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    PLAYDATE: Monday October 21st @ 5PM Central in the Roleplay Catacombs!

    She grabbed us by the arm and said, "If you want to get out alive - run for your life."

    We laughed.

    He stumbled in to the hallway and said, "At the end... everyone is dead."

    We just kept going.

    Family fun or just trying to scare yourself, this HUGE haunted house used to be a large hotel. Newly opened just this year, it's the first time anyone has seen the inside. They tell you when you walk in that everyone dies by the end. Do you believe it...?

    You should. Far from cheap parlor tricks and bad special effects, the things you run in to are real. Dangerously real.

    You are a human person that visited this Haunted House thinking you were going to have some fun. You can have any sort of human character you like. You CAN have a magical or supernatural character. You CAN'T have any weapons or items and stuff on you. You only have what you were able to carry in as a person going for a tour. You thought this was going to be fun! (Or someone insisted it was going to be fun!)

    Bios are not a required item, but I love seeing what your character ideas are so I can build up some plot points!

    And as always, if you have a question, lay it on me. <3 Show up in the Main Cbox a few minutes before hand to let me know you're present and ready to play!
  2. I think I will use my generated character for this one.
    oh and I wont bring my Kitchen knife this time.

    Name: Crystal_Mae
    Maid Types: Lolita (Luck +1, Athletics -1) and Sexy (Cunning +1, Will -1)
    Athletics: 2
    Affection: 2
    Skill: 1
    Cunning: 2
    Luck: 4
    Will: 2
    Favor: 4
    Spirit: 20
    She is childish, young, innocent, cute, and sweet.
    Uniform: Purple.
    Hair: Red.
    Eyes: Green.
    1: She has an overactive imagination.
    2: She has an accent: she makes random cat sounds when talking.
    3: She wears glasses
    Stress Explosion: She plays tricks on the other maids and the master.
    Roots: She is the masters mistress under the guise of being a maid.
    Weapon: She wields a kitchen knife.
    Maid Power: Chance Meeting: By taking 2 points of Stress, she can have an NPC that’s just showing up for the first time be an acquaintance from some time before.
  3. I'm gonna try for this...

    Auna Lae


    College Student, Freelance Writer

    Light brown skin tone, dark brown eyes, short stature(about 5'2"), loosely twisted hair with some loose waves, long jeans, t-shirt under hoodie, grey converse, short, unpainted nails and carries a big, black messenger bag.

    In her daily life she is very careful when interacting with others considering she's left to herself most of the time. Auna is alsovery easily scared, as well as anxious, and keeps locked up in her room during this time of year.

    Why is she attending the AllyVille Hauted House?
    The dorms were swarming with excited chatter about all the creepy and freakishly cheap things happening around the town for Halloween. Auna was not one for enjoying herself at other's expense. She sought to by a bunch of Halloween candy and other assorted junk food and spend her night in her dorm room safely put away from all the fiending pranksters of the world. When she got on her computer to talk to her friends, one of them mentioned they would be in town for the weekend and said they were going to the haunted house while there. Auna looked appalled at the idea. "You should come with me. Don't worry, you can latch onto me the whole time. I'll protect you." Of course that did little to comfort her, but it had been a while since she had seen anyone. With a heavy sigh and anxiety knotted stomach she agreed. What was the worst that could happenanyway?
  4. A reminder that this is tomorrow! 8D monday evening!
  5. How long is it going to go? I'm unfortunately busy from 5pm to 9pm central time. :(
  6. It's usually over by 10pm. D:
  7. D: Oh well. I'll just die another day!
  8. [​IMG]
    ███ ▌Name: Edge100x (Ivan Sedorivich) ▌███

    βiography: Edge has always been a distant person, ever since he was born he has been a stranger in his own skin. Detached from society's moral and social code, the young delinquent wandered in and out of many organizations, from gangs to vigilantly groups. Unable to quite fit in with any one institution, Edge was still an undeniable resource for anyone who was able to hold his interest and loyalty for long enough to harness it. His abilities, both intellectually and physically, were higher than average, much higher than average. Mensa level intellect combined with inhuman capacity for athletic performance and catlike reflexes set him apart from any other regular human, which proved a double-edged sword. Now, he is a drifter, wandering between sects of human society, pursuing what interests him and ignoring anything unrelated to these.

    Ϩkills/ρowers: Near instantaneous reflexes, a body-builder's strength, a mind to rival Einstein.

    Ƚikes: Banana bread, Chocolate, Movies, Firearms, Mind-games.

    ∂islikes: Celery, Videogames, Archaic literature, The cold, Mud.
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