Evolution Labs: Final Generation

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Evolution Genetic Labs. The future of humanity. With their constant work into the human genome, they have found vaccines and cures for countless diseases. Genetic defects are almost nonexistent. Human lives are being saved by gene splicing. They have even discovered how to create synthetic DNA and create antibodies using said synthetic DNA that attack and destroy cancer cells. They have improved human life, granting enhanced physical and mental capabilities, if you have enough money to pay for it. Their research has opened eyes to the potential of the human body, and even more than that. Every year, Evolution Labs release a new group of genetically modified people and new available gene splices, calling each new release a new Generation. Each new Generation provides even more success for the Labs, giving them more money to hide their... Less favorable practices.
Unknown to the people, Evolution Genetic Labs don't use harmless, animal-based tests to develop their craft and become more successful. They use human subjects in very painful, high-risk tests, with no regard for their lives. On average, the Labs loose a tenth of their subjects, so they are constantly bringing new subjects in. These terrible tests continue until whatever projects they are working on are perfected. Once complete, they replicate the work in a painless form to a non-subject person, release said non-subject in the next Generation, and execute the original.
The Labs kept a spotless record on exterminating their old subjects for several years. They kept the practice a secret for the longest time until just before the release of the 75th Generation, several subjects escaped. Evolution Labs posted an alert, saying the group was comprised of crazed individuals who had broken into the Labs and forced the scientists within to put certain genetic modifications on them. The Labs claimed that they managed to put some hinder antes on them, and they also stated that anyone who saw them should report to the nearest Evolution Lab so they could send a team after the escapees. This begins the story.

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Only a tenth of the test population dies? That's fantastic, for genetic experimentation!

By genetically modified are we talking stuff like wings n' shit, or are we talking realistically achievable modifications to root out disease and what not?
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