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    Today was the day of the Murder House reunion.

    To say Taissa was excited was an understatement. It was now 2016, meaning it had been a whole five years since the entire cast, her family, the originals, had been together. The cast of what Taissa considered the best season of American Horror Story -- not because she was a main character, but because it was simple and a classic and Tate -- would be meeting up for the first time.

    Taissa was also excited because she would be seeing Evan again. They were very good friends and had kept up with each other over the years, meeting for coffee and going on fun adventures and such, but those times were limited. Evan's career was quickly blowing up in Hollywood with the new movies he was pumping out, and Taissa wasn't doing so badly, either. But the biggest infringement on her time with Evan was the fact that Emma Roberts wouldn't let him out of her sight.

    She was the clingiest bitch Taissa had ever met. She rarely let Evan out because she was so attached to him, and when she did, she was always with him, looming over his shoulder and death glaring anyone who looked at him. Especially Taissa. Was it because Kyle had chosen Zoe over Madison in Coven? Was it because there would never be a better AHS couple than Tate and Violet? Or was it because that Emma knew she was walking on eggshells over that sexual assault incident? Taissa was appalled that she had gotten away with assaulting Evan. It didn't matter that they had both been drunk. She had assaulted him.

    But that was all in the past, because they had broken up. Taissa had been extremely happy when she heard the news that Evan had escaped that toxic relationship. That meant that both Evan was free, and Emma wouldn't be impeding on their time together.

    Taissa arrived at the hotel the reunion was taking place at. FX Studios had booked everyone a hotel room for two nights in one of the fanciest hotels in LA, and they had rented out the bar and ballroom for the event itself. Taissa swapped her invitation for a room key and handed her bags to the bellboy before texting Evan, letting him know that she was here.

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