Ever Happen To You?

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  1. I know this is an old funny chain email, but I came across it again since RPing on here. Has something like this ever happened to anyone? Luckily, it hasn't happened to me yet, but I can see this being a thing.

  2. All I can think while reading that is "Gary you're awesome!" XD.

    But no, this never happened to me.
  3. Omg I wish that happened to me.

    One time I was in a class and as an activity we played a similar game where you write a bit of a story, pass it on, and continue until everyone has written in it and then you read them through. Most of them went mostly normal but one kid turned it into cannibalism, somehow. Teacher was pretty mad though, didn't give that an A+.
  4. I would have slapped him senseless....
  5. I quite liked that.

    In the end, I feel Gary was less of an ass than Rebecca. True, he totally switched gears with his first paragraph, but that is not uncommon in short stories. It adds another distinct style to play off of. Rebecca's response, however, was totally immature. Gary had not disregarded her post, merely introduced a parallel, somewhat tangential story. She could have easily added more depth to the story by continuing Laurie's half, and the two stories could then eventually merge into one, literally or metaphorically.

    Instead, she just killed off Carl, and not in a meaningful way, making it quite clear that she felt only her story had any merit. In reaction, Gary did the same thing, but in a rather ironic fashion.

    Rebecca then proceeded to insult him, mistaking his narrative voice with Gary himself. Gary's insults are actually accurate of the behaviour of Rebecca herself, though evidently exaggerated. He, in addition, addresses her narrative voice—and as a narrative voice. He also remains calm, only acting cruel in reaction to her, never taking things past her own level.

    As such, my verdict is that Rebecca is at fault here. Gary's only fault is his wish to play around with what is expected and his refusal to be submissive in the face of adversity.

    I quite like Gary. Sounds like a cool guy.
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  6. I'd have given him an A++++
  7. Lol at first I disliked Gary for his first reply, but Rebecca is very immature. She could have handled that one better instead of straight out killinh the Carl character. In the end she was more of a whiny bitch than she could have been. But lol that professor xD
  8. I honestly think Rebecca may have just gone through relationship trouble with a boyfriend, so she was hoping to use the assignment as a "Men suck, my boyfriend sucks!" outlet.
    And then snapped when Gary wasn't playing along with such crap.

    Or, she could be a Tumblrist. :/
    I'd rather assume it was the former though.
  9. Oh that was a delight to read! Rebecca really screwed herself out of a fun story by pulling the trigger so fast. I wish I'd had such fun assignments in class.
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  10. That was hilarious!
  11. First off: Rebecca started off writing a story about a girl coping with an obsessive ex-boyfriend. It's a style that isn't normally the most including for a co-writer unless the other half has some evil ideas (I would've made Carl into a vampire hunter who tried to protect his girlfriend but stopped caring about the extra work and dumped her, leaving her to fend for herself)
    Second: Gary didn't go with coherency when he made it into a one night stand (question: do people actually talk about tea during one night stands? I mean, really?) and disregarded (an admittedly plain) female char from the get go. The sci-fi stuff had potential though
    As for the rest: They're just as juvenile both of them, but I can see why Gary wanted to avoid plain romance and have some more action to write, and Rebecca was childish to kill off the Carl-char so easily.

    My verdict: They really should've agreed on a genre, but their degradement into a fight was hilarious :p
  12. They weren't allowed to talk with one another at all about it, just respond to one another's story post.

    My verdict: Gary A+++++, Rebecca deserves an F on her half of the project for reacting rather immaturely the ENTIRE time. Gary followed the rules and properly reacted to her post, while she decided to take it upon herself just to kill his character because he didn't follow what she wanted. Lesson learned here is that (because it is so similar to RPing) You can't just control the entire story yourself and dictate where the story MUST lead to or how ALL characters are to play when working with a partner or a group. The moment you allow someone else to work with you on a story/RP is the moment you lose the ability to take full control of said project to allow someone else's creative input for it.

    Also Gary's response to her insults were proper and better than Rebecca's lol (Imo).
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  13. Eh, I'd go with a B for Gary and an F for Rebecca if talking about pure co-writing dynamics. Sure, Gary is funny and Rebecca went total godmodder but I wouldn't readily hand over the A to Gary.
    Call me a stickler for details, unfair or whatever, I don't care, but Gary's first response wasn't exactly a cooperative one either.