Event Horizon Steampunk Roleplay

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    A nuclear holocaust wiped out most of the world, leaving it in an almost permanent state of nuclear winter.

    50 years later, some of the few survivors left joined together, helping each other to survive in this harsh new world.
    Eventually, they set up home in a burnt-out city, next to a gigantic river and began to rebuild.
    Clockwork and steam power became the norm, giving rise to some interesting vehicles and weapons.

    Radiation and pollution encouraged genetic mutations to sporadically occur in the remaining population of the world, causing some of them to develop strange powers and abilities that frightened those who didn’t have them.

    They came to be known as Phreaks and were outcast from the burgeoning beacon of civilisation, which was the city known as Event Horizon.

    The Norms and the Phreaks battled for dominion of the city and another 50 years later, the war still rages on…