Every good tale deserves a good introduction.

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  1. I suppose I should begin with the "who". Good day, I am Kitsotomaru, Kitso for short. It is an alias I have very lovingly adopted from one of my most memorable characters, whom I used to role play. I am male, I've been into any kind of fantasy, scifi, anime, tale of whimsy and wonder, for as long as I can remember, I recently turned 18 (which is useless in BC). It started out like any other, you would pick up a book and transcend the boundaries of your own imagination into worlds of dragons and faeries, knights and wizards, lands beyond comprehension, the feeling of being absolutely engulfed in an adventure! Haha, honestly though, it started when I was nine, I had been hanging out with my buddy and we were having mock fights with bionicle's, and his dad comes in and gives us the idea of using dice to see who would win. After that it was a simple progression to playing Dungeons and Dragons with my buddy, his dad, and his dads buddies (Whom I remain good friends with to this day). My sister was the one who got me into the online scene, though the process was all kicking and screaming with no time to rest. She would role play for, well, days on end! from the time she got home from school until 1 in the morning. For whatever reason this got me so frustrated that I confronted her about it, and she said I should give it a try. So very hesitantly I dipped my toes into the shallow end of the RP pool, before diving in head first less than a week later. I've been hooked ever since.

    But damn has it been too long. I've pretty well been on hiatus from internet role playing since about two years back? Since then I've tried and tried again to get back into it but something would always come up on one end or another, however, as of recently I have been wanting to get back into it, so I went in search of places to go and, here I am.

    I wouldn't call myself an artist, well, in the context of someone who draws, or paints. I am, however, a writer, actor, football player (well ex football player, I can't this year because I'll be moving.), director, singer... Well, let's leave it at: I like the idea of being very well rounded. I enjoy a varied assortment of music, including anything in between classical, Jazz, rap, heavy metal, and occasionally I will listen to country. I love roleplaying in groups, for the sake of a wider variety of interactions, though one on ones are very intimate and have their place in my heart.

    And Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band... Damn that catchy tune.

    (If this seems slightly sporadic, it's because I didn't notice the criteria for the entry post ^^", also sorry for being a little long winded.)
  2. Eh, another Canadian! (Newfoundlander here. c;)
    Welcome from the East side. xD

    Anyways, you sound like a cool dude (which is a compliment, because I am the Overlord of the internet). I would say if you need any help feel free to ask me, but I'm fairly new here too. However I do know this layout of site fairly well, and so I could always help you navigate if need be. Just remember that I have a full time job of being your sovereign Overlord, so I can't play tourguide all day. C;

    *Stamp of approval from your victorious Overlord Hellion*