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  1. Millions of years ago the world was different. High in the mountains the snow fell softly coving the tips with a thin layer of white powder. In the mountains themselves the dwarves laid to work creating tunnels of length and depth that no one ever dared go. In the foot hills the human's hunted the mountain goats and deer that bound in the shimmering sun. And down in the forest the elves fed the trees and plants life with their song and spells. Life thrived in the world. Beauty lifted the darkness ever night as the children slept tightly in their beds. Parents didn't have to keep watch for danger in the skies. The land lay peaceful and still. The lakes gracefully moved to the light breezes in the morning as the dew made the grass glitter in the sun. As the sun rose the flowers would open up to welcome its warms and the animals would craw from their nests.
    However in the deep parts of the world where man nor elf, nor dwarf could tell laid a creature. The creature slept for many years before taking out to feast on the life bellow. His body as red as fire and his talons as sharp as a harpoon. His wings black as the night sky and as powerful as a tornado. He was the true fear in this world. His eyes as keen as a hawk and his breath as foal as rotten corpse. He would hunt the night sky swiftly. Circling the land below him he would pick up anything that would fill his large appetite while the world slept below him. He was the red dragon the most powerful of the chromatic dragons in the land. The smaller blues, greens, and blacks usually stayed in their tight dens until the giant red vanished from site.
    Among the humanoids that walked the earth was powerful mages. The mages were the peace keepers of the realm from race to race these mages were used as diplomats. The people lived in peace because of the mages that lived among them. The mages magic was rare among the people who walked the world. "They are different." The people would say whenever talking about these powerful mages. "They can make fire out of thin air." Said another as he passed by on. "Who are they?" Everyone wanted to know where they learned their powers and wanted to know where they came from.
    The mages tended to keep to themselves usually saying nothing but bowing to the people that they passed. They knew that the people were unsure about them not even comfortable with them being in the same city as them. They were their for the people to protect them from what the mages knew about the war. Long ago the chromatic dragons rose above the land to try and take over the land for themselves. Killing the metallic dragons (Their sworn enemies) the dragons caused hell on the world. The leader of the Metallic dragon's (A great Gold Dragon) Fought back with his brothers and sister pushing the enemy back into hiding but the leader was hurt badly and was unable to fight off infection that grew in his wounds. Passing away he left his mate with an egg to raise by herself. Moon tried her best protecting Ramoth's egg. Years passed and Moon didn't eat drink or sleep finally she felt a nudge under her tail. Lifting her tail up high a golden dragon fell out of the now broken pieces of the once was egg. Warm steaming tears steamed down the dragon's face as she held her daughter close to her cheek. "Saphira will be your name." The mother said to her new born.
    Hundred of years passed and the Metallic Dragon's fought for their right to stay on the world with the chromatics but were on the losing end. Saphira was about 156 now her form was growing and it was growing fast. Her large scales were hard as iron and her breath as deadly as a lightning strike. Moon seeing that her people were on the losing end sent her daughter down the people that lived in the forests, mountains, and foot hills. However Moon sent her as a human. As a powerful mage. Following her was one of each color of the metallic race. Silver, Gold, Bronze, Brass, and Copper. All landed to present themselves to the leaders as protectors of the races. Fighting the dragons from the ground the mages held the tired and defeated chromatics back to their dens.
    Looking for people to choice a side and fight for the dragons they want to see survive to live among the people of the world. Any class is welcome.
  2. I guess this topic is not that interesting as I thought it would be. :(
  3. Appereance:
    Name: Kegan Hayes
    Age: 19
    Race: Human/Phoenix
    Sex: Male
    Bio: Kegan which is part of a young group of phoenix humans which are a split group of the old phoenix order which were according to their beliefs born from the fire of a mighty dragon but no one knows where exactly the phoenixes came from as they are simple humans and all they kept from their ancestors is a strong resistance to fire and the ability to control fire which they are unable or just barely able to create by themselves.

    Kegan was always a curious person he was ever since birth interested in finding out more about the dragons he heard of and how exactly his kind split of and born also he wants to see more of the world that lays ahead of him and now finaly old enough to leave his family prepared with only some food and the weakest of all known fire creation spells which he learned from his father he wants to find out more about the world, dragons and his origins.

    Personality: clumsy, curious and happy
    Side: No side in particular as he doesn't know enough about the dragons yet.

    I'm sorry I posted this in the wrong thread at first I really have to get used to this site, also I hope some more people show interest... this story idea seems great in my eyes!
  4. Wow...when they say wall of text, they usually just mean a lot of text...but reading that gave me a headache...solid white...

    Well worth it, though. I enjoy how you have taken the basic dragon breeds and used them in a story...few do that nowadays. Hell, I don't even do it on Partheus very often...

    If you want more to read your intro, I would break it up...perhaps add a picture. But I would also like to join. I'd like to ask for the spot of the Bronze dragon...I have plans for one such, as the Bronze is the dragon that got me into dragons. Any info you might wish to provide on it before I fill out a sheet?


    Also, do you do Pseudodragons?
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