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  1. Anyone else watch this awesome anime? I watched it on Adult Swim back when I was in middle school and I've been hooked on it ever since!

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  2. I coulda sworn it was on my anime list so I look through and then I realized I was thinking of Trinity seven XP

    I looked at this anime once before though skipped over it not paying much attention to it... For some reason. Looking at it now, it looks pretty nifty.

    So how good do you think it is? I have a anime priority list right now to organize how i'm gonna watch my anime.

    My anime list :D Just in case someone needs new anime in their life/warn me about one of the below o.o
    Show Spoiler

    Anime list
    Kiss anime

    Teen titans
    Xaolin showdown

    Top priority

    Good luck girl ((binbougami ga))
    Girls luck changes world in her favor which creates an imbalance, so the God of misfortune goes to fix this

    Gakushen Toshi asterisk
    (makers of SAO)

    Darker than black

    Cross ange
    Don’t understand a thing, LOOKS AWESOME!

    Seirei Tsukai no blade dance
    Looks like DxD

    Tokyo ESP
    ESP gives person power to phase through objects, they fight others with ESP's

    Blue exorcist
    Hear allot about it
    Medium priority

    Trinity seven
    Similar to Blazblue

    Heavens lost property
    Looks hilarous

    Fate/stay night: unlimited blade works
    Hear allot about it

    Sengoku basara end of judgement
    Guy betrays other guy, several groups prepare for battle

    Guy goes to highschool and meets a fox spirit

    Black bullet
    In future, a virus spreads so humans build wall. Virus infects people outside and gives them powers so a guy entered a program to exterminate them

    Yozaruka quartet: hana no ita
    4 friends help save city from different dimention creatures.

    So I can't play H
    A girl apart of the elite grim reaper visits earth and is helped in her search

    A girl was hit by a bus saving someone and made her transform into a half phantom

    Two people forced to pretend to like each other as two rival gangs make a truths. Guy likes someone else at school.

    Accel world
    Kid is bullied, put into program to super accelerate his mind

    Infinte startos-
    ((a new weapon called IS can only be used by girls. 10 years later peace was shattered and a boy is able to use IS so he goes to the training school which is all girls))

    Madoka magica-
    ((A girl becomes a wizard that has to fight for exchange of a wish. Did what evangelion did for robots but with wizards))

    The world only god knows-
    ((Surprisingly good even with the stereotypes))

    Chugo chara-
    ((Was number 1 when it came out))

    Guys dream to be a hero is shattered when war ends, he works at store and is dull, but then sees the enemies daughter walk in.

    Low priority

    Mayo chiki
    Seitokai yakuindomo
    Terrible, can't finish

    To love ru- episode 9
    Girls bravo- episode 7

    Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
    Sword art online
    No game no life season 2
    Sekirei season 3
    Highschool of the dead season 2
    Highschool DxD season 4
    Date a live 2 episode 11 (season 3?)
    Evangelion movie 3 (2014)
    Evangelion movie 4 (2015)

    Air gear
    Akami Ga Kill
    Blazblue: alter memory
    Elfen lied
    Future diary/mirai Nikki
    Gurren Lagaan
    Kill la kill
  3. It's no Gundam or Neon Genesis Evangelion but it's pretty damn good in its own right! Teen Titans and Code Lyoko are AWESOME! I grew up watching those shows!
  4. Let's put it on pending then and do a bit of research later ^^ (Gotta get going, I don't feel like walking now DX But I gotta -.-)

    Those two were my childhood :D :D :D Me and my friend decided that once we move out, we're gonna re-live our childhoods and watch those 3 and see if they are still good or not.
  5. Damn it now I wanna relive MY childhood :( I miss being a kid!
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  6. Doesn't look like something I would enjoy, but maybe one day when I am bored I will try watching it. Who knows, it might end up being the first anime with robots I like.
  7. I saw it but barely remember it. I don't think I finished the season cause ADULT Swim took it off. <<
  8. They finished the initial run and then aired re-runs here and there
  9. Started it on Netflix some months back while I was sick. Or maybe it was Hulu? My biggest issue with anime in general is just how insufferably whiny and babyish they try to make the protags. It's so off-putting at times that it made it especially hard to get into Eureka and some others.

    It's still on my list. With two weeks off I might multitask Rimworld and watch something. Literally a single episode of Knights of Sidonia season 2 left. That takes priority.

    Hnngg anime that follows the laws of physics.

    SO RARE.
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