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  1. Ah, I'm not even sure where to start, haha! Just recently, I had a great idea come to mind of a fictional high fantasy country called Euthrandiel. I already have my character finished halfway through and let me tell you, she is really detailed without the need for an image! Anyways, I've come to realize I can't create a high fantasy world up on a whim within the fantasy forum on that one thread, so I decided to come here for help and (hopefully) possible collaborations for making this fictional world a reality!

    I suppose I should just lay out what I have so far, but then again, I have no idea what I'm doing, haha!


    Men: Your typical human beings built for athleticism feats in Euthrandiel.
    No sub-races.

    Faeries: Mythical creatures known to have the power of communication with unusual and/or common animals of Euthrandiel that are not human.

    • Air
    - Birds

    • Land
    - Carnivores
    - Vegetarians

    • Aquatic
    - Fish

    Elves: Supernatural creatures responsible for different things according to inheritance.

    • Seasonal: These elves are in charge of the come and go of each season.
    - Spring (Neutral)
    - Winter (Neutral)
    - Summer (Neutral)
    - Fall (Neutral)

    • Shadow & Vesper
    - Dark (Evil)
    - Light (Good)

    Shapeshifters: Mostly humanoid creatures with the ability to shift into different fantastical creatures.

    • Dragons
    - Fire (Evil, Good, Neutral)
    - Air (Evil, Good, Neutral)
    - Aether (Evil, Good, Neutral)
    - Earth (Evil, Good, Neutral)
    - Water (Evil, Good, Neutral)

    Dwarves: A natural humanoid creature with short body stature and broad shoulders.

    • Dwarves (Good)
    - Half-Dwarf (Good)

    Orcs: Big or small, these dark green creatures have a brutish and aggressive appearance with broad shoulders and ape-like stature.

    • Classic Orc (Evil)
    - Half-Orcs (Good, Evil, Neutral)

    Euthrandiel & its Regions

    Euthrandiel, a daring and magnificent country made up of a large landmass that is 3.610 million square miles with different territories set in place.

    The first of these regions, Kartel, is set within the southeast division, and is inhabited with five different elemental dragon shapeshifter tribes. The first one is Aether, the next one is water, then fire, earth, and wind.

    Seisnac is set in the western division and is inhabited mostly by men.

    So that's what it is so far! I mean, I have more ideas swarming around in my head but I feel I can't do it one by one without some help and/or (hopefully) collaborations!
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  2. Perhaps you could put more detail into the whole good/evil/neutral stances. Why are they good? Why are they evil?
    More information on the different races and general terrain would also make it a lot better. Your overall description on the land is very vague, but it leaves a lot of room for growth and development.
  3. I'm just starting out, so thanks for the input!
  4. I HIGHLY recommend trying a few of the fantasy genre exercises. Most of them are for very specific things, BUT they make really good inspiration and kind of get the ball rolling for fluffing out the world culture!
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  5. Since I'm hoping for one x one help/collaborations, is it possible to put this in a 'collaboration' prefix tag, as well? Or should I stick to the 'help request' tag?