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  1. The morning had crawled up slowly on the naval base Pearl Harbor, men were up pretty early and were all at their posts. Since the last attack everyone was constantly on edge and ready to shed blood at any cost, the whole world reared up to fight the Nazis and many people had lost their lives as well. The attack on Pearl Harbor was devastating, many people died and many ships along with planes were lost… but the American War machine just got working as new men and women filled the factories and came to fight on the battlefields of today, everyone seemed to be helping and fighting for their country no exceptions. And John was one of those people, an already distinguished fighter ace so early in the war, he flew British Spitfires when the Americans were still not in the war but as soon as he heard about the attack on Pearl he returned immediately.

    He was returning to the after a morning run in with a couple of Japanese Zero’s his F4F Wildcat had shot up pretty badly and the engine was smoking, there were holes in his wings and tail fin, the cockpit had a few shots but the glass seemed to hold. As the plane landed slowly on the tarmac, a crew of mechanics and soldiers ran to the plane, they jumped on the plane and opened the cockpit as soon as he parked it, they unstrapped him and slowly pulled him out they could see the commander driving with his jeep slowly to them “God fucking damn it John, how many times I have told you do not engage them on your own when you’re doing patrols! But no, Mr. Ace has to have a few stickers on his already filled to the brim plane. Are you alright at least?” said the commander as he rushed to him and looked at him, John had leaned on the shoulder of one of the mechanics and chuckled at the commander “I’m fine commander, just a few scratches.” Said John “Few fucking scratches?” the commander poked on of his wounds slightly just to see Johns reaction “This ain’t fucking small scratches John these are bullet holes. Get him to a nurse or something god damn it, I can’t look at him anymore.” Said the commander and John walked to the jeep with the help of the mechanic and then he could feel the jeep beginning to drive. He feel asleep slightly and when he woke up he was awaken by the driver of the jeep “Wake up John, wake up… come on, let’s go… we are off to a visit to the doctors, come on you’re going to get checked up by those lovely nurses. Come on you lucky bastard.” Said the man as he hoisted him up on his shoulder and carried him in. As he entered the navy hospital building he laid him on a bed and called for a nurse “Nurse! Nurse!” yelled the man as John laid on the bed.
  2. Slap!

    Her hazel eyes opened widely. Her hand was placed on top of the red mark that was slapped. She could feel the red mark burning. The pain receded, however her emotional health depleted. Rosalinda looked at the nurse who sneered at her. Surrounding the nurse in front of her was three other nurses who snickered at the mulatto skinned girls expression. She bit her lower lip, chewing on the soft flesh. She could feel a tear sitting on the edge of her eyes sockets. The other nurses broke into a loud laughter walking away. Rosalinda shut her eyes tightly. The warm teardrops rolled down her cheeks, leaving a trail of water. She sniffled as she wiped away the tears with a sleeve. The white nurses didn't manage to break her spirits. However they did manage to tears her apron.

    The woman shook her head lightly not letting it get to her. She untied the apron and removed the white apron from her body. The apron's cloth was teared from the chest region and down to the waist section. A loud sigh escaped her lips. She sniffled once more and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand. "Get over it." She scolded. Rosalinda didn't allow herself to self-pity, she wanted this, she got it, don't let it go. She held onto her apron tightly as she entered the hallways of the hospital. An abundance of nurses came in and out of room rushing to get the nearest bandage. Doctors in white coats rushed out with blood stained gloves.

    Rosalinda walked through the chaos calmly. The calamity behind her began to silence itself when she entered the recovery hall. The sound of nurses giggling and whispering, outside the door grabbed her attention. She walked towards the recovery section to see nurses trying to grab themselves a husband. She put a side frown and turned her heels. The woman had no similar interests as the other nurses, but it would be nice. While walking through the hallways she heard a man's voice calling for a nurse. Rosalinda jumped slightly and quickly rushed towards the room where the voice originated.

    She ran into the room, which door was open. Rosalinda saw a man with wounds from a bullet. The blood seeped through his clothes indicating that he has been bleeding quite a lot. She turned to the commander who was befuddled by her appearance. Her dark skin was a complete turn down to most military personnel’s. The commander spoke nothing and quickly walked out of the room. She took this chance to approach the man.

    "Three bullet wounds..." She spoke to herself softly. With a quick observation of his wounds she approached the man much closer.

    Before making any movements Rosalinda rested her torn apron on the small table beside the bed. "Excuse me." She said leaning towards the wounded man, unbuttoning his shirt one by one to see the wounds. The man reeked of blood and dirt; it caused her to scrunch up her nose slightly. Once all the buttons were buttoned looked at the bullet wounds closer. The bullet didn't enter his system too deep, possibly touched his bone, or something. She pulled away from the man and turned to the tray beside her. She took a metal tweezers to remove the bullet fragments.

    "Tell me if it hurts." She began to remove the small bullet fragments.
  3. The commander watched silently as the colored nurse entered, he was hesitant to let her help him but he did anyway, John was bleeding and she was the only one available. He left her to work with him and walked out to the hallway hearing the giggles of nurses and walked there as he entered he saw the nurses flirting with the soldiers on the base “Are you fucking kidding me?” he grabbed the soldiers one by one by their necks and kicked them out “GET TO YOUR POSTS YOU IDIOTS! You forget what happened not while ago?! Get! You maggots!” said the commander as he fiercely yelled at them then turned to the nurses that seemed very afraid of him “And what are you ladies standing around here? Get to your posts! Now!” he said and pointed out the door and saw the nurses as they filtered out of the door. The commander returned to the room where John was and looked at the nurse "You make sure he returns back because if he dies, I am holding you solely responsible for his death." he said slamming the door on the way out, he sat in his jeep and drove away.

    John was left with the nurse that was helping him he could hear the nurse speak something but the words were unclear to him; his vision slightly blurred in-front of him, he could feel her unbuttoning his shirt and he rose a bit to help her with that but fell back to the table immediately, his strength seemed to be drained but he knew he was going to survive this… hell, even the things he had happen to him over the British Canal were worse than these mere bullet wounds. He clenched his teeth as he felt the metal enter the wound, he grabbed the metal on the bed with his left hand and grabbed the nurse’s skirt with the other hand, he looked up at the nurse through a blurred vision he could see that she was fairly pretty and of course the blood lose had to make him make a fool out of himself “Why you’re a pretty little angel aren’t you.” He said, not usual to his personality but his mind spoke what he thought at the moment and what he thought was nonsense “If I get through this, I owe you a dinner or a drink. Whichever you prefer…” he said and tried chuckling before the metal got one of the bullets which made him clench his teeth “…or, both… you know.” He said as he looked at her smiling, his vision still a unclear blur as the nurse worked getting the bullets out of him, he had to admit Japanese bullets hurt more, no matter how tiny they were, he thought in his mind “God damn pebble minded Japanese.” He thought smiling.
  4. The abrupt action the man made Rosalinda jump. The bed shook slightly when the man reacted by the simple touch of the metal tweezer. Her body stumbled towards the man as she felt his hand graze upon her leg when he took hold of the skirt of her dress. The tweezer pierced the raw flesh when her body stumbled towards the man. "S-sorry!" She exclaimed fearing that the man would be in much more pain. She pulled the tweezer away from the wound and dropped a piece of metal on the table beside her. The piece of metal was soaked with blood, only a small part of it showed the metallic grey color. The words of the commander boomed in her mind shortly after the stumbling incident. The commander was intimidating and his tone was constantly gruff and irritated, she feared that the man might slap her like most nurses do.

    Her focus was on the wounds. She took the tweezers and pulled out a small bullet. The bullets were small and dull at the tip -- she found it hard to believe that a small bullet could cause so much damage. She dropped the bullet on the table and focused again. The sound of struggling from the man grabbed her attention. She looked at the man with an expressionless look. He struggled to get the words out due to the excruciating pain radiating from the bullet wounds. However his words managed to soften her facial expression. She shook her head and ignored his words returning back to the second bullet.

    As she pulled out small remnants of the bullet she could still here the wounded soldier talking. Each word that fell from his lips made her snicker. The dark skinned nurse has never once been complimented on her looks. Most of the soldiers would blow a puff of smoke from their cigars, denigrate her with insulting words, or ignore her and put on an uncomfortable look on their face. She looked at the man to see him only stare at her. A soft chuckle escaped her body when he offered her a drink.

    The woman shook her head lightly to revert back to the bullets. She found herself constantly distracted by the man. He seemed to not realize her skin color, most men losing blood wouldn't. On the last wound she pulled out a perfect bullet. She dropped the bullet on the table and took out the small remnants. Rosalinda stood up from her seat and walked towards a cabinet. She opened the wooden cabinet and pulled out a soaked up sheet of alcohol. Rosalinda stood beside the man noticing him smiling. A confused look graced her face. The man was certainly strange, smiling while bleed profusely was something men do not smile about.

    "Okay, I'm going to clean the wounds. It might hurt." She warned.

    Her hand at the ready, she began to clean the wound around it. The blood surrounding it was clean, next she took a dry cloth and began to wrap the wounds tightly, applying pressure on it. "Bullet wounds are never something to smile about sir." She scolded. She tied the cloth tightly making sure it wasn't loose. As she tied the other bullet wound a doctor entered. The doctor had his clipboard and looked over the wounded man. "Hook him up to a two large-bore IV cannula. I can't afford this man dying because of your incompetence." The doctor scolded. Rosalinda nodded and rushed towards the IV cannula and pushed it on the other side of the bed. She took his arm slowly and pierced his arm with the needle slowly. "His wounds aren't severe. Only a fractured bone on the bullet that hit his arm. No organs were damaged. The bullets weren't made well enough to penetrate through him cleanly or at least touch a organ. Stay with him until I come back." The doctor said. Rosalinda nodded and sat beside the man watching him.
  5. He clenched his fists tightly as he felt the metal enter through his skin and roam inside of his body looking for the metal fragments that were embedded deep into him “It’s alright, you’re just doing your job after all.” He said trying to smile but the metal tweezers entered his body again. He looked at the bullets as one by one they left his body thanks to her, he wanted to speak but held his mouth shut as the nurse did her job smiling from time to time at her. He chuckled at her words and noticed that she was chuckling at his words “I notice you smiling and chuckling behind my eyes.” He said smiling as she poured the alcohol and began cleaning his wound “Damn that burns.” He said a rough grunt left his lips. He leaned in back in the bed and looked at the woman in-front of him “Who said I am smiling about the bullet wounds.” He said with a chuckle and had a finger reach and brush her cheek softly.

    He rose from the bed as the nurse finished wrapping up his wounds “Doc, I need one thing from you… a cigar, two glasses and whiskey so good that it would make my eyes pop out.” He said as he then took the needle the woman placed in his arm and immediately took it off “I got shot by German 20 calibers and I survived without that much medical help and I am not going to start getting an infusion just because of some pebble bullets.” He said as he rose from the table “Now go ahead and get me what I asked for, come on be a man and help me out.” He said and steadied himself with the nurse that was in-front of him, getting very close to her body as he rose to his feet, his vision steadied and cleared out and he was no looking at the woman that treated his wounds clearly… she seemed half-black, he chuckled inside of his mind. She was very beautiful, at least to him… he didn’t give two shits about racial features, he was raised by an Irish-man and the Irish weren’t the one who took so harshly to race as the others.

    He let go of the nurse and gave her a gesture to follow him, as he then suddenly took her hand and with the other took his clothes, the doctor eyed him carefully “You are aware…” tried to say the Doctor as John immediately snapped back at him and found himself immediately in his face “Aye, aware of that Doctor?” he said his Irish accent appeared, the doctor immediately hid behind his clipboard because John although a pilot wasn’t very skinny and looked like he was serving in the army not the navy air force “N-n-nothing sir, I w-will go get that whiskey now.” He said and disappeared into the hallway “You better you twat.” He said as he returned to look at the nurse “Sorry about that lass, some men don’t have manners these days.” He said as he took her hand back again and led her outside, his wounds burned a little from the alcohol but he was fine to move around.

    As he walked with her in tow outside he sat down on the bench there and sat her next to him, in the meant time the doctor ran in-front of him with two glasses and whiskey “T-t-there you go, e-enjoy your night.” He said and disappeared again, John shook his head at the doctor as he left “What an bloody idiot.” He thought as he opened the bottle of whiskey and poured into the glasses “I won’t accept a no for an answer.” He said chuckling as he poured in the whiskey, he felt in the mood for company and she seemed perfect for it, he softly clicked her glass and it gave out a sound “Cheers. To many more shot down Japs.” He said chuckling and took a large sip from the whiskey “Ah, that hit the spot.” He said and chuckled before silencing himself and looking at her “Tell me about yourself lass.” He said and leaned back on the bench.
  6. A pink tint graced upon her mulatto cheeks when she felt his finger grazed her skin. Rosalinda looked down at her lap smiling slightly. She could feel the corner of her lip tug upwards creating a half smile. However that smile quickly vanished. She stood up trying to relax the patient, but her strength didn't match up to his. He tore off the needle that was inserted in his skin. His abrupt and rebellious actions brought the doctor to a tinge of annoyance and Rosalinda panic. The words of the general boomed in her thoughts creating fear. The nurse tried to calm the patient down, however the doctor gave a glare. She stepped back. The back of her knee's bumped into the chair, ceasing the woman to stop.

    Her eyes spared a glance at the stuttering doctor who glanced around his surroundings nervously. She returned her gaze at the patient noticing he moved himself closer to her. The sudden closeness brought the nurse discomfort. She felt her heart racing; the closeness between the two was a scene she never found herself in. The closeness diminished when he turned his attention away from her and to the doctor. Rosalinda moved back a bit further, smoothening out her nurse’s uniform. By the time she finished a movement caught her eye. She looked up to see John gesturing her to come closer to him. She was hesitant on the matter. The nurse looked back at the doctor who had already left to get what John told him to get. When she turned back to him her he took her hand away. She was tugged towards the exit of the room. Rosalinda followed. While she walked behind John nurses looked at her whispering, giving her glares. A few soldiers raised their brows looking at John.

    The patient sat her down. She sat upright maintaining perfect posture. Her hands gripped onto the material of her skirt, tightly. No man would ever approach her due to the color of her skin. Having a man wanting to be around her was surely a surprise. Rosalinda looked over at John, his wounds bled through the bandages. She looked down at her lap and sighed. The sound of quivering and stuttered words grappled her attention. The doctor brought what John asked of him and quickly scattered away from their sight.

    Her eyes trailed down from John's face to the whiskey being poured into cheap glass cups. She scoffed lightly. "Okay." She took the glass not taking a sip, but placing it on her lap. Both of her hands held onto the glass cup. The cold liquid cooled her warm hands quicker than she expected. She stared down at her drink with a light expression on her face. She caught the sight of her glass colliding against John's. She looked up at him as he cheered to killing the Japanese. A forced smile brought emotion on her stoic expression. "Cheers..." She said softly. The smell of whiskey grew stronger and stronger when the glass approached her lips. Rosalinda scrunched her nose a bit creating creases in between her forehead. She forced herself to take one sip. She closed her eyes tightly when the liquid fell down her throat. The mulatto-skinned nurse was not used to the strong taste of whiskey.

    After a second or so the burning sensation passed by allowing her to answer his question. "What do you want to know?" She said staring forward. Rosalinda waited a moment then decided to speak again. "It's awfully strange for a man like you to speaking to a woman like me." She said bluntly. The sound of nurses peeking constantly at the two made Rosalinda cautious of her words.
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