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Okay so i'm working on a project in my english 102 class. I had to read an essay and do a project on it and the majority of the essay is about european tolerance for homosexuality, different races, and country to country tolerance.

I need some opinions from people from different countries. (Germany would be absolutely amazing considering the essay has a lot to do with the holocaust and the beliefs back then) All people's opinions would be fantastic. The more the merrier!

The more you can tell me about attitudes and feelings about homosexuality, different races, and country to country tolerance, the better it will be.

Thank you bunches!
You sure there is no studies or research done on this subject you can use instead?

As per usual with recessions(which I doubt is unique in the case of europe) like the one going on now, anti-immigrant/anti-foreign/racist factions gain popularity among broader parts of the population. I can only speak for my country and surrounding countries that gain attention in the media here, but I know for a fact that in Germany any notion of a (neo)nazi-faction or any powerful individual speaking supportingly for it's cause are struck down on extremly harshly. Of course, with the recession, that might've changed there too. I suggest you might ask Grandmaster Karsikan as he served in Germany for some time.

Most recently, Sannfinländarna(Finland), a party who's very hostile to wards immigration managed to get 19% of votes in the Finnish election this weekend. This makes them one of the three biggest parties in Finland.

I believe the Swedish election was held late last year, a party thats probably leaning even further to the right, Sverigedemokraterna, managed to get 5,7% of the votes.

I believe the far right-wingers in Denmark has collapsed from what they once were, but a comeback wouldn't be surprising in the current climate.

Both the Finnish and Swedish party beforementioned also have in common for being strongly against their countries' participation in the EU.

Here in Norway, we have Fremskrittspartiet, who shouldn't be compared to the other parties, but they're often seen as the "evil" right-wing party here. Keep in mind that politics in modern Norway has a heavy tradition of being left-leaning. Even Høyre(Right), a party who has been a major party ever since the country became independent, have been compared to having a similar political agenda as the democrats in USA. I should also mention that Fremskrittspartiet is a major player in politics here.

I could go on and mention factions/parties in Russia, England, Italy and so and so on, but really, I'm no expert and I honestly(again) suggest that you rather invest time in finding official research on the subject.

As for tolerance to wards homosexuality in's very much tolerated all over, but I'm sure if you go to the right place, at the right moment, you'll find homophobes.

I could go on and on for example about the growing anti-semitism reported here and various factors to fully explain it, but again, I wouldn't consider Iwaku to be the ideal place you gather information for your project.
I am looking for other studies, but I like having first hand information from people who are actually living there along with the information that I find elsewhere. Thank you for your info. :)