Every Rose Has It's Thorn

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    |Year-2312| Location- Xiamen|

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  2. Selah Marie stepped out of the small school building and took in the crisp fresh air. She always enjoyed leaving the city to once in a while to remind herself of what the world was like without electricity. Of course, she didn't know if it really was like the outskirts of the city because she had never actually been alive when trees weren't endangered. Turning to face the school building, Selah Marie bid goodbye to her students, or as she called them, her friends, before beginning her walking home. Though she could have easily driven to and from the school, Selah Marie preferred to walk; especially because she always had some sort of trouble with electronics when using them.

    It only took 30 minutes to walk back inside the city, but Selah Marie didn't have to worry about being home to help her mother or grandmother with cooking so she decided to wonder around the lower class part of the city. As she wondered about the streets, Selah found a young girl staring intently in a window. Of course her curiosity spiked and Selah Marie walked over and peered in the window to find the sight of an old man making caramel apples. "Hm..." She hummed lightly, suddenly wanting a Carmel Apple. ​
  3. Ethan had been watching her for the past two days, her routine was more or less basic. She wondered around a lot, almost like an over grown child. He sighed as he watched her looking at what looked like a man making candy apples. He smirked to himself, if she was the one with information on the target she was sure not mature enough to understand it, he figured.

    He waited a little while more before he started to move,, he didn’t want it to seem like he was following her. That would just be silly for him to be spotted by someone as immature as this woman. He sighed as he decided that his next position would be near the window they were looking into. It was a tempting notion to conversate on the topic but he wasn’t sure he would be able to carry such a conversation.
  4. Selah Marie gaze inside the window longingly, day dreaming of eating such a treet. Turning abruptly towards the little girl, Selah spoke up. "Would you like one? I would like one and I could buy you one as well." She said, smiling excitedly. Even though she had never met this young girl, Selah didn't suspect this girl of being dangerous. In that case, eating a treat with a stranger would only open up opportunities to make a new friend! However, the young girl didn't seem to think the same.
    "I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." She said briefly before turning and fleeing quickly, leaving a confused Selah behind.
    Selah Marie sighed and turned to face the shop doors again. Well, that wasn't going to stop h from enjoying something new! Striding into the little shop, Selah Marie was immediately surrounded by the aroma of sweet, fresh caramel. A wide smile spread across her face and she eyed all the different treats in the shop, unaware that she and the old man in the back were the only ones currently in the shop. ​
  5. Ethan went to the window to watch her, pretending to be interested in watching the candy apples, before he slipped into the store. It was a nice little place, he had to admit that, he had been to a few different countries and they all had places that felt original, like this one did. He smirked to himself at the thought of how relaxing this place made him feel.

    Looking around he spotted her and moved parallel to her position, as he looked around. He store was a good place for him to initiate first contact. It was some, controlled and he could easily maneuver if he had to. It as more of how to initiate contact. It was the first and only chance he had, they would pull him from the mission if he failed. He sighed, then looked around, this was a peaceful place, he could initiate contact through the store's contents.
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