Eureka SeveN: Rebirth

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  1. Eureka SeveN: Rebirth

    Holland Novak: For those of you that don't know this story let me start at the beginning...

    It all began with a with a 14-year old boy, Renton Thurston, that's the son of Adroc Thurston, a military researcher who died saving this world from the first great calamity known as 'The Summer of Love'. He lived with his grandfather, a rather obstinate man known as Axel Thurston. He of course, like all Thurstons was a legendary mechanic. Renton lived a rather mundane life in the quiet town of Bellforest.

    That boy enjoyed lifting on the trapar like it was nobody's business. He simply needed the confidence. When we first got him, well, he couldn't lift and he definitely had no confidence. What was the Trapar? It was a transparent light particle substance made by Scub Coral. It behaves like waves or a really strong wind current.
    In order to "ride" trapar, the utilization of reflection films are required. Trapar are released from the Scub Coral's powerful metabolism. As a result, trapar can be completely manipulated and produced by coralians.

    Yeah, yeah, I know whats coming next. What are Coralians? Scub Corals? If you just give me a damn minute I'll-

    Talho Novak: Holland[SIZE=3]! What have I told you about yelling at children?

    Holland Novak: Don't do it...Yeah, yeah.[SIZE=3] Anyways...


    Scub Corals are intelligent lifeforms that came to earth ten thousand years before ou[SIZE=3]r cur[SIZE=3]rent d[SIZE=3]ate of time. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3] They have the ability to change the laws of physics by force of will alone as well as many other mysterious capabilities. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]The Scub Coral originally [SIZE=3]kn[/SIZE]own to crash into Earth's atmosphere somewhere in the 21st century. They survived a collision with an artificial satellite and landed in the Pacific ocean, however their condition was critical. The beings fused with normal coral to borrow their physical body. [SIZE=3]Possessing[/SIZE] a powerful metabolism, the Scub Coral are capable of growing into enormous size in a blink of an eye, and shortly after their arrival,[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]the planet's atmosphere has been contaminated [SIZE=3][SIZE=3]guessed[/SIZE] it--Trappa[SIZE=3]r [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]a particulate matter released from Scub Coral's biological activities.

    Coralians are just the different types of Scubs there were.
    The Command Center of the Scub Coral was a large concentration of the Scub Coral which acted as the central mind for the rest of its "body". It stored all the information the Scub had collected over the last 10,000 years, and keeps the rest of the Scub Coral in a dormant state. Then they had what were known as Kute-class Corallians. A Kute-class was massive sphere of concentrated energy that materialized suddenly in the skies. Though it was a rare natural occurrence, they could be artificially triggered by causing heavy damage to the Scub Coral. The disappearance of a Kute causes a massive release of energy, ravaging the surrounding landscape and lowering the Trappar count in the area to almost non-existent levels....

    Unknown: What's the matter Holland?

    Holland Novak: It's nothing really, I just recal the time that Eureka and Renton went into one of those things.

    Unknown: Eureka? Renton?

    Holland Novak: Yeah...

    Unknown: Are the same people whose names are carved into the moo[SIZE=3]n?

    H[SIZE=3]o[SIZE=3]lland Novak: ...! Yeah...Yeah kid, they [SIZE=3]are...A great couple those two. Heros[SIZE=3] that gave everything...

    Now i[SIZE=3]t's your turn.....[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    This will be a fan-fiction remake of Eureka Seven Ao. I will be using the original animated series as a platform for this sequel.

    Act 1 will involve many of the characters from the series, albeit, older than what they were as 18 years have passed leaving the crew older and the children of the Gekkostate are adults by this point.The son of Renton and Eureka Thurston, Shiro somehow finds and activates the The Nirvash Type ZERO activating the Seven Swell effect indirectly which causes a distortion tear in the fabric of space and plunges him and the Nirvash back into the world with the Gekkostate. Holland and Talho's daughter is the first to find the unconscious boy of 16. Little does he know the Nirvash was waiting for him, even calling to him in his dreams. The war that Dewy had sponsored to eradicate the Scub Coral was just the beginning.

    Shiro is left with amnesia, only fleeting memories of his father leaving and his mother crying leave him particularly hostile. But when a young girl earns his trust, even his affection he is transformed from child to man. Much like his father before him. But this close knit relationship activates the Nirvash to respond to its pilot enabling him to fight the coming darkness.

    Original Characters included:

    Renton Thurston (Flashback)

    Eureka (Thurston)(Flashback)

    Holland Novak

    Talho (Novak)



    Maurice, Maeter, and Linck
    (Grown Up)



    Mischa (Deceased)






    Additional Characters:

    Alex Renton Thurston (Renton+ Eureka)

    ___ Novek (Holland + Talho)

    Anyone who wishes to play the girl and co-pilot of the Nirvash, will have to respond often.


  2. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Alex Renton Thurston

    Nicknames: Alex-kun, Ai-chan (only by Nami to mock him)


    • RP Power: Main Character

      Race: Corallian
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: August 8th, 22324
      Age: 16
      Hair: Aquamarine
      Skin: Pale
      Eyes: Lavender with red circles around the pupils
      Height: 5'4
      Weight: 112 lbs

      Place of Residence: Novak residence-Blue Seed ship
      Place of Birth: Earth

      Relatives: Eureka Thurston (Mother), Renton Thurston (Father), Adroc Thurston (Grandfather), Axel Thurston (Great-Grandfather), Diane (Aunt)
      Enemies: Blue Seed, Military
      Allies: Holland, Talho, Nami, Moondoggie, Gidget, Hilda, Matthew, Woz, Mischa, Stoner, Hap, Jobs,

      Appearance: Alex looks like your basic teenager...well, except the fact he has lavender shaded eyes and aquamarine colored hair that is. He's rather short, being shorter than Nami, he is often ridiculed by her for it. This makes him somewhat moody and self-conscious. He usually wears some sort of hoodie pullover over top his shirt. This is much like his father rather he likes to admit it or not. He also wears brand of cargo style shorts and tennis shoes. Two of his most blatant features, things of attraction for most other teenage girls (Much to the envy of Nami) is his vibrant colored hair and his equally noticeable able eyes.

      Fashion of Choice: Hood and shorts

      Special Abilities: Yet to be revealed

    • History: Will add later

    • Alignment: Good
      Motivations: To protect Nami
      Disposition: Laid back
      Outlook: Despite it being somewhat of a hazard for his health when it comes to Nami's mood swings, Alex regardless is rather laid back and demure

      Religion/Philosophy:“Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections."

      Sexuality: Straight

      Positive Personality Traits: Kind, Honest, Loyal, Protective
      Negative Personality Traits: Lazy, Self-motivated, can be selfish at times
      Misc. Quirks: Never knows whats going on around him
    Interests: (optional)

    • Likes: Lifting, sunsets, sky fish
      Dislikes: Mushrooms, showing off, other people who show off

      Favorite Foods: Chili peppers, Ramen,
      Favorite Drinks: Energy drinks
      Favorite Colors: Red, Silver, Blue

      Hobbies: Lifting
    Theme Songs:Eureka Seven OST: Final Wish
  3. Full Name: Kukyo M. Crescent
    Nicknames: Moon Dj, Moon puppy (A nick name he loathes!!!), crescent doggie, Moon doggie jr.


    • RP Power: Side character, (Unless allowed otherwise. ^^")

      Race: appears to be human.
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: july 16th, 22324
      Age: 16
      Hair: Dyed blonde
      Skin: A little tan
      Eyes: Blue with a Back crescent around right pupil. (believes to be a birthmark)
      Height: 5'5
      Weight: 109 lbs

      Place of Residence: A ship he claims to have maid.
      Place of Birth: Earth

      Relatives: Moondoggie (father), Gidget (Mother)
      Enemies: Blue Seed, Military, and anyone he picks a fight with in a bar. (Don't ask how he gets into a bar at a young age :3)
    • Allies: Holland, Talho, Nami, Moondoggie, Gidget, Hilda, Matthew, Woz, Mischa, Stoner, Hap, Jobs, Alex

      Appearance: Basic teenager, except slenderer, a little more built then some (From working on a ship.) Seems a bit lost at times.

    • [B]Fashion of Choice: kacki pants, blue button up shirt, and a Sea blue cap

      [B]Special Abilities: None that he knows of.[/B][/B]

    • [B][B][B]History: Will add later[/B][/B][/B]

    [*][B]Alignment: Good
    [B]Motivations: To show people that he can be taken seriously,
    Disposition: clumsy, mellow, peacefful
    Outlook: Is a hazard to himself, and to anyone who is with him when he pilots sleepily[/B][/B]


    [B]Sexuality: Straight

    [B]Positive Personality Traits: Goofy, caring, loyal, strong spirited.
    [B]Negative Personality Traits: Lazy, Blindingly stupid[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
    [*][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]Misc. Quirks: Could have a sword in his stomach and not realize it till later, not even feeling it until he notices it.[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
    [SIZE=5][B]Interests:[/B][/SIZE][B] (optional)

    [*][B]Likes: Lifting, piloting, sky fish
    [B]Dislikes: certain spicy foods, showing off, Snobby people, People who point guns at him constantly

    [B]Favorite Foods: Ramen, Pockie.
    [B]Favorite Drinks: water
    [B]Favorite Colors: black, Silver, Blue, Neon-blue

    [B]Hobbies: Lifting, Piloting[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]

  4. Full Name: Nami Einari Kovak
    Nicknames: Eina, Dragonfly (her mother’s pet name for her).


    RP Power: Main Character

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: April 18th, 22324
    Age: 16
    Hair: Dark Brunette
    Skin: light tan
    Eyes: green
    Height: 5'4 3/4
    Weight: 109 lbs

    Place of Residence: Novak residence-Blue Seed ship
    Place of Birth: Earth

    Relatives: Holland Novak (Father), Talho Yūki (Mother)
    Enemies: Blue Seed, Military
    Allies: Eureka, Renton, Alex, Moondoggie, Gidget, Hilda, Matthew, Woz, Mischa, Stoner, Hap, Jobs,

    Appearance: at 13 years old 23178-eureka.jpg 250px-Arata-naru.jpg

    At 16 years old: talho_2988.jpg A quick alteration of one of Tahlo's picks. Nami will cut her hair similar to her mom's when she was younger, cause she was tired of having her huge forehead showing all the time and seriously wanted bangs.

    Fashion of Choice: Wears a red and white summer set: shorts with a crop top that shows her midriff.
    Special Abilities: Is almost equal her father, Holland, at Lifting; and learning from him about competitions, as well as working with LFOs.
    History: Will add later

    Alignment: Good
    Motivations: Helping Alex regain his memory
    Disposition: Spoiled Brat with a Rebellious streak.
    Outlook: Irritated by her parents’ fame, tired of Holland insisting that she follow in his footsteps in Lifting. Really wants to learn more about LFOs so she can have one all to herself, but she’s forced to use Holland’s remade version of his old Terminus type R909.

    She doesn’t consider Lifting worth the effort because it’s not free, in her eyes, when she’s forced into it for the purpose of competitions and not for the sheer enjoyment.

    If she really could have things her way, she would rather go to Earth to a real school and make real friends who only likes her for her, and not for her parents’ fame. She rather have a regular life where she gets to design her own path in life, rather having someone do that for her. She wants to have a chance to be herself and learn about who she is and what dreams she has, rather living her dad’s unfulfilled ones.

    Religion/Philosophy: There is no freedom when someone’s always making you follow their plans for your life.

    Sexuality: Straight

    Positive Personality Traits:
    Negative Personality Traits: Very selfish, tries to be lazy and carefree, but Holland refuses for her to fall into his old habits and makes her work, train and study.
    Misc. Quirks: Always feels like she should have the last word, her depression causes her to hide from everyone. When she’s seriously concentrating on something, she won’t blink and sometimes won’t take a deep breath. She's allergic to peanuts.

    Interests: (optional)
    Likes: skyfish, the ocean, grass, music, piloting, LFOs (Will learn that she really likes being the center of attention)
    Dislikes: Lifting, Cameras, Fans, being ignored, (Alex when he becomes the center of attention)
    Favorite Foods: Rice Cakes, shashimi
    Favorite Drinks: Pink Lemonade
    Favorite Colors: Red, Yellow, Green

    Hobbies: Collecting reasons to irritate and harass Alex (Mainly after he regains all of his memory.) Has a journal where she cuts out pictures of things and places normal people have and go to, like school, soda shops, having roller skates, nice dresses, a vehicle, jewelry. There’s a lot of things that are not necessary for the life she lives, so she doesn’t have them.

    Theme Songs: Niji
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  6. Lol. I am imagining What Kukyo would look like. No such luck. T.T
  7. Wow, there's really not that many choices out there if you're looking for that Moondoggie look. I've just scanned through the web, and this was all I could find that were somewhat close to age and a slight difference for someone who looks like Moondoggie and Gidget combined. If you want him to have a bit more of a tan to express Gidget's touch of ethnic, then you'll have to photoshop it.

    803409.jpg This was one that I'd found... meh

    AnimeBoygreeneyesblondehair.jpg This one has the feel, but he really looks 13 years old... Which would fit for the story now because we're starting with them around 13 anyways.

    images.jpg This one is actually a screen shot of Moondoggie without his hat. You can use this concept, if you don't want to go any further.
  8. I found one actually. :3[​IMG]
  9. Yay! We are in agreement!
  10. [​IMG]I could use this one for 13 and then my other one
    [​IMG]For 16 :3
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  12. Definitely! Seeing how your character would definitely have a history with Nami. XD Strike one for Alex!

    They all like skyfish and dislike the military. LOL
  13. I do like sky fish though :o. sky fish are awesome =w= They can get really huge tho ._____.
  14. Yeah the can. ..They also have that creep big beady eye thing going on. o_O...
  15. So true... I accidentally paused an episode when watching it on comp. I stared at the eye for about 30 mins .__.
  16. Nami just likes them when their cute and small. Beady eyes just creeps her out! But, they're still pretty...
  17. >>; I always get the feeling that thing will suck out your soul if you look at for too long.

    I suppose the good thing is...they don't bite. So you can grab one and flex it out like rubber. xD

    I felt bad when they turned that big one into panels for the ship. LOL
  18. Kukyo likes em when they get huge. He thinks they would be fun to ride :3. and there goes his last piece of sanity ^^
  19. EEWWUU!! *random spine tingling shake*

    K, that's going to be a good one for Alex to serve on her, if she accidentally let out her dislike of larger skyfish.
  20. Nami like them small. Kukyo likes them big. Alex likes them because they are .Flexible? xD