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  1. Hello all! First off my name is Evangeline but most people call me Evan. I am looking for a few partners who are willing to play multiple characters and contribute to the story. I will have 3-5 open roleplay ideas here at any given time and will update according to my intrests. I am open to the ideas of my peers on changes to my plots and new plots as well so dont be afraid to ask! Seriously, I dont bite... very hard. Just a nibble really... if I'm hungry.

    Genres I Am Open To: Libertine, Romance, Slice of Life, Adventure, Historical, Supernatural, Fandom

    TV Shows-The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Reign, Teenwolf, Redband Society, Once Upon A Time, The Last Airbender

    Books- The Misadventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber (Bloody Jack), The Vampire Diaries, Dustlands, The Selection, Graceling, Inkheart, Percy Jackson, Incarceron, The Imortal Instruments, House of Night, Hunger Games, Witch & Wizard, Kingdom Keepers, Divergent, The Giver, Piratica... More to come I'm sure

    Movies- Pitates of Caribbean, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Garfield, X-Men, Hatchi, Dr. Dolittle, Nanny McPhee, Ender's Game, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, Golden Compass, Narnia, Divergent, The Spectacular Now, The Fault in Our Stars, Eragon, Princess Diaries, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Brave, Frozen, Little Mermaid... Dont judge me.

    Canon x oc- yes
    oc x oc- yes

    Current Cravings: Most will be fandoms so if you dont know about it just look at it like an origanal plot. :)

    Graceling (open)

    First off you may ask "what is a Graceling?" Let me answer that by first telling you what a Grace is.

    A Grace is an enhanced ability to do something, not unlike a super power. The only difference between a Grace and a super power is that a Grace is a naturally occurring talent where a super power can be supernatural (super powers do not exist here). These special talents include but are not limited to;
    The creation of a specific item, type of item or ability to work with one specific type of material
    Music (in general or with a specific instrument or voice)
    Varying degrees of mind reading or control (will explain to anyone interested with one of the three characters I plan to use)

    A person who poses a Grace can only have one and is referred to as a Graceling. Gracelings in this world are about as common as people with red hair are in ours and the occurrence of individuals who possesses a Grace is actually determined by genetics though the Graceling gene is so rare the occurrence of Gracelings seems sporadic and random making it seem like it could happen to anyone.

    The easiest way to find a Graceling is to look into their eyes. Gracelings have heterochromia (where a person's right eye is one color and the left is another color) and their eye colors are not always natural. Eye colors of Gracelings cover the entire spectrum of the rainbow including shades of grey and metallic.

    Plot ideas for Graceling:
    Young Graceling royal x young Graceling noble
    Graceling peasant x royal
    Peasant x Graceling royal
    Graceling royal x royal
    Graceling peasant x peasant
    Graceling peasant x noble
    Graceling noble x peasant

    *Pairings can be homosexual or heterosexual. I don't judge.

    **All pairings have the potential to cross over into my next idea listed bellow called Beasts. See idea called "Graceling x Beast"

    Beasts (open)

    This is the same basic idea as Graceling but with a little bit of a twist. In this world instead of having Graced people running around they have something called Beasts.

    Beasts most commonly occur in animals and is in fact exclusive to the animal kingdom. I said this affliction most commonly occurs in animals because it has only once before in recorded history touched the human race... Until now. But before I get into plots let me explain what a Beast is.

    Like in my idea Graceling, Beasts are about as common as redheads but are three times harder to find because they usually die young though not of natural causes. They die young because humans are afraid of them. Beasts are known to be more wild and fierce than regular animals and are also known to be killed by other animals (other Beasts included) if wounded in anyway, significant or not, because of the mere smell of their blood.

    Beasts are also unnaturally and brightly colored in colors that are not normal in the animal kingdom let alone that animal's specific breed making camouflage nearly impossible for both hiding and hunting.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    human Beast peasant x human (royal, nobal, or peasant)
    Human Beast royal x human (royal, noble, peasant)
    Human beast noble x human (royal, noble, peasant)

    *plots can be homosexual or heterosexual

    **all plots have potential to cross over into Graceling. See next idea "Graceling x Beast"

    Graceling x Beast (open)

    For info on both Gracelings and Beasts please read above plot ideas "Graceling" and "Beasts"

    Gracelings and Beasts actually occur in the same world but the different lands that the two are native to are separated by an impregnable mountain pass. That is impregnable until now. Explorers have found a way through the mountain via ancient tunnels that lead scientists to believe that both Beasts and Gracelings once used to be the same rare affliction that evolved differently according to the regions they were isolated two. Neither have been aware of the other until now. What will happen when Gracelings and Beasts collide?

    What kind of genetic anomaly will happen next?

    Plots open to discussion.
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  2. Hey, just wondering what sort of Vampire Diaries rps you were interested in?
  3. Well I absoutly adore Damon and Enzo and Elijah so something with one of them maybe or an oc x oc. I don't have a real plot for that right now though
  4. Damon and Enzo are cute, totally agree. And Elijah is.. Kind of super dreamy.
    I'd be down for any three of them. I also had a plot idea of a writer writing about these two characters; a vampire, and the person they turned. Turns out to be Damon, in the idea I had, but it could be changed to whoever. The writer turns out to be a reincarnated version of that vampire who had turned them. Obviously, that way it would change the original story line a bit, as well.
  5. More dopplergangers... Sweet I like it though I think Damon is kinda over done... Maybe one of the other two
  6. No worries, I'm definitely down for one of the others too. I feel like Damon is probably over done, but for the life of me, I cannot find anyone to play him hahaha
  7. Lol so who do you want to use?
  8. Hurm. I think Enzo would be more fun, as far as keeping trouble coming.
  9. Cool so who do you want to be? Enzo or the new character?
  10. I'd prefer being the writer, since I have a character and whatnot for it, but I'm not super opposed to being Enzo either.
    Do you prefer the writer being male or female?
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  11. either works for me i dont care
  12. Welp, I have a girl all ready to go if you're interested
  13. sounds good. you wanna start off the thread?
  14. For sure. I'll send you the link when it's up
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