Even the Strong Fall

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    [align=center]It's 2011, two years after demons took over Earth. The world is full of darkness. Sam and Dean Winchester, the ones who were supposed to save the world, are no more. Not dead, but they joined Lucifer. Sam was first, seduced by the Devil himself to join his cause, and Dean, never being one to abandon his brother, followed shortly after, even returning to his torturous ways. Now, they fight beside the demons that they hunted for so long.

    A small group of survivors, led by Bobby Singer, Ellen Harvelle--who have managed to marry one another in the midst of the chaos--and Castiel--the angel who was once the Winchesters' guide, and who still wishes to find God, are on the run, trying to stay alive while staving of demons and other monsters who rose from Hell with Lucifer. The group also faces its' toughest opponents: Sam and Dean themselves. The hunters-turned-darkside are trying to locate them in order to prevent anymore hunters being trained in to help in the fight.

    Meanwhile, there's a bigger picture that the boys are missing. Lucifer was not as honest as he claimed to be with them. He has plans of his own: to mix the Winchester bloodline with demon blood to create a race of even more powerful demons for his cause (without their knowledge, of course). With help from two of Hell's strongest and most enticing female demons--Saskia and Laurel--Lucifer attempted to have the women bare a child from one of the brothers, but things have taken an interesting turn for all four of them.

    The angels are in Heaven, planning an attack against Lucifer and his new allies, with one thing in mind: bring the boys back to the side of good...or destroy them.

    Will you fight alongside the hunters in this war--You may learn a few things along the way--or will you side with Lucifer and his demons? The choice is yours.

    This is an intermediate to advanced role play site. There are plenty of canons to choose from. Originals welcome!

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