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  1. Cory's fingers gently strummed the instrument's strings, the low notes providing a background for the orchestra's tune. Closing his eyes as he came to his favorite part, he tapped his foot to the beat set by the percussionists, his fingers moving quicker now.

    'God, I love this,' he thought. Cory was in the band at his school, and they were having a performance in the courtyard, to excite people for their concert coming luminous a couple weeks. Fifteen minutes later, they were finished, and he was packing up his bass to take back to the band room, when he saw him. Turning his gaze back down to his instrument, he tried to ignore the odd feelings in his chest, zipping up his wheeled case before turning.

    Wheeling it towards the band room, he did for the most part ignore Hotaka, the strange feelings he was getting from him making him worried and a bit afraid.
  2. Hotaka was having practice in the basketball court, the faint sound of the band playing could be heard from where he was. The male smiled to himself, knowing that it was the band Cory was in. After a short match among the team, he grabbed his bag and towel before running up towards the band room as fast as he could. It was surprising how much energy this guy has.

    Though recently, Cory has been acting weird. He wouldn't look at his face no matter what, always shifting his glance away when talking. When running to the band room, Hotaka noticed the band packing and preparing to head back. He tried to wave when he saw Cory, but just to see that the other was looking away yet again. Letting out a soft huff, the teen hung the towel around his neck before heading towards Cory, who was walking away.

    "Good evening." He smiled, skipping next to the other. No matter how much the other tried to ignore him, he wouldn't give up just yet.
  3. When Hotaka approached him, Cory inwardly sighed. He wasn't sure if his feelings for him, and Eben being.around him made him uncomfortable. Still, he was too polite not.to say anything back, so he muttered a begrudging, "Hello." Quickening his step in an attempt to lose the other student, he made his way to the band room, just wanting to deposit his large wooden instrument and leave.

    Keeping his gaze focused in front of him, not wanting to even look at Hotaka, Cory soon walked in to the band room, taking his bass to the back where he set it in the corner, sighing softly as he walked back to the main room, wishing that he didn't feel like thus around Hotaka.

    Closing his eyes for a bit longer than a blink, he focused his eyes in the ground, frowning slightly.
  4. Hotaka noticed how Cory was walking faster, as if he didn't want to stay around him for even a second more. The white-haired boy looked down, tugging on his towel lightly as he stood outside of the band room. What did he do wrong ? Why did Cory start acting so weird around him ? Was it due to him telling the other about his feelings, then ? It probably bothered Cory that he liked him.

    He allowed his bag to drop onto the ground with a light thump as he leant against the wall and sat down on the ground slowly. Hotaka let out a sigh, burying his face in the towel. The male stayed there for a moment, until he heard footsteps coming from the band room. He stood up immediately, grabbing his bag and tidying his hair with his fingers. But Cory was still in the room. Was that really the end for him ?

    "H-hey, Cory...?" Hotaka peeked in and noticed the other standing in the main room. "Um, I'll go first, I guess..." He muttered, then paused before continuing his sentence, "... Since you do not wish to see me." His last sentence was barely a whisper as he backed away from the door.
  5. At Hotaka's words, Cory's eyes saddened a bit. When the other male started backing away, he glanced up, heart jumping to his throat as he finally met his eyes. "Look, it's, uh, not that, it's just..." he looked down and away, still not sure what his feelings were. Swallowing heavily, he closed his eyes again, resisting the urge time just run away as he felt his brain stop.

    This always happened. Every time Cory would try to say something important, his mind would freeze and his throat would clog up, and it always resulted in him looking like an idiot. "I...I'm sorry!" he finally shouted, squeezing his eyes shut tight as he strode away, not wwanting another confrontation like that.
  6. Hotaka stopped and looked up at Cory as he heard his voice. It has been awhile since their eyes last met, he couldn't help but to blush slightly at that. He frowned as the other looked away again. "... It's just... ?" He repeated as he looked down at the floor. The teen was about to walk away, until he heard the apology from Cory. Glancing at the other again, he couldn't help but to feel a little confused. But before he could react, Cory was already leaving.

    "C-Cory ! Wait- I..." Hotaka chased after the other, "What are you saying sorry for?" He asked, walking slightly behind the other. "I'm sorry if I bothered you..." He muttered. No matter how confident he usually seemed, he would always feel nervous around Cory and messed up whatever he's doing or saying.
  7. "You didn't bother me," Cory said softly. "I just...I need to be alone right now, okay?" Turning, still not looking at him, forced a smile before adding, "Just going through some things." At least it wasn't a complete lie. He truly didn't know how he felt for Hotaka, and it was starting to interfere with his schoolwork. Still, he couldn't tell Hotaka about his feelings, especially when he wasn't sure himself what they were.

    Turning from Hotaka, he strode away, slinging his back over one shoulder as he made his way for the doors, shoving his hands into his pockets.
  8. "I... I see..." Hotaka mumbled, "Alright..." He added before slowing down his pace, he's exhausted from the training, after all. At least Cory didn't hate him, he's glad for that. Ever since he told the other about his feelings, he has been receiving lots of mixed signals from him. They would be just like normal at first and even go on dates and such occasionally, but slowly, it was as if he wasn't wanted any more.

    Heaving a sigh, the teen wiped his sweat away with the towel and headed to the school's shower. After a quick shower and changing of clothes, Hotaka walked home.
  9. Cory walked home as well, glad his house was in the opposite direction of Hotaka's. Left to his own thoughts, he tried not to think about the other boy, knowing that he'd be full of confusion by the time he got home to his family.

    Walking into the apartment building he and his family lived in, Cory took the stairs to the seventh floor, wanting to clear his head. Ignoring those he passed, which were few, given that the elevator was much faster, he soon found himself in front of the door. Unlocking it, he slipped inside, taking off his shoes before immediately retreating to his room, where he would stay until dinnertime, like most days.
  10. By the time Hotaka has arrived at home, his mind was filled with thoughts, especially of Cory. They had known each other for quite some time and has always been on good terms. He doesn't understand why does Cory seemed rather... repelled by him recently. Averting his gaze and such.

    Maybe, just maybe, Cory has started to feel something for him - that's what he wanted to believe in. Since Cory doesn't hate him and he wasn't exactly bothering the other, what else could it be ? But deep down, Hotaka was still scared, perhaps it was due to something else that the other was like that. He let out a soft sigh as he plopped down on his bed, then took out his smartphone and stared at the screen. The teen hesitated, but opened the messaging page and slowly typed in the words. "Are you free on Sunday ? I would like to have a talk with you. " He reread the message, it sounded a little too formal, but he sent it to Cory anyway.
  11. Cory had been lying on his bed, reading while simultaneously procrastinating his homework. Then, his phone buzzed in his pocket, the vibration running down his pant leg and up his chest. Taking it out, he read the text from Hotaka, sighing quietly.

    He sent back, 'I think so...where do you want to meet up at?' Sending it to him, he rolled over to plug in his phone, running a hand through his hair. For some reason, it was easier to talk to Hotaka when he wasn't looking at his face, but his heart was still pounding in his chest, making him feel fluttery, like he was a little girl.
  12. Hotaka turned and tossed on his bed as he waited for a reply from the other, holding the phone in his hand. As soon as he felt the vibration from it, the white-haired male shot up immediately and read the message. He heaved a sigh of relief as he realised that Cory has decided to meet up with him.

    "The park, maybe ? It's just for awhile, so don't worry." He doesn't know why he said that, but it just kind of seemed right. He missed hanging out with the other and the times they could talk to each other normally and not get all flustered and such. They had been through the same elementary school all the way to high school now. Well, it might just be due to Hotaka choosing the same schools as the other but honestly, he just wanted to get closer to Cory. Being around the other would automatically lift his mood usually and it was until high school which he confirmed his feelings for the other.
  13. 'OK,' Cory replied back, before sighing and gazing up at his ceiling. He wished they could just go back to how they were during elementary and middle school. Everything had been so simple, and Cory never had to deal with all these crazy emotions that Hotaka gave him.

    Pulling himself up to a sitting position, Cory moved to his dresser, changing out of his uniform and into a.comfy pair of pants and his favorite T-shirt. Rummaging through his backpack, he took out his homework, sitting cross-legged on his bed as he decided, 'I better stop procrastinating...'

    ((Do you want to skip to Sunday here, or do you have something in mind before it?))
  14. (( Yep, skipping to Sunday, if you don't mind. ;v; ))

    Hotaka smiled a little to himself as he received the reply, but decided not to bother the other and hence stopped replying. He then went out of his room for dinner and continued with the homework after that. He couldn't count how many times had he sighed ever since Cory knew about his feelings.

    As Sunday approached, the white-haired teen got up way earlier than he had expected. After laying in bed for a moment more, he got up, took a shower and headed out to the park after a light breakfast. He sat on the bench nearby the entrance to the park, fiddling with his phone as he waited for the other to arrive. Meanwhile, he was preparing what to say in his mind. He would probably just tell the other something along the line of them just staying as friends if the feelings were bothering him. To be honest, it wasn't like he would remember what to say once he saw Cory.
  15. When Sunday rolled around, Cory woke up early as well, dressing in some clothes he liked before brushing his hair and leaving, not bothering to eat breakfast. Walking down to the park, he sighed, passing a few people. When he finally made it to the park, he glanced around for Hotaka before spotting him on a bench.

    Walking up to him, he sat down next go him after muttering a, "Hello." Avoiding his gaze as usual, he asked, "You wanted to see me?" With his voice, it sounded too formal, but Cory couldn't think of anything else.
  16. Hotaka flinched as he heard Cory's voice, then shifted a little as he sat down next to him. "U-um, yeah..." He started softly, then stopped as his mind went completely blank. The teen frowned slightly before shaking his head and cleared his throat. "I... Well..." He fiddled with his hands as he stared at them, "Cory, we... we're still friends, right...?" He asked cautiously, turning to look at the male next to him.

    That wasn't what he initially planned to ask, but well, it's something he wanted to know too. As much as he has strong feelings towards the other, he was beginning to regret saying it out. If only he knew things would turn out this way, he wouldn't had said anything at all.
  17. "Of...of course," Cory answeres, keeping his gaze focused firmly at his hands, which were clasped in his lap. "Why wouldn't.we be friends? We've known each other since elementary school, when I first moved here. I...I can hardly imagine not being friends with you...it's just...I've been acting weird 'cause I have some things going on, a lot on my mind, you know?"

    He frowned, hating that he was lying to his friend. Still, he didn't want to tell him anything if he wasn't sure that he truly had feelings for him. It would only end in sadness that way. Closing his eyes for a long moment, he brought up his hands to press his temples, sighing heavily.
  18. A lot on his mind, huh ? Hotaka glanced over at Cory. Was he one of them, then ? He then bend over to look at the other's face. "Then... Why won't you look at me when we talk ?" The white-haired teen frowned, then sat back up as he ran his hand through his hair. "It's as if... You're avoiding me or something." He added softly, then let out a soft sigh, "I... understand that there's a lot on your mind. But even so...- Never mind."

    He didn't wanted to continue any further, if he did that it would just make him seemed selfish and clingy. Besides, Cory was just a good friend of his. He interlaced his fingers as he rested his hands in between his knees. He's still fidgeting slightly as his heart couldn't stop pounding. "I... hope you'll solve whatever problems you're going through." He managed a small smile as he said.
  19. "Please...tell me what it is," Cory asked, actually looking at him for once. He looked away a second later, his emotions bubbling up. "You're my friend, remember? You can tell me anything." He brought a hand up to place it on Hotaka's shoulder, hating that he was lying to his friend and making him feel bad.

    After a few seconds, he sighed heavily and said, "I want to tell you the truth, Hotaka. But...only if you'll listen to me..."
  20. "N-nah, I forgot what I was saying already..." Hotaka muttered, which wasn't entirely a lie. He turned to look at his friend when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Mumbling a soft thanks, the male then let out a soft sigh. Cory looked at him just now, right ? To be honest, he's content with that for now, not daring to ask for more from thw other.

    Hotaka blinked, then nodded quickly at Cory's words. "I... I'll listen. No matter what you say..." He glanced up at the other with a serious look on his face.
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