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Welcome to the Events forum! This section of the forum is dedicated to the most recent site-wide events offered by staff as well as other members. These events are open to anyone on the forum and everyone is encouraged to participate. Rules for each event vary depending on the focus of each particular event, as do any potential rewards, so be sure to read the instructions if you're interested in joining!

There are two prefixes here:

This event is sponsored by the Iwaku staff! Prizes for staff-run events will usually be something related to features on the site.

These events are run by other non-staff members! Some staff members might be alongside supporting them with things like generating interest but ultimately these are not being run by Iwaku staff.

Older events that are no longer running and whose participation in thread has died down will be archived from this section periodically. Events held by members on Iwaku will still be subject to Iwaku rules as well as any applicable real world rules.
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