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  1. The year is 2150, and scientists believe they have finally figured out a way to "fix" people's problems, through extensive tests and "therapy". However, they have not yet tested their theories on humans, and have recently gained permission from the British Government to collect and test volunteers.
    These scientists search for what they call the "perfect" subjects: young men and women either traumatized by their past, defiant, or just screwed up. Signs are strategically placed so these particular people can see them: in bars, hospitals, clubs, etc.
    A year passes, and the scientists have yet to receive even one of these subjects. In one of their meetings, the head scientist, Dr. William Thompson, decides to just take them.

    You are one of these "patients".


    Age: (17-24)





    Condition of Mental Health:

    Skills: (Athletic skills, Artistic skills, etc. Be specific.)

    Name: Celia Gessati

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    [​IMG]Personality: Quiet, reserved, often cold. Only speaks to her brother, Noah, and only in Italian.

    History: Celia lost both her parents when she was younger to the classic car crash. The accident led her to only trust her older brother, Noah, and her refusal to speak English.

    Condition of Mental Health: Stable, PTSD

    Skills: Drawing and writing

    Name: Noah Gessati

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Not as quiet as his sister. He's like the fire to her ice, I suppose. Noah has a weakness for broken things (especially people) and tries to fix them, like he holds up his sister, who he loves greatly. Very compassionate.

    History: Noah was (obviously) involved in the same car crash as Celia, saving her from injury with his own body and not letting her look upon her parents afterwards. He's taken care of her ever since.

    Condition of Mental Health: Stable, depression

    Skills: Running, archery, guitarist.

    ((I know I'm using these characters elsewhere, but I want to develop them))
  2. Hah no way does the evil scientist have the same name as a classmate of mine...
  3. Coincidence, haha :P you interested?
  4. Probably. I'm guessing that the subjects'll be in some sort of laboratory having things done at the time of the RP, so I'm thinking of a unique disorder before I make a character.
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  5. Name: Michelle Benoit

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Personality: The quiet but nervous soul. She will hide under her hair as long as she can, and won't meet anyones eyes unless she feels as if she have to stand up for herself. When feeling scared she will normaly curl into a ball, let her hair fall infront of her face and be on the edge of crying. She is terrified of being outdoors, and loud noises. Friendly when first pulled out of her shell, though it's few who manage that. Has struggled with eating disorders, though she is not in the dangerzone now, but because of that, it's still inside of her mind to not eat while others are watching.

    Appearance: [​IMG] With blue eyes

    History: *Born during the autumn in a war zone, where her mother was killed not long after the birth.
    *Brought back to England by her father who blamed her for the death of her mother.
    *Was abused until the age of 8 by her father
    *Ran away, and was taken into fostercare
    *Started at the age of 10 to have panic attacks, in the beggining just at night, where she would wake up, believing that her father was trying to kill her.
    *Shut up ever since then, and refused to speak to people.

    Condition of Mental Health: Panic disorder -Somewhat stable.

    Skills: Plays the violin, Can hold her breath for a minute and a half.
  6. Accepted! :) Hopefully there'll be more interest.
  7. Name: Typheaos Demetriou -- Given the name Typheaos after she destroyed all her handmade toys at the age of thirteen months.

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Personality: The Scrambled Soul. Typheaos can be described as an enraged general, a smart but destructive bitch who's very proud and brave, but often blinded by insensate anger from the voices. They are like a sleeping volcano, calm, yet a constant danger, and pray you don't make them erupt. This is the closest thing to a description of her personality one can give, because even if she has a fiery personality (in every possible sense) her mood is as fluent and as chaotic as the elements themselves. She is clever, but as stubborn as a mountainside, and won't let go of anything no matter what. She loves to make jokes and puns despite the situation and she is known for getting lost in thought and voices when her service is needed most of all.

    I have to ignore them. This is important. Act like you are listening Ty...

    Appearance: Ty is a slim blonde who stands about five foot seven. She likes to wear her lucky leather bomber jacket as well as lace-up boots and any colored jeans. She has heterochromia iridium where her eyes are two separate colors -- blue and a stormy grey.

    History: Born in Greece to a petite mother and father, Ty was the eldest of three. Her two twin brothers were five when all three of them were playing near a wishing well and one fell in. He died on impact at the bottom and Typheaos was blamed in the end at the age of eleven. She claims she saw a spirit grasp his soul and pull him down into the depths. Her parents, heartbroken and angry, cast her away to America to live with her Aunt, but that didn't last long at all. From then on she had nightmares every night and began hearing voices. She went catatonic for a few years until her Aunt put her into a foster home at fifteen. She came back to the world around then and was given medication and care. When she turned of age she left and decided to live her own life. She missed the voices though -- the only things keeping her company -- and stopped taking her meds. Since then she has been a Gypsy, no family or home to miss her if she disappeared.

    Condition of Mental Health: Stable - Schizophrenia slash Night Terrors slash a hint of Personality Disorder.

    Skills: Magic tricks, astrology, palm readings, cooking, stealth, lying.
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  8. I don't exactly know what will be going on. So are we running from the doctor or... in a lab somewhere. Fill me in please and I might join. :)
  9. Yeah, sorry, I was just looking for interest! You'd be in a lab, whether you've been there for months or you're just waking up. If you decide your character's a 'new edition' to the facility, you'd either be restrained in a hospital-like room (Which is bare except for the bed, grey tiled floor, white walls and ceiling. The door is across from the bed, which is locked) or in a minmalist-type bedroom- just a bed and a dresser, white walls, carpet and ceiling. A door to the right of the bed would be the bathroom (THAT, disgustingly, has cameras in the 'watched' rooms, so if you've got severe depression or something of the like, they'd get pointed out to you by a nurse making her rounds). In the bathroom is a mirror, sink, and a shower (no bathtub in the 'watched' room for ovbious reasons).Tiles, walls and ceiling would be more of a cream color, just for description. The bathroom door in all rooms has no lock. Across from the bathroom is a door that's locked at all times except when your character is allowed to leave for the cafeteria or the lesiure room, or even the courtyard if your character isn't a flight risk (those characters would still be watched, however, and would not be able to escape by running. The facility is also surrounded by a fenced wall). The plot itself is something to form in the RP :) any questions, just ask!
  10. Sounds fun and complex at the same time
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  11. This interests me. But I have a question. Is a "real" picture a requirement for the appearance? Or can (for lack of a better word) animated pics be used?

    I was planning on using this, but I wanted to be sure before I did.

  12. Name: Neil Jackson, but he generally refers to himself as Nee.

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Nee is extremely quiet and introverted. He's much happier just to sit and listen. People have a habit of trying to draw him out of himself, and that's something he hates. Although he manages to hide it on the few occasions that he does speak, he hates himself. He seldom talks because he hates the sound of his voice and feels like everything he says is stupid and he'd be better off just staying quiet. Nee is a dark enough person. He doesn't allow himself to get close to anybody, and trusts nobody. He would betray anyone in a heartbeat. Loyalty means very little to him, as he's never had it shown to him. However, Nee is a good person. If he does find himself caring for somebody, he will look after them and make sure that they come to no harm.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Standing at 6'1", Nee is underweight- barely tipping the scales at 120 pounds sopping wet, fully dressed. His eyes are slowly regaining their brightness, and his hair is still thin, but slowly improving. It's easy to tell he's been sick- although he's always very vague about what.

    History: Nee was bullied for a lot of his childhood. He was too quiet, too strange, too different. Throughout a lot of elementary school and middle school, he didn't have any friends. He was slightly overweight, short, not athletic, and of average intelligence- also known as the perfect prey. Even when he had possibly the world's greatest growth spurt at the age of fourteen, things didn't improve. He developed bulimia nervosa at the age of fifteen, and anorexia nervosa at seventeen. He started self-harming around the same time as he started skipping meals, and never managed to pull himself out of that hole. His parents were doctors- never around to see the bruising, too busy to notice the rapid weight loss, the cuts slipping under the radar. He improved around the time of his eighteenth birthday, managing to getting almost a year clean clean from everything. However, he never made it to the year mark for self-harm. He managed to pull himself out of the worst of his eating disorders, but still is extremely conscious about what he eats.

    Condition of Mental Health: Varies- can swing from relatively stable to suicidal inn the space of a minute. Self-harm and suicidal at times, recovering from anorexia and bulimia.

    Skills: Talented artist, intuitive, strong for his weight.
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  13. No, no "real" pictures are required! And you both are accepted, I'll be putting up the thread and posting the link soon, I promise! :)
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  14. Alright, I'll see what I can dig up.
  15. Hey, is this still happening?
  16. After further consideration, I've got a lot on my plate right now. I'm out. Thanks anyway!
  17. Yes, this is still happening, I've been sick the past few days, I apologize! I meant to get this started last week. I'll get it up here pretty quick.
  18. Lied, making a female instead

    Name: Blair Valentine

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Blair seems to be a very happy and childish person. Girly and cheerful unlike most, and seeming peculiarly normal. However she suffers from severe schizophrenia and her best friend or worst enemy is her 24 inch bear plushie that bares a mustache and beret which she calls 'Mr. Beary' whom is the sole reason of her insanity.

    Though Blair is bright and seems normal, Mr. beary however, enjoys causing mischief and grief over those around them, even almost killing them. Blair tries to stop Mr. Beary from causing trouble, but he's so manipulative, he makes it look like she's the one who did it. When she tries to claim that Mr. Beary is the cause of the misfortunes, he appears to be just an idle stuffed bear, and others think she's crazy--which she is, and in some cases some people even mistaken her as having a split or multiple personality disorder, though it was officially confirmed that she is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

    Mr. Beary is totally a character in her imagination or even an imaginary friend, and in reality, she is doing everything evil Mr.Beary does herself, only using him as a shield for her own mind not to think that she caused all the deaths.

    Blair is a 5"6 girl with golden locks of hair that goes as long as her back. She weighs around 109 lbs and has blue eyes and two deep dimples when smiling. She's usually always seen carrying around her two feet long stuffed bear named 'Mr. Beary' and often has different floral crowns or bows over her head as she adores these types of accessory, most notably known for her hand crafted floral crowns worn.

    Blair was born in Paris, France yet raised in New York of the United States of America. She was raised by a single parent, her mother and was given a hand made stuffed bear as a baby that was two feet tall. Throughout the years of having more knowledge it was then that she came up with an imaginary friend, a wonderful, amazing--No, marvelous entity otherwise known as 'Mr. Beary'! Mr. Beary was very awesome to Blair, he knew everything, he was capable of everything and at the age of 8 her peculiar behavior began starting with catching small butterflies and oddly ripping their wings apart. How was his peculiar to Alura, Blair's mother? Because it was constant. Every time she went out, she caught butterflies and ripped their wings. Every time Alura forbid her to continue such a disgusting habit, Blair simply repented and replaced butterflies.... With birds.

    She caught birds, and she strangled them. Then when a mess was made she blamed her stuffed bear, Mr. Beary. Observing her daughters odd behavior around coping with nature in such a violent looking way, she immediately took action as therapy was given when she was 9 up until 13. Therapy never helped and her strange behavior only got worse, now almost killing her little 10 year old sister through suffocation when she was thirteen, blaming who? Her stuffed bear of course to her mother whom never believed her.

    And it was the same thing over the years. Stabbing other students with pencils at school, chasing students around with scissors while motioning it in a stabbing motion, hitting other students, she blamed the same plush relentlessly, and her insane behavior never ceased until doctors diagnosed her with schizophrenia at age 16.

    Now she is twenty, and still has the plush.

    Condition of Mental Health: Somewhat Stable, Blair suffers severe schizophrenia worst of all. She is sometimes able to control herself, and other times isn't until she realizes her insanity near the end. It's A mental disorder where patients often experience bizarre hallucinations and delusions that no one else sees, thus the reason for Mr. Beary being a "living" creature.

    { Floral Crowns }
    Blair is quite skilled at making floral crowns. She started making them at age 8 from her mother at the time her peculiar butterfly wing ripping behavior began and slowly got worse. Flower crowns are what keeps her more docile and calm, killing the time for her and even keeping her sane for some time.

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