Everyone Wants to be Loved

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    Tomoya sat upon a building high up the wind ruffling his wings. Looking out at the city he realized he could never be loved. After all he was a Fallen Angel. A beast, monster, abomination....no one would ever accept him. Even he hides his wings others will find out and expose him. He is forever alone. A lone tear rolled down his cheek as he thought about this. Looking down he thinks he could just end it. End all the pain and suffering right now.
    - "Maybe I should..." his soft voice leaves his mouth becoming lost in the wind. Or so he thinks until his words manage to reach the ears of a young girl....
  2. Rayne sits on the steps of her apartment building not wanting to be inside, she needed air. She needed to get away from it all, but how? She wondered to herself how things had even gotten this way. In the midst of her thoughts she hears a whisper *maybe I should* she looks around in the direction of the voice, her long black hair blowing in front of her face from the wind. "Hello?" She couldn't see anybody but it couldn't have been the wind. It was such a sad whisper and tugged at her heart, she looked around some more but nobody was there so she called out again. "Is someone there?" For being in a city, where she lived was pretty quiet and lonely so there had to be somebody around. She knew she heard something and was pretty sure it wasn't her imagination.
  3. He continued to sit in silence quietly murmuring to himself when he heard a girl's voice carried by the soft wind to ears, 'Is someone out there?' he wasn't sure but yet he was. He trusted his abilities of his supernatural being but he couldn't believe himself when he tried to convince himself. Looking to the side from the ground he sees in the distance a girl standing on top of another building. Becoming intrigued he starts to stand and stretches his wings to their full 14 foot wingspan the black feathers rustling a little. Narrowing his eyes he bends his knees in tension then jumps into the air flapping his wings propelling himself to gain a better view of the girl.
  4. Rayne's head snaps in the direction of a strange noise. Was that wings flapping? She asked herself then shook her head "maybe I am going crazy" she mumbled to herself. She looked up to the sky and took a deep breath, she could see the stars from up here and it calmed her. Her eyes were closed as she looked up to the sky, then after her deep breath she opened them. Her bright green eyes pirced through the night, the light from the moon reflecting off of them in a beautifully eerie way.
  5. Seeing her green eyes stare up at him he felt like she was looking into his soul. Knowing he was practically invisible right now he folded his wings and dove at the building she stood upon. At the last second his wings snap open and he lands silently on the roof about 10 feet away with his wings hidden away so they can't be seen at all.
  6. She suddenly felt as if there was someone behind her so she slowly turn around to see the figure of someone. She walled cautiously toward him, is this the voice she heard? The one who had sounded so sad and lonely? She walked up to him wondering where he came from, she was sire she had been alone up here this whole time. "Was that you I heard?" She asked in a gentle voice.
  7. His voice was still layered with sadness but was sounding more like his usual silky tone, "I don't know. What did you hear?"
  8. She listened to his voice, all the sadness in it, and it pulled at her heart making her want to hug him, she shook her head at herself wondering why she would feel this way toward a stranger. "It was just a soft whisper." She paused for a moment "maybe I should" she said, repeating what she had heard.
  9. His eyes widened showing their full silver and black colors. It couldn't be. Was this really the girl who he would fall for? No. He wasn't sure but he knew he had layered that phrase with magic so it could only be heard by the girl who he would love. The idea that he might love and just possibly be loved back thrilled him but also scared him because he hadn't made sure that the girl who would hear it would also be the one to love him. Snapping out of his trance, "So you really did hear me." his voice was still saddened but nowhere near what it used to be.
  10. She smiled softly at the new sound of his voice and nodded "I did.. It was merely a whisper but I heard you clearly" she looked back in the direction she heard the voice come from "I thought I might have been imagining it"
  11. "I see..." he looks off to the side his hair blowing a little in the wind, "Would you like to know why I was saying 'Maybe I should' ?"
  12. She looked back over at him and nodded "yes, I would." She started to feel as though his reason might make her cry having been filled with such sadness but she needed to know why they were.
  13. Not even looking at her he points behind her to a tall building, "I was up there on a ledge debating on whether I should end my pain and suffering and kill myself. I am a monster. No one would ever be able to love me so why drag it out?"
  14. She looked at him slightly shocked at him words "I don't believe that nobody could love you" she told him gently then looked to the other building "if you were there, how could I hear you" she paused and looked back at him "how did you get here?"
  15. He closed his eyes then his black feathered wings appeared from his back and extended out for her to see and possibly touch, "This is how..."
  16. She gasped at the sight of his wings and stared at them. She stepped closer to him. She was so close to him they were almost touching, she reached her hand out to feel them but drew back. "May I?" She asked softly looking him in the eyes. She wasn't afraid, but amazed. Her heart pounded in her chest as she looked at him, she couldn't help but to want to touch them.
  17. He opened an eye and nodded silently, "Go ahead." he curled them around so they were almost fully enclosing the two in a ring of black feathers.
  18. She smiled at him then reached out her hand, touching his wings with her fingertips. They were so softly she wanted to wrap herself in them. Her fingertips trailed along his wings slowly, she wasn't just touching them to touch them, she was feeling them. she couldn't believe this was real, was she dreaming all of this? "You think nobody could love you because of this?" She asked him not believing that at all.
  19. "I don't think I know. It has happened hundreds of times over. They shun me because I am not human." he sighs softly feeling sadness start to come back to him, "Everyone just wants to be loved."
  20. She shakes her head and drops her hands back to her sides. "I don't see any reason you shouldn't be loved" she smiled up at him. "You just need to find the right person" she felt as though she would never really be loved eathier but this is what she told herself all the time. Everyone she has been with would say they love her but they were just using her.
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