Even if the World Burns

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    • The story of WWI never dies. It is constantly told throughout America and certain parts of the world -- it is unforgettable. We know who started it, who suffered, who prevailed, and who ended it. Our story takes place in Britain during WWI; two adolescence going through high school. A love story within a treacherous war.

    • Name: Reviera Adimari
      Nickname: Viera
      Age: 17

    • Name: Nancy Lane
      Nickname: Nan

      Age: 17

    Surprise air raid from Germany, June 1917, Britain, Abington Institute

    "Now if you turn to page ten we will..."

    The words drowned out. They were remnants vaporized into thin air -- unimportant, completely disregarded. Sky blue eyes wandered around the room. They stared blankly at the middle-aged man, she stared at the top of his head. His hair was in the process of thinning, thin strands of hair were constantly found in the peripheral of his desk. The constant shedding brought the students in the front row to become squeamish at the sight of hair. It began to grow comical, especially for Nancy. She found herself snickering alongside a few other girls in the classroom. She was uncertain whether her female companion brooded the same notion. She would glance back at Reviera numerous of times during incidents of squeamish classmates in search of a glimmer of amusement. Never have she witnessed the girl laughing. Nancy rolled her eyes as the teacher continued to lecture the students about quintessential counterparts of peculiar animals. Meticulous illustrations reciprocating well-known amphibians, the frog. The lectures grew longer each word.

    Nancy could feel her body becoming lethargic, her mindset focused on the students surrounding her. All students were females within the great Abington Institute of Excellence -- a prestigious school for opulent female students who exhibited great intelligence or skill. Many well-known daughters of great families are sent here, not through exhibiting great intelligence, but monetary persuasion. Nancy had the persistent thought as to how she landed herself in the school. She pestered herself with idiotic inquiries till class was over.

    "Ms. Lane!" The deep gruff voice snapped abruptly. Nancy turned her attention over to the male teacher, Mr. Graham. "Pay attention or I will be forced accord you with severe punishment." He dark eyes glared at her. Nancy's body was still as a statue. Her eyes fixated on the teacher not allowing her eyes to drift away. Mr. Graham turned around picking up a dusty concrete chalk and began to write on the board. At the sight of his back, Nancy rolled her eyes and let out a puff of air out of irritation. She glanced over at Riviera, rolling her eyes in a denigrating way directed at Mr. Graham. Her denigrating tom-foolery was caught by a few other female students who uttered out a soft giggle. Quickly, Nancy turned to the front meeting eye to eye with Mr. Graham. The two exchanged glares of their own. Surprisingly the cruel teacher did nothing of the sorts. She returned her attention to the book, flipping through the pages passing by illustrations that grew more intricate to detail each page.

    Passing by an hour a loud noise from afar. The entire classroom was shaken by the foreign sound. Nancy looked around the room frantically glancing at the faces of scared girls. The teacher stood there frozen with his jaw hanging, the dubious terrors outside left everybody scared, breathless, or anxious.

    The doors of the classroom were busted open revealing a familiar teacher. "Mr. Graham, take the girls to the basement!" He ordered. Mr. Graham was shaken, but the teachers order brought him back to the dreaded reality. "A-alright! Come! This way!" Mr. Graham gesticulated everybody to exit the facilities. One by one, each girl rushed out in disarray. Nancy ran out alongside her classmates, the class jumbled out of the classroom pulling Nancy away from her friend. She turned to search for Reviera -- but -- the girls kept her figure hidden. She cursed under her breath before running into the hallways. There was a teacher each meter of the hallways yelling the same thing over and over again. "Walk! Don't run!" or "Exit in a fashionably ordered line!" Nancy felt her body being pushed side to side by girls reaching for a safe haven. She strides forward not looking back for Reviera anymore. She wanted to live, even if it was selfish of her.

    The sea of students was led passed the West wing and into the East wing where held the staircase leading down to the basement. The right-hand man of the headmaster was beside the staircase opening the door for the students leading them down. Nancy was far from the door. She continued to stride forth but her body was constantly pushed back or side to side, creating strenuous obstacles. "Get out of the way!" Nancy snapped shrugging off a girl aggressively, making her way down to the staircase.

    Her foot stepped on the step a new world leaked out. A dark tunnel going below a darkened room. A lump in her throat made its presence evident when she swallowed. She began to slowly walk down. Each step she took she grew more prudent -- one step would cause a domino collision. Female students voice echoed in the room letting their conversation broadcasted to the other trembling girls. Behind their roaring voice was the raging sounds of bombs from afar. Nancy felt scared, she wished for Riviera to be beside her. She was the only girl Nancy could find herself vulnerable. For now in front of the student body she plastered on a facade; she was a tough nut, an infamous girl with no heart. She bit her lip as she took another step. Her teeth pressed down against the soft flesh almost ripping through the flesh. Her teeth ripped the skin surfacing blood. The taste of iron filled her mouth, a nasty taste. She sucked in her lower lip taking in the metallic taste. A shine of light became visible to Nancy. The ground became visible, the sight washed over a wave of relief.

    The students rushed over to the safe haven along with Nancy. Once her feet touched the spacious wide space she scurried over to a place to sit. She sat against the wall nearby the staircase, watching girls flow into the basement searching for friends. The basement was only so big; eventually it will get cramped.

    "Where are you Riviera?" She thought in worry.

    Students came in pouring crying at the sight of close friends. A few girls sat beside Nancy attempting to start a conversation with the intimidating girl. She didn't utter a sound leaving the other party disappointed. Instead, she stared at the staircase watching girls come in. After ten or fifteen girls, she finally caught the sight of her beloved friend. Nancy quickly raised her hand up high not getting up from her seat in fear of it being taken away by a greedy girl. "Riviera! Riviera!" She called out loud, breaking the sound of surrounding girls. By the time, Riviera noticed her and managed to find her way through the hordes of girls Nancy quickly began to release a chatty girl.

    "Can you believe it? A war already? I wonder who did it. Don't you?" Her words slurred due to speaking too quickly. Throughout the sea of girls she managed to listen in on one girls conversation. "I heard it's the Germans coming to attack us." One girl hushed. "Really?" Another inquired. "Mhm, my father told me it could be them. I'm not sure why but I'm sure the professors will let us know." The girl reassured. "I hope so."

    Nancy bit her inner cheeks. The crowd of girls let out either gossip, muffled cries, or negativity. The teachers comforted the girls who were crying and the headmaster stood by the staircase with his righthand man. Sky blue orbs couldn't help but stare at the girls crying. "I wonder whats happening..." She said softly. Nancy leaned against the wall coolly pretending to be nonchalant. "What do you wish to speak about? I cannot find myself straying away from the war but I suppose we can try." She looked back at Riviera and gave her a thin smile.

    In spite of the nonchalant acts Nancy was well-aware of her true feelings towards the attack -- she wanted to cry rivers, she wanted to go home.
  2. Like any other good student, Reviera turned to page ten.

    Biological anatomy. It was a personal favorite of Reviera's. Her mind worked in the clockworks of science more so than the arts. Structured and unambiguous yet still afforded a scholar of the vocation ample room to contribute to the general populace of scientists. Granted, it was unheard of for females to spearhead great works of science, but Reviera was hopeful. As much as she loved the subject, the professor was rather drawl on the matter. The girl had to force herself to pay attention, to not nod off. Reading the textbook itself and studying the images aided her losing plight, but the illustrations could only be so fascinating. Catching Nancy's glance, Reviera simply just smiled at her before looking back towards the board. Mr. Graham was a no foolery soul.

    Attending such a prestigious institution, Reviera had ample misgivings towards particular professors. The Abington Institute of Excellence had an outrageous entrance fee, but it was worth it - not only to her but her parents as well. Having immigrated to Britain for some time now, her parents were Italian and British. Her father was of Italian descent; hence, she inherited his surname rather than her mother's. English was a bit tricky in the beginning - particularly the British accent - but she slowly got the hang of it. How could she not? It was a language commonly practiced throughout the world, and having her mother tutor her made it all the easier. Though as presumptuous as it may be, Reviera thought she had a pretty good handle on the language. The accent though. That was her grief. Outside of her surname, the way she spoke gave her away as a non-native.

    Looking up from her book, Reviera watched as Nancy was berated. How unbecoming of Mr. Graham - and maybe a bit of Nancy as well. Given the caliber of students being taught her, Reviera thought the elder man would observe a bit more tact. Having professors be forced to resign due to family influence wasn't uncommon here. A very poor trait, so Reviera thought. She marveled the rigid regimental discipline when a student was out of line. However else was the school to keep its reputation amongst others in her adopted country and the world? The old money was one of the terrible things about this school. It bred snobbish children who simply flaunted their influence around like a badge of honor. While she certainly was pampered - and lavished in it without repose - her father instilled in her the necessity of having the need to get things done. There couldn't be any luxury without the blood and sweat of the provider. One day, she was either to marry into a affluent family or somehow strike it big. The latter was the more improbable. Society's patriarchal views made the ambition a touch harder.

    "Ms. Adimari!" Reviera looked up as Mr. Graham seemed to finish chastising Nancy. "Kindly enlighten us on the usage of the esophagus and its difference from the trachea. The separation of the two? What's the flap called, if you'd be so kind."

    Sitting straight, Reviera was aware others were watching her. She didn't like the pressure whatsoever. "The esophagus is where the bolus moves down to the digestive system. The trachea to the lungs. When we breathe more specifically. The epiglottis prevents food or liquid to pass through the trachea. Namely, prevents choking, professor."

    Mr. Graham nodded as he turned back around and began to write on the board without another word. Settling herself, Reviera caught Nancy's eye and winked in her direction. Someone had to make up for her lolly-gagging in the class Reviera supposed. When she first came to this school, Reviera didn't really get along with the British born, headstrong woman. Nancy had a very curt disposition, to say the very least. While a reserved air was becoming of a lady, Reviera always found the idea of holding one's thoughts back in gentleman's company rather foolish. Speaking her mind was an attribute that she cherished, and the source of her mother's chastisement. However, at times, she found it too direct. Too course for her liking. After some time at the institute - however - she found that Nancy had a softer side. A less composed side, which was gentle yet strict. It was hard to describe more so than that.

    As the class carried on in its monotonous manner, a distant sound caught Reviera's attention as the ground shook. Her things on the desk shook with subdued ferocity, yet her heart quickened. A few second later, another trimmer shook through the classroom. A few screams broke Mr. Graham's lecture. Before any one could move, the classroom door burst open as a teacher walked in. The face was familiar, but Reviera never had the professor. What was this about? The behavior was a bit barbaric.

    "Mr. Graham, take the girls to the basement!"

    Reviera didn't need to hear a word more as she quickly got up from her seat. While it may have seen odd at the time, Reviera threw her books into her bag. The disorderly evacuation had already begun as Reviera pressed herself into the sea of people. She tried to reach Nancy, but the girl had already been swept away. With the torrent of panicking girls, there wasn't the slightest chance Reviera could reach her confidante.

    When another explosion shook the ground - this one stronger than the others - Reviera tried to snake her way through the crowd. She was scared. Frightened. She'd heard about the war and about how all the men went to the mainland to fight. She couldn't understand any of it. It'd all started from the assassination of archduke Ferdinand. Why the Serbians would commit such a heinous act was beyond her. Europe was doing well: economy, technology, reformations. Was the seeds of revenge so strong that they throw away all the culture? All the leaps forward they've made so far?

    "How rude!" Reviera said as a girl pushed her out of the way. Though affronted, Reviera had done the same thing as the staircase to the basement came in sight. Repulsed by the day, she hesitantly made her way down as others behind her followed. She'd never been in this part of the school before. The basement. It reminded her of the horror books she'd read. The darkness was so thick that the lanterns used to illuminate the inside provided little comfort to her. About to head towards the teachers to inquire what was happening, Reviera heard her name above the chaos. She knew the voice as her eyes confirmed it.

    Making her way over to Nancy rather quickly, Reviera felt a sense of relief. A familiar and friendly face was most welcome. "I tried to get to you in the classroom, but it was chaotic," she said. "A war? My dear, we've been at war for several years already. I can only assume its the huns. The Germans - so quick to worry. Foolish Kaiser. You don't think they've come here? I can't imagine London being turned into a war zone. The news report horrible things from France - Italy as well."

    When Nancy leaned against the wall, Reviera joined her. She sighed as she dropped her bag on the floor. It was all too loud. The bombing, the girls that were crying and gossiping, and the sirens that made their way below ground. Tranquility was all she wanted. Why did leaders seek to break it so? Reviera reached out and grabbed Nancy's hand and patted it gently. "I'm sure the professors will tell us in due time," Reviera said. "I hope our parents are unharmed. I ... the bombs drop indiscriminately. They'll be okay, right? I hope they made it to a shelter. I'm scared Nancy."​
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  3. Serbia played the first move on the chess board, wreaking havoc to Austria-Hungary. The war quickly leaked into small countries protected by Russia whom quickly cried to France. Frances role in the game lured in Germany -- thus the Triple Entente was dragged into the calamity. Britain currently withstood the bombs raining down on it's lovely verdant green grass and quaint households that once secured innocent citizens. "I tried to get to you in the classroom, but it was chaotic," Reviera's voice relinquished the brittle emotions. Nancy smirked slightly then gingerly reverting back into her stoic disposition. "A war? My dear, we've been at war for several years already. I can only assume it's the huns. The Germans - so quick to worry. Foolish Kaiser. You don't think they've come here? I can't imagine London being turned into a war zone. The news report horrible things from France - Italy as well."

    Nancy frowned at Reviera. The blue eyed girl worried about her Italian blooded friend. Italy and Germany bore an alliance possibly inevitable of withering. Nancy leaned towards the girl, her lips close to Reviera's ear. "Best to not talk to anybody for a bit. Italians aren't going to be well-liked amongst the British community...not today." She pulled away from Reviera giving her a worrisome mien. In the chaos above there were sirens, people screaming in fear, people yelling at other people, and the trepidation secreting off of every girl's mind that a bomb would land on Abington. Nancy was guilty to believe that a bomb would inflict great devastation or worse death. A sudden feeling of warmth eradicated the wintry temperature on Nancy's hand. It was a soft pat -- the comforting action brought out a strained smile from Nancy.

    "I hope our parents are unharmed. I ... the bombs drop indiscriminately. They'll be okay, right? I hope they made it to a shelter. I'm scared Nancy."

    "I'm sc-" Nancy's words broke apart by a loud sound.

    Another bomb dropped emitting off a roaring sound, it was louder and certainly closer to Abington than the other bombs. The impact caused the ground to rumble and the ceiling to be chipped. The sudden bombing left girls wailing as loud as the sirens from above. Nancy quickly grabbed onto Riviera. Her long slender arms wrapped around the Italian girls petite body like an anaconda. She tightly closed her eyes. She silently prayed for her Gods to make the frightful zeppelins go away -- Nancy relapsed into an infant girl. She became helpless underneath the destruction. Her only escape for Reviera, for only that moment. A warm tear was produced in Nancy's waterline. It hung at the edge of the waterline soon to stream down on her cheeks. The sounds of bombing grew feint to her ears. The zeppelins fled away from a foreign sound. The sound of metal ricocheting against metal followed by the drastic sound of inflation.

    Loud crashes and the distinct sound of destruction from above caused nearby bombings to yield. Nancy gradually extracted herself from Reviera's safe arms. Her eyes glistened by the dim lighting. She looked around the room slowly, scanning her surrounding. All female students were drenched in terror. Her back was against the wall and her hands flat on the floor. There were no words that can be vocalized in a still room. The words hovered over her lips, her mouth opened slightly, but nothing came out. She could feel her lips quiver when her cold fingertips came into contact. The soft flesh of her fingertips was warm. Her breath was raggedy and audible for all to hear but was overpowered by the soft sniffling of girls. Her free hand tapped against the floor in search of Riveira's.

    The fear consumed her, engulfing her slender body. It consumed her whole with no difficulties. The tension was heavy and thick; almost palpable. The air within the basement was thick and difficult to breath in. It grew more difficult for the girls who were crying, they eventually choked up their tears. Her mind was too focused on the fear above she didn't catch the knock from aloft. The girls gasped turning towards the staircase where the headmaster was. The headmaster, George Wilkens, timidly went up the stairs with his right-hand man. The two elder men was followed by two young teachers.

    The basement was filled with whispers immediately. The whispers grew louder and louder filling the basement to the brim. The sound of girls wrenched her from her trance. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes turning to Reviera. "That was scary..." She chuckled softly, forcing out every ounce of superficialness. "I-I think they're gone...yeah?" A rhetorical question that none surrounding her has the answer to.

    Soft footsteps secreting from the staircase took hold of everybody's attention. Not one girls eye averted from the echo. There were more than a few footsteps descending to the basement. Nancy could feel her heart beating faster. A lump in her throat became evident, she took hold of Reviera's hand, her hand coiled around the other girls hand tightly. Her eyes stared at the staircase -- they were watching the headmaster and right-hand man descend with the same two teachers, who were then accompanied by three soldiers of Britain's militia. A surge of relief relaxed her body and eased her breathing. Her hand loosened around Reviera's.

    They were saved.
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