Evil people, female needed (Filled)

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  1. Hi! I had this roleplay idea in my head for some time now. Ia about a rich spoiled girl, kidnapped by 2 guys. One of them is a notorious serial killer, a man without any scruples, killing people just for fun. The other one, is a though guy too, but he fall in love with the girl and try to save her. The plot is open, but my idea is a kind of chase, where the psychopath is chasing the girl and his old partner. Be aware, a lot of sex will take place. :)

    PM me if interested. All other ideas are welcome.

    Kisses or something,
  2. I'm interested
  3. I'm interested in the female role
  4. I am so sorry, I found a partner already.
  5. Sorry, the I found a partner.
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