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  1. As you gaze out past the railings of the airship, the maw of space stares back at you. Galaxial breezes caress your face as you look towards your destination. Between the two planets lies a single shared moon. On this moon lies Eureka Academy, the fabled institute known for the heroes who have walked past its gates and saved both worlds on a number of occasions or have made powerful advancements in the fields of science and magic. For every hero though, there are countless others who didn't make it so far. In a passenger manifest of over five hundred, how far will you go?


    Understanding Eureka:

    At its core, EA is meant to be semi-freeform, which as I learned it means that while the overarching plot is in the GM's hands the pieces that form it are largely in the hands of the players. Story-wise, the RP will take place in arcs, consisting of a predetermined time that may be shortened or lengthened as needed. For instance the 'Settling In Arc', our first arc, will take roughly a few days RP time and hopefully only a week or two real time but is subject to change.

    You, the RPers, have the option of being either professors or students within the Academy. The professors are often experts in whatever field they teach, and it is not too unlikely that they may be 'name level' (they are well known on one planet or both) in any fashion. They will be powerful but will rarely display this power - keep this in mind. You will also be assigned to one of the four Sects based on your skill set. Your job is to teach the students so if you don't think you have the leadership skills or the people skills to do this, please do not be a teacher.

    The students, regardless of rank or Sect, are all expected to attend classes when not on a mission (more on this later). You will be expected to maintain classic decorum as should have been expected in your own schools growing up or now. Keep in mind your rank and Sect when creating your skillsets and know that the intent is that your characters will grow and that they will gain more abilities over time.

    There is also a group called student teachers which is approved on a case by case basis. The idea behind this is that a character may be highly skilled in one area but wishes to grow in another. For ease I'll make an example. Take Harringard, a 65 year old dwarf (roughly 25 by human standards) who has spent about 30 years on the mercenary circuit. It can be assumed that Harringard is an excellent axeman based on his experience and that if he wanted to, he could teach in Arma Sect. However, he has just discovered through a particularly harrowing event, say coming home to find his birthplace being ransacked by a legion of orcs, that he has magic power in his veins stemming from the volcanic soil of his home. While an excellent armsman, Harringard is completely lost when it comes to magic and so enrolls at Eureka and not only teaches Arma classes but takes Magis classes himself to help him better understand his magic. As he becomes more and more proficient he will move into Dominus Sect.

    Do not think that you are limited to a single Sect for your character. If you wish to give your character more depth and have them discover a reasonable talent as the RP progresses then by all means ask and we can work it in and have them transfer Sects.

    Missions will be a focus alongside classes. These missions will come from a variety of people from both planets and even from within Eureka itself. A large majority of them will be strictly for students. Some will have staff members as chaperones. Others will require staff members for whatever reason. They will range from many things, possibly escort missions to simply killing things to even diplomatic missions. They will always have a Rank requirement on them stating the lowest rank possible to go on this mission. For example, let's take the Bridgebuilder Escort mission from Naruto. In this RP, all lies aside, the mission would require one staff member and 3-4 students, yellow or higher.

    Time in the RP will be controlled by myself. Based on the arc, I will assign an internal and external time limit. The internal will be how long in RP time it should take and the external will be how long real time it should take; both will usually be unknown to you, the players. I will make 'God' posts every so often to alert you to the passage of time as well as telling you when days are over so you won't be out of the loop.

    As for characters. Almost anything goes. Technology or magic, any race you want.

    About Eureka Academy:
    Eureka Academy was built on the shared moon between the planets Corinith and Eritai, some three hundred years ago. It, along with the planets, are a multiple system, the planets orbiting around the center of mass which happens to have the Eureka Moon upon it. The moon itself has its own breathable atmosphere as do the planets, all similar to Earth. The academy is an autonomous organization, beyond the laws of either Corinith or Eritai though while its students are on either planet they must keep in mind not only that they represent Eureka but that they must also obey the laws of the planets and the realms within each.

    Student Life:

    Students are divided into four Sects when they arrive, based on their skills and desires: Arma, Magis, Dominus, and Ultris. Arma Sect is for those who train strictly in the martial talents: swordfighting, archery, marksmanship, martial arts, etc. Magis Sect is for mages of all sorts, academic or inherent. Dominus is for those who combine both magic and the martial forms. Ultris Sect is for those who do not fit into any of the others yet still have power and the desire to learn how to control it.

    There are five ranks within each Sect, each designated by colour. In order from lowest to highest: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black. Above the rank and file students are the Student Council Members. There are two council members, one each male and female, from each rank for a total of ten members. This Student Council oversees the day-to-day operations of the Sect. They also report to the Sect Master - a professor who not only teaches an area of expertise within the Sect but represents them to the Headmaster. These Sect Masters are concerned mostly with the majour operations of the Sect in relation to the academy at large, leaving the day-to-day operations to the Student Council. Despite this they do stand as arbiter when the Student Council reaches an impasse but otherwise should not be bothered in the normal course of things.

    Students have no strict dress code to adhere to beyond basic standards of decency though they are required to have some sort of identification in plain sight on their person marking their Sect insignia and the colour of their rank, be it armband, necklace, ring, etc.

    All students live on campus in dormitories strictly for their Sect, usually with five levels, each corresponding to rank. The White Level dorms are four to a room and never co-ed. Each has a bathroom for that dorm room only. Red and Yellow Levels are two to a dorm and also have bathrooms for each room. Yellow Level has the possibility of being co-ed but this is rare. Both Blue and Black Level are single dorms but the Black level rooms are notably more opulent and often have far more in the way of individual decor; both have individual bathrooms. Each level has its own commons and all levels share a gym and outdoor training ground. All Sects share the central Cafeteria and Arena as well as the classrooms.

    Staff Life:

    Professors have affiliations to Sects but unless they are Sect Masters, they have no impact. They live in a dormitory all to themselves consisting completely of single occupancy dorms with adjoining bathrooms along with the assorted staff members. The headmaster has his own living quarters near his office in the main building's highest spire. Like students, staff have no strict dress code though they are expected to maintain at least a professional standard. They have access to all facilities outside of the dorms with the exception of the Sect Masters who have access to their respective dorms. They too, live on campus though some with certain powers may make their abode elsewhere.

    Sexual Conduct:

    This is a school-type RP and I realize that relationships are a part of this. While I have no problem with this I do want it kept a specific way to avoid breaking any rules. You may use the standard fade-to-black technique if you desire and that will be fine, just keep it PG-13 both leading and following up and I implore you to keep within the age restrictions set up already by administration. However, for those of you who want something more explicit then I also have no problem with that. However, you will place it in the appropriate mature section and keep it there. When that particular scene is done, you may place spoiler tags with a link to the thread in the relevant post. I say this to not only to protect our collective hides but also as an additional barrier to keep prying eyes away. You have been warned of my expectations on this matter and should you fail to follow through and I catch wind, there will be hell to pay.


    1] All basic rules apply. That means absolutely no metagaming or godmodding.

    2] I'm not a grammar or spelling Nazi but please make it readable. I am a format Nazi though, so make sure to separate and delineate thought, speech and descriptions/actions.

    3] Keep in mind what role you play and keep within the power levels as per your rank, class and sect. Don't come in as a White Magis and five posts in learn a spell to destroy the world. That's not going to fly.

    4] If you're going to be gone for an extended period or suspect you will be, make sure to tell anyone you're working with and myself in this thread and do your best to move yourself to a spot where we can not worry about you until you come back. Make sure that if this is a possibility, you do not take a mission.

    5] If you're not sure about something, either PM me or just ask in this thread.

    6] Above all, I plan to run this like I do my normal D&D group with similar rules. Don't touch other people's dice, my word is law, and don't bring your shit from outside the game into the game.

    Character Template:

    Name: (Self-Explanatory)

    Age: (Self-Explanatory. However if they look younger than they are, make sure to put an equivalency to human years.)

    Race: (If applicable. Add a paragraph or two if need be to describe your race.)

    Class: (Spellblade, White Mage, Spiritualist, etc. Make sure to describe it in a few sentences, especially if it's off the beaten path.)

    Title: (Either Staff, Student Council, Sect Master, Student or Student Teacher)

    Sect Study: (Whichever of the four Sects you will be initially studying under as well as Rank is applicable)

    Appearance: (Self-Explanatory. Please write at least two paragraphs; an image alone does not count.)

    Personality: (Self-Explanatory. Please write at least two paragraphs.)

    Weapon(s): (Self-Explanatory. Try not to carry more than feasibly possible.)

    Abilities/Magic: (Self-Explanatory. Keep in mind your rank and title. Also give a small description of what they do.)

    History: (Self-Explanatory. Try for at least three paragraphs here.)

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  3. Lorren Phaestus

    (Photo credit:

    Age: 35

    Race: Human

    Class: Artificer. Merriam-Webster describes an artificer as "a skilled or artistic worker or craftsman" and "one that makes or contrives." This cuts to the essence of Lorren's ability. By fusing technology and magic, Lorren creates fantastic tools and gadgets; some that serve a clear purpose, and some that at first judgement seem frivolous. This craft requires synthesis of many different disciplines - enchantment, engineering, mathematics, physics and more. Therefore, it is suited to those both keen of mind and clever of hand - qualities that Lorren looks for and cultivates in his students.

    Title: Staff

    Sect Study: Ultris

    Appearance: Lorren stands an average 5' 11". He is thinly built, weighing 135 lbs. Straight black hair falls to his shoulders, and is usually kept back in a neat ponytail by a simple aluminum ring. He has a thin face, with fine bone structure and a large forehead. Thin, straight, and level eyebrows sit above placid grey eyes. He has a narrow and long nose that has earned him some bird-related jabs in the past. Underneath are thin lips, stretched into a small, ever-present smile. He is cleanly shaven, with a fair complexion. One would not describe his as especially handsome, but his features have an efficiency and neatness that some find aesthetically pleasing.

    Lorren usually wears a black, sharply collared, dress shirt with a blood red tie. This is covered by a formal grey vest. His shirt tucks into black dress pants which come to rest just above polished black leather shoes with squared-off toes. His cufflinks are made of gunmetal and each is adorned with a small ruby. Due to a leg injury, he walks with a retractable gunmetal cane. The cane is simple and functional - indeed, more functional than many realize (see weapon).

    Personality: Lorren loves peace. Indeed, many describe him as dull and uninteresting. He is extremely even-tempered - it is quite a feat to raise his ire. However, those who do should heed the maxim, “Fear the anger of a gentle man.” (Credit: this a partial quote from Patrick Rothfuss's excellent novel The Wise Man's Fear. I highly recommend it). He is an optimist, but is smart enough to realize when a situation is hopeless. He is a moral relativist, but has a strict internal code of honesty and integrity that he is loathe to break. This also makes his extremely stubborn at times. He thinks carefully before making a decision, but once he does, he stays absolutely committed. Unfortunately, a lifetime of study have made Lorren somewhat aloof and reserved - hard to talk to even. He welcomes questions and discussion from his students, but has trouble communicating on a more personal level. This extends to maintaining some emotional distance from the other staff as well. But, when he finally loosens up a bit, many find they enjoy his wry observations and dry sense of humor.

    He may not show it, but Lorren is intensely curious - a quality important for a dedicated academic. He will pursue what he considers a worthy problem as far as he possibly can before either arriving at a satisfactory conclusion or declaring it impossible to solve. He also has a strong desire to share the knowledge he has acquired with others which contributed to his seeking a teaching position at Eureka. Lorren enjoys games of skill and wit. Riddles are a favorite of his, as well as chess, go, and the mind-numbingly complex 3-dimensional sudoku. He would be mortified if this ever got out, but he also has a weakness for smutty romance novels of the sort adored by women of a certain age.

    Of course, Lorren has his trials to deal with as well. He has a malady that has gone undiagnosed by any within the Academy or outside it. It causes him to occasionally stutter and lose his place within a sentence. He tries his best to not let it hamper his lectures, and for the most part it is a surmountable obstacle. However, he hopes it is not a sign of something more insidious wreaking havoc with his mind.

    Weapon(s): Lorren carries no weapons in the traditional sense. He does, however, carry his nondescript cane. It has been engineered in such a way, as well as imbued with countless alchemical compounds and magical enchantments, so that it is impervious to nearly all types of destructive forces, be they magical or physical. However, Lorren is no swordsman, and couldn't block a child swinging at him with a feather, so one could argue the cane is useless in his hands, except as a mobility aid. He also wears two gunmetal bands on each wrist beneath his cuffs. These are powerful body-shaped shield generators. However, the shields rely on the tiny power source within each band to function. Therefore, they last only a minute on full power before a long recharge period is required. They can be run on lower power for up to five minutes, but this greatly reduces their effectiveness.

    Abilities/Magic: Lorren does not have any of the flashy magical abilities that others at the academy possess. He is, however, a master of design and engineering. He requires the assistance of the more magically inclined to imbue his creations with the magic they need to be fully functional, but one could say the skill he has for his craft is a magic in itself. Lorren can also analyze other constructs and magical items to determine their purpose and possibly reverse-engineer them. He also specializes in creating "golems," artificed creatures with limited intelligence. Due to the cost of materials, his golems are small, on the scale of perhaps a foot tall. However, they can be instructed to perform a plethora of useful tasks, from routine cleaning to measuring out materials extremely precisely.

    History: Lorren Phaestus was born poor on the planet Eritai in the capital city. His mother was a seamstress who made and sold embroidered napkins from her home. Obviously, this was not the most profitable of activities, so life growing up was difficult. Not knowing his father was also a point of distress for a young Lorren, but one that would not soon be resolved. He was not given much affection as a child, not from neglect, but from the many hours Marla spent at her work, striving to support their family of two. What Marla did give him however, were two quick hands, a quicker wit, and the most valuable gift he could have received - an education. She set aside every extra bit of coin she could, saving for her son to be able to attend a good school. This paid off. By the time Lorren was 13, there was enough for him to attend a local academy. It was not the great Eureka as Lorren had dreamed of ever since he first heard the stories of the famous school in the sky, but it was a stepping stone to greater things.

    So, Lorren enrolled. His rags and simple accent earned him sneers and rejection from the other students. This led Lorren to distance himself emotionally from those around him, a fact his teachers recognized and worried about. However, he studied hard and maintained a position at the top of his class, so no action was deemed necessary. Lorren consumed each class voraciously, starting with algebra, moving to calculus, physics, the basics of electrical and mechanical engineering, and so on. However, these was only so much that could be learned at an obscure school - a school that was not Eureka. So, Lorren completed all available course work and graduated with honors. However, as he stood to leave with his diploma, he felt a sense of dismay. He was somewhat educated, certainly more knowledgeable than before, but no closer to leaving the slums he had been raised in.

    As he was about to take his final step off the campus, he heard a man's voice call out to him, "Lorren! A word please!" Turning, Lorren saw his engineering teacher, Rowan Ferrus striding towards him. "Ah. Mr. Ferrus. My apologies for not saying goodbye. You appeared to be busy." Ferrus frowned. "Ah yes. A most tedious conversation." Ferrus came to stand in front of Lorren. "Let me cut straight to the chase; I want you as my apprentice. Sorry if I offend you, but you've got no prospects anywhere else, boy. I know where you live, and there's nothing there for someone like you. You won't be making much... well.. nothing at all really. But you'll have a roof over your head, three square meals, and you'll be gaining experience I would have killed to have at your age. You can't refuse my offer son. I know for a fact you've got nothing better." And it was true. Ferrus' offer was the best he had. He said goodbye to his mother. She was happy to hear he had such a great opportunity, and told him she would always be there, and to visit often.

    Lorren went to live with Ferrus and apprenticed under him until the age of 23. By then, Ferrus realized he had a prodigy on his hands, and decided to fund Lorren's education at Eureka. So began an intensive ten year course of study in academics, technology, and material-based magics. As he was at his previous academy, Lorren was a star student, but didn't have much of a social life. This time, it was no fault of his fellow students. Many tried to befriend him, but scarred from past experiences, he rebuffed them all. During his time at the Academy Lorren made a name for himself, constructing much of the machinery that can be found around the rooms and halls of the school. He also accepted commissions for various devices, but never weaponry, making him very well off. He was able to repay his debt to Rowan Ferrus. Unfortunately, his mother died before he was able to finally provide her with a better life. However, she told him on her deathbed that she was happy she died a successful mother, with her son healthy and safe. At the age of 33, Lorren was offered a teaching position at Eureka, which he accepted with delight. He has been teaching now for two years, making him relatively new, and still somewhat socially isolated.


    Looking forward to starting this roleplay! Thanks for DMing, I know it can be quite a task. Please PM me with any revisions that you require or any input!

    EDIT: Somehow my writing in the weapon section got lost. Added it back in.
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  4. @Entropae

    Several things.

    1] Correct, you would be an Ultris Sect professor.

    2] Completely accepted as is, though...

    3] And this goes for everyone. I made the two planets blank for a reason. In my experience, a single planet can only sustain so many humanoid lifeforms on it. Rather than do a single world with a limit, I made two specifically to say we could have upwards of forty races or so and be within the realms of possibility. I also left them blank so that you the players could add to he worlds. Make a continent if you wish, name a city. Don't be afraid and whatever you do, don't blink.
  5. Name: Nogitsune Hibiki

    Age: 26 (appears roughly about 21 by human standards)

    Race: Kitsune - A race of humanoid beings who make their home on the Asura continent of the planet Eritai. While they do have open border, a number of nations are loathe to trade with them as they have a thriving a slave trade consisting mostly of criminals and debtors of one sort or another. Despite this, they have a distinct honour system as a race in general with more specific ones within each House. More description below.

    Class: Twin-Sword Spellblade

    Title: Student Council

    Sect Study: Dominus - Black

    Appearance: Aside from a few small differences to the untrained eye, Hibiki looks relatively like a human, though much more lithe and with somewhat more feminine features though still decidedly male, especially considering he's a tall 6' 2" - several inches above even the tallest female kitsune. His shaggy black hair reaches just above his shoulders in the front and to the small of his back in behind, the bangs slightly obscuring his eyes and covering most of his pointed and pierced ears. His alabaster skin is unmarred by anything, even body hair, except for the smalls cars on his cheeks that look like whiskers. Marking him as non-human though are his almond-shaped, slitted, yellow eyes, sharp fangs, and his sharp, inch long, black nails. When seen, his tails are jet black with white tips.

    As a matter of cultural heritage, he prefers not to wear a shirt, preferring sleeves that cover from his shoulder to his wrist, gradually becoming longer, and form fitting white leather pants tucking into black leather boots. However, in the interest of common decency when attending class or taking a meal, he dons a sleeveless black high-collar tunic with white trim that remains open. Outside of such functions however, he maintains his shirtless state. Around his neck he wears a torc bearing the crest of his House: Nogitsune. He is never seen without this torc and it is enchanted against most destruction spells. Aside from being virtually indestructible itself, it confers nothing else.

    Personality: The loss of the Tail of Sanity makes Hibiki more prone to instability than most other Kitsunes. This is moderated by the presence of his other tails which in certain combinations can reduce the strain on his soul. He is prone to violent and warningless mood swings but these are rare outside of combat. His nature is highly vindictive but only if it crosses his Code of Honour.

    He speaks in anachronisms occasionally, using words and phrases that only make sense to him at the times he says them. This is assumed to simply be nonsense and a side effect of the loss of the Tail of Sanity. When anachronisms are not slipping from his mouth, he has a silver tongue worthy of a court provocateur, having also been taught court etiquette and political intrigue.

    Weapon(s): Hibiki's weapon of choice is a twinblade madu that can be detatched at two points to become a chained katana twinsword.


    Lunminakinesis - Manipulation of light and all properties at its core. Can also be weaponized into spells.

    Foxfire Manipulation - Complete and total control over the Foxfire (effectively a conjurable fire inherent only to kitsune and characterized by its azure colour). Can be weaponized into spells.

    Sword Style: Kaiten Haji - the art of using the twinblade madu which is a staff where the majority of both the top and bottom shafts have been replaced by identical blades. Unlike other staff styles, it is based on spinning the madu to create sweeping style attacks that can combine at different heights, turning close range combat into a gambit for the opponent. It also has more focus on defense than other staff styles with the weapon being able to parry from more angles than a normal staff and also because of the decreased potential range.

    Sword Style: Chienigu Futago - the art of using the chained twinswords which are identical blades which are chained at the pommel. It is a two sword style that has been modfied so that it has mid-range techniques. It is also difficult to disarm a wielder of this style and the wielder has a number of counterattacks available to them should his opponent try to. It also places focus on using the twinblades as a single unit.

    Sword Style: Superuburedo - the art of the spellblade which combines the Foxfire with sword arts and can be extended to other forms of magic. It is a one sword style that is usually taught with a longsword though the instructor is at liberty to decide the exact blade. While other styles only focus on using the Foxfire as an enhancement to their weapons (like setting the blade aflame), Superuburedo is based in using the Foxfire in an offensive and defensive capacity and in conjuction with the weapon of choice to create combination attacks with the pair (like a crescent of Foxfire coming from a slash of the sword to strike a more distant enemy). The style can also be modified to work with other forms of magic and weapons but it is left to the wielder to modify it - in most cases however it works best when paired with one handed weapons or those that can be wielded in one hand.

    History: Born into House Nogitsune, Hibiki was destined to be great. Nogitsune was the progenitor of more mages, scholars and weaponmasters than any other three Houses combined. Of course, this made them the envy of the other Houses but with the distribution of power in the central government, Nogitsune was great in name only. Old grudges die hard though. Before the Empire came, before the Kitsunes gathered under Houses, the four-tails and the seven-tails had always been at odds with the nine-tails. Though this bled over the founding of the Empire, the order that was imposed by the centralized government effectively halted the violence. With this ceasefire came barely contained, seething hatred; a hatred that festered for centuries more with little more than threats and quasi-violent fighting. Ten years ago it escalated beyond a simple inter-House conflict - the next heir to the leadership of House Nogitsune and that of Augur of the Empire was slain.

    Hibiki's brother Akira was perhaps his best friend and always his first choice for a sparring partner. Only a year older than Hibiki, Akira was already assured to become the next leader of House Nogitsune, a fact that made little difference to Hibiki other than that he hated that Akira couldn't spend as much time with him due to lessons on court politics and etiquette. The two shared a dream - to become weaponmasters like their father. Unfortunately for Akira, this dream was unlikely for he would soon be enveloped in the shroud that was politics. Hibiki held onto the dream for the two of them, working twice as hard for both of their sakes.

    It was impossible for anyone to tell that happened that fateful day. All anyone could see was that a globe of darkness had encapsulated the training village the brothers were at. When the darkness vanished just as quickly as it came, Akira was gone and blood was splattered across the ground and Hibiki. Hibiki himself had sustained some injuries and a shuriken still embedded in his shoulder and though bruised and bleeding, it was the mental trauma that was the worst. His eyes seemed blank and he spoke not a word for nearly three months - it was if life had left him and he were just an empty shell going through the motions.---

    Still in his developing stages, he had only grown five of his tails at the time of the attack and was in the process of growing his sixth, a growth that was violently halted. This was the Tail of Sanity and it's loss or rather its total separation from his soul shattered his ability for pure reason though it did give him a tremendous and permanent boost in power. It was only as what would've been his seventh tail began to form that life seemed to come back to him. Full recovery for him would never happen but with the event of Akira's presumed death it was required that he make as much a recovery as possible - he was to be the next heir as Clan Leader for House Nogitsune and as such, the next Augur of the Empire.

    Though most of his training was completed within the borders of Asura, Eureka Academy has served as a finishing school for those Kitsunes that have been groomed for leadership positions within the Empire or for those with enough connections outside the Empire. For this fact, there are few Kitsunes that attend Eureka Academy at any given time, though several weaponmasters do teach in the Arma Sect. This is Hibiki's fifth and final year in attendence, having completed most of his academic study and now being impressed to be in leadership roles on missions.

    Despite all appearances though, he is loathe to leave the academy as he sees it as the last real bastion of freedom he has. More than that, he harbours a hatred towards both House Kohaku and House Isamu as he believes they are responsible for Akira's death, despite the seeming evidence to the contrary.

    Extra Lore regarding Kitsunes

    Show Spoiler
    The Empire is divided into nine Houses: Iaido, Masumi, Yuzuki, Kohaku, Amaya, Sora, Isamu, Hiroyuki, and Nogitsune (one-tail, two-tail, three-tail, etc, Kitsunes respectively). Politically, the Augur of the Empire rotates every twenty-five years to the next highest House so that no House may hold full power. There has always been rivalry between the Houses and as such there are internal disputes that often work themselves out and never requiring outside attention from the Augur.

    While all Houses are in support of the internal slave trade - they see it as an effective punishment for those who would break their laws and also as a major economic pillar that if fallen would probably cause the collapse of the Empire. This being said, the members of House Nogitsune usually have few slaves - the idea of having someone do labour for you whilst you effectively lie about is dishonourable to them. This is not to say they do not have them - often any family within the House will have at least two to three slaves - one to assist in labour (there are jobs that require a second pair of arms after all) and one to two that are sparring partners, depending on the size of the family.

    Generally speaking, the more tails a Kitsune has, the more powerful they are, making House Nogitsune the most powerful. This is mainly because each tail represents an aspect that is more distant from the soul of the Kitsune than others - having this distance increases a Kitsune's power. The tails are sealed to keep the aspects close but they can be unsealed to unleash power - at the cost of the temporary loss of that aspect. For example, if a Kitsune were to unseal the Tail of Temperance, then they would gain power but would be unable to show restraint - in a combat situation this could mean obliterating an enemy who has already surrendered; in a diplomatic situation it could mean that tact is nowhere to be found. Less tails mean that the Kitsune is more in control for loss of power while the opposite is true for the many tailed. Not all Kitsunes are created equal - the number of tails does not mean they are limited only to those aspects; they can have different ones at loss than others - a two- tailed fox could have Tails of Wrath and Conviction while another has Tails of Sanity and Amelioration. The nine Tails possible are: Sanity, Discipline, Wrath, Conviction, Amelioration, Temperance, Intrepidity, Passion, and Reflection.

    Each family within a House is bearer of a different martial style. Some are better than others but likewise fall short to still others. Regardless of who you are, it is custom that the weapon style be taught to young Kitsunes to be passed on. Some Kitsunes choose to master more than their family style and once they have mastered five, they are considered weaponmasters and are allowed to train the initiates in their respective style.
    Kitsunes are also bearers of the Foxfire. This is a light blue flame that burns as the wielder desires but will always shed light. It can be used in offensive, defensive, and utility purposes but it's power varies among the Houses without any distinction of who would be better with it. With it comes minour pyrokinesis. The Foxfire can be gifted to another, increasing the power of the recipient's Foxfire if they had it already. It is incredibly rare that it be given to a human (the only race that can receive it) and thus far has only been done on the Kitsune's deathbed in repayment for a debt of honour.
    Some Kitsunes are also magically gifted beyond the Foxfire, though this is never in the realms of water, earth, or darkness. Their natural skills also interfere with them becoming academic mages preventing such a thing. They also have a natural glamour that hides their tails from non-magical races; mages can see past it as it is incredibly simple. When they unseal their tails though, it becomes visible for all to see making non-magical races able to see it but mages unable to see the unsealing as there is no visual change.

    Kitsune society places a great deal of importance on honour though the Code of Honour for each House is different and sometimes in conflict. It is your honour, or lack thereof that determines how you are seen and you carry with you both your House and family Honour.
    Kitsunes can live for up to 600 years and some over that. They stay vital and active until the last few decades of their lifespan though their martial skill decreases whist their magical skill increases in their later years. Hair colour can sometimes be latent in a family for generations before it shows again and it is uncommon but still possible to have odder colours like orange or green.
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  6. This looks amazing. I'll work on a CS as soon as I get free time. I do have a question though. A Mnemokinetic, someone with the ability to manipulate and absorb memories (muscle memory included) which sect would they fit into?

    Edit: Okay, I've posted a CS. I have no idea what to put as a class x.x I'm sorry.

    As for the history, I've left it blank on purpose because I'd need approval of the race before I can work on it.
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  7. Name: Dianda Kravitz

    Age: 22

    Race: Daoine Sidhe – One of the oldest races, they were thought to be nearly extinct after the destruction of their homeworld a few millenia ago. They scattered across the galaxy, disappearing almost entirely. Once feared and abhorred for their powers, they have been mostly forgotten but for a few whispers.

    The Daoine Sidhe are blood workers, born with the ability to read a person’s past; with care and concentration even those of an ancestor through their bloodline, by viewing the memories contained within their blood and manipulate it as they saw fit. They are able to change the balance of blood thereby disrupting or aiding any genetic powers or abilities. Even among a galaxy full of countless races and a spectrum of different abilities, a race with the power to manipulate their minds and bloodlines was viewed with fear and mistrust. The cold and haughty demeanor of the Daoine Sidhe only served to further cement this. After all, few things were more terrifying than losing your sense of self.

    Long lived and gifted with unnatural grace and beauty, they resembled elves to a certain extent. Their control over blood granted them enhanced healing and as such they can recover from almost any injury. Surprisingly though, the Daoine Sidhe are unable to master Arcane arts of any sort. There has never been a Daoine Sidhe mage as the Arcane seems to completely shun them. Over time, they have evolved to the point where they no longer require blood, just physical contact to manipulate a person’s memories.

    Class: Mnemokinetic

    Title: Student Council

    Sect Study: Ultris - Black

    Appearance: Standing at 5’8” Dianda is considered short for a Daoine Sidhe. Lithe build complementing her delicately feminine curves, her every move outlines the inborn grace natural to the aesthetically blessed races. A waterfall of silvery blonde hair cascades down to her slim waist, the silky strands usually left unbound. Gracefully winged brows, a shade darker than her hair peer out from beneath her side swept bangs. Large, slightly almond shaped eyes are framed by long dark lashes, (dark lashes? Sorcery you say? No, ‘tis merely mascara.) contrasting with the pale blue irises. A faint sheen of silver flashes over them when she is upset. High cheekbones, a delicate nose and slightly pointed chin show off her undeniably fine bone structure. Small and gracefully shaped pink lips cover her sharper than human incisors. Her ears elongate into sharp points at the tips, making them appear elfin. Dianda is a master at schooling her expressions, almost never outwardly showing any signs to what she feels. She adopts a neutral, somewhat pleasant expression at all times as she observes her surroundings, always on guard with people she doesn’t yet trust.

    Fond of well-made clothes, she prefers darker colors and soft, feminine designs. She dislikes overly revealing or loud clothing and ‘wouldn’t be caught dead’ in them. As most girls she has a weakness for beautiful footwear, especially high heeled shoes.

    Personality: Dianda is a firm believer in self-preservation and puts herself before everything and anything. From a very young age, she has been taught not to give away trust so easily and to always look out for herself. The concept of depending on someone is entirely foreign to her. As someone who loves knowledge, she doesn’t care much for fools and tolerates barely any ignorance. Knowledge is power and she never misses an opportunity to gain more. For her, reading someone, even without their consent causes no moral dilemmas. Its as natural as a handshake to her. She has a habit of assessing people. Observing their interactions and reactions is amusing and helps her understand them better, in her opinion. (No it hasn’t occurred to her that going up to them and talking would be better)

    Dianda hates pointless fights, pointless being if it doesn’t benefit her in any way, she would choose to ignore it or leave. She can be manipulative at times, using others to further her own goals. Though she can be selfish and somewhat sadistic to a certain extent, she wouldn’t cause someone deliberate harm nor is she malicious. She cares about her few friends in her own quirky way.

    Weapon(s): A pair of custom made gloves with thin, retractable claw like blades. The blades are extremely sharp and durable, considering their seemingly delicate appearance. To an observer, when the blades are sheathed the gloves would appear to be nothing more than an exceptionally fine pair of gloves.

    Abilities/Magic: Mnemokinesis – the ability to memories of oneself and others, allowing them to modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view them.

    Knowledge replication: Dianda can replicate knowledge contained within a person’s memories such as languages, blueprints and instructions. Complex knowledge such as a language would require repeated ‘readings’. Her ability does not work on animals or inanimate objects.

    Muscle mimicry: This ability is part of knowledge replication but is more difficult to control or master. It is limited to actual knowledge the subject has acquired, not traits or race specific powers. For example she can master a number of martial art styles if she so chooses but not the enhanced strength and reflexes of a Shapeshifter.

    Memory manipulation: Born with the gift (or curse, whichever way one prefers to view it) specific to her race, she is able to manipulate memories as she sees fit. She can choose to view someone’s memories simply by barely brushing past them, the subject unaware to the breach into their minds. Powerful or experienced Telepaths and other wielders of similar powers would be aware of the breach. Their minds would prove to be more resistant, trained or otherwise. She can modify a memory or implant a fake one, therefore influencing someone. This requires a lot of concentration and demands thoroughness in her work as even the slightest thing out of place can arouse suspicions and give it away. She is able to completely wipe away a person’s memories, leaving them a blank and empty shell. This process is extremely taxing and requires that the subject be unconscious.

    Enhanced healing and agility: Like any other Daoine Sidhe, Dianda too is gifted with very fast natural regeneration and reflexes. The downside to speedy healing though is that she can feel more pain than someone with regular regenerative powers. She will feel every cut, every blow like it was the first one as her healing factor causes her nerve endings to regenerate; preventing numbness or dulling the pain.

    Dianda’s combat style is very fast and she aims for vulnerable spots with quick jabs. She prefers melee combat to ranged as most of her powers come into play only in close quarters.

    Limitations/ Drawbacks:

    -All her powers require physical contact, as of now.

    -Races with powerful mental barriers or telepathic abilities have higher resistance. They'd have to be unconscious or let her in willingly for her to be able to use her powers. (except for the ability to view memories)

    -Particularly powerful memories, ones that caused a major impact on the person tend to draw her in forcefully if she is not careful and can cause whiplash, making her experience the same emotions even after she manages to detach from their minds.

    -Fractured or broken minds are more difficult to manipulate as they lack any semblance of order and are more difficult to 'navigate' making them dangerous for her if she is not careful.

    -There is a limit to the amount of knowledge she can replicate within a period of time, absorbing too much information at once can cause headaches ranging from mild to severe and finally lead to loss of consciousness.

    The Kravitzes had lived full and exciting lives. They’d traveled the worlds seeking knowledge, seen most of the sights the galaxy had to offer and they decided it was finally time to settle down. The couple moved to Larrae, a thriving metropolis which offered some of the best facilities in the country. Like most long lived races, they had learned to make successful investments which had secured their financial future.

    Born into a life of luxury, Dianda’s life was quite a bit different from what one would imagine it to be. Control and Discipline is the core of Daoine Sidhe society and her parents were no exception. Ever since she could remember, her life had been meticulously planned for her. The years passed in a blur of tutors and lessons, always striving to do better. Her parents would accept nothing short of perfection, after all. It was not their way.

    It was uncommon for Daoine Sidhe couples to beget more than a single child and as a result, their race was scarce and scattered through the galaxy. As such, Dianda had no siblings, no one to talk to. Her strict schedule left little time for friends and socializing. Even though she was lonely at times, she wasn’t unhappy. She would have plenty of time for socializing when she came of age and was able to attend Eureka Academy, the most prestigious institute in the solar system.

    Though she was excited about the future, she harbored no delusions. It had been drilled into her from a young age that trust was dangerous. Choosing to trust the wrong person could quite easily get you killed. It was simply better to not take that risk. She knew of their history, the destruction of their homeworld and the tragedy and suffering it caused. Most people feared their powers, those that didn’t were possibly even worse. They sought out to use the Daoine Sidhe’s ability to shift the balance of blood instead. A series of events caused a butterfly effect, eventually leading up to the loss of their homeworld and the scattering of their race. It had been decreed by the Council that the power to manipulate the genetic balance was forbidden. No one was foolish enough to go against the law and risk shattering the fragile peace, losing the niche they’d finally managed to carve out for themselves in society.

    Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Dianda was one of the many hopefuls who attended the entrance exams for Eureka Academy. Unlike many of them though, she had managed to pass the difficult tests with flying colors, securing a spot as a student. Though the Daoine Sidhe schooled themselves, being more than capable to teach their children about their powers, they never turned down an opportunity to learn. Eureka Academy would be the perfect place for Dianda to begin her journey.

    Dianda was a diligent student and it came as no surprise when she managed to get a spot on the Student Council. She loved every moment of the few years she had spent there and though it wasn’t in the Daoine Sidhe nature, she would be saddened to leave, when the time did come for her to graduate.
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  8. Good to see another player. :)
  9. Adora Salvatrix

    Age: Unknown; oddly appears to be in her late teens or early twenties. Rumored to be immortal.

    Race: Grims are a race said to be created, not born, but created by what remains a mystery. There is only a thousand or so currently in existence and due to 'unique population control' their numbers neither rise or decline. Unlike most creatures, they do not have blood relatives. Instead, they have what they call a bonded; another Grim that is either seen as a parental figure, sibling, or - in rare cases - love interest. Myths and legends surrounding Grims go on to say that they are a species who are not living nor are they dead, as such, cannot reproduce or die. Whether this is true or not remains unknown. What distinguishes them most from any other human or otherwise, are they're central heterochromia eyes. Additionally, they are creatures who depend solely on their eyes and thus lack a sixth sense, meaning they are unable to feel the presence of those around them or sense an attack coming. To make up for their weakness, their eyes are exceptionally sharp and sensitive to movement. It is uncommon for any two Grims so share the same exact characteristics.

    Class: Spiritualist- a medium who has the ability to communicate with the dead. But not only can Adora communicate with the dead, she can also walk among them in the Netherworld. That is to say she can travel between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

    Title: Staff

    Sect Study: Arma

    Appearance: From afar, Adora would not seem all that different from anyone else. Standing 5'8, her skin is lightly tanned and her medium brown hair is layered, often having a messy appearance if not brushed or held back by her hat. Barely falling past her shoulders, it is normally seen covering her ears, which are pierced with multiple small rings. Thirteen on each ear to be exact; from her cartilages down to her earlobes. Engraved into her left shoulder blade is a Celtic knot tattoo often left visible for all who care to see it. Looking past her earrings and tattoo, her most curious feature are her eyes. They are brown for the most part, the exception being a ring of red encircling the pupil. She isn't thickly built, but she is not exactly a toothpick either. She has lean muscles that will not slow her down or get in the way of her flexibility.

    Despite being encouraged to dress professionally, Adora will most likely be found wearing a solid tank top - void of any and all design, a pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of converse that fall shy of her knees, as she prefers skin tight clothes not for vanity, but for the simple fact any loose article of clothing with direct contact with her skin will take on a weightless quality and flutter aimlessly about her figure as if she were underwater. Her aforementioned hat will more likely than not be seen being worn backwards and a neck tie would be seen hanging loosely from around her neck. No matter the circumstance the Grim will have a purposeful, graceful gait and hold her chin high, unless she so happens to be reading while walking, which often leads to little accidents occurring.

    Personality: Sometimes the first impression of the Grim people are left with is stuck up and sanctimonious
    when really, she's more of a laid back kind of person save for her strong and intense emotions. On a good day she'll make jabs at people, mess around a little, and be an all around merry-go-lucky type of person. Though, anyone who knows Adora will also know how cranky and impatient she could be when she is sleep deprived or hungry after a certain amount of time. Inevitably she is also less attentive and less willing to answer questions she deems obvious or easy to figure out. If she so happens to be in a bad mood or upset in anyway, she is inattentive, less aware of her surroundings or spacey, less likely to be interested in things she would otherwise enjoy, and would prefer solitude. Talking to her when she is like this is less that futile. Somehow make her angry and she becomes dead set on destroying something. Another aspect of Adora's personality worthy to note is she can be quite cautious and resorceful, hating to be the one underprepared.

    Ironically, she is afraid of ghosts despite being a Spiritualist and will be reluctant to talk about such subjects. Some would say the fear stems from having a bad experience when she was younger, and they would be correct. Anyone who brought it up though would be immediately be shot down by Adora herself, who won't admit to her fear even if her life depended on it. People will also fine themselves on the receiving end of Adora's little quirk, which is coining random and even odd nicknames to those she is familiar with. Most do not really get the origins of their nickname and others might even find their's offensive. But when the subject is approached she'll merely shrug it off and/or change the topic. Her moods effect her style of teaching but at the same time, she will try her best to keep them under wraps while dealing with her class. Mediating before or between classes will work most of the time. That is not to say she meditates only because she is upset.

    Weapon(s): She uses a luminous white scythe with a blade that appears to be fashioned out of stained glass. Enemies will find that this is definitely not the case. She's able to use the weapon as a power amplifier for larger scale attacks. On top of that, when met with wind resistance the scythe will make a strange humming sound most find eerie yet beautiful. Those who hear it describe it as a bittersweet song that touches the soul. Curiously, she never has her scythe on her. She much rather keep it in her dorm room than run around with it.


    • Teleportation- She can teleport from one place to another but within a fifteen mile radius. In order to teleport she has to be moving, she cannot teleport while standing still.
    • Molecular Manipulation- She can manipulate the molecular structure of any given object as long as she has done extensive research on mentioned object.
    • Regeneration- As long as she is resting or sleeping, her wounds will heal at a quicker rate.
    • Second State of Mind- This state is activated when she is praying or the most in tune with her spiritual side. Once activated, her eyes will become a luminous blue and anything from being possessed while she's in the other realm to becoming a mindless puppet with no soul or consciousness can happen. She also has the power to bring others with her to the other side when she utilizes a magic circle.
    • If needed, she can summon her scythe to her as long as knows where it is at.
      • Rumors say she can see the souls of those around her but no one really knows if this is true or not.
    History: There was no doubt that Adora lived a long life before Eureka Academy, but only few events through out her life shaped her. Starting from the beginning, Adora came into existence as she is; Grims don't age, or if they do they are unaware of it. She was wearing a purple Victorian dress at the time with absolutely no memories, lost in a mist with no idea where she was and fear being her only companion. That was until another came to her aid. She would later come to know this stranger as her bonded, or more commonly known as her older brother, Sable. Despite the two quickly becoming inseparable, they were not without their disagreements and fights that would quickly escalate to full out armed combat. But at the end of it all they would laugh it off and make up in that strange way of their's. The older Adora become, the more trouble she landed herself in. She was constantly exploring things, stumbling into tough predicaments and sticky situations, and it was Sable who often had to bail her out. It was for this reason he never let the Grim wonder too far out of sight. Where ever Adora went, Sable was sure to follow. This majorly peeved the Grim and lead to even more strife between the two bonded. Though, all that changed after a particular incident.

    Adora was messing around with some other Grims about her age even though some didn't look anywhere near it, playing a game they had seen mortal children play call Truth or Dare. One was bold enough to challenge Adora to enter the Netherworld. Elder Grims had warned against it unless under certain circumstances but Adora was never one to start something and never finish it, and as such it didn't take too much coaxing to get her to comply. In the beginning, the trip was uneventful and even peaceful, but it soon turned sour when a phantom out right attacked the young Grim. With no powers in the Netherworld and without her scythe, Adora was left defenseless and vulnerable. Perhaps if she calmed down and focused she could have escaped back into the world of the living, but instead she panicked and ran, being injured in the process. It took some time, but Sable finally managed to get to her and pull her out of the Netherworld, leaving the poor girl frightful and in tears. From that day on, Adora stuck to her brother's side like glue, never venturing away and always approaching a situation with needed caution and preparation. Sable had mixed feelings about this change in his little sister but others assured it was a change for the better.

    Adora would have continued living this way if it were not for a peculiar question asked by one of her peers. Considering her pass antics, the Grim was still considered the most worldly Grim of her generation. She had seen things and done things no one else had and Adora was oddly enough, happy to answer the question. It was about then did the stories start up. Extravagant, well told stories rich with details and full of content not meant to be experienced by the everyday Grim. The more stories she told of her great adventures she had to be rescued from, the more lively she seemed to become about them. Sable, much to the elders' dismay, encouraged her. He would leave Adora to her own devices for a hours and return back with books for her to read. It was within these books did a healthier interest in the outside world came to be, and soon, it was Adora herself leaving to find her own books, which were originally being retrieved from a library of a nearby village. From that library, she went to local merchants and eventually travelling salesmen, who often told tales of their experiences in pubs over a cup of mead. It was during such stories was Eureka Academy brought up. This lead her to look into such a place.

    The Grim did not bother to hide her new found interest in the academy mainly because she didn't think she had do, but she was soon proven wrong when an Elder Grim approached her about the subject. In some twisted way, the Grims saw her interest as a question of authority; an act that will presumably lead to Adora's betrayal against all that her people stand for. They had duties to keep up and preform, and with Adora slipping up on them to pursue information on the academy, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep things running like a well oiled machine. The encounter between the Elder Grim and Adora quickly turned heated, ending in the younger Grim's departure. With some passing of time, she eventually enrolled at Eureka Academy under the Arma sect. In all honesty, she never considered teaching at the school, but really, she had been disowned by the other Grims and with no contact from Sable since her leave, her options were limited.

    *Awkwardly leaves character here*

    Probably not ideal to join with someone like Adora but I thought it was worth a shot. Though, her back story had to be altered tremendously; otherwise she would have been up a lot sooner. Grims are my version of something akin to a demigod but I kept the species vague and such. I am also willing to play a student as well if you'll allow it :)
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  10. @Aleth

    Your class would be Mnemokinetic and of course a short description next to it wouldn't go awry either. However, I'm a bit leery of "They are able to change the balance of blood thereby disrupting or aiding any genetic powers or abilities" among other things. Having played psychic-type characters before I can say that most assuredly they are ripe for godmodding even if it's part of your skillset. Hell, someone tried to screw me over what was effectively me putting a mark over her head for certain psychokinetic spells to home in on.

    If I were to allow it then I'd want there to be a time limit for effect for anyone unwilling relative to just how intrusive it is. To me, implanting a memory is relatively easy and would probably last for weeks if not months; messing with their genetic abilities would be much more difficult and might only last a few minutes, less depending on just how ingrained it is - something that just cropped up would be easier than something that has been inherent for generations.

    So, I'd want to see some time restrictions on the unwilling to even out the very potential godmodding - not saying that's you but better safe than sorry. Also, I'd want to see some notes on your abilities regarding other races and such. To use an old example, the Ferengi of Star Trek cannot have their minds read - are there any races that might be immune to your powers? More than that, how do they affect those with broken minds - the insane? Would it be easier? Harder? Maybe even dangerous for you because of the chaos of their mind? I know Hibiki isn't all there due to the loss of the Tail of Sanity but it's possible that other crazies will exist in the RP.

    Other than that, everything else looks good.


    Everything looks good except for one thing. Why is she teaching in Arma? Spiritualism seems to be a majour thing for her and that would be in the realm of Ultris. Aside from that, I would like to see a bit better of formatting when it comes to your abilities - it's a jumbled paragraph - but the Sect is really the majour thing there.
  11. I cannot explain the jumbled up formatting of my character's abilities as I meant to organize them properly but that never happened >>' My bad ^^ Sorry for giving you a headache!

    Her sect is Arma because Adora has issues. She's a hard character to explain and, admittedly, this is my first attempt at actually making a character skeleton for her, so a lot of things might be changed, edited, added in, et cetera. Anyway, despite being a Spiritualist, she's not all that connected with her spiritual side as much as she should be. Her fear had created a gap of sorts. She most likely started studying under the Arma sect when she was attending Eureka Academy as a student due to Grims having a knack for armed/melee combat and small unit tactics. But if it is an issue, I'll change her sect.

    Is it alright if I doubled with a male student?
  12. That's fine concerning her then. If she's there for combat then she'd be Arma. In this case though, make sure to add that into her history. And yes, more than one character is allowed, so long as you can handle them. I'd actually planned to say that when I introduced my own Staff member but since you brought it up... lol.
  13. Oh. I'm sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I was going to explain in her history about the manipulation of the balance of blood. Dia's unable to do it, and I dont intend on her ever developing the ability to, the way things are. Her powers and what she is capable of are listed under the abilities section.

    As for the way her powers will affect other races, any race with powerful mental barriers would have higher resistance. I didnt list any specific races because I cannot predict the which races people will come up with. (This is why I just left it as Telepaths.)

    Your question about the insane has given me an idea, initially I had been intending on having her powers backfire, having her be on the receiving end for once and leading to character development. Attempting to manipulate a truly insane mind would possibly backfire on her as she herself can be drawn into the chaos, unable to detach herself or cause severe memory whiplash.

    As for the potential haemokinetic abilities, I do intend on expanding on this, most specifically on her learning how to heal others as well, maybe in another story arc. Depends on how things go.

    (Also I might not be making much sense right now, please tell me if thats the case.)
  14. Alright then, as long as we have some anti-godmod barriers in place, I'm alright with it. Go ahead with her history and let's see the rest of it.
  15. It's briefly mentioned but yes, I should have elaborated more ^^' I'll figure out away to work that in eventually.

    Pfft, two measly characters is a piece of cake :3 I'll have him up tomorrow or the day after hopefully.
  16. Hi there. Due to my excitement for this roleplay, I've been doing a little brainstorming, and I'd like to throw up some preliminary ideas.
    I don't know how course enrollment will work, but here are some ideas for classes Lorren could teach:
    • Introduction to Artificing with a Focus on Theory
      • Open to members of any sect and of any rank.
      • Prerequisite: Strong math skills or the ability to learn rapidly.
    • Intermediate Artifcing with a Focus on Design and Implementation
      • Open to members of any sect ranked Yellow and up.
      • Prerequisite: Introduction to Artificing or demonstrated ability.
    • Advanced Artificing: Golem Design and Programming
      • Open to member of any sect ranked Black.
      • Prerequisite: Intermediate Artificing or exceptional demonstrated ability.
    • Remedial Mathematics
      • A punishment for those who fall behind in their numerical studies at Eureka >:)
    If these look good, I will draw up very basic "syllabi" for the classes. Perhaps the students should put together a schedule or something similar? I've waited on putting times to the classes to ensure they don't conflict with anything else. I don't know how in-depth everyone wants to get :D
  17. Cool. Like I said, the more characters we have the better this can be.


    I'm not sure how detailed we're going to get but I don't want to get bogged down in the minute. Once we get more staff we'll try to work up a schedule of available classes as well as a schedule for individual students. And of course we would probably have to make filler NPC for some staff.
  18. Alright. I've edited the CS to include limitations and drawbacks. I'll work on the history some time today.

    @Entropae That looks pretty good, in my opinion. If the GM approves of it, I think I'll have Dia sign up for the first course.
  19. Well, if Dia is in Black, then she could easily be in the advanced course.
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