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You can't stop me from making a poll if I want to.

  1. Dogs.

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  1. Heyo, I'm Theo or Lame. I'm surprised no one took that name before, where are my fellow self-deprecators hiding at?

    So, let's get through this boring normal stuff first. I'm an 18-year-old dude from Australia. Don't get excited, I live in one of the boring cities. My hobbies include browsing the internet and not going outside. There are too many people out there. I can see them out there, planning on CONVERSING with me. Disgusting.

    I've been roleplay for ages though not very consistently. Sometimes I'm feeling creative and then other times I remember I'm really, really lazy and return to Netflix. I tend to write a few paragraphs per post, though that sometimes gets out of hand when we're roleplaying in a world I built and I end up sending them a detailed book containing every minute detail of the world from the way the government functions to the acidity of the soil with a glossary included in the back that's longer than the bible. I'm really proud of how long I made that sentence run for.

    I'm more of a fan of one on one roleplays, though I admit some ideas work better in groups. When you're as antisocial as me you do tend to try and interact with as few people as possible, though.

    If you haven't noticed by now I've been vaguely following the little suggested survey thing and I'll be damned if I'm going to pass up an opportunity to share some music.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku!!! <3
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  4. Hello, Theo!

    Luckily for you, you just joined a roleplaying site. That means 90% of the members are also antisocial heathens who fear the evil daystar and the demonic creation that is physical conversation with people who can see that you're just sitting there in your pajamas on your bed.

    So.. you're in the right place.


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  5. Nice title. You seem like someone I'd get along with. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm new too.
  6. @Everly Excellent, we can all be antisocial together. I think there might be a slight flaw in that plan, though. I have no shame about being in my PJs all day, if yours had creepy looking gnomes on them I'm sure you wouldn't either.

    @Mayhem Yes, I've managed to trick another one into thinking I'm an interesting human being. YES, HELLO THERE NEW FRIEND. We should go bond over shared newness.
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  7. Hello my fellow lover of the dark arts, we shall get along, and don't worry I feel the same about disgusting day dwellers
  8. Welcome to the site, Lame! I know too well the brilliance of not going outside and socialising. Being on Iwaku is much more fun. Speaking of which, the one on one roleplay side of Iwaku is brimming with activity and brimming with people waiting to be your plot buddy, so my advice is to dive right in and enjoy what Iwaku has to offer! Happy travels, and if you ever need anything, everyone on the site and the staff included are lovely people wo would be happy to give you the answers to what you need! :)
  9. Nyahaha. Welcome, fellow new person. And I don't quite Random (stupid?) fact: a friend recently returned from Australia and got me addicted to tim tams and I can't find them anywhere but online shops. I have cursed her for that. Though unfortunately, instead of bring pain and misery like I without my new favorite treat, it simply amuses her.

    I guess I don't blame her though. Since if the roles were reversed my reaction would be the same as her's.

    Also, mind if I save your picture onto my computer? It's a lovely example for braid references and soft lighting~ <3
  10. Welcome!

    At first I was gonna pass this by (I mean, you wouldn't want someone to actually converse with you, right?^^) but then I thought, "meh"... So here we are..
    (Actually I was planning on welcoming you anyway, but shhhhhh!)

    I don't know if I'm going to be useful for info since I'm new too, but I'm around lol (and don't worry, I'm not always so "bubbly" Haha) though in this community it's hard not to get to like people/want to be a part of it! You'll find all kinds here!

    So yeah... Guess that is about it! Have a great time here!
  11. Great Cthulhu, thank you for all the welcomes, guys.

    @Sheut I have the same curse but with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Fortunately there's a little candy shop near me that stocks only international lollies but oh, how it drains my money away for I am merely a poor student. I don't mind if you save it, I really don't have any claim to it.

    @Little Sparrow It's nice to be greeted by peers in the community so thank you. Hell, this whole community is fairly nice.
  12. Hmm. Am I doing this right? No one will know if I fail~ Well...

    @Lame Huh. I'm surprised 'bout that. Of all the candies/chocolates I would think would sell well out of the US, reese's was high on my list to be internationally successful. Pfft. Wonder if there is such things as candy-pals like there are pen-pals. Would make life so much easier sometimes, I swear. xD



  13. I agree on both accounts! And I was being entirely playful if that came across bad in the last post^^ just to be sure you know lol. Sometimes I forget the written word can be mistaken where emotion and intent are involved (sometimes lol)
  14. *kidnaps you* You're cute. I'm taking you home with me. <3

    PS: welcome to iwaku.
  15. @Sheut I think it's mostly because we simply don't have any Hershey's here. Cadbury is the chocolate king 'round there parts. I've actually talked about doing something like that with friends across the globe before but I'm always too poor for shipping...

    @Vio I'm okay with this as long as you feed and walk me regularly.
  16. @Lame Really? Huh. Didn't think Cadbury had it in them. ;p Also, I've always wondered how much international shipping was. I know there's flat-rate but it always seems to be for things 10kg+ (at least for FedEx)? I don't know exactly, I haven't really looked it up. Though for candy...I might. Just because of my major sweet tooth. ;D Btw, I commend your ability to jump right in with the RP business. I still haven't mustered up the courage to look. It's been awhile since I've done anything like that outside of a few close friends as of late (part of the reason I joined this community). //sigh.

    @Vio //while you try to kidnap them I kidnap you. Denied. You shall be kidnapped instead~! Simply because I adore your picture. Tehe.
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