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Name: E.V.E [goes by Eve]
Age: Appearance of a teenager
Gender: Identifies as female
Sexuality: Aromantic
Birth/Creation day: 3rd March
Zodiac: Pisces
Creator: Rory Elvy
Spouse: N/A
Exes: N/A
Children: N/A
Religion: N/A

Height: 5’1
Weight: 120lbs
Species: Robot
Eyes: Blue, her left eye is black and not functional with the white synthetic skin around that area being peeled away. Her eye glows in the dark because it is an LED.
Hair: White spiky short hair reaching just under her chin. She has a fringe over her left eye to prevent things from getting into the exposed machinery, she has two spikes (ahoges) in the center of her hair, her antenna.
Skin: White and synthetic
Blemishes: Her left eye doesn’t work and the skin around that area has peeled off which is why her fringe covers it. She has lots of exposed machinery, because she is a W.I.P that was never completed
Clothing: Sometimes she will wear a white lab coat but otherwise sticks to her own fake skin

Personality: Eve is pretty blank overall, she tends to stick to being analytical of most situations and is endlessly curious due to her learning A.I.,though she doesn’t express it. It takes a great deal to get her to open up emotionally, since she was programmed lazily to have emotions but doesn’t have the means to express them properly. She is terrible at comforting people or generally showing sympathy which makes her come off as sociopathic to those who think she’s a human, she also will hurt other people physically and/or without much prompting since she sees human life as not very valuable, same with herself since she doesn’t mind injury, due to being pretty replaceable. Despite all this, she is capable of love. Though because it’s such a foreign feeling that is rare for her, she clings to whatever gives her that emotion like her artificial life depends on it. She does, however, express frustration and annoyance pretty well since she's been exposed to it endlessly.
Likes: Snakes, dogs, stars, guns, video games, anime, art, peanut butter, chocolate, forget-me-nots
Dislikes: Water, grass, people, doctors, maggots, glue guns

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Powering up and down, scanning for heat signatures, night-vision, ability to make phone calls from mind, Memory storage, Gun skills, administering electrical shocks

E.V.E was created by Rory Elvy and a small team in a laboratory, she was initially designed to be a weapon of destruction for the government, but Rory kept adding unnecessary features and breaking her just so she could keep working on the robot. She wasn’t inspired enough and E.V.E had been her only successful project so she was convinced to keep working on her for as long as possible, this is why the robot has so many humanoid features, just Rory wanting to hold onto her creation for longer.

One night, Rory broke part of E.V.E which lead to the laboratory lighting on fire. Rory rushed her creation out of the lab, convinced they could both survive though she was caught when some equipment exploded. E.V.E made it out ‘alive’. She was too damaged to do much more than wander the world outside her laboratory, wrapped in the lab coat of her creator. She now wanders aimlessly, not really having a purpose as she is incomplete and incapable of socialising properly so she can seek help.

Eve was created in late 2018
She was originally named Kava
She has been developed since 2013
She has gone from a persona to an OC as of early 2020
Her design changed early 2020

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 9.19.28 am.png Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 9.19.39 am.png Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 5.50.17 pm.png
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