn't support that is shooting itself in the foot.

    When you mention Titanfall it reminds me that lots of games have short lifespans nowadays. Compared to say halo 3 that still had on an average Saturday one million players a year after release showed it had some longevity. Whereas with Titanfall it's pretty empty on most days but weekends.
  8. Yep. Now imagine if a game like Titanfall was given proper rights from EA (yeah, like that'll ever happen) to do major mods to the game that can be supported by the servers.

    Now imagine a Helm's Deep version of Titanfall. That games lifespan would've quadrupled.

    Edit: Plus mods.
  9. Won't happen. Especially if it's not hosted by a player rather than dedicated servers (like I believe Titanfall was).

    Of course people can rent or own their own servers, but dedicated ones are always vanilla.

    Has it been mentioned about dedicated or otherwise for this?
  10. Hmmm, I should look into that. I mean, if it's Valve I'm sure we'll be able to host from your own PC or a rented/community server. They've done it with every other MP game to my knowledge so I see no reason why they wouldn't continue the trend.


    This says yes to dedicated servers, but I will anticipate other servers will be made available down the line. That seems to be one of the key ingredients to keeping the community thriving.
  11. Makes sense. I believe killing floor did this as well.

    Wonder how they'll handle 300x exp servers though. I'm sure VAC will be in attendance.
  12. I imagine VAC will be there to keep the undesirables weeded out.
  13. I love the concept, but the DLC aspect once again ruins a perfectly awesome experience.
  14. I'm actually really excited for Evolve?

    I never got to play it, but I watched a few streamers play the beta. I think it looks like a lot of fun. I'm interested in the teamwork aspect, and the ability to create a monster and take on a group.

    Will I pay the initial $60? No. I'm definitely gonna wait for a price drop, but I mean, I fully intend on buying it.

    I love Valve multi-player games, especially on PC. They really haven't disappointed me yet. I'm an avid CS:GO player, I also love L4D and L4D2.

    I get how it can be repetitive, or others could lose interest. But I dunno, I'm just always incredibly entertained by wiping people out in some way or another haha. Plus with steam, the community usually creates some awesome add-ons that always make the game more interesting or worthwhile.
  15. Update:

    Well, I'm glad I didn't buy Evolve. Friend of mine picked it up on his PC and while I was over he let me have a couple hours to play. I'm not so much disappointed in the game itself, but the price tag is daunting for the limited content and the absurd amounts the DLC is being priced at. So yeah. Glad I didn't buy that, it may be worth it when the price fizzles down; and considering how other games like that (such as Titanfall) shot down in price, Evolve is going to be thirty dollars USD by the end of the year.

    Sad. So sad.
  16. I found this thread just to post this.

    Also got to watch people stream the game for a few days on and off. Looks meh. Even seeing the leaderboards has the top players with 1.0 win ratios. Which is highly unlikely, even the top player has a .4 win ratio. One particular streamer said that if you quit the game before it ends all you have to do is wait for a minute before joining matchmaking again. If you don't move (as the hunter or monster) for a SINGLE MINUTE, an AI takes over and follows a basic routine.

    Came here to post this too.
  17. I played the alpha. I pretty much became impossible to defeat once I figured out the stealth mechanics of the game. ._. Also, having surround sound is REALLY useful, since you can use it to pinpoint the monster when they're doing even the most minor, stealthy shit.

    Other than that, though, not touching this game with a 10-foot pole. Not only is the game stupidly repetitive, but the absurd amounts of DLC is just unacceptable.
  18. To be fair, the DLC aspect of Evolve has been blown up, in my opinion. I have a friend that gave me this for free, and it's rather fun once or twice when you feel like it.

    The DLC items available right now are purely cosmetic, nothing that really changes the gameplay or holds something away from the game being a complete experience. However, the PR of Evolve is fuckin terrible and got everyone confused about it, and don't get me started on how the Monsters are separate to the season pass, but then again new game modes and maps they will release have been quoted as being free.

    That's my two cents on Evolve.
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