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  1. Gabriel inclined in his seat, braiding his auburn hair. He was mentally connected to his ship, the Raven, Jeremy. He thought it would be fun to give the Raven a name like that and the Raven didn't mind. Jeremy actually quite liked his name, mostly because Gabriel gave it to him.

    Jeremy coasted through space, heading for a point where it would be safe for them to work together to jump into hyperspace. Gabriel thought of her, and Jeremy asked with a picture of the destination they had in mind if it was the person Gabriel was thinking of. Gabriel responded with a mental nod and Jeremy simply continued on his course, encouraged that they were headed in the right direction. Jeremy assured Gabriel that he could do the jump himself if Gabriel wanted to get lost in his thoughts. Gabriel took his offer and continued braiding his auburn hair.


    It was only an instant before they were both enveloped by the collective conscience of the Vell-Os, but he felt her, and he was enamored. After the war was over he went to Polaris space, he needed some time. He now feared it had been too long.

    He imagined what he would say to her, and what they would talk about, and before too long, they arrived. Jeremy parked outside the spaceport and informed Gabriel he would wait for him there. Gabriel nodded and went to the mirror, checking his reflection. His olive skin seemed out of place amidst his blue eyes and auburn hair, but he had all his life to get used to it and didn't notice it himself. He sucked on his teeth and took a few deep breaths, walking out to Jeremy's bay. He looked at the purple pulsing colors and looked down to Wolf 359.

    It was a start, and he hoped she was there, but wasn't too expectant. He formed a dart around his body and flew out of the bay, heading to the spaceport.

    The moment he landed he sent out a mental pulse, a query asking about the Vell Os that were there. He felt the familiar touch of Fllyraen and held his breath, waiting for more.
  2. It had been ages, since she had seen him. Although, after the war he had promised he'd come back? Though, where was he now? A deep sigh, would escape from her as Valiel looked down. Well, at least the garden is doing fine. She thought, as she knelt down her fingers tracing the delicate leaves that had moisture clinging to them. Normally, she hadn't felt as bad about him but, today was different. She was restless and usually, that often lead towards a bad day.

    Oh well, she might as well start working on the laundry. Perhaps, even cook a meal.. Alone, again. Entering the household, she'd pause at a familiar pulse.. It couldn't be him? Could it? She wondered yet, waited again to see if there was any more like it. So far, none.. Could it have been her imagination?
    Was she starting--, to become delusional after all this time? It entirely was possible, that she had.

    Hesitating, Valiel would send out her own in reply.. Waiting, hoping it hadn't been just a figure of her imagination. Listening, as the sounds around her were dulled. And the chores forgotten, she would stand utterly still hoping it was indeed him. Gabriel, the one her mind had relentlessly thought about. Even after, she tried her best to not loose hope.

    After all, not everyone could think happy thoughts after a war. For wars, took things most precious to you--, and kept it for themselves. One step, then another, her legs moving on their own as she edged towards the door though, she couldn't see anything she'd listen intensely.
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  3. Gabriel felt the touch of Valiel's mind, familiar and warm, it comforted him, "Yes!" He said out loud to himself. He went to her mind, peering in, she had been waiting for him, she had a home, a garden, and a life here. A dart formed around him and he sped towards her home, too excited to send another thought out to her. There was a sonic boom and a pop as he bent space around him to get him to her sooner. Alarms went up from the world government and he could hear the concerned thoughts of the attacks, but he soothed them.

    Then he was at her door. The dart dissolved around him again and he breathed heavily, he held up his hand and froze, he was here, finally here, and all his planning had been for nothing. He had plunged ahead foolishly and forgotten all his plans and ideas. He opened and closed his fist until finally Jeremy intruded on his thoughts, Knock, damn you. He said. Gabriel chuckled, if Jeremy had a head, he would ba shaking it.

    Gabriel knocked and waited for her to answer, then he saw her, physically, for the first time, "I- Uhh I... Hi, I know you've never seen me before and I've never seen you, but we've met and... Ummm.... Hi... I'm Gabriel."
  4. Chuckling, as she listened to himself.. She couldn't help but well, pause. It was odd to hear his voice yet, it was even stranger when she heard the popping noise. She froze, he was actually here. She swallowed, as she waited for the knock.. It was a suspenseful moment that seemed to have lasted for hours yet, when the knock came she slowly opened the door before standing within the entrance. She kept her warm-smile of course, plastered to those lips of hers as she listened to him stumble over his words. "Well, that's true.. Gabriel." She began, her voice soft and as smooth as any caress. "My name is, Valiel."

    And with that, she would step aside as she motioned with her right hand welcoming her into her home. "Would you like to come in for some tea..? Or perhaps, something to eat?" She asked curiously though, she had to do her very best to not squeal or fling herself at Gabriel. After all, he had just come home after all of these long years. It had been dreadfully long, tilting her head she couldn't help but grin.

    Oh well, she was glad he was here now.. And that was really all that mattered to her at the moment. Lacing her fingers together, Valiel would quietly but, eagerly await for him to come inside so they could properly converse with one another. That is, if either of them could move from their spots.
  5. He swallowed hard as she invited him in and he walked in, "Tea and some food would be lovely, I love... Eating..." He said, restraining himself similarly to how she was restraining herself. Resisting the urge to jump in her mind and have it out right there as he looked deeply into her eyes. He saw her grin and breathed a relaxed sigh, feeling more at ease that she wasn't upset that he had been gone so long.

    He was back, back where it all started, the planet where he became a slave and then returned to free them all. He could think of no other mind he would rather be with. She was more comforting than the vastness of the Krypt mind. He wanted her, forever.

    He chewed on his thumb as he looked for a soft chair to sit down, on, settling on the sofa, not really aware of his surroundings, only aware of the mind he was with, the person. Valiel. He repeated the name to himself. Valiel.
  6. She chuckled as she studied his change features, "Very well," She chuckled, as she moved away before grabbing the already kettle filled with hot tea. Pouring him a glass, she looked totally serene and at peace with herself as she sat it back down though, turned the stove down so the kettle wouldn't spew it should she get distracted by the man within her residence. Coming over, she sat the cup down infront of him before turning the handle to face towards him a soft though, fond smile spreading across her lips. "Is there anything you'd like to eat specifically?" She asked curiously, as she went over to the stove to grab her own cup of tea.

    Only then, did Valiel walked over to sit down beside him as she took a sip of the tea herself. "I'm glad you're back now, though." She chuckled softly, as she placed a hand on one of his knees before giving it a gentle squeeze as she gave him the sweetest of smiles.
  7. He watched her as she came into his field of view again, entranced. He took the cup of tea and smiled dumbly at her, stopping chewing on his thumb. He heard a question, he knew it was a question, "Yes, yes, of course." He said, having no idea what she just asked, staring blankly. He breathed slowly to calm himself down and get a bit of clarity. He had waited so long for this moment, to return, and now he found himself unable to concentrate on anything.

    She sat next to him and he breathed contentedly, "I'm glad I'm back as well... I... I had trouble imagining coming back here... To... Well... Where..." He touched the back of his neck, a scar where the mind control chip once was. He knew if he touched her neck, she would have the same scar, "I'm thankful that we were able to destroy the chips before the failsafe activated..." He cleared his throat, finding he was unable to think of much else, "So... Are you a T-4, T-3?" He asked, "I can't imagine why you would stay here if you could make your own ship and bend space... So much... The Bureau..." He ground his teeth, unable to find his words.

    That was the first thing he did after the war, hunted down the remnants of the Bureau and crushed them in his Manticore. He breathed in and out slowly, "Why did you stay here?" He finally asked.
  8. Seeing him take the cup, she merely raised a brow when he spoke. It made no sense yet, she couldn't help but well, give him a fond smile. As usual, he hadn't been paying attention--, though, that didn't stop her from sitting down before taking a sip from her own cup of tea. She was glad, glad that he was back safe and sound.. With her. Then again, it was quite possible that he was infact, only here on a friendly basis rather than to seek her out because of a promise.

    Pausing, she glanced over as he yet, again.. Spoke. She gave him a worried look, seeing him stroke the scar he had upon the back of his neck. Her own, resembled the same he had.. Yet, she was rather insecure about it considering at times it did bother her. Upon his next set of well, questions she tilted her head as she sat her cup down upon the table. "I'm grateful as well, and I truthfully don't know.." She chuckled, as she placed a hand on one of his knees giving it a comforting squeeze. "And why I stayed? Well, a special someone made a promise that they'd come back--, and I'm sure they would have been heartbroken had they not be able to see me again." She stated, letting a warm smile flow over her lips.

    Infact, she had indeed stayed here for him.. She was sure, that if she hadn't she would have been heartbroken herself. Or perhaps, she'd be unable to go on with her life if she had left. "Does that answer your question?" She inquired, as she removed her hand from his knee to once again pick up her cup.
  9. He chuckled when she said she stayed here because she promised she'd see him again, and that he might be heartbroken if she wasn't there when she returned, "I would have found you. The Galaxy is a big place, but so is Jameson. I'm the most powerful psychic in existence, the Bureau remnants themselves learned that they can't hide from me." That was the first order of business that took him so long, but after that, he was procrastinating, fear. She was here now, and all of those feelings were absolved. He smiled back at her.

    He nodded when she asked if that answered her question, "Yes. Well, I'm here now..." He remembered what led him to becoming enslaved in the first place, he was a free spirit at heart. He couldn't settle down, especially not here. No, definitely not here, "I-" He paused as he thought of how to phrase it, "My space-ship is bigger than your house." He said, deciding that's as good a place to come around to the subject as any, "He's a Raven, you know, those giant Polaris warships. I got him as a gift, they're not like federation or Auroran ships, he's alive, they're alive. He's a brilliant guy, though he's a bit childish in attitude... You... You could come with me... If you like." He said softly, staring into the cup.
  10. Smiling fondly at him, she'd raise a brow as she tilted her head somewhat to the side. He would have found her? But, the Galaxy was so big.. And she doubted she would have wanted to wait more than necessary to see him again. The mere thought of well, losing him again made a small sliver of her heart crack. When he stated how, he was here now--, she couldn't help but well, brush away a tear that had seemingly fallen down one of her cheeks. "I don't think I could have moved from this spot.. It had too many memories--, and I very well, didn't want to leave what remnants I had of you." She whispered softly.

    Glancing upwards, when he began to speak yet, again. She would listen intently though, she blinked dumbfounded by the words she heard next. "G-go with you?" She inquired shocked, as she glanced away her face darkening from a rather sudden blush. Well of course, the idea wasn't infact, bad. However, she wasn't sure what she'd do if she did decide to go with him. At his comment, about how the spaceship was alive? She gave him a skeptical look, as if he were a bit crazy yet, she herself had seen crazy things so she didn't doubt his words. Placing a gentle hand, upon his shoulder she leaned over slightly to stare into his eyes. "Is there more than enough room?" She asked teasingly, as she gave him.. Her answer.
  11. He held her close when she said she didn't think she could leave the spot when it had so much of her memories of him. He kissed her forehead, "That's a thing you don't have to worry about anymore." He said with a large smile, "I'm around and we'll never have to be without each other again." He chuckled happily.

    "Yes!" He said, letting go of her and jumping off of the couch, "Come with me! We can explore the galaxy together, no laws but our own! We'll out-pirate pirates! Disable their ship and take them for all they're worth!" He struck a dramatic pose, "It can be everything we've ever dreamed of! You, me, the ship and the crew. What do you say?" She asked if there was more than enough room and he pumped his fist in victory, "Oh definitely, if you want, we could take the house." He said with a chuckle.
  12. She blushed slightly, by the fact he had kissed her forehead. Giving him a small smile, she'd listen to him speak though, she wasn't sure what would happen if they were to be separated again. Although, all of a sudden.. He was jumping up and then posing as if he were some great hero that had come to rescue her.

    "Now laws? Adventure? And out-pirate pirates?" She stated warily, as she put a hand to her right cheek for a moment as she watched him. Everything we've ever dreamed of! Now that, was something she would wish to come true--, for the both of them even if both their dreams might not match one another's own. "I might bring along some things but, I doubt we'd be able to bring the house.." She murmured softly, as she took another sip from her tea cup.
  13. He chuckled when she seemed doubtful of the whole scenario. She said she doubted they'd be able to bring the house and his eyes grew wide, "You've never seen a Javelin before." He went back over to her and put hand on each cheek, his thumbs under her eyes as he looked deeply into them. He implanted the image of a Javelin into her mind
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    With the image of the Javelin, he showed her the instructions as Fllyraen had dictated to him, in his own mind, the weave of the mental energy. Then he projected an image of the Javelin being woven around the house before lifting up into the air and into the Raven ship, docking inside the massive Polaris ship.
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    With that he took her hands off her and allowed her a moment to take it all in, absorb the information he had just imparted to her.
  14. As he came closer, her face flushed a rosy-red yet, she never took her eyes off of him as his thumbs pressed themselves underneath her eyes. Sure enough, the image of the Javelin was projected into her mind, a small audible gasp would escape her lips as she brought her hands up to gently grip his wrists. The house, was actually, going to fit.. And yet, she was sure.. She wouldn't want it getting damaged should the ship get attacked. Shaking her head, she gave him a timid smile, as she nervously noted how close he was to her.

    "Gabriel, dear.. I don't know if I want to take the house." She murmured softly, as she massaged the back of his palms, with her thumbs. Staring into his gaze, as her head tilted slightly, she offered him a fond smile. "Besides, I think moving around more would benefit us--, right?" She inquired teasingly, as she enjoyed the touch of his hands on her face, he was warm.. And the warmth that radiated off of this man was comforting to her.
  15. He noted her concerns, and decided it would not be best to press against them, feeling her exact feelings on the matter, he didn't feel like pressing her. He nodded when she said they should move around more and a house would encourage them to settle. He felt himself drawn closer to her, looking into her eyes not just to see into her mind more easily, but to just appreciate the view within her eyes. He came closer, turning his head to get under her nose and he kissed her softly.

    "Whatever makes you most comfortable." Jeremy echoed relief in his head that they wouldn't be putting the house in. Gabriel rolled his eyes, remembering he left the psychic link open and severed it. If Jeremy became in distress, he would hear it. Immediately after the link was severed, he felt Jeremy panic and reestablished the link. Predictably, he was distressed that the link was severed. Privacy. He thought to Jeremy, who immediately silenced his worry, not resuming even after the link was broken again.

    "We can travel the Universe however you want." He said with a smile, "I have a crew of marines, mostly for looks, not many people survive stepping on my ship." He explained softly, "Bare bones, mostly alone." He explained, "We will have the run of the place to ourselves." He said, "That sound nice?"
  16. When he seemed to be drawing closer to her, Valiel would lean back though, she was unable to go any further when her back hit the couch. When he kissed her, her eyes fluttered closed- their breaths mingling with one another, she'd watch him pull away her face a dark red hue. "Gabriel," She breathlessly spoke, as she looked away her face turning a darker shade of red. As he spoke, she looked back but, tilted her head when he seemed to be speaking to someone.

    Standing now, she'd move over to Gabriel yet, merely wrapped her arms around his neck as she returned the kiss. Her actions though, were nervous, and obviously shy. Pulling back slightly, she met his gaze as she cupped one of his cheeks in the palm of her small soft hand. "I'd love to go with you," She stated softly, as she hugged him tightly as if he had just made the whole world shine before her very eyes again.
  17. She said his name and warmth bloomed up inside him, hearing her voice was so sweet. The touch of her mind was so soft, so comfortable.

    She said she'd love to go with him and his heart soared, feeling like he could lift mountains with his bare hands instead of just his mind. The Universe was his to command, and he had her by his side. He calmed himself down quickly, she surely felt all that and he turned red with embarassment, wrapping his arms around ehr and holding her tight so that she couldn't see how red his face was.

    "Well, we should go, whenever you're ready."
  18. Valiel of course, hadn't been expecting Gabriel to embrace her so tightly. Her own face, would turn a dark shade of red as she felt his heat mingle with her own. It was hard to move especially, with how tight he was seemingly squeezing her body against his. Chuckling slightly, she'd merely enjoy it as she wrapped her arms around him in a warm hug. Nuzzling his neck, she'd press small kisses along his jaw.

    "Gabriel, I have to pack some things first.. You can't just carry me out the door- even though, I might enjoy being with you." She paused with a soft chuckle, as she twirled a few strands of his hair around her right forefinger. "I need clothes perhaps, some things that held fond memories, darling. If you want to help, you can?" She asked curiously, as she tried to lean back in his tight embrace to give him an affectionate smile.
  19. He grunted apprieciatively as she kissed his jaw, loosening his hold on her so that she could go free. She played with her hair and he grinned broadly, "Of course. I can help you pack!" closing his eyes, five ghostly forms materialized next to them, extensions of Gabriel's psychic energy, "Help the lady however she requires." He said out loud, redundantly, transmitting the ideas to them of how to help her carry her items.

    The five of them floated around her, eagerly awaiting her commands, "Being a T0 has its benefits." He said feeling how his mind easily kept up with the five forms.
  20. She smiled gently though, watched with some shock and surprise... As not one but, five figures seemed to have appeared to materialize out of thin air by Gabriel's whims. She listened to him though, merely gave him a raise of the brow and a small smile. Moments later, she was showing them images, and what she wanted to have packed- and things she would have to leave behind. After all, she didn't want to be a burden on this man.

    When she was done, Valiel would snuggle herself back into Gabriel's arms. She loved being this close, and the fact that his mind was so comforting- so warm, it was hard to stay away. Tracing a finger along his chest, she smiled fondly as she listened to him speak. "I guess it does."
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