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  1. So I am just gonna jump right in.

    I love sci-fi, fantasy. All with a little romance.

    I really wanna do a role play right now about a married couple I have a few plots.

    I also wanna do something about an assassin falling in love with their target.

    vampire and hunter.

    I want to do an incest. (I don't care about the pairing I just want to give one a try)

    I want to a little red riding hood based role play. I have a few different ways this can go.

    I want to do something that is neko based.
    I have a few ideas for this. (however they are more mature)

    If you guys have anything you want to try, just give me a holler and we can give it a try. I am up for anything and I love to try new things
  2. What are your plots for the married couple and the neko based?
  3. The married couple I have rekindling kind of plots and then I have a more action filled idea. the neko is kinda like a pet type of thing. Like a man or woman buys one and uses it as they please.
  4. Hm, alright. Message me more about all plots and we can discuss over them. [:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.