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  1. World Bio: The Earth has gone to shit. Well, at least the world's governments have. After a huge collapse in the governments some fifteen years ago- wether from mass rebellion, or just because everyone stopped caring, no one's quite sure. But one thing definitely did happen; people stopped caring about the rules, and started fending for themselves. Anarchy broke out throughout civilization, and while some banded together, most decided to fend for themselves. People took what they wanted, killed those who stopped them, and learned to survive on what they could. Some called it the Age of Freedom. But with freedom comes a price. Do you think you can pay such a toll?
    Pre-Made characters. Please make sure to copy the CS below. Thanks!
    Name: Scatty



    Bio: Scatty grew up a badass. Skilled in all manner of hand-to-hand combat, she can kick ass like no other with just her spiked brass knuckles, limbs, and combat boots. She prefers not to use guns, but does have a dagger her in left boot if need be. Her mother was murdered when she was six, and her father was kidnapped when she was ten. Ever since, she's looked for him, killing all those who have any association with his kidnapping. She is usually on her own, not really liking the weight of company on her shoulders.

    As Scatty left the building, she quickly took note of the two perverts that were looking at her from down the street. It was a cloudy autumn day, and the towns buildings only seemed to make it look droopier. Most of them were broken down and abandoned, except for those that were inhabited by travelers who decided to stop in. The streets themselves were deserted. No one used cars anymore.
    They had been watching her- the two men- from the moment Scatty had left the building. She had always known when people were watching her, and hated it. It wasn't like she couldn't stand when people watched her when she conversed or interacted with them. Only when there was no reason for them to do so. When they were doing it just to do it.
    She turned left, away from the men, and wasn't surprised when they started following her. This is gonna be good, thought Scatty.
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  2. Name: Aria
    Age: 20

    Clothing: She does not wear the Hat; http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/21/60/f5/2160f5e857861e8a41e93e000bfc17b4.jpg
    Bio: Aria, lived a large city when the Goverment fell and anarchy broke out. She lived in the middle of her towns biggest group of rebels. The Government came in trying to break the group apart and shrink the group. Little did the Government know, families lived in this neighborhood as well. Her family was smoked of their home. Aria's mother did her best to make sure that Aria made it out alive. Her father trying to save her brother. Aria was the only one that got the mask on fast enough...but it still was not soon enough. Aria was then soon after hot in the eye was a piece of Shrapnel from an explosion outside her home, that broke through the window, blinding her. Aria's eyes turned a ghost white. Not that Aria is aware of her eye color. She continues to wear the gas mask, due to the fact that is is all she has left of her family and it muffles her voice enough to maker her unrecognizable. Her brother lived but he was taken, well more like dragged out of her home. She hasn't seen him since. Aria still lives in the same home that she did; the same home that her family died in. Her backyard was made into a graveyard, that holds the bodies and tombs of her mother and father, The rest of her town is empty, except for the few perverts that reside there. They leave Aria alone, after she killed the last one that tried anything with "The blind girl." Her senses are all heightened and she fits with her fists and the black walking pole she uses to get around with.

    Aria tapped the ground in front her gently, by now she had the land around her memorized, but there was always the chance that there would be a girl lying on the ground or a dead man that failed at his attempts to have his way with the girl on the ground. Aria could smell the liquor of the two men in front of her, she always could smell something new, something she had never smelled before. She stood, very still, the wind blowing the hood that covered her face, her dark brown hair flew with it. She walked slowly, she had a few steps more to go before she was in her home. Aria continued walking when the slight scent of female entered her nose. Males now a days have more of a musky smell and the woman smell purely of unwashed bodily fluids. Aria knew nothing about this girl, but her smell reminded her of her mother. Aria continued walking, slightly past the girl in front of her, she held out her walking pole in front of the two men. "I would stop if I were you." The Men paused, one attempting to grab the pole and move it out of his way, but was taken off of his feet and fell flat on his back with a hard thud. He looked up into the hood of Aria, her white eye's seemed to pierce his soul. The other man continued to walk by Aria as she finished dealing with the one on his back. Aria struck the man on the ground on the side of his head with her walking pole, knocking him out. Aria turned slightly tilting her head to the side listening for the other man.