Everyday Things that Fascinate You

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  1. Think about it. There are so many things that we just see or do on a daily basis that we never think twice about.

    If you research it hard enough, you guise might find interesting facts or unbelievable histories about the origins of everyday stuff.

    What everyday thing absolutely fascinates you guise?

    I think toilet flushing is so weird. There's literally no suction. You dump in some more water in the bowl and then miraculously, the water swirls away and disappears. I researched the physics behind it but I wonder who thought of that first?
  2. Pickles used to be cucumbers.

    Blows my mind every time.
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  3. Making phone calls always causes me to think about how weird it is that there are waves just carrying people's words over distances that can span thousands of miles. And even after doing tons of research on it, I still find it amazing.
  4. We keep other species in our house as pets, and for some reason we're both okay with it. Weird.
  5. I'll agree on that one; its definitely strange if you think about it for a while.
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  6. We have never seen our own faces. Only reflections of them. The most of our own faces we have seen is our nose and maybe our cheeks.
  7. The internet itself and how its even possible is an incredible thing. I don't really think about it often, but when I do, I'm instantly mindblown xD
  8. That no matter how large we think we are, that the Universe is so much larger than us. That we are like Microbes to the universe.
  9. The sky. Every time I happen to glance up outside, I spend about 5-10 mins just staring and thinking about the ridiculous complexity of the physics governing the formation and movement of clouds and weather systems.
  10. In less than 75 years, man went from being flightless to putting a man on the moon.
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  11. Okay but I am the most easily impressed person ever so I get fascinated by so much.

    Photography - You capture a moment of time that might otherwise be forgotten on a small print.
    Languages - The fact everything I'm the world has a name and we manage to get that name understandable to everyone. The fact we can even translate amazes me!
    Clocks - They're almost all in sync! Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
    Gardening - We like, grow and look after patches of species that once looked after us.
    Emotions - Everybody can recognise :) as happy and :( as sad, isn't that crazy?!
    Make up - Why did we want to put colour on certain parts and not on others? Why do we want some bits shiny and others matte?
    Water - An Oxygen and Hyrogen bond literally is the reason why everything is living. Whaaaat?!

    And so much more! When you really think about a thing enough, it becomes so amazing!
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  12. Language and communication in general are pretty amazing. We have these systems of sounds we make with our mouths, and we have organized and codified them so that when one person puts together an arbitrary set of them another person can know that it refers to a fence or an armadillo or whatever. It has gotten to the point that we are far beyond simply pairing physical objects with a set of noises, because we can speak about abstract concepts and still be understood. Just thinking about how long it must have taken to go from basic grunts and such to this elegant system of communication is mind boggling. That's not all of it though: we've taken those systems of arbitrary sounds and paired them with arbitrary symbols, and that makes complex nonverbal communication possible. We translate our thoughts into sounds, and those sounds into symbols, and then someone on the other side of the world can read them and understand what you were thinking. It's ridiculously amazing.

    And then there's space. After marveling at the wonders of humanity, all it takes is a look up at the night sky to remember we are insignificant specks of matter that may as well not exist so far are the vast majority of the universe is concerned. That is both awe inspiring and humbling to me.
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  13. Grass and trees
  14. Wireless communications. o_____o Taking sound and image and beaming it to another device THROUGH THE AIR. HOW THE FUCK.

    And then computer tech in general. @______@ how do we fit all this information on to these little machines?
  15. Zippers. I know how it works, but damn.
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