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  1. Today is a very special day!!! I mean it happens to all of us at least once a year, but I want to publicly gather Iwaku to show this amazing, young woman how special she is in my and everybody else's eyes! Furthermore, it won't hurt any of you to show kindness and love with a birthday wish, will it?

    Huritau Hari!
    SO! @Red Velvet you are one hell of a woman! You deny it, but I know it for sure. We have known each other for a few years now and you don't cease to amaze me with how you deal with things that build obstacles in your life. You are strong, kind and a little weird. But then who isn't ;D

    You deserve all the love you can get and don't push it away. Take it and love it back. You have a gigantonormous heart that is capable of so many good things and breathtaking feelings, the world is so much richer to have you around.

    Like I said privately but I will say it publicly for all to know. I love you and I will and shall continue to love you until I die. You drive me mad sometimes in more than one ways ;D But I could not be more grateful to have you in my life. And even if Iwaku fails to make your day amazing but doing their duty and posting here, believe me that I shall make it up to you <3


    Compulsory wishes from @Arcadia , @Alan , @Xnijmai >D
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  2. Happy birthday, Ayla, you wonderful, wonderful, ceaselessly amazing woman. You are one of the shining stars in my life and you never cease to make me laugh, whether you're being silly or trying to cheer me up. You're one of my many greatest friends who makes my stay on iwaku so worthwhile and I hope we will be friends forever more. Happy birthday, you amazing woman. Drink some port and eat some red velvet cake for me. ;)
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  4. Happy birthday, Sunshine. May you shine as brightly in the future as you do in the present.

    @Red Velvet
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  5. Happy birthday @Red Velvet !

    We haven't known each other for very long, but it feels like we were meant to meet :) You are such a caring person, you never give up. I hope you never give up on me either <3
    I love ya !

  6. I've said it a few times already today, but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!1 <3
  7. I don't really know you, but happy lap around the sun day!

    You earned it.
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