Everyone has an end of the world story......(Searching for a male character)

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  1. Plot (open)
    Russia, once one of the largest countries in the world has been completely dismantled and now serves as on large research facility. Test subjects come from near and far to participate in what they believe is an apocalyptic training drill to see how well organized the world would be in a nuclear holocaust. What the subjects do not know is that they are actually being tested to see how long various pairings will survive. The subjects are submitted to a battery of 'tests' from the start, however, these tests later prove to be something far more sinister.

    Their memories are erased, and each pair is dropped off with their 'partner' their previous relationship unknown, only the story that has been planted inside their heads along with fake memories of their past. Some are led to believe they are husband and wife, while others mortal enemies. There are mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, and brothers and sisters. Each pairing has a different relationship, the only similarity is that there is only one male, and one female.

    Each couple is placed inside a house with enough supplies to get them through the first month, after that, it is up to them to survive. But after the supplies dwindle down, it is up to them to survive. However, they are not only surviving dehydration and starvation. There are creatures lurking about, hideous monsters created with the sole purpose of killing. The test is to see who will survive the apocalypse with their sanity still intact, and who will snap under the pressure of isolation, near death experiences, and the stress of having no idea what is going on.

    Our pairing will be a 'brother and sister' who are trapped inside a cabin in the middle of the country, believing that they are still in the United States, and on their way across country to visit their parents for Thanksgiving.

    The age range is 20-25, with the male preferably being older.

    I'm looking for someone to play the brother, who can give me at least three paragraphs. More is preferred, but three is enough for me to work with. :)

    If you're interested, feel free to PM me.
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