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  1. Last night was unbelievable.

    Not in the mind-blowingly amazing sense (which Alice had initially planned for the evening) but in the shocking, horrific sense. The brunette still couldn't wrap her head around the bizarre string of events that had occurred hours before. Every memory of last night blurred together until it all became one big, unnatural mess Alice was too afraid to unravel. But she had to if she wanted to keep her sanity in check.

    The first clear recollection she had was the End of the Year party. Her gem. Her baby. Her crowning achievement as the new class president of North City High. Sure, Alice spent most of her time cleaning up after drunk seniors but it was worth it knowing that she would be going down in the school's history. And how could she not? She found a prime location in the woods just outside of town, not too far from civilization but far enough that neighbors wouldn't complain about the noise. She recruited the AV club to handle the music, got the Home Economics club to make hot foods and desserts, and convinced a local furniture store to donate their used and old couches, loveseats, and chairs so no one had to sit on those uncomfortable plastic ones. It took half a day to move everything to the party grounds but once it was all set, Alice was able to focus on the star of the celebration. With the help of the jocks and from the students who took Woodwork, she was able to build a great bonfire that lit up the entire grassy clearing once evening rolled around. It wasn't long before people were showing up. Mostly seniors of course since it was their going away party but there were a few underclassmen that had found their way there. It didn't deter from the festivities and in minutes, the party was at full swing.

    Alice wasn't sure of the exact time when she first noticed it but it was probably pretty late in the evening. She had been picking up empty beer bottles outside of a dance-off near the edge of the clearing when she saw the thin tendrils of black smoke across the grass. Initially, she thought that someone was smoking nearby but why would the smoke be so low to the ground? And it didn't look like cigarette smoke. It was too... dense. Too dark.
    There was a scream... Maybe. Alice couldn't remember it exactly. Too many things were happening at the same time. The music suddenly cut off and the headlights from the cars parked around the clearing went dark. Then... more screams. More shouts. There was a rush of wind and Alice saw the black smoky tendrils rise up behind her and surround the clearing until it became a towering wall of fog.

    Alice didn't know what pulled her attention away from the foreboding barricade but the next clear memory was the appearance of a black form floating atop the remaining source of light in the area; the bonfire. She, along with the rest of her classmates, looked up in horror as the strange, gaseous-like form morphed into something more… coherent. Alice wasn’t sure what it was at first but then the form became more solid, more defined, until she knew for sure what it was. Floating above the bonfire was a being cladded in dark armor. A hood covered her head, encasing her face in more darkness. But the most defining feature of the hooded being was her jet black angel wings.

    For a few agonizing seconds, the entire clearing froze as each teen stared up at the being. That is, until someone yelled at up at them. Then another, and another. Alice couldn't remember what her fellow classmates had said since all her attention was focused on the dark angel, especially her hands. Even from far away, she could tell that the metal gloves were intricately crafted as the being raised both hands in front of her chest, positioned as if she were holding an invisible ball. The shouting around Alice grew louder and angrier but all she could focus on was the being’s hands.

    The next memory happened so fast but it was the clearest one Alice could recall. She distinctly remembered a pinprick of light glowing between the winged being’s hands but in that next moment, everything was engulfed in white. And then…


    A searing, agonizing pain. It was as if her entire existence was on fire, burning straight to her core. It lasted only a second but it felt like lifetimes had passed before Alice felt something other than pain.

    She wasn’t sure how long she was out but it couldn’t have been for very long. When she did finally open her eyes, Alice found herself in a gigantic crater where the clearing had been. Everything was gone. There were no people, no cars, no debris, no anything. Even her clothes were gone.

    Alice barely had time to react to the nothingness when a hand suddenly grabbed her throat and pulled her up off the ground. Her eyes widened when she came face-to-hood with the winged being and she reflexively kicked out in retaliation. The attack collided with the being’s armor but didn’t even phase them as she continued her ascent into the starry sky. Alice continued to struggle against the armored glove around her neck, all the while flicking her terrified eyes back and forth between the bottomless abyss that was the being’s hooded face and the shrinking scenery below her. After what seemed like ages, the armored angel came to a sudden halt in her flight. For a moment, Alice wasn’t sure what was going on since the being made no move. But then an instant later, she was released and sent plummeting back to the ground.

    Alice remembered screaming as she fell because honestly, who wouldn’t? It was a long fall as the wind whipped wildly around her naked form. Then, an earth-shattering slam. Literally.

    The impact her body made when it hit the earth created another, albeit smaller crater. But the craziest thing was that she had survived. Alice couldn’t believe it as she laid in her small hole for a few minutes. But when she attempted to move her legs, she was shocked to find nothing hurt. Or even ached.

    A loud sound jolted Alice from her daze but she couldn’t recall exactly what it was. It didn’t matter to her at the time because she scrambled up to her feet and made a mad dash out of the area.

    She didn’t look back. Didn’t want to look back. Alice just kept running until her lungs ached. Fortunately, she slowed down just as she reached the main roads. From there, it was easy to find her way back home, all the while hiding from passing cars and pedestrians.

    Once Alice saw the familiar, two-story house she called home, she made one more quick sprint to the back. She fumbled around in the dark for a moment until she found the spare key for the back door. Once unlocked, Alice scrambled inside and straight up to her room.

    From there, the memories were hazy again before she finally passed out on her bedroom floor. It was where Alice found herself now, wrapped up in her comforter as she figured out what she should do now that she had combed through last night’s events. It was real. Everything was real. That’s why she was naked under her blanket and why her phone hadn’t rung at all. She had it on her person during the explosion and everything except herself had been disintegrated. Was it because she was a living thing? If so, why did the trees disappear? And the rest of her…

    Alice shot up to a sitting position while the horrible realization washed over her. Her classmates. Her friends. The graduating senior class was gone. Once the thought completely registered in her mind, Alice scrambled over to her adjoining bathroom where she retched all the contents from her last meal into her toilet bowl. It took a few more vomits for her stomach to finally clear up before she leaned back against the bathroom wall.

    She sat there for a lot longer than she had anticipated. Luckily, she was alone in the house today since her parents had gone to visit her ailing grandmother for the weekend. Reception was bad up in the country so Alice didn’t expect them to call any time soon. They trusted her after all.

    Ugh, she felt like throwing up again but there was nothing left in her stomach to barf out. She needed to get up. After a few more minutes sitting there, Alice finally scrounged up enough will to push herself off her tile floor and onto her feet. She went through the motions of showering and getting dressed before making her way downstairs, each action becoming increasingly easier despite her heavy heart. As the day went on, Alice felt more at ease despite the traumatizing events of last night. It helped that she refused to leave her home or look at any social media sites, opting to just watch mindless television for the remainder of the day. She knew it was a selfish move on her part to not check up on her fellow classmates but she wanted to hold on to this fleeting illusion that everything was fine just a little while longer.

    Reality came crashing back down that evening when the house phone rang. When she finally mustered up the courage to pick it up after the third ring, Alice was greeted with the frantic voice of her principal. He bombarded her with questions for the first five minutes, asking where certain people were and what had happened last night. She usually had all the answers but tonight, she was speechless. Alice responded to his questions with “I don’t knows” and “I’m not sures” until he finally gave up asking and informed her to meet at the school tomorrow morning. She acknowledged the instructions half heartedly and quickly hung up before he could ask anything else.

    Alice cried herself to sleep that night.

    The next morning came too soon for her liking but she quickly got up to get ready. She washed up and dressed in a simple blouse and skinny jeans before hurrying out the door. Her car was the only one in the driveway and Alice’s thoughts briefly went back to that night. She had gotten a ride from her friend since her tiny 2-door sedan wouldn’t have handled the rough terrain.

    Now that friend was probably dead.

    Alice swallowed back tears as she unlocked her car door, slamming it shut a little more loudly than usual before peeling out of her driveway. She made it to North City High School in record time and found the parking lot half-full of police cars. It didn’t come as a surprise to her as she parked near more of the normal cars and made her way inside the school.

    The moment she stepped onto the school courtyard, Alice was directed to the cafeteria. There, she saw an array of students ranging from freshmen to seniors lined up inside the large space. The cafeteria tables were pushed up against the walls, giving the teens enough room to line up according to their grade. Alice looked over to the designated senior line and felt a sense of dread when she noticed it was the shortest one. For a moment, she wasn’t sure which line she should be in. She was junior last year and an upcoming senior so where exactly should she go…?

    “Miss Beckett?” Alice spun around to see a large, stocky red-haired man with a handlebar mustache. He wore a dark blue nylon jacket over an off-white button-up shirt and khaki slacks.

    “Y-yes?” She asked, mentally cursing herself for sounding so nervous. What did she have to be nervous about anyway?

    “I’d like you to come with me please.” He stated calmly. Before Alice could say anything in response, the man spun around and walked ahead, giving her plenty of time to read the letters on the back of his jacket.


    Alice quickly followed after him as he turned into the English hallway. After passing a few doors, he finally stopped in front of the teacher’s lounge. He opened the door for Alice and after a tentative second, she stepped inside.

    She’s been in this room a dozen times before but it was always filled with a couple of teachers. Today, it was empty save for one person sitting in the middle of the room. The first thing Alice noticed about the person was her sharp, piercing eyes. It felt as if the dark-haired woman’s gaze was staring straight into her soul. Like there was nothing Alice could hide from her.

    The short teen swallowed down her uneasiness and took a seat across from the woman. She heard the door close behind her before seeing the red-haired man walk over and stand behind what Alice assumed was his partner. Alice turned her attention back to the woman sitting in front of her, taking the short lapse in silence to study her features. The woman had light brown skin, and jet black hair tied back into a tight braid. She also wore the same FBI jacket that the red-haired man had on but hers was zipped up to the bottom of her sternum, giving view of the black dress shirt she wore underneath.

    “Good morning Miss Beckett.” Alice jumped when her name was spoken and she glanced up to meet the woman’s gaze.

    “I am Agent Longshadow,” the woman continued, not even fazed by Alice’s uneasiness. “And this is my partner, Agent Gallagher. We are from the FBI and were sent here to help the local police department investigate the explosion that occurred during North City High School’s End of the Year party. You were in charge of that, correct?”

    Alice simply nodded, unable to trust her voice at the moment. Why was she so nervous? She didn’t do anything wrong. These people were here to help her out after all.

    “Can you please recount the events of last night to me?” Agent Longshadow requested as she pulled out a small leather notebook and a pen.

    “The party started at sundown,” Alice began, shifting her gaze to the table to avoid the woman’s penetrating stare. “But I arrived earlier with a couple of other people to set up the clearing. Mostly everyone was there by the around 8 pm I think.”

    “And by everyone, that means…?”

    “The entire graduating class, I think. It felt like everyone was there since it was really crowded. I also saw some juniors and even a few sophomores make it.” Alice watched as Agent Longshadow scribbled something in her notebook before glancing back up at her.

    “Then what happened?”

    “I… was cleaning up some trash off the ground when this weird black fog appeared, followed by this angel.” Alice paused to check the reaction of the agents. Agent Gallagher had raised an eyebrow in her direction but Agent Longshadow didn’t even twitch. Seeing as neither of them didn’t say anything, Alice continued. “She had giant black wings and dark armor on. Her face was covered with a hood. She… didn’t talk and just floated there. Then this explosion of white light covered the clearing.”

    “Did you see where the explosion came from?” Agent Longshadow interjected, turning back to her notebook to jot something down.

    “It looked like it was coming from her hands. But I’m not really sure if it came from something or not.” Alice responded hesitantly.

    “Right, continue.”

    “I don’t know how long the explosion lasted but the next thing I knew, I was in this crater that looked to span the entire clearing. Or what was left of it.”

    “Did you see anyone else?”

    “Other than the angel?” Alice glanced up to see Agent Longshadow’s response. The woman simply nodded which Alice replied with a shake of her head.

    “No. I didn’t get a chance to since I got attacked.”

    “By the angel?”

    “Yes. She lifted me into the air and…” Alice trailed off as the memories replayed inside her head. They were clear, too clear for her own sanity. But she distinctly remembered being up incredibly high before she was dropped. She shouldn’t have survived the fall. But she did.


    “Miss Beckett?” Alice flinched and looked back up to see Agent Longshadow and Agent Gallagher staring at her intentively.

    “Um, the angel. She lifted me in the air and then dropped me back down before flying away.” Alice quickly recanted, stumbling over her words at the last moment. “I took that chance to run back home.”

    “And you didn’t call the police? Why is that?” Alice was taken aback by the comment and it didn’t help that Agent Longshadow was now looking at her with what she assumed was an accusatory glare.

    “I was scared!” She responded a little too loudly. “And I didn’t want to believe what had happened! I thought everything that had happened was just a bad dream.”

    “Well it wasn’t a dream, it was real life.” Agent Longshadow began, “and we will be inspecting the crime scene thoroughly so if there is anything else you’d like to tell us, now is the time.” Upon hearing this, Alice immediately thought back to the moment she survived the fall and mentally weighed the pros and cons of revealing… whatever that was. She wasn’t even sure if she had imagined the whole thing up. Either way, Alice did not like how Agent Longshadow was staring her down. And if something strange did happen to her after the explosion, what was stopping these FBI agents from taking her in and experimenting on her?

    “Did… anyone else survive?” She ended up asking as sincerely as she could. Not that it was hard; Alice was genuinely worried about the lives of her fellow classmates.

    “That’s confidential. But in a small town like this, I’m sure you can figure out who did.” Agent Longshadow curtly replied as she closed her leather bound notebook. “That’s all the questions I have for you today Miss Beckett but I will be contacting you if I have any more.”

    “So I can go?” Alice asked incredulously, surprised that the intimidating woman was so quick to letting her go.

    “Yes, but do not leave town.” Agent Longshadow warned, her frigid stare sending chills up and down the short teen’s spine. Alice simply nodded and stood up, giving one last nod to Agent Gallagher before rushing out of the room.

    Her feet didn’t stop moving until she made it back to her tiny car. She collapsed against the driver’s side, panting heavily while trying to make sense of what had just occurred. There were too many questions and not enough answers. However, there was one thing Alice knew for sure.

    She was going to get to the bottom of things. Starting with what the hell happened to her body.
  2. Keith's mother volunteered him to help out with the year end party, and so he had already spent 4 hours more than he wanted to at the party before it even started. Keith didn't understand why his mother forced him to come to this thing, this was so far from his comfort zone it was near sickening, but thankfully the books and chess set he had brought in his backpack could help take his mind off of things. Especially when he found the one person he didn't mind seeing again. The collar on the royal blue shirt his mother had bought him for the occasion itched against his neck, the woman seemed intent there was always a reason to celebrate things with gifts and clothes, but at least he had convinced her not to stay and chaperon. His black messenger bag at his side and favorite pair of jean's fit perfectly except the good 5 inches of ankle showing above his black Newbalances. Keith walked through the people frolicking and humping around him, towards his destination; Somewhere with enough light to read by, and as few people as he could get, while still being able to tell if anything interesting happens. As he traversed the sea of hormone fueled prancing and swaying, a handsome delinquent moves his mouth like he expected Keith to know that it meant; and threw a can at him. Barely catching the beer before it struck him in the face, Keith looked around to see where the boy went to return it and inform him that he is 15 and much too young for any alcohol. After a quick look around the landscape of smiles, skin, and shifting clothing and revolving lasers; Keith Catches eyes with a girl and underhanded tosses the beer at her, hitting her in the hip. He skittered away looking for a hole to go die in. For a while Keith sat near the food and drinks table, catching enough light off of the cars and rave lights to read by, he sat undisturbed for a while until some of the other Mathletes recognized him while getting Soda's and tried to pry him from his comfort. Not wishing to show everyone his lack of bodily coordination, Keith denied the Trio of older nerds, and kept his nose down.

    A pair of purple shoes stepped into Keith's vision bringing his eyes up to see Rebecca. His stomach did gymnastics as a tingle went up his spine. He had no idea what to say and instead just smiled. "Hey Keith how are you?"

    "I..I..i'm fine" He stammered trying to think of what to say. Trying to keep the conversation alive like a octogenarian getting a heart transplant, "I brought my chess board from home, I figured we could play a couple of times."

    “You know I will beat you again one of these days, right.” Rebecca stated as Keith pulled the board out of his messenger bag and set it up on a empty table.

    “You’ve never beaten me,” Keith responded quickly.

    The game was quick like any other game they played together, but this time Rebecca won thanks to a few key mistakes Keith had made in the end. You made it too obvious you let her win. Keith scolded himself. Did she notice? I don't think so. Rebecca yelled, “WHOO!” with her arms in the air in celebration of her victory killing any suspicions Keith had. “Thanks for the game Keith. Glad I could beat you at least once before you go off to M.I.T. Have fun.” Only one game? I should have won like usual, it would have kept her around. No that's stupid, winning or losing shouldn't affect her behavior.

    They exchanged awkward words before she got up from the table, but just as she was leaving Keith calls out, “Hey Rebecca.” You have to ask for her number now, if you dont you will never have another chance. She stops to turn to look at Keith, “Have a good summer.” is all he says.

    “Thanks. You have a wonderful summer yourself,” Rebecca replies with a smile before turning to leave again.

    I'm so pathetic. The butterflies in his stomach now a hard rock of self hatred as he quickly packed up the board game. I need to do it now before I lose sight of her again. With a mission Keith started in the direction Rebecca had left in. "HEY EINSTEIN!" OH GOD NO. NOT NOW! Keith turned to look at Herald Glaslo, one of the schools star football players and professional bully. "Hey there Einstein hows it hangin?" Herald was accompanied by his usual posse of moronic linemen, laughing at everything he said like it was a Jeff Dunham rerun. Without letting Keith respond Herald continues, "I see you're talking to Rebecca again, what have I told you about that?"

    "You claim her as your though she has no idea who you are." The circle of athletes laugh as they always did when Keith spoke back.

    Grabbing the front of Keith's new shirt Herald brought him close enough to smell the plaque on his teeth, "And what have I said about your mouth..BOY?" Keith stared him in the face, knowing that responding to this question always resulted in a loose tooth. "That's good, Einstein. Glad to know you can learn something besides math." Herald lets go of his shirt, causing Keith to catch his balance. Keith gets shoved by the boy he stumbles towards, causing a chain reaction of Keith getting shoved and stumbling into another shove, until he fully loses himself and is sitting on the ground. "Now like I was saying" Herald continued, " That fine piece of fish tail is mine. not yours, not that asshat swim-team captains, mine. Got it?" He said looming over Keith in an intimidating manner.

    Deciding he was allowed to speak Keith stated, "Herald we are not even in school anymore, why do you have to do this?"

    The crowd around him whooped and hollered at each other giving fist-bumps and high fives. "I told ya he wouldn't shut up boy's. Well if he wants to be with the fishes so bad I guess he should go for a swim." The mob proceeded to grab Keith's kicking body and picked him up. Keith knowingly unable to overpower the 9 older and stronger men half accepted his fate as they dumped him headfirst into the 100-gallon trashcan full of semi-alcoholic fruit punch. The group walked away, proud of their minor torturing and humiliation. Keith ended up knocking the trashcan over in his uncoordinated attempts to get himself out. as he crawled out of the can, he rubbed his burning eyes. standing up he took a quick once over of himself and decided it was time to leave. he pulled the Galaxy phone out of his pocket only to realize the liquid had fried it and it would not turn on. Stupid fucking asshole. Keith thought to himself, completely forgetting his earlier mission.

    There is a commotion loud enough to be heard over the obnoxious music which has been blaring since he arrived, bringing Keith's attention to the failing cars. He approaches the outer ring of cars, when he see's the black fog. He covers his nose and mouth with his soaked shirt and pushes past people to get a closer look not understanding what he see's. Keith examined the black smoke as it moved from car to car, their engines knocking and falling silent soon after contact, his breath hot and rapid on his chest inside his shirt. The did not move with any sort of logic he had seen in similar looking gas'. It kept low to the ground meaning it was dense, but it seemed to rise and fall of its own volition; as if alive or controlled in some manner. As Keith followed the edge of the smoke examining it's every movement as his attention was drawn up from it to watch a Mountain of a car roar to life. The owner of the huge Chromed out Black Chevy suburban with its extra LED lights on the Grille Guard was trying to move it from the circle to save his baby. Keith then watched in awe as the smoke Hurried???? to reach the car before it could escape. As the smoke entered the vehicle from under the two front tires he heard the monster Vortec 4800 V8 engine sputter and die, it then spilled out from every crack of the hood and even started filling the cabin of the car, the windshield spider-webbing wherever it made contact, and the paint peeling as if aged by 4 centuries. As Keith first saw up close the destruction of a car he decided he didn't really care about examining the fog much more, but he needed a sample. Pulling the Mason jar he kept his pencils and pen's in from his backpack and dropping all of them on the ground to empty the container. When Keith looked up from his task he realized that the smoke was 10 feet tall and curving inward as if to make a sphere with a perfect edge, What IS this stuff??? How is this happening?? I need to research this. he thought to himself while sticking the jar out to the smoke. As he stuck the glass to the smoke it popped in his hand like a balloon, as he did so the smoke seemed to grab at the contact that was made with it, trying to grab at his hand. As Keith was yelping and backpedaling from the smokes reaction he slammed into someone.

    Keith looked for an exit from the smoke as he was running the outer circumference of the crowd, only to quickly realize that the smoke had in fact made a perfect dome over everyone; there was no exit. "Now is the time to freak out" Keith's brain told him. Gasps and cries came from the dimming bonfire, catching his attention, he looked to see a human form floating over the fire, steadily sprouting wings from it's back. As he looked longer his mind made out more details; black and gold armor, a broadsword at her? side, feathered wings on her back, and something small in her hand. "It is most definitely a woman with a butt like that" his mind chimed in. Keith squinted over the sea of hair, fear, and shocked faces to look closer at the flowing moving orb in the woman's hand.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Suddenly all of Keith's senses were bombarded with pain, only to have it taken away and replaced with comfort, a nice warm 24 degree's Celsius, and a cool breeze over his exposed cheeks, and then once again PAIN.

    Once another breeze whirled around his butt, Keith realized he was naked. Opening his eyes he then realized he was laying face down in ash at the center of a bomb crater. He noticed the other naked people laying about all naked.

    Still in shock at what all had happened only 4 things went through Keith's mind,
    Holy shit those girls are all naked.
    Where are all of the other students?
    What the hell just happened?
    I need to find clothes before someone see's me naked.

    After thinking to himself for a moment Keith tried to take roster of things that were real.
    I'm naked.
    She's naked.
    I just survived some kind of explosion along with 1~4~7 other people including that flying lady.
    The one who set everything off can not only fly but has some sort of power over smoke, and can probably set off another explosion.

    He watches as one of the people stand up, start morphing into a huge grotesque monster, yell something and then attempt to run off into the woods only to stumble as his leg bent awkwardly under him. She is also naked his mind informed him as he watches one of the women get picked up by the demon and flown high into the air; witnessing these two events made Keith's mind race with possible logic's and reasoning's for what exactly the fuck is going on.

    There is still some weird shit going on here, I need to leave, the parking lot mom dropped you off in is over your left shoulder. Sitting up Keith covered with one hand the fact that his 15 year old body did not care what was going on around him just that naked ladies were around, he propping himself up on his right arm.

    As he was about to stand himself up, a ear piercing screech of blood curdling fear rang out above him bringing him out of his own head to once again pay attention to the world. He looked up only to see the Winged lady flying downward after a naked form which was rushing to the ground in free-fall; and unbeknownst to him he started holding his breath in freight and flurry.

    I NEED TO LEAVE NOW! He thought to himself as several things happened in a frighteningly quick manner:
    The naked Brunette hit the ground hard enough to send dirt flying up into the air, making him lose sight of the Specter of Death. Her and those boob's are dead. his young mind chimed in, still thinking in an unhelpful manner. The flying lady attacked the grotesque thing killing it in one swipe of her blade stopping its horrid gurgling for help. As she turned her attention to Keith the situation became real enough for even Keith's penis to quake in fear and pay attention. She flew at him and all he could do was scream, "STOP!!!!!!!!!!!" as he threw up both arms in front of himself as if to defend himself. Behind his closed eyes Keith saw a bright yellow light and soon after heard a heavy thud, bringing his eyes open. He was surrounded by a large orb of yellow light that the lady seemingly could not pierce.

    "RRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He hears from out of his vision, and as he looks up he see's whom he finally identifies as the class president, still naked. The winged woman beat her wings hard bringing more grey dust into the air. The Archangel from hell wielding the dark Excalibur over her head gave up on Keith temporarily to chase another student before he could retreat to safety.

    Keith took that moment to sprint for the treeline deciding it was his best defense from an areal strike. As he came in contact with the bubble it dissipated and allowed him through. Keith ran and ran and ran until he was forced to stop by his aching lungs and heart. As he panted against a tree he surveyed himself and what just happened.
    I'm naked.
    I just survived some kind of explosion along with 5 other people, which burned off my clothes and..... oh god, this black soot on me is the rest of my classmates. He started wiping the soot off leaving black streaks of sweat and ash.

    The one who set everything off can not only fly but has some sort of power over smoke, and can probably set off another explosion.
    That one boy turned into a monster in front of me, The class president can live after a fall from approx: 120 feet, and someone protected me from that demon with that yellow orb.
    I need to get home and tell my mother what happened; she will know what to do. No that's ridiculous nobody will believe me.
    How many people are dead? Don't think about that now, just get home without being arrested for running about town naked.

    Keith looked up at the sky and proceeded north towards the majority of town and his parents house. He came out of the woods near the (Now closed) convenience store his mother had driven past to get to the party. "Ok, now you're in town." he thought to himself, "I wish I knew what time it was. I wish I had clothes. I wish that had not happened." Covering himself as best he could, Keith streaked through town, going behind buildings but following the path his mother drove earlier that night. The town did not have many homeless in it, and the few he passed by whistled and catcalled at his naked form ,bringing red to his face. They must be thinking he was just some prankster giving them a show.

    Keith entered his residential area sweating, shivering, and tired, Final stretch he thought to himself. As he walked past the mansions on acres of land some area dogs shouted at his presence, rushing his pace to get home. As he trotted past the 12 foot black wrought-iron fence surrounding his parents 3 story mansion of a house he marveled at the sight of the 2 acres of land as if never having seen it before. Using his mothers various flower gardens and bird feeders as cover he ran torwards the back of the house.


    As he walked closer to the house he could hear that his mother was awake, as she loved to blare music on the house-wide surround sound system she had installed a few years ago. "TAKE ME DOWN TO PARADICE CITAY, WHERE THE GRASS SO GREEN...". Oh god how do I explain why I'm naked? he thought to himself. "I WANNA KNOWWWWWWW, I WANNA KNOOOWWWWW. OH WON'T YOU PLEASE TAKE ME HOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMEEEEEEEE YEA YEA YEA" Hoping to just not have to deal with the situation until the morning Keith rounded to the back of the house as the current song ended.

    As a new guitar riff started playing; Keith snuck in through the back door of his own home using the spare key behind the smiling Sun hanging on the wall, his mother was either in the Kitchen dancing and baking, or she was in her dance studio just dancing. "Back in black I hit the sack, I been too long I'm glad to be back. " He peeked around the corner into the kitchen, no mom. He continued through the kitchen thinking to himself looks like all safe from here on. Keith, in his rush and tiredness, did not notice the piles of cookies on the counter, as he walked past them and straight up the stairs in the kitchen to the second floor and rushed up to his floor of the house, hurrying into his bathroom to remove the cremation from his skin. Without grabbing any clothes to change into, or a towel to dry himself off with Keith got into the shower, where he scrubbed himself red, and fell asleep against the corner thinking about everything on his mind with the water flowing over him.

    Keith Awoke in the shower Freezing cold due to the hot water heater having given out hours ago. He finished washing himself thoroughly before getting out of the shower. Since he woke up from his terrifying nightmare about being chased through a frozen dungeon by some demon with black raven wings coming out of her shoulder-blades, wielding the demon sword from adventure time, and wearing Jasmines outfit from Aladdin; all he could think about was how in the dream HE had activated various glowing objects of colors to defend himself.

    When he got out of the shower it finally hit him, Why am I waking up in the shower? Which lead the 20 ton train with "Life Altering" written across its front to hit him once more. Staring into his own eyes in the mirror, he felt like throwing up.

    Me and my mother should leave this town.

    He walked out of his bathroom into his bedroom and saw a pink note on his bed with $20 taped to it. In lime green ink it read,

    "I didn't even hear you come in honey I hope you had tons of fun with your friends, and were safe."
    "Thank whoever drove you home and give them this for gas ----->" [BCOLOR=#339966]$20[/BCOLOR]

    "I hope to hear all about it at breakfast"

    "Ps: The Cookie Jar's are FULL!!!!!!!!!"

    Several iterations of, Oh god what the hell am I going to tell Her??? went through his mind. The only responses being:
    1) If she knew I was still there when what happened Happened, I'd be talking about it for the rest of my life. Do not tell her anything related.
    When it does get brought up;
    2) We need to leave. Move away, to another part of the world preferably.
    3) How the hell do I ever explain people with superpowers??????

    He never quite figured the last one out, so he just added it to the list of things he just wouldn't bring up. After taking the $20 off of the note, he figured that meant it was his, and as he tried to stick it in his pocket he realized another two things; Just how tired he still was, and he is still naked. While putting on plaid boxers and Harvard sleeping pants his mom bought him when he agreed to apply there; He sat down at his computer to look some things up.

    What the fuck do I type into the search engine. He went to bed leaving Google.com open on his Desktop.

    At 10:00AM Keith's mother came in as she always did when he was asleep at this point. As she always stated the world wakes up at 7AM; the least he could do is be up by 10. she woke him up by throwing the curtains open thus blinding him with rays of eye searing warmth. Keith threw the blanket over his face and rolled, wurbling something about 15's in his sleepy haze.

    "WAAAAKEE UP SWEEAATHEART" and his 35 year old mother woke him up with the same level of joy and excitement as if she was a younger sibling rather than a maternal being, and used similar tactics: tickling.
    *Giggleing laughter*

    "MOM STOP!" came a yell from under the covers as she pinched his sides through the blanket.

    "Wake up Batman, your Breakfast will get cold. I made egg's, bacon, biscuits, and pancakes. I left some of the cookies I made in the jar on your dresser." She slightly slammed his door as she left his room, jolting him fully awake. After putting on a Robin's egg colored teeshirt Keith sat back where he left off last night What the fuck do I say.

    After contemplating for a while and getting no new answers to any of his questions Keith looked at his computer screen and on seeing 10:47 in the bottom right corner he went to go get his breakfast; which at this point was probably rather cold. As he walked downstairs his mother was, as usual, blasting music. This morning it was more modern music which meant there was an 95% chance she was in the kitchen dancing like she was having a seizure. As he came downstairs he saw the perfect moment to describe his mother as a person:

    She has been told her entire life she looks exactly like Carrie Fisher, and she even dresses up as Princess Leia almost every Halloween. She was standing on the Island counter Thus making her 61 inch frame meet him eye to eye as Keith was halfway down the stairs. As is typical she was wearing a weird medley of clothing starting with her loose-fitting fuchsia pants, forest green blouse with a prude collar, Bright red belt, and no shoes. Her straight Dark brown hair was kept up in tiny braids which were put up into two much larger braids which normally would go down to her waist, but they were too busy trying to attack the chandalier at the moment. The only other adonments she had, was a silver watch with sapphires in it his dad had given her when Keith was born and her wedding band. As she swirled around to the tune of,"Who has to know, When we live such fragile lives, It's the best way we survive." With a huge full mouthed grin, their brown eyes met, and she turned the music down to berate him about how much fun he did not have the night before.

    She hopped down off the counter and nearly bashed her face into another one of the marble counters. For a woman so good at dancing his mother had absolutely no grace. She hurt herself by falling often and yet she still acts as if it's never happened and as if she was born with the grace of a thousand acrobats. She collected herself and picked up the huge plate of food meant for him, and walked over and to place it on the table before sitting at one of the chairs with arms to drink her tea and stare at him with her legs danging over the arm. Keith B-lined over to the refrigerator to grab a glass of milk, wasting as much time as he could, before sitting at the seat his mother chose to place his food at. "So did you and your friends have fun last night?" came the daunting question from his mother.

    "Uhm", Keith warbled as he tried to think of anything else to tell his mother besides what actually happened, "Yea there was allot of dancing, and loud music, some of the other mathletes invited me to go into the dance circle." He trailed off as his mother made false assumptions about how his night went. He took a large mouthful of eggs as he started putting butter and Strawberry Jam on his biscuit, and his mom asked a question which turned out to be even more dangerous than the first, "So were there any girls at this party?" And between her gasp of excitement, him choking on his eggs, and the heat he could feel coming off his face, he knew he was Ab-So-Lute-Ly scarlet red.

    Oh god now I HAVE to come up with something.

    "Some guy threw a beer at me to get me to drink it, and I threw it to her because I don't like beer, she's the one that drove me home." That girl is dead, and you were wearing her when you snuck in last night, her and everyone else that went to the party.

    His mother set down her tea and hopped up and down on her butt clapping her hands together. "Did you two do anything?" she asked both playfully and accusitorily.

    "Uh" he said, "Can we not talk about it?"

    He left the table without eating any more, the conversation messed with him once again. He went upstairs, thanking himself that he had given himself an out, even if it was a weird one. His mom turned the music back up in his wake "MENTAL WOUNDS NOT HEEEAAALING, WHO AND WHATS TO BLAME!?!?!?!?" the song mixing with the Huge grandfather clock in the atrium of the house signaling 11 O'clock.

    After changing into good fitting pants, Keith sat at his computer and looked up research materials. He bought Superpower Dictionaries, Super hero Anthologies, books on magic, voodoo, and supernatural things. Books on beings of myth from all religions, monsters, and people with supernatural capabilities. Thinking about this later, he realized this might have been some sort of mental break, but getting it all with overnight shipping just made sense at the time.

    Later his mother walked in on him eating cookies and cruising every online news site that mattered to his area. "The principal called and said that he wants everyone who went to the party to come to school tomorrow.", she informed Keith, "It might be related to the alcohol, you didn't drink any though it will be fine."

    Oh your sweet ignorance woman. went through his mind as he said out loud, "Ok mom" as she left he thought to himself, 24 hours to come up with a lie. That should be enough time........right?

    His mother drove them to school the next day, the two of them singing the entire way. As always Keith felt cramped in her Mary Kay colored Minicooper. His mother parked up near the front of the parking lot, and gave him a speech about what he should say if they are to ask him anything about underage drinking, or drinking and driving. She started to bring up teenage pregnancy conveniently as he was getting out of the car. The door slammed a little by accident, this fucking body is huge, Keith thought to himself still not being used to being so tall and (though not strong) muscular.

    Sighing Keith surveyed the parking lot over his mothers car. Keith tried to decide if he was early, or if the amount of cars scattering the parking lot was accurate. How many died?
    How many broken families are there now?
    How much potential was ripped from this world last night...

    Keith straightens his spine, pushing away the weights in his mind. I need to talk to the other survivors to see if they actually know what happened last night. What the hell do you even ask? UH "hello I know a bomb went off and we both survived it, but did you get a closer look at the trigger mechanism??". Shaking his head he finally walked away from the car, with a look over his shoulder he saw his mother reading one of her college books, She was trying to get her 8th Degree from a nearby college. He longed for a life like his mother's, getting money without working, just getting to sit all day and learn what she wants to. Ignorant of the world. His mind added in at the end.

    As he was walking between the few rows of cars there were between him and the school Keith straightened his clothes and looked around the lot for reckless teenage drivers, flying demons from hell, and anything else that might harm him. As he looked around he saw several other people walking through the parking lot, and then he saw her. The small Brunette that fell from the sky. He still had no idea what this beautiful pixies name was, But you do know what her breasts look like in free-fall. Keith stopped walking not knowing what to do, only proceeding after she had entered the building.

    His pals started to sweat as he walked in the double doors to the cafeteria he walked to the seniors line only to realize there was a space for a line marked "Graduates".Be cool, Just be calm and there will be no problems. Look at how calm all of them are, nobody but you is freaking out right now, there is a reason for that, MOST OF THEM DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, but that doesn't mean you should make the cops think you are guilty because of your knowledge. Dad wouldn't be freaking out, he would be trying to figure out the situation. Keith stepped over to that space and saw a police officer quickly start walking over.

    "What is your full name kid?" officer Mustache askes.

    "Keith Porter"

    He speaks in a bored tone, "Were you at that party last night?”

    “Yes I was."

    Officer Brennan stated, “Stay right here and wait to be called for questioning.” He then hustled off and went to an administrative door.

    You could have lied there. He looked around at the amount of cops around the building for the first time since entering. Normally it would seem excessive, but right now, Keith felt it was not enough. That bitch shows up with that ball and there isn't anything that these guys could do, besides maybe shoot out one of her wing's. Why didn't I bring a book?

    Much later the same door opened up and out walked a beautiful bronze-skinned brunette woman with a sharp steel grey pantsuit and even sharper brown eyes, Her skin looked just like how Keith takes his coffee. As Keith was checking her out, he looked up to her face just to lock eyes. Suddenly he was looking at the floor which was made of some cheap kid of tiling, it was supposed to look like it was actual tile, but it did a very poor job; though it was probably cheap, and easy to clean. Two feet with expensive shoes on them stopped in front of Keith.

    "Whats your name son?" came the most life devoid singsong parade of Ice and Polar bears that was the voice speaking to him. Keith Looked up to the Pants-suited woman standing in front of him.

    "K..K...Keith P..orter"

    "My name is Agent Anna Longshadow with the FBI. Follow me please."

    Keith stood up and followed Agent Longshadow, Weird name, they walked past a Redheaded cop with a beard holding the door open into a hallway in the school that Keith had never been into. Trying to look anywhere but at Anna's ass; Keith looked at all of the terrible motivational posters the school had decided to hang up all the way down the hallway. Agent Longshadow put her hand to her ear, Turned to the cop following Keith, and said," Kearney, take him to the usual room, Beckett is here." She looked at Keith,"I'll be right with you, please don't leave the room Officer Kearney places you in."

    Keith sat for a while.

    They know. There is no other reason that makes sense. They are trying to freak you out so you'll crack. Simple. Don't freak out. Keith's leg started quickly shaking up and down. Why is there no clock in here? Just breathe until Agent Longshadow shows back up.

    Keith sat in the firm plastic chair observing the room, It was the Vice Principals office. There was a Large wooden desk between him and a much more comfortable chair, 2 bookcases with crappy versions of the books he read for school, and other nick-nacks showing personality. The only two things on the desk were a calender set across it, A cup of pens and pencils with a lone highlighter, and a cheap desktop monitor.

    Both the Redheaded policeman and the agent walked into the room to the sounds of Keith taking deep breaths and releasing them. In a deep voice "Nervous?"Kearny said behind Keith, who turned as agent Longshadow walked into the room and shut the door behind her, leaning on it. Kearny took his place in the leather wing-backed chair behind the desk. "I didn't drink any alcohol, please don't let this go on my permanent record, I am planning to go to M.I.T." Spurted out of Keith's mouth, like a artery spraying blood.

    The detective looked first at Keith then over his shoulder to presumably agent Longshadow with a puzzled look on his face, “I’m Detective Davin Kearney of the N.C.P.D. This is agent Anna Longshadow with the F.B.I. While we are aware that there was alcohol at the party last night that is not the reason we are here, but I am glad to know you did no illicit things last night." Except streak all the way home and look at naked underage girls. Actually you don't know how old any of them are. They're all older than you though. FOCUS ON LYING!

    Keith said, "O-oh well why am I here, I've never been brought to the principals office before, or had to talk to the police before." he turned around to see what Agent Longshadow was doing, only to see her in the same position; leaning against the door, staring into his soul. "Or the FBI for that matter, then again I never suspected to ever have to." He finished rambling, A shiver going down his spine as he turned to face Officer Kearney who was typing on the computer. The best lies are mostly truthful. Don't overdo anything.

    "So how did you like the party?" asked Davin

    "Uh it was loud, and good, I think that Alice did a great job organizing everything, There were some amazing little sandwiches that someone made. Not really my kind of music." Keith stated.

    "excellent, at what time did you leave the event?"

    "uhm, I don't really know exactly"

    "And why is that?"

    Easy ,"My phone broke yesterday, when some of the footbal players dumped me into the parties punch."

    "Oh of course that's absolutely reasonable. Tell me what was happening at the party when you left."

    UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what the fuck do you say to that. Images of last night floating into his mind. He shrugged them away coming back into the situation he was in. "There was smoke coming from some of the car's surrounding the campground, so fearing they were going to explode I descided to walk home early and maybe change clothes." I hope that didn't sound rehearsed. I never rehearsed it though, so why would it?

    "Ah ok that does make sense" Detective Kearney said as he typed away on the computer,"Who else did you hang out with at the party?"

    Before he realized he was not at home talking to his mother,"Why do you want to know?" attacked the Detectives ears. Holy Shit why did you not just answer the question, now he's going to lock you in a cell until the sun super novas.

    From the look on the Detectives face Keith assumed he had children of his own, "Look Keith, I read your profile; You're a smart kid, so smart you moved forward three grade levels. Is there anything that happened last night that you should be telling me?"

    "The student that brought alcohol was black. Can I go home?"

    "No." Pierced Keith's spine from behind him, right at the base of the neck. A cold chill came through him, from that point to his toes.

    Detective Kearney met eyes with the FBI agent for a while. "Did you see how the smoke started?"

    "No I did not." But that would be helpful information.

    "Did you see any suspicious characters"

    Remembering a mix of both his dream last night and The winged angel of death clad in the armor of Joan of Arc, "Nobody that I saw."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, I wasn't exactly looking around while being bullied."

    "Do not leave town. You can go." Growled from the beard.

    "Thank you" Keith retorted without at all thinking about it first. He stood and turned to look down to the eyes of Agent Longshadow. The winged bitch could be her for all you fucking now. Super-powered FBI agents? I'm in a shitty James Bond film. she's tall for a girl. Keith asked her, who was still leaning on the door, "May I go?"

    "For now. We may have more questions for you later." Agent Longshadow said in a very creepy manner as she opened the door behind herself; allowing Keith to retreat to the Cafeteria and eventually the parking lot. On the way he was staring at his feet, his face hot, there was a cold sweat dampening his undershirt and making the ice-cubes running up and down his spine all that much worse. Outside he paced like a mad man between a couple of trucks waiting for anyone he recognized; he was not at all thinking about going home yet.
  3. Yesterday was both an ending and a beginning.


    Rebecca arrived at the party on her bike just as the twilight. Despite the party being in an isolated clearing in the woods it was far from nowhere, and she didn't want anyone messing with her car. Rebecca didn’t mind the ride though, and she planned to enjoy her first, and last, High School party.

    Rebecca started her night with saying hello to her fellow swimmers, went to grab some food, and then watched people dance before quickly getting bored, so she went looking to saying hi to her friends. As the night went on you could see more-and-more people holding beer, and someone had shoved one into her hands, but she didn't have much of a need for it. She cracked the seal and poured some of it out before tossing it into trash.

    Looking up from the trashcan towards the seating area Rebecca saw one of the few people she actually knew, Keith, so she quickly walked over to him. He greats her with a warm smile, and after exchanging pleasantries he offers her a game of chess. “You know I will beat you again one of these days, right.” Rebecca commented as her and Keith set up the board. “You’ve never beaten me,” Keith responded.

    The game was quick like any other game they played together, but this time Rebecca won thanks to a few key mistakes Keith had made in the end. Why didn’t he catch my knight? Rebecca pondered. Did he let me win? Why would he let me win? Na, that was all me. Rebecca shrugged off her questions, and gave a quick, “WHOO!” with her arms in the air in celebration of her victory. “Thanks for the game Keith. Glad I could beat you at least once before you go off to M.I.T. Have fun.”

    Keith and Rebecca finished exchanging words before she got up to get some more to drink, but just as she was leaving Keith calls out, “Hey Rebecca.” She stops. Turning to look at Keith as he continues, “Have a good summer.” He lets out. “Thanks. You have a wonderful summer yourself,” Rebecca replies with a smile before turning to leave again.

    Things started to take a turn for the worst after that. Suddenly one of the cars died, then another died, and like a wave the cars began to die until the only light left was from the bonfire and the screens on people's phones. People were beginning to panic, as black smoke bellowed out of the cars forming a cylindrical barrier around the party.

    When Rebecca approached the wall of smoke it looked like just that. Smoke, but any contact made with it revealed that it had the density of clay. Suddenly some of the smoke shot out from the wall and swarmed over the fire. The smoke formed together, and then started to fade revealing a figure in the smoke. Suddenly two wings decorated with black, crow like, feathers shot out of the smoke, and in one stroke the smoke was dispersed revealing an angel dressing in black armor. Rebecca couldn't see the angel's face from the position behind her, but before she could make her way around the entire area was lit up and all color faded to white.

    Rebecca felt like she was in the sun. Her body felt pain like none she had ever felt before. It felt like every cell in her body was on fire. Then suddenly she was awake. Sitting in a crater made of ash, naked. The only thing left was the dark angel that did this.

    The angel began to drift away from Rebecca. Her feet still hovering above the ground a short distance before reaching down and grabbing someone before carrying that unfortunate person up into the sky. Rebecca couldn't tell who the angel had grabbed, but she knew two facts:
    One: Other people survived.
    Two: RUN. She is distracted.

    As Rebecca got up to leave she quickly scanned the area before running off into the woods behind her. She saw a few others. Some male. Some female. All naked. She didn't take a head count though before running into the woods.

    As Rebecca was running home she took back roads, between neighborhoods, and anywhere without light until the last leg to get to her house. She snuck up to the garage and as quickly as she could entered the combination to open the door, slid under, and ran over to quickly close the garage door. As soon as the door was closed and the house regained its silence Rebecca made her way back to her room. Putting on a XXL shirt she slid under her sheets. Her head was racing with all of these thoughts and questions, but the second her head hit the pillow she was out.

    DAY ONE:

    Rebecca bolted from her sleep. Awoken from a nightmare she looks around the room to see that she is safe at home, but the black ash and dust littering her bed and shirt let her know that she is not safe. Did all of that just happen? Rebecca thought to herself as she let out a sigh. Did everyone really just die? Rebecca turned her head to look around her room towards her two work desks covered in unfinished projects that now seems trivial to her. Did any of my friends make it out alive?

    As she looked Rebecca noticed that something was off with her room. Things seemed to have been moved around, and a lot of her smaller tools were resting on the floor. As she turned in her bed to reach for the exact-o knife on the floor the faint sound of static crackling could be heard as she reached with an outstretched hand. What are you doing on the flo-. Suddenly there was a static jump between her hand and the tool a few inches from her outstretched hand. Rebecca immediately retracted her outstretched hand and placed her back firmly against the wall behind her bed. WHAT THE FRACK WAS THAT!?!

    Rebecca’s heart racing, and breathing heavy, she looked at her hand looking for any damage she may have received. She didn’t find any. Slowly, Rebecca slid forward and reached towards the tool again once again creating the spark, but this time she held it there. She felt no pain, and the reaction reminding her of an arc welder. What is happening to me? Rebecca closed her eyes willing this to stop, and suddenly the room was quite. Slowly she opened her eyes, and the electricity was gone. The realization that she was controlling this washed over her.

    Rebecca got up out of bed, took of a shower, threw her sheets in the wash, got dressed, and went to grab her old Ravine cell phone, but stopped. What happens if the same thing as this morning happens with my phone? Standing in her room she once again reached for the tool on the ground. Slowly picking up the knife without a problem, and placing it back on her building desk.

    Rebecca then went over to her work desk where she sat down and opened up her laptop. While waiting for it to boot up she got out the cell phone and plugged it into a charger. Once the computer was on Rebecca went online and activated her old phone, replacing the one that was disintegrated last night. Next came the important part, of her quest on the computer. Looking for evidence of last night’s activities.

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. No results anywhere. Even analyzing the party’s Facebook page didn’t lead to anything special. The only lead Rebecca found was on one of the party goer’s Twitter account with a picture of the smoke oozing out of a car, and the tweet saying, ‘WTF IS THIS’. Rebecca quickly saved the photo and stored the details of it in the photo’s file. While doing so she recognized who’s account that had been. Brian Owen, the charismatic captain of the swim team, and one of the many people who died last night.

    Rebecca sat there in front of her computer frozen. Letting the experiences of last night finally sink in when suddenly the house phone begins to ring. Rebecca rushes to answer it to hear the school’s front desk attendant explaining that there were people missing after the party, and that all students are expected to be at the school tomorrow, Saturday, at 10 a.m. “Yes, I’ll be there,” Rebecca responded at the very end before hanging up.

    For the rest of the day Rebecca spent her time trying to grasp better control of this strange new power she has acquired. By the end of the day she could turn it on and off at will, and even able to create a spark that left from one hand into the other on command creating a wondrous blue-white glow.

    Once Rebecca’s mother got home late that night she just went through her usual motions, trying her best to be herself until finally going to bed again that night.

    DAY TWO:

    Rebecca came to around 8, woken up from another nightmare by the sound of her mother calling her down for a French toast and bacon breakfast. As she slowly sat up in her bed, letting the sheets pool over her legs, Rebecca brought her hands up to her face. With a little focusing she was able to replicate what she learned yesterday and generated a spark of electricity that leaped from her left hand to her right. The blue hue illuminating her face before vanishing as quickly as it had appeared. Still real, Rebecca thought to herself with a sigh before finally getting out of bed – this time in her actual pajamas – and heading downstairs for some breakfast.

    After a short talk with her mother about her plans for the summer before college, and a quick shower, before getting dressed and heading out the door. Rebecca set out with the intent of lying about whatever happened at the party, and to not let anyone discover her new power. Just fit in, she thought to herself. The one thing you don’t do.

    As Rebecca reached the end of the driveway she pulled out her phone to check the time. Seeing as it was a little after nine o’clock she stopped to look at the garage where her Mini Cooper S was sitting. For a short while contemplating whether she should drive that to the school instead of walking, but quickly decided against it. Walking would give her time to herself. The last thing she wanted to do was get to the school any sooner, and the 30 to 40 minute walk would help her relax.

    As she walked Rebecca looked around at the scenery, and heard the noises around her. Despite there being no difference between now and any other time things still felt foreign and different. Like North City had been replaced with the Matrix. A totally different world, but nobody can tell the difference.

    The walk took a little longer than expected, but Rebecca made her way through the front door of the school still arriving when she was supposed to. As she walked into the cafeteria she saw the lines of people already there, but still a long way from even half the school. How many of us are left after last night, Rebecca thought to herself as she walked over to the far end were the graduate line was with only one person in it. Why is our line so much shorter? Was this person at the party? Is he one of the survivors? Rebecca approached, and added to the end of the now two person line.

    "So, were you at the party last night?" Rebecca asked the skinny, tall boy in front of her. Turning to look towards her he responded with a smirk, "Why would I want to be caught dead at a stupid party like that. I had better parties to be at."

    As he turned to once again face forward an N.C.P.D officer with the last name Brennan walked over. "I need both of your names."

    "Alex", the boy responded.

    "Your full name." The officer quickly countered.

    "Alex Boggard", he responded with both a visual, and audible eye role.

    "And you miss?"

    "Rebecca Maxis," Rebecca responded with the best calm voice she could muster.

    "Okay," As Brennan finished writing something down, "and did either of you attend the Graduation Party on Thursday night?"

    "Nope," Alex responded with a smug tone

    "I did," responded Rebecca with an almost guilty tone.

    "Okay. Wait here and someone will come to question you soon." Officer Brennan proceeded to walked out of site.

    Shortly after Officer Brennan left Rebecca's sight, she saw a familiar face. A face she thought she would never see again. Keith! He's alive! I need to go talk - SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! Stay calm. Stay relaxed. Rebecca stopped herself after almost taking her foot off the ground. "Rebecca Maxis." The sound of her name snapped her away from Keith and towards the Red Head with a beard and an FBI jacked. Why does the FBI have to be here?

    Rebecca began to walk over to him ignoring the other student who had gotten there before her. When Rebecca reached the man who called her name he instructed her, "Please follow me." Rebecca did. With each step she took becoming more and more unsure of her situation. Why didn't I just stay home today, and hide under the covers?

    Detective Kearney led Rebecca to the Vice Principal’s office. He opened the door and gestured Rebecca in to the room. As she walked in Rebecca saw another FBI agent standing in the corner of the room looking over some notes. "Please have a seat." The female FBI agent said looking up from her notes long enough to get a good look at Rebecca and point at the chair.

    Rebecca quickly sat down in the chair in front of the desk, and the male agent sat behind the desk in the large chair with his laptop to his side. "Hello. I am agent Gallagher, and this," gesturing with his hand over Rebecca's left shoulder, "is my partner Agent Longshadow. We are both with the FBI, and we have a few questions for you about the party Thursday."

    “Okay”, Rebecca responded. “What do you want to know?”

    “Did you have fun at the party?” Gallagher asked.

    “It was Okay. I’m not really the party type, but it was the last high school party so I just went.”

    “That isn’t the worst reason to go to a party. Anything unusual happen at the party?”

    “There was a kid running around with beer cans, and he shoved one into my hand, but I didn’t drink it. I threw it away. “Rebecca quickly threw that last part in there.

    “We have been made aware of the alcohol already. Was there anything else that happened at the party that we should know about?”

    “There was this smoke that showed up. I left shortly afterward that. It gave me this weird feeling.”

    “Tell us more about the smoke you saw.” Longshadow chimed in.

    Why is she chiming in now? There has to be something important about that smoke. At the same time images of the wall of smoke began to flash around in her head. “I noticed it when one of the cars died. Shortly after it lost all power the smoke began to flow out of it. I got worried. The smoke just looked funny.” Yes. The smoke that helped kill everyone is funny. “Things just didn’t seem right so I left.”

    “And at what time did you leave the party?” Gallagher asked. Once again taking over the conversation.

    Shoot. When did I leave? Think Rebecca. Wait. I have that photo. “I left right around midnight. Is there anything else you wanted to know, or can I leave now?” I just want to get out of here.

    “Just one more, and we can be done here. Was there anyone suspicious at the party?” Gallagher asked.

    The images of the angel’s back and crow like wings and images of the events that followed begin to dance around in Rebecca’s mind, but she quickly pushed those aside. “Just the person who was running around with the beer. He is the only person who really stood out.”

    “Okay then. I guess we are done here. I’ll walk you back to the lunch room. Then you are free to head home.” Gallagher stated as he stood up and walked over to the door. Opening it and offering for Rebecca to lead. She stood trying her best to not rush out, and walked towards the door.

    “Ms. Maxis”. Rebecca turned in the door way to look at Agent Longshadow. “Don’t leave town. We may have more questions for you.” Her words sent a chill down Rebecca’s spine. Rebecca managed to nod her head before she continued out to the lunch room, and then eventually out the front door.

    That is when she saw the one thing she wanted to see most right now. She quickly walked over to the student parking lot taking a look over her shoulder every once in a while to check if anyone was following. “Keith!” Rebecca called out when she was finally close to him. He turned to look towards her, and she wrapped her arms around him. Much to his surprise. Her head pressed against his chest with a few tears escaping from her eyes. “I’m so glad you're alive.”
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