Event Horizon

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  1. Roxie was sitting in the corner watching her band mates mingle. She wasn't much for conversation, though she would open up a bit if one of her fans came. The club happened to be playing one of Event Horizons songs, the band Roxie was lead guitars it. She made a sigh and surveyed the area. Her friends motioned her to come over with them but she just shook her head.
  2. Enter Viktoricus.

    He is sporting a black tank top and baggy jeans that doesn't give to his show-worthy muscle-bound thighs. He has the countenance of a renaissance prince. He always has confidence in him wherever he goes.

    Suddenly, he spots Roxie, his favorite rockstar. His method to his seduction is not direct. He prefers a little subtlety. But he has no idea how to be subtle in a loud night club. Relying on his good looks, he approaches Roxie head on. "Hello there." he says.
  3. Roxie looked over at a man who just began speaking to her. "Hey." She said back, she thought he might be familiar from some somewhere yet she couldn't place it at the time. "You want an autograph or something?" It appeared that she figured he was just another fan. She looked more closely at him, she had definitely seen him from somewhere though.
  4. His face relaxed, his whole demeanor calm. Viktoricus smiles. "No. I want a conversation, with the legendary Roxie. Do you have time?"

    Viktoricus stays there and looks Roxie in the eyes.
  5. Roxie shrugged. "I guess. I don't have anything else to do right now anyway. Plus it will get my friends off my back about being in the corner." She stated. "Why don't you have a seat then." She pointed to the chair on the other side of the table she was sitting at. She squinted her eyes a bit. "Have I seen you before somewhere?"
  6. "I am the legendary Viktoricus Fergoozo, the youngest champion in MMA history. I beat the heavyweight while I'm only 18 years old." ((I made a mistake. My character is only 18 years old, not 21. Keep that in mind please. ALso, this club is for 18+. There's no alcohol. lol))

    Viktoricus sits at the table that Roxie suggested him to sit at. His legs are spread over as he's leaning back.

    "Bartender, diet pepsi please."

    He turns his attention to Roxie.

    "Do you have a boyfriend?"
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    "So I must have seen you on TV. Well congrats on the whole youngest champion thing." She paused for a moment as he ordered a soda. Roxie herself didn't have anything. In fact it was her friends idea to come to the club, she wanted to stay home and play her guitar."Boyfriend?" She suddenly heard him asked a qeustion. "No." She turned away from him. "That gets pretty complicated when your always on tours and recording."
  8. Viktoricus is still smiling as her hears those words come out of her mouth, as if he is expecting them. He takes a sip of his soda. "How are your tours?" he asks. He's curious. He wants to know more about this girl first before really flirting.
  9. She turned back to him. "They're fun. I enjoy going to all of the amazing places and it's great to play for a lot of people. Their cheers tend to make you happy. It makes up glad that you got so far." She replied back to him, she made a faint smile.
  10. "With all the adventures that you go to, with all the challenges that you face, don't you feel that sometimes you need to take a break?"

    Viktoricus looks intensely at the girl, paying attention to every movement, every breathing pattern in her body.
  11. She smirked. "It can get tiring but playing music is what I love." She crossed her arms. "Playing my guitar is a break for me." She closed her eyes for a moment. "it takes me to a different world, it's wonderful."
  12. "I think it would be even more fun if you get to explore another world. A different world."

    Viktoricus keeps smiling and sips more soda. He's hungry too.

    "Hey, wanna go to the restaurant next door? They serve duck... my favorite."
  13. She opened up one of her eyes, leaving the other one still closed. "That's what my music does to me." She said to him. She listened to his question. "Restaurant? Hmm, I don't know, not really hungry. Besides I probably should stay with my band mates." She pointed over to some guys off in the distance. "And you know, considering who I am it's not always the smartest idea to just go and leave with random people."
  14. "Okay. That's understandable... Perhaps you can introduce me to your friends? Tell them how I'm the youngest MMA champion ever!"

    Viktoricus suddenly gets excited. He only gets excited like this when he's about to fight a worthy opponent. This seems like a really exciting moment for him. He looks at Roxie's band mates who are having fun in the corner.
  15. She laughed a bit. "Are you trying to boast or something. They are rockstars you know, no one boats as much as them." She stood up and stretched, pulled her arms up into the air and then back down. "Alright, come on then. Don't make me wait on you."
  16. He follows her.

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    She takes him over to her band members. "Hey, guys." She said. The three boys turn to Roxie.

    "Sup, Rox!" Chris said, he was the drummer. He look over at the guy following her. "Who's that guy?"

    "Oh, uhh...hmm...seems I never even asked you your name." Roxie said. Her friends laughed.

    "Nice going Roxie. Just bring over someone you don't even know their name." Another guy joked, it was the singer Jake.
  18. "The name is Viktoricus! MMA champion! Nice to meet ya!" he says. His demeanor friendly and outgoing, and smiley. "What are your names?" he asks them. He is genuinely curious. He feels he'd get brownie points with Roxie by befriending her friends.
  19. Another guy who had yet to talk smirked. "Quite the enthusiast, I'm surprised considering how quiet Roxie can be." He said. "I'm Ray, the bassist. But you should probably already know us."

    Roxie glared at Ray. "You're one to talk. You're not so outgoing yourself." She said. "That there is Jake and Chris."
  20. "Very nice to meet you all." he says. "You're my favorite band, and I love this music." Event Horizon's songs are still playing in the background. People are dancing with it, young and old. The lack of alcohol gives a very mature atmosphere in the club.

    "I tell ya what. Why don't I give you guys free tickets to my next match? It will be epic! It's me against Bruce Chun, the chinese Wing Chun prodigy. And after that, WE PARTY AT MY HOUSE!"