Everyone likes Adventure Time right?

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  1. Never seen Adventure Time.
  2. I've also never seen adventure time! High five Hunter!
  3. [​IMG]

    Alternatively, go and fucking watch Adventure Time.
  4. I love Adventure Time. :3 Shamelessly!
  5. Adventure time is best time!
  6. It is!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm currently torrenting them.
  8. Now I hate it.
  9. Don't make me turn you into a foot, motherfucker.
  10. It's a great series that actually understands how surrealism humor works unlike Family Guy.
  11. Adventure time is an amazing show, it's so childish yet has a very adult theme to it. And this mood sort of comes at you at the same time. Which is wierd and exciting.

    I was trying to be hipster like you and Tegan and the other Godot-fanbois and girls, Grumpy. Now that "everyone" loves it.
  12. Be or be not. There is no try.
  13. Then...I will never be!

  14. Why would anyone purposely choose to be hipster?
  15. Hipsters are evil.
  16. What time is it? O..o