Everlasting Pirate Adventure ((MxM or MxF))


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Everlasting Pirate
63 Haven Rising ideas | werewolf, wolf art, werewolf aesthetic

Everlastings are the world's protectors, or at least that's what they like to think of themselves. They were immortal creatures much like vampires, though instead of blood they feed off emotions. They spend years training to hunt and kill other mythical creatures. Being raised to believe it was for the better, that these other creatures were less than and a danger to society. ((Powers: Empath, Telepathy, Enhanced strength, speed, and senses. Quick healing.))

Muse A is a special Everlasting, has powers no one has ever seen before. ((Strengthen regular Everlasting powers pulse whatever you'd like to add. Make the character your own.))

Muse B would be an Everlasting as well but while on a mission he was bitten by a werewolf, turning him into an Everlasting-Werewolf hybrid. Instead of offing himself like he was trained, instead of dying horribly like they were always told they would he changed. He became a sort of werewolf everlasting hybrid. He ran from the organization (that now wanted him dead). Why on the run (years of it) he became a captain of a pirate ship with dozens of different types of creatures.

Muse A and Muse B grew up and trained together before eventually becoming partners. Though they were opposites they were very close, nearly inseparable. They were on a mission together when Muse B was bitten by the werewolf. Muse A was the one who was supposed to end it for Muse B and he was supposed to let him. Instead, he ran and never looked back

Muse A is assigned the task of bringing him in (or killing him if they have to). They find Muse B but things don't go as planned and they end up captured themself.

* I'd like to Play Muse B, so you'd be Muse A ((This can be an MxM of an MxF))
*This will have a lot of drama, but also some romance ((A friends to enemies to lovers))
* You gotta be okay with gore and sensitive topics
*Detailed please ((Two plus paragraphs.))
*Active ((Reply at least once every few days.))
*Creative ((Add to the story.))
*Multiples ((Up for playing more than one character if necessary.))
*PM me if you’re interested ((May not see it if you comment here))

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