Everything isn't always what it seems

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  1. Karin (open)

    Over 650 years had passed since it happened, since she got sick in the plague that had gone threw Europe and killed a third of the people. Karin had been one of the people that got sick and were about to die, if he hadn't been in love with her then she wouldn't have survived it. But she were lucky, or maybe it was unlucky, it depended on how you saw it. The man that was in love with her were a vampire even though she didn't knew it during the times he had proposed to her. He didn't have any reason to tell her what he were either, at least not in the closest years. He first wanted to get her heart before he would tell her what he were.

    But because of the sickness he decided to make her in to a vampire before she died, unfortunately he were out of town when he got to hear that she were sick and by that time some days had already passed. He were able to get to her just in time to make her in to a vampire so she wouldn't need to die. If he had gotten there just a minute later then he wouldn't have made it in time.

    Karin got turned in to a vampire and woke up several days later when her body had changed completely. He hoped that she would accept him and accept herself for what she had became but she couldn't. She saw their existence as a crime against God, they were evil. She left him to find a way to get Gods forgiveness for what she had become and she considered many times to kill herself for the sake of her God. She tried to stay away from humans for over a hundred years and tried to live only on animals. But she felt so lonely so in the end she returned to being among humans again. Some times now and then she actually killed humans even though she didn't want to, mostly when she had walked around hungry and didn't think she would meet any humans and when she did she couldn't help herself from attacking the person that happened to pass by.

    After some time she were able to keep her hunger a bit under control even though she still could lose the control if she had been starving for long. But mostly that just happened when sicknesses were going threw the places she stayed in and animals died so she didn't have much to hunt.

    Her belief in God disappeared with the years and in the late 19th century she didn't think that God existed at all. But it was first in the 20th century that other humans started to think the same way and until then she had kept her believes to herself.

    Now it's the 21th century and Karin is still alive, even though she barely think she could call that state alive. For the latest hundred years she had mostly walked around alone among humans, she never found anything interesting to do or found anyone interesting to talk to. It had been interesting when Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi lived and she had conversations about their music, but now a days no one could make music that interested her. She had met many philosopher's and big thinkers during the 600 years she had lived and now it seemed like everything had started to die out. Even though there still were smart people and philosopher's out there no one seemed to catch her eye. They only built their ideas of other old theories instead of making new once. It didn't seem like anything new were about to happen any time soon.

    Karin sat on a roof, she hadn't eaten for some days so she should probably go out hunting soon or else she would attack an innocent human. But she didn't feel like doing anything, she hadn't felt like doing anything for years. The only thing she did were hunting then she often just went back to were she lived or walked around outside aimlessly. Humans weren't interesting anymore and she didn't want to have anything to do with vampires. But she knew exactly where she could find them if she wanted to.

    She sighted and looked down on the people walking around, she had sat on the same rooftop so many times and looked at the people getting back from work so she could recognize almost everyone. The sun had been down for an hour and the last people were walking home, one woman that Karin noticed had been taking the same way in exactly the same steps at exactly the same time everyday. She was probably a woman that had her whole days timetabled. Some people just irritated her.
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