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"Thank you for taking the moment to look through this thread. I hope you eventually find what you are looking for
either it be here or somewhere else. " - Shabriri
Update 1/7
As of 1/7, I am still looking for partners. However, my taste of genre has changed slightly. Please PM any ideas or if you are interested in casual Rping.
Major Genre Fix: Fantasy, World-Building
Posting Fix: Casual, Multi-paragraph, Miniature Novella

As much as I would like to sit around and talk about absolutely nothing of importance, I can't imagine you really wanting to sit and read through all of it. At least before I get to the stuff this thread is about. So without further delay I will begin...

Alright, I lied. I have something to mention before I literally begin. In any situation, it is important for the Partner in Search to find the right Partner fitted for them. Failure to do so usually result in poorly put together Roleplays, quickly dying Roleplays, or just the common "mysterious leave". Here is my opinion on how I feel a perfect partner would be for 'me'.
Opinion of a Perfect Partner
My opinion of a perfect partner that would be best fitted for me, would be someone who can be a friend you can rely on. Not necessarily someone you would run up to explaining all your problems in life, but someone you can walk up to and explain how you feel on your current Roleplay. In turn, that partner would carry no hard feelings of the outcome of said RP and would offer to try something different or a way to make the RP a better experience for the both of you. An RP Partner should be open to trying different things, freely communicating even when not Roleplaying or offer ideas without the other feeling offended. It is also important to communicate when one will be away for long amounts of time so the other does not feel you have abandoned them. Also be willing to take time to create a post or character/world. That is my idea of a Perfect Partner.

Now I shall begin....

I am looking for a Roleplay Partner that is...

- Preferably long lasting; however, I understand things don't always work out.
- Someone who is able to at least attempt to be the ideal 'perfect partner' and willing to communicate with me.
- I do not mind most genres, though I do have a few I refuse to do. I'd like if they could respect my favorites and dislikes just as I would theirs.
- I would also like someone who can at least post a paragraph or more. Novella posts are my candy posts (Even if they do take longer to write up.)

- Someone free flowing, and do not get easily upset if something does not work out.
- Would like to go further than One x One (one day) and work together to build a Group RP. It's optional but a girl can dream.

Personally I....

- Like to write Multiple Paragraphs or Novella as long as the other person is willing. (If not, I won't waste my time.)
- Mirror Post if my partner is the Leader. If they write a one-liner, I will end up doing so because I was not given enough information to work with. Meaning I won't continue until I get more information.
- Will post anywhere from once a day to a few times a week. Sometimes, multiple times a day if I am not working or have time.
- Favor the Horror and Romance Genre.
- Am easy going and willing to listen to whatever my partner has to say even if it's not RP related.
- Hate/Dislike MxM and Yaoi. As a female, it's hard for me to grasp my mind around those sort of things.
- Do 18+ RP's but not limited to.

Genres I will NOT do.... aka The Three S's

- Straight Smut
- Slice of Life
- Strict Combat

Genres I do enjoy...

I do not mind any other genre that is not listed above. However, Like I listed before; my favorite is Horror and Romance. I also enjoy Dice related RPs.

Fandoms I Will Do....

If there is a Fandom you would like to do, please message me first. I have a really weird and old-school list of Fandoms.

I'm not going to list my plot ideas as I do not want the other to feel I am strictly looking for that idea, or perhaps did not have an open mind for their ideas. If there is an idea you would like to do, do not hesitate to tell me. If you would like to create something from scratch, I don't mind that either.

Thank you for taking the moment to read through this. I hope you will message me or comment below if you are interested. If for some reason you message me and you're not interested...you better have a good reason. :)

How Not to Message Shabriri...

1) Hey, I am interested in RPing with you.
Response: Okay....that's great to hear but what?

2) Would you like to RP with me?
Response: If I wasn't why would I post a search? or What about you, should I not be interested in doing so?

When Messaging Me....
- Please just start telling me more about you, like genres you like or whatever.
- List your fandoms if that is what your message about.
- Don't lead me into believing you are going to be absolutely boring.

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Found a few good partners, however I am always looking. Don't be shy!


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I'm also looking for new friend partners but mostly don't use Skype sadly, I rarely come on here unless I'm searching for a partner not to role play. I like private role plays I get judge a lot if I don't write something right there for, I would love to write with you. I write mostly Fandoms, paranormal romance, and Original stories. Yes, I'm female and the age of 21 I hope you're interested to become my new best friend. I reply really fast and sometimes it's more than a paragraph When I post on Skype. I have a very high imagination when it comes to writing its a gift to me. Thank you I hope you reply soon in my PM's.
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