EverGlades of Ushevu: The Vishkanya Maidens (+18) [Still Accepting]

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  1. [​IMG]
    In India there has been stories of during 320 B.C there was a practice of selecting beautiful girls and forcing them to intake small amounts of poisons until they grew into adulthood making them insensitive to poison. These maidens were called Vishakanyas meaning Poison Maiden. It is believed making love with a vishakanya could result in the death of their partners, due to this they were even assigned to kill enemies. /<True Fact/ But that was over 4,600 years ago and that practice no longer exists or so many thought. Now days Mithridatism is still being practiced which is the same of intaking poison to develop an immune to it but has become unpopular with many people due to discovered risks.

    In a far, just recently discovered land named Giât I Isod (Gate To Below) was reported to be full of mythical people and creatures that humans only dreamed of or wrote about. There were many reports of Elves that walked with grace, Human-Like Beasts that wore armor, and much more. But most of these reports came from woman as men were rarely seen to come back. One report had details of men bodies rotted and had green tones to their flesh as their clothes were either off or partially. As more people started to visit Giât I Isod, there was another race or group discovered known as Vishkanyas or Death's Lovers. They were known to seduce men to mate with them resulting in their deaths, as well as each one was different making it hard to distinguish them apart from an Elf or another human-like being.

    A group of men and woman organized by the United Nations who officially became the World Government has asked them to go out to Giât I Isod in return offering them millions in dollars or something to their taste. This group declared themselves as The Key To Locking The Gate (K.L.G). K.L.G is made up of random select individuals specializing in different areas to help solve the mystery of missing men, discovering more of the land, and gathering as much information as possible. But the creatures of Giât I Isod do not like how the humans are crossing their borders and "invading" which has caused an uproar leading to more vicious creatures. There has been small talk of an upcoming war, but no one has seen facts or a push for such.

    Vishkanyas are a tribe with different species but mainly elves since they were considered more attractive and similar to humans. Due to their Spirituality and Intakes of Poison, they are very nature-like in some ways. The head of the tribe is considered to be the most beautiful of all as well as rumored to be a Goddess as she can take different forms to please any human. Each Vishkanyas is accompanied by a human-like beast, men who may be untouched by a Vishkanyas Charm, or a spirit (Giving Room to Partner Up or Solo. Spirit does not count as a second character.) protecting them from harm since most Vishkanyas are not best in combat. There is a small area where they all gather, but they generally stay out on their own looking for gullible men.

    Sanctuary Of The Vishkanya

    1. Everyone should know by now, no God-Mod
    2. I am running the story, I will answer all questions and try to guide your characters in the right track. I do allow room for your characters to breath but stay remotely on track.
    3. Killing is going to happen. Make sure it's approved first.
    4. You Must be Able to Post at
    least 3 days a Week.
    5. Please be 18 or Older. If not and you are interested in joining, Please be aware of what you are getting into, Ask parents first (?), and PM so we can talk about it.
    6. Sex is a part of the story (+18) for the sake of others try to make small details then black scene.
    7. 3 Characters Max

    8. NO One-Liners. At Least Two Paragraphs. (5-9 Sentences)
    Write "Ushevu" in Red If you read the rules at the end of your CS

    This Story Comes with traitors, forbidden love, blood and gore, sexual intentions, and more.
    How will your side of things end?
    Character Sheet
    - Name (Non-Humans Should have Unique Names)
    -Age (Non-Humans are Able to have a Wide Range in Ages)
    -POB (Only Humans, Where Did you Come From?)
    -Sexuality (Yes, This Does Matter)
    -Species (There is a Number of Species in Giât I Isod Discovered or Not)
    -Note if you are a Vishkanya or if you Work with Them
    -Choice Of Poisonous Plant (Vishkanya Only)
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_poisonous_plants *Go Under Other Poisonous Plants

    -Partner/Guard (Vishkanya Only)
    -Who do you Protect? (Non-Humans who Work with the Vishkanya)
    -Appearance and/or Picture (I Personally Like Visuals but Try to Stay Away from Anime)

    -Weapons/ Equipment / Magick
    -Occupation (Humans Only)
    -Family (Optional)


    -Any Additional Info

    Character Wanted List:
    K.L.G Members
    Strong, Beefy Non-Humans
    A strong character for Yve's main protector. Preferbaly, male.
    Kids will always be an interesting twist in a RP similar to this.

    There are still things being worked out or added. Any ideas will be gladly heard but no guarantee in being used.

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  2. [​IMG]

    - Name-
    Yve Prysala

    Rumored Over 4,000 Years


    Goddess Elf of Elderly Poison

    Vishkanya Tribe Master

    Datura stramonium /Thorn Apple

    Syralth (Secondary/Voice)
    (Being Head of the Vishkanya, She Has Two to Protect Her and Be Her Voice. PM For Partner-Ups.)

    Yve has developed over her years heightened senses and a personal connection with Giât I Isod giving her the gift to command the very nature as well as tune in with what is around. These senses had changed her "typical" elf appearance giving her doubled pointed ears, green toned arms, and claws that are actually poisoned tipped thorns. Yve has bright emerald eyes, ruby feather-like hair, and a evenly, smooth tanned skin. She wears tribal clothing of reds, bright greens, and yellows as she can be usually seen in a two piece top strap and a long flowing bottom. When looked at closely under sunlight a ghostly green aura can be seen radiating from her.

    Yve does not like talking or being fully seen by others other than her Guardians giving her a mysterious personality. Those who have heard her speak will say she has an soothing, melodic voice that could enchant almost any man. Though little is known with the creatures of the forest with just as little with other Vishkanya. She appears to be calm and kind with a dark seductive side. When unseen, she has great depression from her past.


    L: Being Treated Like Royalty, Hearing Music of The Animals, Going for Walks
    D: Being Talked About Behind Her Back (She Can Hear Almost Everything in the Land), Chaos, Intruders, Fighting
    -Weapons/ Equipment / Magick-
    Controls The Very Nature



    Was the start of Vishakanya in 320 B.C.

    In 320 B.C Yve was once a human Queen of India with her husband Chandragupta Maurya. When the people of India begun to talk of traitory, she immediately commanded that any young beautiful girls her guards can find to bring them to the Palace. Upon doing so, Yve has told these girls that they were no longer to see their families and friends as they were now part of "Royalty" when in truth they were not. During each dinner, she had chefs put small amounts of non-fatal poisons in their foods or drinks hoping that there would be a chance to do build immune systems. One night one of the young girls found a man that she mated with, but after the man successfully finished he died of poisonous reactions. Yve soon discovered that all young woman were the same way that she had selected. This started Mithridatism as well as the Vishakanya training woman to seduce their men and kill them through intercourse then even Yve begun to inject herself with poisons. Eventually she had intercourse with King Maurya forgetting what she has done to her body killing him. Through great anger she injected great amounts of poison to end her life, unsuccessful due to her immunity she hung herself in her bedroom. Though she was unable to officially end her life as she was granted an unwanted gift of immortality and that place of a Goddess by other Gods.
    Going through Rebirth every 100 years, Yve has changed in every aspect possible leading her to where she is today. When Vishakanya first "disappeared", Yve desperately thought otherwise as she continuously created groups and tribes through force or by respect. Eventually she got tired of doing so every so often as she has discover a land full of immortality and long living creatures. There she made a final resting place as she created the new generation of Vishkanya dropping the "a" after Visha. This generation were not humans, but immortals and creatures of imagination.

    See Yve Prysala's Story Take Place:
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  3. Name: Sylvie

    Age: 426

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Species: Siren

    Works with the Vishkanya.


    Personality: Manipulative and cruel are Sylvie's middle names. Knowing the power her voice wields, she uses it to get whatever she wants. Those who block Sylvie from her desires meet the cruelest of deaths. Using her powerfully, enchanting voice, she convinces them that they love her, and then denies them of her's, making them so depressed that they die instantly from a broken heart. Because of this, Sylvie is feared by all those who are not elves and Vishkanya.

    Likes/dislikes: Sylvie is a lover of beauty in all it's facets and forms, and despises ugliness and filth. She likes apples and the elven people for no apparent reason. Also, Sylvie believes that she is disgustingly ugly, and therefore hates herself.

    Weapons/equipment/magick: Uses the power of her enchanting voice, and usually has a dagger at hand.

    Secrets: Will not go into any area where there is a mirror. Also, she has fallen in love with the ghost of an elven woman that died in her swamp, and Sylvie summons her periodically using her voice.

    Bio: Because of the long and bloody trail that Sylvie's life has- and her powerful gift-the Vishkanya consistently hire her as a spy for assassinations. Back in the mid-1800s, the Vishkanya had noticed repeated reports of people dying without any reason. When examining the bodies, they noticed the victims seemed to have died from a rare case of a broken heart. Immensely intrigued, the Vishkanya went out to find any witnesses. Those few people who did witness Slyvie's craft- and lived- had apparently gone mad afterwards. When one witness was asked what she had seen, her answer was,"Silence itself is injecting in me a sickness that only her song can cure."
    After awhile it seemed their elusive killer could not be found. Not until a few decades later did Sylvie make herself known. She personally visited the Vishkanya and told them what she was and demonstrated the power of her voice on an unlucky human. Having never seen a siren before, and believing there to be a great advantage in aquiring Sylvie, they relieved her of all past crimes, as long as she worked for them.
    She has no recorded relatives, and those who meet her, usually don't stay around for long. She is mostly alone, and prefers it this way. It gives Sylvie more time to converse with her undead beloved. She had been walking through the swamp one day, Sylvie spotted the ghost of a female elf who had died in the swamp. Beautiful even in her ethereal form, Sylvie was immediately enthralled by her. After several days, she finally got enough nerve to talk to the elf. While talking, the elf had mentioned to Sylvie that undead could not be affect by her power. This relieved Sylvie because she feared that the elven woman would only love her for her voice. Though she has not confessed her love, they are both good friends and talk frequently.
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  4. Can I create a dragonmorph as a species?

    I feel a dragonmorph would be really... strong... I mean, flying away woooot X)
    and fire breathe <3 haha
    and a tail whoopwhoop whip ^^;

    edit, quote this please if you choose to answer, so I can get a notification while not watching this thread.
    otherwise if you answer and dont get a reply in the next 20 hours just drop a PM or a msg on my profile to remind me.
  5. Of course. You are on a land full and I mean FULL of fantasy creatures. Go for it! Impress me with your creative mind ~
    Also I have not made this clear yet but please make your bio descriptive and decently long. Doesn't have to be as long as mine but no couple of sentences either.

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  6. - Name -

    -Age -


    -Sexuality -

    -Species -

    -Note if you are a Vishkanya or if you Work with Them -
    Works with them

    -Who do you Protect? -
    Yve Prysala(Voice)

    -Appearance and/or Picture -

    -Personality -
    Arrogant, Bored, Lazy, Mischievous, Dominant, Rude, Mysanthrop, childish phases
    Considers humans to be a thing to play with
    Enjoys to torture things.

    -Likes/Dislikes -
    L: Meat Snacks, The Unexpected, a Challenge, Sex, "human" Decoration
    D: Dragonhunter, Drama, Big Projectiles, Other Dragons, Humans, Narrow Places

    -Weapons/ Equipment / Magick -


    A set of armor

    Dragonbreathe (Death)
    Aura of Death

    -Skills -
    Able to fly
    Able to transform into a dragon

    -Family -
    The dragon Nveryioth and a Human Woman

    -Secrets -
    The secrets of Necromancy

    -Biography -
    Nveryioth was a terrifying dragon, bringing death wherever he went.
    Legends say that he forced himself onto a human woman and out of the act, his offspring, Syralth was born.
    The woman passed away a short while after the birth. Then the people of the village started to die. The baby was blamed for this. "The Cursed" child would be passed around from family to family, until one would attempt to kill it, it would have succeeded, if not for the baby's father hearing of this villages plague. He would come to pick it up

    He carried this child of his to his lair and raised it.
    The all feared dragon Nveryioth disappeared into Legends. Years ran by. Silent years. There was no need for immortal beeings to speak. Time loses its essence when age is no danger.
    Naturally he would teach his offspring the common language.

    A thousand years later, this great dragon would roam the world again. He taught his offspring everything she would need and dragons must run free and wild.
    The child beeing attached to her only contact followed, but could not fly. A treat none can learn in a cave and so the great dragon Nveryioth would part from his daughter.

    Left alone in a world Syralth did not know, she traveled, bringing death everywhere. She found friends, love... but every single one of them died. People would come to fear her.
    At one ocasion, an angry mob, chased her away from a town she wanted to visit.

    Then she disappeared, returned to her fathers old lair. Syralth felt that this world has no place for her. Unfortunately for her, it was the age of Dragonhunter.
    A Chapter of Dragonhunter retrieved a good descrpition of her and tracked her down. They considered her a great threat for the future.
    They found her hideout.... and attempted to kill the abomination. They would have succeeded if not for Nveryioth appearing to his childs rescue... for a big price. He was slain in the process and his essence carried over onto his child, allowing it to breathe Green, Life draining fire and to transform into the great dragon Nveryioth was. The Aura of death would now be controlable for her... she would master to control it in years to come. The child was crying, for the first time in her life. Rage and Anger filled her. She wanted to see them dead... Every single human.

    She would roam and terrorize the continent for years to come. Then she grew bored of all this. She forced a smith to make an armor for her. An armor, that would make her Dragon features appear like a part of this special armor, she sacrificed a few of her own scales for this.
    She would explore the world for hundreds of years, studying the creatures that roam this world, meeting other dragons, challenges... war.

    War... she loved war. So much death, her eyes would shine on every massive battlefield... when everybody died and the corpses started to rot on the field... The smell... wonderfull. It is then when she would revive her first corpse. She would scare whole nations with an army of dead, forcing varous nations to face this threat, brining a stop to the wars between them. A for her unintended side effects. Legends will say that the Army of Dead was slain by great heroes.... while in truth it just fell apart.
    War would gift her another pleasure... the torture of her victims. The screams... like beautiful music to her ears.

    Then she disappeared. A new lair for her and she would sleep for thousands of years. Her reason was simple, boredom.
    Legends would later claim that she was slain by the dragonhunter.

    Time passed and one day her lair would be discovered by a group of women... women that are not affected by her aura, women that are like a poison. Syralth, as a being that incarnates death, could not be poisened, that much she knew. Intruigued she would follow this group of women and would soon meet their god.
    ->Any Additional Info
    -She can be killed by weaponry, vulnerable to silver projectiles
    -Is not very useful in human form
    -Small places are her big weakness, she cannot transform in a cave, underground, a forest
    -Gold weapons penetrate her scales and armor like butter, gold in the sense of beeing the holy light and she beeing "death".
    -Everybody wearing gold armory is entirely immune to her influence and attacks.
    -Everybody wearing silver armory is unaffected by the aura and her breath does not do a lot of harm
    -Very vulnerable to Light magic.
    -Is afraid of babies, they are the "spring" of life... she doesnt understand this.
    -She has no sexual experience and is a virgin, this was caused by her inability to create bonds due to either bringing death to the ones she loved and later was simply too feared to make contact.
    -Dragons are a dominant race... and as such they crave for beeing superior over anything mortal and some dragons over other dragons or immortal
    -The spots that are not covered by scales (genitalia, belly, chest, hips, upper legs) has very soft skin.


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  7. I am interested.. highly. However, at least for a few weeks, I would not be able to keep up with the posting requirement [at least until they hire some more people at work]. I will keep watch on this thread and if things change... *shrug* I might just have to submit a security chief for the K.L.G.

    Kudos for the awesome backstory!
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  8. I understand as I work many hours myself. What are you able to do currently as far as posting goes? We may be able to work around it but at the same time this RP has a wait before starting. Did you already have a character in mind?
  9. Character Sheet​
    - Name Ryel a.k.a The Draped One

    -Age Fae do not keep track of age

    -POB Chota Nagpur Woodlands

    -Gender male

    -Sexuality Gay

    -Species Fae (one of the very few male dryads)

    -Choice Of Poisonous Plant Aconitum (monkshood)

    -Choice Vishkanya

    -Who do you Protect? Ryel is not generally a protector, but a watcher of whomever or whatever the world sees fit. The world has brought Ryel to life, so it decides who or what the dryad spends his time watching over.

    -Guardian Penipuan, the fox. Over Ryel's time following the flow of mana he has crossed paths many times with the fox herself. She seemed to follow Ryel, waiting in the distance, never approaching. Ryel always felt her watchful eyes and instead of feeling a sense of unease, the gaze brought him comfort. As the dryad continued to travel the eyes seemed to get closer and closer until the creature eventually revealed herself. They became companions, and it seemed that the fox had proclaimed itself the dryad's guardian.

    -Appearance This fae chooses to keep himself at about the height of an elf, though always shorter than the goddess. No head shall be higher than that of the goddess's. Although very feminine, in appearance and demeanor, the dryad is most definitely male. His hair in its natural state is a wild tangle of curls, much like that of the bushes of his home. Within his curls and around his neck are woven indigo strands of monkshood. The dryad wears them constantly only removing the lei around his neck of when he is with a lover. The dryad's flawless skin is as white and as soft as the inner petal of the flowers he wears. On his back and partially down his arms there will normally be iridescent lines, like that of a tattoo of large dragonfly wings.


    -Personality Although rather calm in demeanor, his fae nature often tempts him with the desire to cause mischief. It is not common that the dryad successfully fights the urge and so one may have a few laughs, and witness minor pranks. He often cannot sit still for extended periods of time; though he may stay in one township for as long as he wishes he will venture into nearby wild expanses, just to quench his curiosity for the time being. He constantly ventures out to expand his collections. He often carries tangible collections with him for a while in pouches hidden on his person, but most times he leaves random pouches of stones and leaves or bugs behind to make room for new collections of the same items. Ryel is unashamed of his sexuality and as such speaks of his sexual endeavors with pride. The dryad is a cunning creature, not quick to trust and will stay silent scrutinizing a being before he decides if the creature is worth talking to; despite his scrutinizing Ryel is a very social creature.

    -Very tall, alpha-male men
    -collecting (whether the collections consist of the tangible or inanimate does not matter, although his collection of stories is his favorite.)
    -Fruit and Vegetables
    -Riddles and games
    -Debates and philosophy
    -The arts

    -Old men
    -Destruction of plant life

    -Weapons/ Equipment The dryad often tries to play mind games with an opponent first, rendering them completely confused so that they may move on having forgotten what they were doing in the first place. Penipuan is normally his first line of defense, keeping creatures at bay while the dryad tries to wipe the mind of a weak minded creature. Ryel normally tries to avoid using force and violence but if the situation cannot be avoided then he has a mithril short sword as well as a long bow. The dryad prefers not to wear armor made of metal, but that of redwood bark and tightly woven grass.

    • Tongues - The gift of tongues allows Ryel to speak any language at will, sometimes without even thinking about it. This gift allows him to work the elements, much as a witch or sorcerer would.
    • Glamour - Glamour (the power of illusion), very sophisticated and supernaturally powered. These illusions allow for virtual invisibility and a change in appearance. Ryel's Glamours can only be held for a short amount of time (about an hour); however, there are times in which he can stay within these Glamours for longer, even if these occasions are few and far apart.
    • Shape shifting - Fae usually only shape shift to increase or decrease their size, such is the case with Ryel. This shape shifting is proportional, however, so that they cannot make only one body part larger or smaller.
    • Flight - Ryel can fly by way of their wings which can be used at any size due to their supernatural properties. Ryel keeps his wings hidden within tattoos on his back. When his wings retract they turn into iridescent lines on his skin.
    • Sight - also known as Precognition.

    -Is deadly accurate with a bow and arrow, using his power of precognition to see where an opponent is going to be when he releases his shot.
    -Can calm a weak mind and control it vaguely with a few words.
    - A talented story teller.
    -being a dryad he can blend into trees and control the forest for a short time (including plants and animals)
    -Extremely fast
    -See "MAGICK" listing above.

    -Secrets Has a crippling fear of the dark, is rather ashamed of it himself.

    There is not much to say in term of life; fae do not concern themselves with the sequence of time, for it is a construct of mortal man. All Ryel is ever willing to tell is how he was birthed from the over flowing mana in the woodland, among a thriving bed of monkshood. The monkshood, and The World were his joint mothers; both entities nursing him with life over flowing from their bosoms. He grew stronger as he wandered, following the flow of mana as a sea creature is doomed to forever follow a current. With enough strength to rightfully choose who he shall protect Ryel continues to listen to his mothers. Doing as they bid, for they gave him life.

    -Any Additional Info

    • Iron - Iron is poisonous of the Fae and may kill them if there is too much in their system. Iron can be passed into a Fae's system by the slightest touch so most tend to avoid cold Iron with a vengeance.
    • Rowan wands - Rowan wands can break a Fae Glamour prematurely.
    • Shiny Objects - Fae are very susceptible to shiny objects and are often seen dressed in sequins and gems. While this particular weakness does not incapacitate them, it could possibly be useful in distracting them
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  10. As of right now, I can usually post once a week.

    So far, I see all fae creatures. Naturally, I would make a human; type A personality, gun & tech enthusiast, survivalist and all-around BAMF.

    Are you basing the tech tree of current technology?
    Will the K.L.G. have some knowledge of the creatures and their weaknesses? In my mind, I was drawing a comparison to Supernatural. The Winchester boys have a good idea of how to fight most things because others have gone before them yet they are still surprised on occasion.
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  11. @WarriorHeart Once a week? Not exactly what I had in mind, but if you say there is room for that to change when your job hires more people then I would not mind accepting you to join as long as your CS passes of course. Thus this RP has not planned to start yet.

    Correct, I actually was expecting to see this happen since "Who wants to be a human anyways?" But I am not super concerned about it yet since there is plenty of room for them as limited for humans. Your type A is fine.

    This is based on the current technology with some minor advancements. Example: Faster transport like a hover car or boat. Some may say that is not "minor" but it most certainly is since the hover car has already been created, though not released and there is only one. In reality at this time, there has been no desire to make another yet. The K.L.G will have little knowledge of the creatures since there have been survivors who returned and limited knowledge on weakness. Your best bet is to use some common sense like if you see a plant like creature, try burning it. I never seen Supernatural but it is as you say, "...have a good idea of how to fight most things because others have gone before them yet they are still surprised on occasion."

  12. Has been discussed and approved.
  13. Under Construction: Issued by ZsafineGypsyCharacter Sheet

    : Edana (ardent flame or little fire).
    Age: The sidhe rarely classify age but in the terms of humans, she is 3273.
    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bisexual or pansexual.
    Species: (Fey) Bean sidhe.

    Allegiance: Is a Vishkanya.
    Poisonous Plant: Oleander (Highly toxic to both animals and humans. Causes cardiac arrest and extreme pain/hemorrhaging).
    Guardian/Protector: Has no guard or partner, but one is always welcome to find a place beside her.

    Appearance: Edana has long, rust-orange-red hair that curls like the ferns of her ancestral home, the sidhe forests. As one of the fey, her features are small and dainty, which when combined with her exotic green eyes and red hair, achieve the ethereal beauty common among Vishkanya. Her hair is threaded with dried oleander leaves and flowers, as well as beads and feathers. She stands shorter than their leader, a common quality among the fey. The goddess is above all of them, so in all they do, they must be below her. Her wings are a pale, almost see through blue that can easily be hidden from sight. Her skin is fair and pale, with a almost non-existent smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her build is willowy and well endowed, suiting her fae nature.

    -Personality:If there was one word to describe Edana's personality, it would be undecided. Her personality is ever changing, elusive as the wind at times and as subtle as a hammer at other times. However, as with all beings, she has main character attributes that are unchanging. Edana is gentle on the outside but inside her soul, she is brutal and vicious. She is gentle and caring towards those she cares about (who are few and far apart). She adapts to whoever she needs to be, to complete a mission or get what she wants in life. She has no shame of her sexual conquests and as such, readily reveals juicy tidbits. She has a deep love of beauty in all its facets and will usually choose a lover by beauty, rather than age, gender or race.


      • Beauty
      • Nature
      • Cemeteries
      • Dead spirits
      • Elderberry liquor
      • Alcohol in general
      • Oleander
      • Sex
      • Drunk sex
      • Being drunk in general

      • Arrogance
      • Distrust
      • Weakness
      • Ugliness



      • Often uses powdered poisons to attack from afar.
      • Has a moderate understanding of archery, being able to accurately hit about 95% of the time.


    • Carries a woven bag of foxglove grass, which carries supplies of poison powders, oleander sap+leaves
    • A small dagger which she carries in a sheath high on her thigh.

    • Has a little gift for illusions but can only be placed on weak willed people or animals.
    • Tongues: As with all fey, the languages of the world readily come to her, human and creature alike.
    • Her wings can carry her quite far but she has little stamina while flying. These are both supported by the use of fey or sidhe magicks.
    • She lack the Sight but instead, has a strange inclination towards household magicks (cooking, cleaning, sewing.... household-y stuff).


      • She has a talent for singing, often seducing men through this method. However, she is nowhere near as powerful as a siren.
      • She can speak to the dead spirits she sees around her, being a banshee has its perks. She can also predict the deaths of various people on occasion.
      • She enjoys dancing, for the entertainment of both herself and others.

    -Secrets: She is terrified of one man,her father who murdered her mother and attempted to murder upon learning they were bean sidhe. He is a domovoi spirit, with a great hatred of others outside his species. She had not seen him for almost 900 years and is ashamed of her deep-rooted fear.

    She was born in the great forest, home to a great manner of species. It was a haven for all supernaturals and therefore, quite a bit of cross-species children were born. However, Edana was born full bean sidhe despite her parentage, a unique and before unseen anomaly. She grew up there, for the first 90 years of her life. She was but a teenager at the time of the murder of her mother and she witnessed it with her own eyes. As he turned on her with an iron knife, she had cowered in a corner and steeled herself for the end. However, she felt courage take root in her heart and she flew away on strong wings to escape his clutches.
    These are the only meaningful events in her past, the rest is merely water under the bridge, cold and never forgotten. She had traveled, living among the oleander as they were so beautiful and reminded her of the beauty of her home. She is not a virgin, having had many lovers over many years. She does not enjoy killing but of course, sees the necessity of it.

    -Any Additional Info
    • Iron is poisonous to her, as is the venom of several spiders.
    • She dislikes violence but is by no means a pacifist. She will fight for what she wants and needs.
    • She also has a slight control over her poisonous abilities, sometimes allowing her to have sexual relations without the death of her lover. This is only possible once for each lover.
    • Also, Ushevu.
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  14. what is "Ushevu"? o.o google tells me something about a turkish league of legends player so I need to ask ._."
  15. If you read the rules, says to place 'Ushevu' in red if you read the rules. :)
  16. Guess that dropped through my filter in my brain D: *upset face*

    Well, normally things have the same rules, no god modding, no killing without permisson (short, be respectful of others) and I remember that there was a restriction to the ammount of character one can have here.
  17. Eh, I just prefer to follow the rules and any instructions. Allows for better communication and stuff like that.. :)
    I can't wait for this to start, sounds awesome!
    Also, does my character sound okay? I am only new to roleplaying, so I'd like an opinion on it :) .
  18. When I make sheets I try to give every skill or ability an "origin", a reason to be and state them in the background to flesh the character a bit more.
    For this one my character beeing something that incarnates the very beeing of death and beeing dragon.
    Also trying to balance every strong ability with a equally bad weakness.

    The structure of your cs is very orderly and easy to read.
    @ZsafineGypsy may PM you to speak about it later when she comes online. No she does not bite, I do :3

    I am not sure about what she will speak about to you, to me she mostly spoke about the grammar (I posted the sheet on a PM first).
    My english is sometimes very broken, especially during the evening.
    Well, she said it was ok, so I dont think I really had to improve the background, I still have.
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  19. -A sleepy Zsafine walks in-
    What's going on?.....
    Oh -yawn- ... A CS... Hey for future refrence for everyone now and later, can we get some stinky humans? At least two. The more I wait on them longer RP will take. OK PorkChop let's break your CS down.

    @Mirrei I do too bite! Just I don't take big engulfing bites like you lol
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  20. Oh and Ushevu means Poison in the language of Zulu.

    Yes the rules say write it in red.... But no one did and thus I was like "fu-- it"
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