Events of the Supernatural

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  1. ((Sorry if this intro sucks ><))

    Aislin Miles likes to call herself a hunter. To be honest though, the only thing she cares about IS hunting. She doesn't care about saving the lives of innocent people. She doesn't care how many people die in the time it takes for her to get from the place she's staying to the place where the monster is. That's what makes her partner the perfect match for her. He's much more compassionate, which usually makes him the one pushing Aislin out the door when there's a job to be done.

    Aislin walked in, looking at her partner. She was holding a paper bag in one of her hands. In the other, she was holding a newspaper. "I think I found a job for us," she told him, tossing the newspaper. "And I got breakfast."

    The headline of the newspaper was plain and simple. 'Gruesome Death in Blakely House.' It described the death of a middle aged man who was killed in his home late at night. It also described the history of the house. Several years ago, someone else was murdered there. She was believed to have been murdered by Mr. Blakely, the man who had recently been found killed. It seemed like a job for them, a mysterious death in the place of a horrible murder.
  2. Kason caught the newspaper with his left hand and quickly read the article she was talking about. "Same thing as yesterday?" he asked while looking at the bag then her with a small smile. He stood up and tossed the newspaper down on the bed. "Could be a ghost or a werewolf, the full moon was out that night. But I'll have to look to see about the murder from awhile back. We should get going, Denver is only a few hours away."

    He was still a bit pissed from their last mission. They were complete opposites which what made them a good team but at times he didn't like it especially with what happen last week. Kason felt like they could have done it differently, saved that kids life. But they're ain't no changing the past and also they worked good together and in this kind of business that's rare. So he grabbed his pack by the door and headed out.
  3. "Wait," Aislin whined, following him out. "Let's eat first! I mean... It'll only take a few minutes." Sometimes Kason was too jumpy. I mean, what could possibly happen in the few minutes it took to eat? She didn't push it though, knowing he was probably still touchy because of the last mission. "Fine," she pouted, grabbing her own bag and keeping ahold of the food.

    "Whatever it is, we'll take it down," she said. "If it was a werewolf though, it probably won't be at the house anymore. I hope it's a ghost, they're easier to find."
  4. "Yea they are easier to find but but damn if they don't creep me out sometimes. I think i rather deal with a pack a werewolves than a ghost." He was out standing out by their solid black 2012 doge challenger when he said, "Here, throw me the keys I'll drive if you wanna eat." As he stood there waiting for her his thoughts went back to their last mission back to that kid. His face was already starting to turn into a blur it even took a moment to remember his name, Mike, and he knew soon enough that he would forget that too. No matter how hard he tried. But his parents would remember his face and his name and they would always remember and that's what bothered him the most that Mike was still a kid.
  5. Aislin laughed a little. "No way, Kason, you're scared of Casper?" she teased. She threw him the car keys, waiting for him to unlock it before climbing into the passenger seat.

    By the time Kason was in too, Aislin had already unwrapped a hamburger and was eating. "You know," she said through a mouthful, "You shouldn't be so hasty." For a second, she at quietly, then she said, "Things happen, whether we want them to or not."

    It's not like she didn't feel bad, because she did. The difference between her and Kason though, was that she could brush things off and label them as 'part of life'. She didn't dwell on things. What use did it do? Would less people really die if they rushed to the next job? Fate was fate. If it was his time to die, then that kid would've died anyway. She knew Kason was aware of how she thought.

  6. Kason laughed. "I'm not scared of him. Just don't like him to much coming out of no where at ya." Aislin started talking about the accident. When she was done Kason wasn't sure what to say. So he kept quiet.

    It was nightfall when they got there. Kason took them to a cheap but decent motel. "Go get the room and I'll park the car." But before she could get out the car he said, "Still though it shouldn't be so easy and we should try harder most people don't even know about this stuff," He sighed, but I guess you're right. Ya know sometimes I wish I was more like you it would make this life easier."
  7. She was quiet for the rest of the way, so they drove in silence. Rather than think of something to lighten their mood and break the silence, she started thinking of the lyrics to her favorite songs. By the time they got to the hotel, Aislin was glad to finally see a place where there would be a bed. Her back was hurting from sitting in the car so long.

    Aislin listened to him speak, she hesitated a moment. "I like how you worry though, you keep me on my feet," she admitted to him, smiling a little. "If you were like me, who would make sure we got to a job within a day's time?" Giving him a playful pinch on the cheek, she got out and went to the front desk, booking a room for two and paying.
  8. He started to say something else but was stopped short when she pinched his cheek so he just gave a small smile back to her. They was sitting in the room now. He wass feeling in a much better mood now than he was earlier. Kason was flipping through the channels trying to find some thing but not having much luck. He looked over at Aislin. "Ya know I was thinking maybe we should go look around in the neighborhood and the house itself. That's usually when Casper wants to come out to play." He was feeling tired and restless so he felt like he should do something, get an early start.
  9. Aislin was laying on her bed, hugging a pillow as she started to doze off. Kason's voice brought her back though, and she looked up. "Well... Alright, I suppose. If we can grab food on the way back though, that'd be great," she said, getting up.

    She yawned a little, but if it made Kason happy it was alright. She didn't want to argue, nor did she want him to wander off all on his own when there was potential danger out there.
  10. Kason took them to the house. It was in the suburbs. He drove around the block a few times. But everything seemed normal. He parked on the other side of the street from the house. The house was a two story house. It was painted white with a dark blue door. Looked like almosy every house on the street. He looked over at Aislin. "I guess it's time to take a look inside." He popped the trunk and stepped out of the car. He grabbed a shotgun from the trunk and loaded with shells filled with rock salt and grabbed his EMF reader. He looked over at Aislin and asked. "Ready?" before he slowly made his way to house and ducked underneath the yellow police tape that had the front porch blocked off.
  11. Aislin grabbed a smaller gun, with iron bullets loaded (?). She followed Kason slowly, looking around to make sure they weren't being watched. The last thing they needed was a neighbor calling police and telling them people with guns were breaking into a crime scene. She stepped in front of Kason when they reached the door, jiggling the door knob a little. Naturally, it was locked and, naturally, Aislin wanted to kick it down. Of course though, that wouldn't be good, so she stepped aside to let Kason do his lock-smithing.

    Inside, they wouldn't find much. Just a living room full of blood and a chalk-outline. However, little did they know, someone outside had sensed them and was watching now. This "person" had recognized them as hunters and would leave grinning, wondering what his clan would do to welcome the hunters to their town.
  12. Kason picked the lock and slowly made his way in. The door made a creaking sound when he opened. He took a look back a Aislin and then went in. They was in the living room where there was still a chalk outline of a body and there was still blood splattered on the walls, ceiling, and some of the furniture. He took out his EMF reader and looked at it. "It's not showing anything." He said while walking around trying to pick up some thing. "I'll check up stairs." And he slowly made his way up the stairs a little tensed expecting something to come flying out at him. He checked the bedrooms, the bathroom, and all closets up stairs but still nothing. He started to relax. He looked out the bedroom window and all he could see was the street lamps and other houses.

    He made his way back down stairs to find Aislin. "Hopefully she had better luck." He said to himself.
  13. Aislin looked around. After the years she'd spent in this business, the bloody sight was no longer a surprise. She'd seen places with more blood than this. She was glad they didn't see the body though, that must be gruesome.

    "Alright," she said to Kason, nodding. "I'll check this floor and the basement." She turned down a hall, looking through all the rooms. From what she'd read, the dead guy had lived alone. For a lonely guy though, the rooms were pretty decorated. "Must have a lot of visitors..." she muttered, though she doubted it. Shrugging, she headed through the rest of the house and finally found the basement door.

    Pulling out her gun, she walked down quietly. Something about basements always made her nervous and jumpy. Looking around, her eyes widened. "Hey Kason!" she called up. From what she was seeing, the guy was either a hunter, a really religious guy, or scared of something. There were crosses all over the walls, crosses of different sizes and colours.
  14. Kason heard Aislin holler for him. But from the sound voice she didn't sound like she was in trouble so he didn't panic but took his time down to the basement to see if she found anything. He was standing next to her. "What?" He asked but before she could answer he noticed all the crosses. "Oh." Walked up to one, a large wooden cross, and looked at it. "Now this was interesting. Why you think he had all these? Seems a bit much." He started to walk around the basement to see if he could find anything else.

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  15. "What do you think?" she asked, looking around. "Overly religious? Or... Was he scared of something?" Aislin put her gun away and crossed her arms. "From the scene upstairs, this guy didn't make it down here in time. I'm definitely leaning towards him being scared, this is too much for being a religious thing," she told Kason, looking thoughtful.

    "From the stuff I read on him, he wasn't a town outcast or anything," she said, though she wasn't directing the words entirely to Kason. She was more or less thinking out loud.
  16. He made anoter lap of the room with EMF reader. Before he said any thing to Aislin. "He was defintly scared of something. Whatever it was it's gone now without a trace." He put the EMF reader back into his jacket. "It seemed to be that it was bothering him for awhile for him to have a set up like this. Must have been really scared." He let out a long yawn. "Maybe it wasn't Casper maybe something else was after him, hunting him ya know? But whatever the case is lets pick it up tomorrow. I'm starting to get sleepy and actually a little hungry." He looked over at Aislin and smiled.
  17. Upon hearing Kason say he was hungry, she broke away from her thoughts and grinned. Quickly, she walked over and grabbed his hand, pulling him along to leave the house. "Really? Me too! I saw a place that sells burgers and stuff," Aislin told him. "Or maybe we could order pizza and watch TV at the hotel."

    If there was one thing that got her in a good mood, it was the thought of all the things they could eat. Though, in the back of her mind, Aislin was still worried. Werewolves? Maybe, but you couldn't usually ward them off with crosses. There were two possibilities, when putting the crosses into the equation. Vampires and demons, both cringed and ran at the sight. She hoped it wasn't demons though, she really did. Aislin didn't want a repeat of the last time they went up against a demon.
  18. They was back at the hotel eating pizza and watching some tv. Kason was laying on the bed feeling stuffed and more tired than he was. Knowing that he done all he could have done tonight made him more relax. Knowing that made all the difference. But still his mind raced while he started to doze about what was out there what killed that man. It couldn't have been a ghost or there would have been some sort of evidence and that room. The victim seemed to know what he was doing and those crosses made only two possibilites. Vampires or demons and he hated them both. He hated all monsters and wish he could kill them all.

    He thought about the last time they faced a demon and it was hell getting rid of him. But with Aislin by his side he knew they could face anything together. She was his yin to his yang. If something happen to her he don't know what he would do. Those was his last thoughts before he finally fell asleep.
  19. She was on the edge of the bed, back at the hotel. Aislin was watching the TV intently, not wanting to lose a second of the movie. Honestly though, she just wanted something to take her mind off the job at hand. Vampires... Demons... Vampires... Demons...

    Whatever it was, she and Kason had faced it before and they could take it down. Turning, Aislin saw that he was already asleep, so she smiled. She turned off the TV and crawled under the bed-sheets, hugging the pillow as she closed her eyes and started to doze off. It wasn't hard, the day's problems forgotten as she drifted to sleep.

    The next morning, Aislin woke up early, surprisingly, and went into the bathroom. She stripped off clothes and got in the shower, still feeling groggy and sleepy. She knew that if she didn't though, Kason would scold her.

    Meanwhile, preparations were being made for the new arrivals. The plan was ready to go into action, all they needed was for the hunters to get to the spot they needed them to be. Then it'd be executed.

    Tonight, the clan would feast on the blood of hunters. But what fun is killing someone without messing with them first?
  20. Kason woke up. He heard Aislin in the shower. He was kinda suprised that she was up before him. So he thought maybe today was actually going to be a good day. He took his shower last night so he wasn't really worried about taking one this morning but he went and brushed his teeth real quick while she was still in the shower. "Morning," he said to her. "you're up early." He went back out of the room and put a suit on and grabbed his fake FBI badge and made sure it was in his pocket. "I figured we go down to the morgue today. Take a look at the body."