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  1. I was hoping we can do something evil. I have a few ideas with vampires, and demons. I was hoping to catch a male, or females who don't mind playing males. Cause I can't play males whatsoever.My ideas are basically were about Vampire prince or Voltori wanting this human that found out about humans in which can risk their secrecy. So then someone would be told to get her so they would have their fun with her. It can be any sorts, but I would hope to time skip when it comes to the sexual needs.

    A)A girl works as a assistant for a guy, she is suppose to help him. Well only to find out that he is a vampire and is planning on to kidnap her. She doesn't know this until he really kidnaps her.. It only happens too fast for her to run. When she wakes up though, after the kidnapping. The first thing she tries to do is escape. She fails. Only to realize there is no hope. The guy wants her to do everything he tells her, but she is stubborn. Will she learn the hard way?

    The Brother
    This girl's mother dies , which she was poor on money.But now.. she has to go to her father's house, which he is rich, and married and the person he married has a son. Also the son is a popular guy. She doesn't like this one bit. She was one of those girls who were hard to get.. Not used to this. What if he wants her in many ways.. How does she handle this? will her father find out?
  2. Details, m'dear. Give people some details, that way you shall catch their interest.
  3. Thank you, I edited. Hope that works.
  4. I'm already intrigued with the title, so if you'd like to make some plot bunnies with me and my cornucopia of evil themed characters feel free to send a message my way.
  5. Dan~

    I sent you the PM!! :)
  6. I am still searching for the male role!!!