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    • I'll get right to the point and disregard the spiel about how busy I am or how busy I am not.

      I haven't done a proper roleplay in a solid year or so (oh well?), so I'm admittedly rusty, but I am looking for a roleplay partner or two in hopes of getting back into the swing of things, even though I have made this statement several times. You should probably tie me up somewhere for the sake of (self) discipline. I'm open to a variety of topics from something as morbid as child murderers to the mundane slice of life.

      I'm a massive weeaboo, so if you want your setting to mirror an anime/manga, then you're better off just telling me the name rather than asking if I've seen it because if I'm willing to mirror the setting, I'm probably going to binge it within an hour. My interests are pretty varied, witchcraft, mutants, survival are a couple of things I enjoy to list off the top of my head.

      I prefer playing a female role though I don't mind playing males if you're insistent on it. Just don't shove a romance down my throat, after all, I don't think people would appreciate a baguette being shoved down their throat by some stranger on the street. That aside my characters are probably a bit edgy, but a fun kinda edgy. The kinda edgy you feel when you think you're some hot shit because you stole a dollar from mommy's purse.

      Final note, if I give you a cookie that means I'm not interested in roleplaying, please don't ask me why I'm not very good at being a people person. So place just take the cookie and go.;;

      Thank you for your time. x

      EDIT: They removed my cookie and now I feel obligated to remove them.
    • Aside from fried Oreos:
      *I am open to tailoring these ideas to fit both our tastes if one is interesting but not your thing. These are all vague-ish for the sake of tailoring anyway, so be vocal. Additionally, stars will gauge interest. It'll be on a scale of 1-3. Black stars have the most interest while white stars are the least. It'll obviously change throughout but it's meh.

      Masterpiece: Muse A has been stalked by Muse B for the past few months, despite calling the police time and time again they can't seem to find the culprit. It started off harmless and maybe even cute, a small drawing left on the door and perhaps even a polymer clay figure, but things have gotten out of control and Muse A is on the verge of losing their mind.

      The Notebook: Muse A had bought a notebook a from a cute little antique store when they settle down at home and are prepared to write in the diary they realize it had already been written in. Once more it looks like it had been recording someone's thoughts the entire time.

      It's not TWD: The apocalypse wasn't as great as The Walking Dead made it seem. Zombies also didn't seem to be as dumb as the popular TV series made them out to be. Muse A had been living in an (obviously) abandoned apartment building, raiding neighboring homes and bringing them back to their favorite room. Unfortunately, Muse B had led a pack of bitters to Muse A's beloved base and are forced back out into the unforgiving apocalypse.

      Wayward: (Coming here eventually)

    • Soon
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  1. 10/10 banner. That's all I'm here to say.
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  2. That banner is amazing. I like the zombie one you have written, maybe we flesh it out with more depth that would be really cool. Normally the time right at the beginning of the Apocalypse is fun or the time when its recovering.

    I also have a craving for a VRMMO rp like SAO but actually good and be our own creation. I will probably PM you if I don't I probably forgot. I am busy until 9ish EST so don't expect anything until then.
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  3. Once you get the chance too don’t hesitate to job a message, I’ll probably message you around midnight PST if I don’t get a message before then. I’m also open to SAO (but better), just be prepared to explain the mechanics to me if you plan to carry it out. Have a good day. x
  4. OK, we are both too lazy to message each other- rip. I will go ahead and message you.
  5. Well, I am pretty sure you must have figured out your compelling banner led me here. Now I am here to say how interested I am to do an rp with you if you're still open to it. I have to forewarn I am a slow replier, I hope that won't be a problem.

    "The Notebook" has really caught my attention, though! (Of course not the movie lol) iwhen I see it I kind of think of shoujo, but I can see something more supernatural too. Anything works for me!
  6. I didn’t see your comment until recently, I don’t know why I didn’t get a ping either. If you’re still interested in roleplaying then please don’t hesitate to send me a message so we can discuss it. Thanks for showing an interest.
  7. 8^) very nice
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  8. Nice banner, really sold it to me
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  9. Thanks, I like to think I’m a rising artist.
  10. Do you take commissions? I’ll hang it up on the wall proudly
  11. It’s 20 a piece unless you want to donate 10 to me and I’ll cut the price to ten for you. I’m a hungry person.
  12. I’d pay you in a possible RP, that’s all this broke-ass college student can afford
  13. You free to RP?
  14. Beggars can’t be choosers. Feed the void not my stomach, comrade.
    Currently at work but I’m down to brain storm as soon as I am off the clock!
  15. Hey there! I see you're into anime and manga as well. :D I have been thinking about trying out a March Story roleplay and was wondering if you'd be interested!