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  1. Welcome to Eve Academy,
    Here we take in all the unique fairy tale individuals who are seeking for a chance to learn how to interact with others outside their story. However, as your Head Mistress I should warn you now that there will be nothing normal about this academy. You can fight who you want, study if you want, enjoy the regular school events that are provided, or just sit around like a codfish. You can go to counselling or not, I don't care. I give you free range to develop your stories here in this academy. Your end goal is to survive and leave the academy in a semi-sane state. You are welcome to come and go as you please, just don't dump to much of your mess in front of my office door.
    Enjoy, Mistress Red

    You can be either student (ages 14-19) teacher ( ages 22-up) or random creeper.
    No, there are no official classes
    You are free to take the story and make it your own.

    Fairy tale characters only
    Characters can be as gory and dark or as pretty and creepy as you want them, I don't care.
    Jump-in whenever, however, and enjoy!​

    +Once there are people interested I will create a Play thread.
    My character is Mistress Red Ridding Hood.
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Thread Status:
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