Everybody Dies At the End

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It was a perfect Halloween Night. The fall chill in the air. Clear sky with a big bright full moon. Orange and gold leaves scattered across the ground with trees barren. Most of the younger children were already at home counting their stash while the teens and adults were out about town taking their turn in the festivities.

The Allyville Haunted House has been open for business all day long. Deemed too 'scary' for kids, all of the people that bought their tickets were really excited about checking out the insides. Of course, there were plenty of people scoffing and talking about how lame it was going to be.

But the doors were now open, letting the group of waiting patrons step inside the front lobby.
Sharleen Murphy was the type of girl all the guys tried to go for, but none ever seemed to catch. She was tall at almost 5'9" and super model thin. Her fiery red hair was perfectly straight and hung down just past her waist and she even had green eyes to add to the mysterious allure of her image. She definitely wasn't the same gal that her looks would lead one to believe though. She was 28, had graduated from highschool a year early with perfect grades and had already finished a Master's in Business. She knew exactly how the world worked and how it needed to work for her and wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty to get it either. Her physical hands didn't look like they'd ever seen a hard days labor though since her nails were real, not acrylic, and perfectly manicured at all times.

Her best friend, Charise Gibbons, was exactly her opposite in image, though not in mind. They had gone through college together and Charise had gotten her Master's in photography with a minor in musical arts. She was the creative one in the friendship and they always got along perfectly. Charise was 5'4" with curly brown hair and glasses, though the style she wore accentuated rather than detracting from her face. Looking at her one could tell that she had grown up ackwardly and was still trying to grow in to her womanhood. She was slightly chubby, though not obese, and never wore anything that was the latest style, unlike Sharleen who was always wearing the latest trend.

The two had hear about the new haunted house from an old fraternity friend and both had been extremely curious. Sharleen, knowing that tickets would be hard to come by, had purchased a pair of tickets for them online a month before the haunted house was scheduled to open its doors for the first time. Wrapped in their jackets for warmth they waited at the entrance with a nervous and excited of people of all ages as the doors swung open ominously and the crowd was allowed to enter.
Becca was in line between a couple of old ladies. ...well, actually they were probably like in their late 20s. But to Becca, who was only 16, they were old. In fact, most of the people in there were much older than she was. On a dare, Becca swore she would come to the Haunted House alone. None of her friends to back her up, none of the guys to lean on. Her sister wouldn't even come. All she had on her was her fake I.D. to get in, her ticket, and her cellphone camera for taking pictures. This was what happened when you looked the oldest out of all your friends and didn't know how to turn down a dare!

Once she and several other people were allowed in to the building, Becca peered around curiously. It looked WAY better than most of the cheap haunted houses in town. The owners really put the work in to making the place look old and creepy as hell. She swallowed, bucking up her courage. This kind of stuff was child's play. Lots of groups and couples were separate in the main hall. There were doors, stairs, and lots of places people could wander off in to. That was pretty cool. It meant everyone could free roam when they wanted and wouldn't be herded down halls like sheep towards the cheap scares. Becca just didn't know where to start first!
Colin, 22, was among those waiting outside the new haunted house when the doors opened. He'd been waiting for a few friends to show and go with him, but non one had come. He'd been given a ticket by a friend and they had all planned on going together. Since he already had his ticket in hand he decided it would be just as fun by himself and had gone inside with the rest of the group that was gathered. He could hang it over his friends heads that they were chickens afterwards anyway, which would be funny.

He was 5'6", short for a guy, and medium build with a little muscle. Back in highschool he'd been a wrestler, so he was stronger than he looked too. His sandy blonde hair was down to his shoulders and pulled back in a small ponytail. He looked like a charming bad boy type, which in truth was how his personality tended as well. Today he was wearing wrangler blue jeans and a black t-shirt with black cowboy boots, all of which just added to his image.
Altighty man. Halloween time, haunted house, trick-or-treating. Jake had already gone trick-or-treating with his younger brother, he had to take him to his grandparents house because they needed him for a family thing happening the next day. So he couldn't come to the haunted house, Jake invited his friends but they had already made plans. Jake was kind of new to the whole friends thing and hadn't asked them before hand if they wanted to go with him. Oh well. There were a bunch of other people anyway, he noticed when they let everybody into the haunted house. Jake was still wearing most of his costume, a bunch of wires all over his leather jacket attached to some lights, several nine volt batteries in the pockets of his jacket, along with more lights and wires and various other random things. There was also a metal band on his head that had some lights and wires on it. There were also some lights attached to his big black boots. Jake proceeded inside with the crowd, accompanied by his Halloween creamsicle.

Once inside Jake looked around, the place was big. He looked at some of the people, his eyes skipped over a tall read haired chick, a shorter darker haired chick who seemed oddly attractive to him, a girl who seemed younger than she looked, a dude in cowboy boots, and a bunch more folks. Jake turned eighteen this year but his hair grows quickly on his face making him look much older, and his face looked stern even when he voided his face of emotion he looked angry. His hair was pretty great though, dark and thick, longish for a guy, kind of shaggy with his bangs curving wavily away from his face. But he wasn't angry, he just ate away at his creamsicle, wondering what way to go. Maybe he'd follow that curly haired chick for a bit. Man, this creamsicle was great!
Cyrspyn Hawks, a bland man with the unfortunate name that seemed to be the cross between old timesy Radio hero and grimy-glib Professional Skateboarder.

A man with a strange love for all things of the occult and the supernatrual and the just plain weird.

A man who finds himself most at home when paper spooks and foam rubber ghouls reach out their poorly constructed claws at him.

Yes, Cyrspyn Hawks, a man of 25 years on this earth, was the type of man who reveled in low risk addrenaline seeking, such as the cheap thrill of visiting haunted houses that appeared every hallow's eve.

But tonight, Cryspyn Hawks will have his first experience in high risk fear intake when he finds himself wandering into...

Jake's desire for adventure won out over his attractedness to the girl and he wandered through a door way and walked down a hall. It was a long hallway, as he was walking he took too turns, a right and then a left after a while, it just didn't seem like it was going to end. There was a buzzing noise, Jake didn't pay much attention to it. He took another bite of his creamsicle, and swiftly spat it out. There was a beetle in the bite he had taken. He looked at his creamsicle, grossed out, and saw that more bugs were crawling out of his delicious treat. He dropped it to the ground, grossed out. The lights flicked out, more buzzing, Jake felt something crawl on his hand and he frantically shook it off, he felt something brush against his pant leg. The light came on, the floor of the hallway was coated in insects. Some that couldn't exist, some that seemed meant only to horrify. And they were big, the size of rats. Jake's heart pounded in his chest, he turned around to run back but there was a huge mound of bugs and they seemed to be getting bigger, expanding, antenna and legs wiggling and twitching. He could hear their legs scrabbling off of each others exoskeletons. The mass of pincers and legs and giant eyes was growing, Jake panicked, turned and ran down the hallway, deeper into this house, sickening crunches under foot. Some bugs were getting too big to be crushed by his boots as he pounded through the hallway.
Daisy who was told that her friend Mike would meet her was in the line for the haunted house. She could hear a lot of screaming going on but couldn't see over the other people in line. At 5"3 Daisy wasn't exactly the tallest person in the world and was always told she looked younger than what she really was. Green eyes, dimples, Medium-length red hair, and a petite body led people ( mostly men) to think she was 18, when she was actually 24.

" Where is Mike?, dammit! I bet he forgot to meet me here" Daisy said aloud. People turned to look her way and she raised her head at them as if to say " nothing here concerns you". Daisy really did not want to go in the haunted house. She didn't like haunted houses at all, she wouldn't admit that she was scared but always said they were stupid and weren't even scary half the time. She could just imagine what was going on in there right now. Spiders hanging from the ceiling, people in grotesque costumes following you...

"Miss?" Daisy was awakened from her daydream and she looked up to see who was talking to her. She gave the man her ticket and walked in. "Aaaghh!" Daisy screamed. She had bumped into somebody in front of her. " Oops, I'm really sorry I just don't like these things". She told the person in front of her.