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  1. Having found himself caught up in some underground criminal activity regarding 'shadow' pokemon and an evil organization known as CIPHER, former Team Snagem member Wes and his companion Rui have set out to get to the bottom of it. Their search lead Wes to many battles where he used his 'borrowed' snag machine to snatch away the shadow pokemon from their owners. Some of whom worked for CIPHER or had no idea what they had gotten their hands on. Either way, these pokemon needed to be helped one way or another and it wouldn't be done by keeping them in the wrong hands.

    Which is how Wes ended up in his current predicament. With his Umbreon and Espeon standing vigilantly across from him, he stared down a Ludicolo and a Sudowodo. Normally neither pokemon would have garnered much attention from the teen. But it was as Rui called out that Wes knew something was wrong.

    "Wes! That Sudowoodo! It's a-"

    "Shadow Pokemon, that's right honey! What do you think you're gonna do though huuuuh? Snag it from me, Miror. B? Fufufufuf! That's the most hilarious thing I've heard all day!"

    The flamboyant admin of CIPHER was proud of the shadow pokemon he had! Wes and his gal pal had certainly made a fine mess of things however. Breaking into his underground lair, beating up his hired trainers and snagging their shadow pokemon. Oh well! He'd just have to put Wes in his place himself, that's all. Wes was undeterred by the revelation however and simply slipped down his visor.

    "Got it."

    Somehow, Wes ignoring Miror B's goofy demeanor angered the villain more than the possibility of his pokemon being snagged. Stomping his foot up and down in a rage that certainly didn't match the easygoing music, Miror B pointed towards Wes. "Sudowodo! Rock Slide on that rude boy's Umbreon! That'll teach him to ignore me!"

    As Miror B gave the order, a dark purple-ish aura surrounded the pokemon as it raised it's 'hands' up and the ground beneath it began to tremble as debris of various sizes began to fall down towards Umbreon. Shifting his hand to the side, Wes called out. "Umbreon, dodge and use Faint Attack!"

    Obeying it's trainer's command, Umbreon shifted from side to side as rocks hit and shattered where Umbreon had been just a few seconds prior. Rushing forward, a pink-glow enshrouded the dark type as it smashed right into Sudowodo and sent the pokemon skidding back across the floor. As his shadow pokemon struggled back to it's feet, Miror.B threw his hands up in a panic. He'd been assured that his shadow pokemon was top of the line and that it'd crush any and all opposition! Yet it'd been knocked flat on it's butt by this punk's Umbreon!

    "Ugh, this isn't mellow at all! Ludicolo, use Water Gun on Espeon!" Miror. B ordered as he believed the pyschic type to be the weaker of the two and he'd be correct. Espeon certainly couldn't endure as much as Umbreon. But what it lacked in endurance, it certainly made up for in power. Upon being given the prompt by Wes, Espeon dived to the side as the water gun went soaring past. "Confusion." The gem atop Espeon's forehead began to glow and Ludicolo's eyes went wide to indicate that it was having an effect.

    "Ludicolo, Water Gun again!"

    This time the Ludicolo had Espeon dead in it's sights. But that water gun still wouldn't dampen the pyschic type's fur whatsoever. For the water gun ended up blasting Ludicolo in the face. It seems that Espeon's confusion had more of an effect that Miror. B had anticipated. As the pokemon toppled over, Miror. B recalled the water pokemon and was prepared to do the same with Sudowodo. This boy had proved to be quite the nuisance. He'd need to collaborate with the other Admins on what to do with him! Before the admin could recall his pokemon however, Wes was already one step ahead of him.

    "You're not getting that pokemon back. I'll see to that."


    Readying what appeared to be a normal looking pokeball in his right hand, claws from within the Snag Machine closed down on the pokeball. Shifting it into what those from Team Snagem referred to as a 'Snag Ball.' It just so happened that Wes was one of their best snaggers before he 'amicably' parted ways with the organization. Which is why as he hurled the ball, it'd slam into Sudowoodo and sucked the pokemon in before falling to the floor.

    One shake

    Two shakes


    Three shakes.

    "NO!" Miror. B exclaimed as he reached for the ball. Seeing the movement, Wes snapped his fingers and Umbreon and Espeon leaped forward and glared at the CIPHER Admin while cutting him off from retrieving his Shadow Pokemon. Walking forward and picking up the ball, Wes tucked it away within his jacket and glanced up at the older trainer.

    "Looks like you're out of pokemon, Miror. B. Both your own and ones you've corrupted. Best get out of here now, huh? Maybe tell the rest of CIPHER that Wes is coming for them." The admin was furious at how cocky this boy who didn't look a day over seventeen was being but he had a point. Without any more pokemon at his disposal, standing off against Wes an execrsise in futility. Instead the music cut out as Miror.B held up his hands. "You haven't heard the last of me or CIPHER for that matter, Wes! You'll regret what you've done here that's for sure!"

    As Miror B raced off, Rui finally felt safe enough to walk up to her partner as he returned Espeon and Umbreon to their pokeballs. "Wes? Don't you think we should have kept him here? Y'know for the police to talk to?" She added as Wes looked over his shoulder and shrugged. "Yeah and what? Sure, we arrest one of CIPHER's heads but letting him run off back to his boss helps send a message. That they aren't as untouchable as they think they are and someone's going to take them down."

    The teen added sharply as he began to walk off towards the exit of the underground base. "C'mon, we've gotta tell Duking we got that Plusle of his back while we're-..At it? What, Rui?" Wes asked as his companion stood in front of him with her arms folded over her chest and tapping her foot impatiently on the ground. "Why?"

    "..Why what?"

    "Why this, Wes? You agreed to help me stop CIPHER and the Shadow Pokemon operation but I still don't know why you decided to do it!"

    "...Oh. Well, you know I used to be a member of Team Snagem. I blew up their base, stole their stuff and now I'm not. Seems crystal clear to me. Now, are you going to move out of the way?" As Wes started forward, Rui didn't budge however and Wes glared. "What? Do you want my whole life story or something?" That response seemed to garner a somewhat hurt expression from Rui but she added meekly. "...I wouldn't mind getting to know you better, Wes. That's all."

    Groaning in exasperation, Wes stepped back and leaned against the cave wall. Out of all the places he expected a question like this to have popped up. He hadn't expected it to have been within the bad guy's hideout. But he supposed it might have just been as awkward if she asked him in a hotel room or while they were riding around. Best to just get it out of the way. Folding his arms behind his head, Wes began to speak.

    "Alright, alright. Didn't exactly have the easiest time of it growing up. Not gonna bore you with any kind of pity party but hung around some bad people, and as you can probably guess I ended up sticking around with even worse people." Wes said, obviously alluding to Team Snagem. "Wasn't very well liked around the place for the longest time since most of the grunts saw Pokemon as just tools. I...didn't. So, naturally I butted heads with some of the higher ups. They didn't take this punk kid talking back to them very well to say the least."

    Team Snagem Base: Approximately three years ago


    "These-mmm-cookies sure are good, huh guys?" Wes asked as he was held up in his room after getting into yet another argument with Team Snagem's more veteran members about how he treated his too Eeevees. He treated them too much like friends rather than like the tools/weapons that they were supposed to be. But Wes refused to see it that way. In a life that was a constant state of ups and downs-mostly downs, these two were the shining light he had to support them.

    So even after he'd been 'grounded' so to speak until he thought over what he'd done wrong, Wes kept to his guns. He'd treat his pokemon like his friends and had even snuck them a couple of treats to boot!

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  2. Despite the fact that it hadn't exactly been terribly long since Wes had been sent to his room as punishment, it looked like his time alone was being cut short, judging by the rather sudden noise that came with his door being kicked carelessly open. A Snagem grunt, looking to be at least twenty-five years of age, immediately addressed the younger boy without so much as a glance at him. His voice was loud and gruff, enough to likely give most folk a headache or perhaps even a migraine. "Get on your feet, you pathetic little gremlin!" he boomed, his nearly black eyes finally landing on Wes. "Change of plans. Boss's got a special mission for you, ki--" he continued, only to cut himself short. The fleeting smile that came when he emphasized the word 'special' vanished, his thin lips instead twisting into a scowl.

    "...Oh, yeah - and he also send me to tell you to give up those cookies. Yeah, he definitely said I should confiscate them - with my mouth! So hand 'em over!" the man demanded, outstretching a hand and motioning Wes to give the food to him.

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    Well, he supposed that must have meant Gonzap. Not that Wes cared about whatever that blowhart had to share. He protected Wes from some of the other Team Snagem members when the teen got too mouthy for his own good but he still wanted the same end result as the rest of them. Which was for him to stop treating his pokemon as friends and treat them more as weapons to be used to help snag/steal other pokemon. Wes refused to buckle under the pressure Snagem put him under which constantly got complaints about Wes's behavior. Still, they gave him a home and a place to rest his head when things weren't looking up for him. But given his current situtation, he wondered if that was worth all this trouble.

    "Yeah, yeah I'm getting up." Wes grumbled as he hopped off his bed and rose to his feet as his two eevees growled at the grunt. They may not have been abused or turned into stoic fighting machines like the rest of Snagem had done with their pokemon but they were still fiercely protective of their trainer. But he knew they weren't in any shape to put up a fight and if they did? It'd only give people like Gonzap even more of a reason to chew him out and Wes really didn't need that right now. "It's fine, guys. They're just cookies." Making his way towards the grunt, Wes glared at him as he held out the bag of cookies that he had scrounged up from one of the vending machines scattered around the base.

    "Here. Now, are you gonna take me to see what Gonzap wants or did you come here just to eat my lunch?"

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