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  1. ARC I: The Beginning - Day One
    From the top of Eureka Academy's tallest spire, one could see everything, especially when one was possessed of draconic sight. Headmaster Talixion Rithe stood on the balcony of his office anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest students to his academy. As he scanned the horizons to the green fields around Eureka to the academy grounds themselves, he couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. It had been by his own power and that of several of his closest friends that he had been able to even get here to this moon centuries ago; from there, it took far greater resources to create the sprawling academy that stood now.

    Below he could see a number of students, some who had recently arrived through their own means, or were permanent boarders for their stay at his academy. The others came and went on the academy airships that came at the start of every Autumn and left every Spring. There were easily more than 500 students either returning or coming in, not counting those already there. It wasn't the largest number of students, but it certainly wasn't a small number.

    Eureka Academy had gained its fame for good reason - he and his professors cared deeply about these worlds and wanted to protect them as best they could. He himself had grown up among strife and discord, often brought about for his half-dragon nature. He had seen wars erupt, had seen evil rise, and he had seen potential heroes fall because of inexperience, or a lack of understanding. But for all he had seen on these worlds, he knew that beyond the twinkling stars above, there lay other realms, not only in this dimension but others; even other realities. He knew that some would welcome the chance for trade and discourse but also knew that some would be hostile.

    There would always be a threat to these worlds, from within, from without, across time and space. This was both his home and that of so many others - why shouldn't he wish to protect it? That was the principle on which he had founded Eureka Academy: that power was a far greater tool in the hands of those who had the experience and knowledge to use it well. Here at Eureka, he was able to help young mages and warriors from both planets with their talents, to help them defend their worlds against the powers that lurked.

    He knew conflict would always exist but that it was necessary for progress. But when such things came from without, there would only be chaos. He had had the feeling for several years now that such things were in motion behind the shadows but without such sight to see it, there was little to do but prepare as best he could.

    Looking back towards the horizon, he scanned for the two airships that would come from both Corinith and Eritai. After several minutes they arrived, passing through the clouds with ease. It would only be twenty or so minutes before they arrived and he would be needed at the docks for their orientation - or 'dis'orientation as he liked to call it.

    Flapping his leathery wings a few times, he dived down towards the docks. It was still a rush every year: the winds blowing through his white hair, the feel of the air seeming to caress his skin, the ground looming ever closer. He felt like a kid again every time, free from the responsibilities of headmaster, from the worries he had over the future. He felt like he was a student here - full of energy and promise.

    Alighting on the massive platform that awaited the docks, he straightened out his dark blue uniform as the ships began to pull in to the docking stations, the slowly dipping sun behind them.

    Nogitsune Hibiki:

    The first day of classes was always an annoyance for Hibiki, perhaps more so because his temper was already flaring up. It wasn't really anyone's fault, just simple rage at his own predicament. It was his last year at the Academy and though he didn't want to go, what awaited him after was very... displeasurable to him. Of course, this year was less about classes and more about him leading.

    "Tch. Always with the leadership. Can't command a squad if you're not in the lead mech," he spat, adjusting his tunic.

    Blinking once, he cocked his head at the reflection staring back at him.

    "The hell is a mech?"

    He shrugged before cinching his belt at his waist and slipping his blades into their most comfortable spots. An unusual weapon to say the least, but he was an unusual kitsune, in more than one way. The chain connecting the two katanas chimed at his hip as he left his dorm on the fifth floor, making his way to the docks.

    Unlike the rest of the student body already present, the Student Council Members of each rank were to give the students the information as to what had changed over the summer. For most of the returning student's it wasn't very different, sometimes a dorm change, sometimes a new roommate but it all needed to be handled. The new students however... they found themselves in a very different position, especially those with small families accustomed to sleeping alone; three roommates tended to be a very different scenario.

    Sliding down the banister with a grin, he made it down to the first floor in record time.

    "Touchdown," he said aloud with a sweeping bow, as though there was an audience watching.

    Again, he gave a pause.

    "I still have no clue what a touchdown is..." he murmured, shaking his head.

    He didn't pass too many people on the academy grounds as he made his way to the docks. In the distance though he could see the airships slowing making their way in and a swooping figure heading for the docks.

    "Oh, Headmaster, ever the fun one. 'Twould be a shame if you ever left the Academy," Hibiki said with a smirk.

    It wouldn't be long now before the airships docked. Indeed, they seemed to be just setting into their moorings as he came into the docks.

    James L Hoffman

    The Head Librarian of Eureka Academy was perched on top of the main desk at the forefront of the library, a recently published treatise on wild magic in his hands. Of course, he hadn't written it, but he had been consulted on it and thus had been entitled to a copy of the finished manuscript. Behind him was once of the other librarians, a severe woman who looked to be in her 50s. A frown was on her face as she looked him, her eyes wanting to bore holes into his back.

    "You do realize you can't actually shoot lasers from your eyes, right Silvia?" he said with an accent that was alien to most.

    For all his youthful looks and seemingly bored mannerisms, James was rather observant; one didn't live to be nearly 700 without such skill. The other librarian, Silvia, didn't seem at all surprised at him though.

    "If it would get you off the furniture, I'd learn how."

    "Well, you're certainly in the right place for it, luv," he answered, flipping a page nonchalantly.

    "The students should be arriving any minute and I've still got a fair amount of work to do."

    "Then you'd best get along to it I suppose. Unless this is you asking for my assistance?"

    "You know as well as I do that a number of the returning students come directly here to brush up on their studies during the free time after orientation and I would like to keep this place as nice as possible."

    "As you wish."

    Without taking his eyes from the book, he snapped his fingers and into existence came three small, silver creatures. Rather they looked like machines with spindly limbs and large, almost beak shaped heads.

    "You remember the myr, Silvia. I know they remember you. Go along you three and help her out as best you can."

    "Not what I wanted but they'll do."

    "That's a good girl," he said, flipping another page.
  2. Kasaliene slouched a little lower in the seat. Most of the kids on the airship were talking excitedly and gazing out the windows. The sound buzzed around her like she was sitting in the middle of a hornet's nest. She couldn't pick out any words, but she wasn't really trying either. She didn't care what they were saying, how excited they were about the school, or the friends they were going to meet. She pulled her hood further forward and tried to ignore them.

    She went to pull her fingers through her hair, a nervous habit she'd developed over the years, but her mother had brushed her hair and pulled it back in some kind of confounded braid. For a moment she considered taking it down, but the feeling of the airship docking distracted her. The buzz around her raised in volume and she groaned before standing up and filing off of the ship with the other students. Unlike the others, who were introducing themselves to each other and chatting excitedly, she stood in a stony silence and waited for the orientation to begin.

    She held her bag tightly in her hands as she was jostled and bumped by the swarms of people around her. She didn't like being in this crowded area, but she couldn't really see a place that wasn't full of chattering people. She was dying to be back at home, in her room and curled up in a nest of blankets with her favorite book. She was tempted to try and find her suitcases so she could dig out her music player, but it was probably already in her room. She didn't know her room number yet, so she gave up on that idea pretty quickly.
  3. Lorren Phaestus paced across the polished obsidian floor of his office. He usually didn't get agitated like this, but the start of a new semester always left him fraught with worry. Click click clack, click click clack, click click clack. The heels of his black leather shoes and point of his gunmetal cane beat a tattoo that echoed around the space.

    His office was one of the best perks that came about from teaching at Eureka. Combination workshop and study, it provided him with the tools and environment required for his delicate work. And it was a place he could pace without the whole school seeing him in such a state. The walls were paneled in warm mahogany from the floor to about five feet up the wall, then the rest was done in earth-tone wallpaper with subtle vine patterns etched in silver. The ceiling rose about 25 feet above the ground, and had myriad pipes and conduit running across it, with a fire sprinkler system of his own design. There was a sitting area near the entrance for private conferences, as well as a corner filled with bookshelves. At the far end, in front of the large picture windows, was Lorren's desk, covered with two years worth of books and paper. There were also many other tables spread throughout the room, some covered with half-constructed devices of unknown function, others with reams and reams of paper covered with small, precise letters.

    Lorren dodged one of his little golems running past on the ground, carrying what looked like a box of pens. The place was inhabited by five of them, scurrying around and keeping things in order. One went around with a tiny brush and dustpan, sweeping up metal shavings from under one of the tables. He was quite fond of the little things, even though they were just machines. They weren't the most engaging of companions, but it was better than being alone in his office. He turned to his data cube sitting upon the desk. It was a small black box, a foot by a foot by a foot, with a tiny hole dead center in the top face. It had the same artificial intelligence structures of his golems, but was built for retrieving data from Eureka's library and information subsystems. He said the keyword: "Query." An audible click emitted from the box and a panel slid aside within the hole, revealing a lens. "How long until orientation?" There was another click, and a few seconds passed. Then, a blue-tinted hologram showing his daily agenda emitted from the lens, filling the air over Lorren's desk. A cool female voice replied, "Event Orientation begins in twenty, five, minutes. Estimated travel time is ten minutes."

    Lorren gritted his teeth. "Query end." The hologram disappeared, and the panel snicked back over the lens. Lorren made a point of visiting orientation to scout out potentials and get a feel for this year's new students. The great thinkers and inventors of the future deserved close attention. But, the modification to his curriculum for this year had taken much longer than expected. "Well, it can't be helped," said Lorren to the nearest golem. "Curriculum will have to wait. Orientation awaits. Command." All the golems stopped what they were doing and turned to face Lorren. "I'm leaving. Lock up the office after me and continue cleaning up." All the golems said "Understood" at once in a modulated chorus, and resumed their routines.

    Lorren left his office and stepped out into one of the many hallways of Eureka. He looked out one of the windows that lined the exterior wall to the sapphire sky, and caught a glimpse of one of the airships beginning its descent. Time to go. Lorren set off towards the docks at a good pace for someone with a cane, the pain in his leg temporarily muted by excitement. New beginnings awaited.
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  4. | | Avian Roe | |

    Roe always enjoyed arrivals and departures. Comings and goings. Beginnings and endings. She believed that an individual's life was divided into these. Like chapters in a book. Being immortal, and with an essence as old as the beginnings of the Universe, a person gets to wondering. But Roe wasn't a person. She was an Avian. Avians observed. However, Roe wasn't exactly an observer either. Action and adventure were her calling- as well as her downfall. This would've been her last year here, but the Professors decided that the being older than most of them there was too frivolous.

    The thought made Roe both slightly annoyed, and completely amused. "Frivolous! Me! An Angel!" she repeated to herself in mockery. Avians, or Angels, whatever floated your boat, were said for millennium by lower beings to be "Servants of God", or whatever that meant. The truth was totally lost with them. Avians assumed that their God was equivalent to Creation. Despite their clever twist on the truth, Avians had frowned upon the weaker, less holy, and short lived species and their similar counter-parts. They secluded themselves from all the other races- with exceptions to those whose essence's condemned them to be different. To long for anywhere aside from the holy grounds of Heaven was considered odd- but not an abomination. Nothing so ridiculous or far-fetched. Those who simply did not want to live among their own were accepted and loved as well as those who did. The fact still remained that thanks to many superstitions and stereotypes, Angels were believed by most to be patient, forgiving beings. Nothing could be less true about Roe.

    She had been awake since the sun first rose- ready to see the new faces. Wings grew out from her back, unfolding into beautiful, magnificent things. They weren't as big as one would expect, built to sustain the weight of the Angel and to not impede movement. She was dressed in white- she always was. Roe didn't keep her people's traditions as close to heart as some, but her "Father", Raphael, the Elder who raised her, had always insisted on it. It was said to be bad luck to be dressed in any other color besides white for beginnings and endings. But then again, you never knew when an ending or a beginning might take place. For the special occasion, blossoms decorated her hair- which ranged from the red of blood at the roots to the blue of the sea at the tips.

    Her wings flapped once and she was in the air, with a breathtaking view of harbor and all the people- staff and students alike. The spaceships were only arriving now. She flew closer, lingering over the group of spectators. Looking down, she recognized one of the individuals. A particular kitsune. She swooped down, landing behind him quickly and gracefully. Almost completely unnoticed.

    "Well, we don't seem to be very excited." she said, leaning closely and whispering the phrase into his ear. She laughed, stepping up so she stood next to him now instead of behind. "Beginnings, beginnings." she cooed.

    "They sure are a sight to see."
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  5. Adora Salvatrix

    While everyone was preparing to meet the new arrivals and returning students, Adora was perched up on top of the roof above her dorm with a good old fashion book sprawled across her lap. The shingles were warmed by the sun and the occasional breeze toyed with loose strands of chocolate hair offering glimpses of the tiny silver rings lining the shell of her ears every now and then. Preventing the mischievous strands from getting in her way too much was her signature hat she wore mainly to restrain her layered locks. Seeing as she had no need for the bill, it was facing the opposite of the direction it was meant to face, which made one question why she wore a hat in the first place instead of a simple hairband or even a ponytail holder.

    Movement in the sky caught her sharp eye and the Grim watched one of the students circled over the gathering crowd like an over dressed vulture before finally landing. Why make a show of utilizing other means of transportation when one could just 'port from one place to another? Alright, maybe her first encounter with an Avian did impress her, but now merely watching the winged creature fly about exhausted her. She sighed and closed her book before getting to her feet and navigating to the other side of the roof. The view- now
    that was something that ceased to amaze her. It seemed like every time she found herself on the roof of the building there was always something new to look at, and the disappearing act she pulled a little over a year ago following her graduation only refreshed the experience. Adora had returned to the academy sometime that summer via detoured merchant ship looking for a job and upon succeeding in obtaining a position as an Arma professor, she spent the remainder of the season reacquainting herself with the school lay out and pestering those who stuck around, even striking up sparring matches with some of the students. After all, she wasn't one to keep to herself when there were people around to socialize with.

    Book tucked under her arm and hands stuffed down as far as they could go in her shallow pockets of her jeans, she overlooked the gathering crowd of student with interest and a touch of... anxiety? Was that what she was feeling? No... that didn't seem to fit what she was feeling. She was feeling excited to the point she couldn't wait to be in her own classroom with her own group of students, but at the same time she was on edge. She wasn't sure what to expect or who she'd meet. At the same time that fact made her that much more eager as it made her nervous. This was going to be an interesting year! Her brown-red heterochromia eyes gouged the distance between her and the ports as she bit her lip. Who ever thought giving a creature who lacked a sixth sense the power to teleport was out of their mind but Adora managed thus far some how. Surely this time couldn't end all that disastrous? Even with the prep talk she was giving herself the Grim doubted this will be without incident, so she focused on getting off the roof first.

    Training her gaze on a purchase of grass below her, she took a step forward - probably looking like she was about to commit suicide - just to disappear into thin air much like the Cheshire Cat from the classic novel Alice in Wonderland. She read the original story when it first came out because any story featuring a madwoman just spelled delightful. Needless to say she enjoyed the remakes and original twists much more. When she reappeared she appeared to step out of time and space itself and into random existence right where she had been staring; give or take a few steps. "I'm getting better at this if I do say so my self," Adora declared proudly even if there weren't that many others around to hear her declaration. She looked up and saw how far she was from her destination and groaned inwardly. Did she really have to walk all the way other there? The answer was yes; yes she did; otherwise risk... well something was bound to happen by unsuspectingly 'porting over there.
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  6. Orin was outside on the grounds of the academy, but he wasn't doing anything that the others were. He wasn't one to go out and get to get acquainted with all of the new students. He was walking around the front of the main building as he watched the airships arrive with all of the new students as the older students and some of the teacher began gathering at one point in front of the docks. Orin shrugged as he wondered he would do while everything was getting settled down.

    He pulled his jacket tighter on himself. It was far from cold, but what else was he to wear? If he didn't wear the jacket, then the whole outfit was off. He would never admit it and he would probably blast anyone who said it into next week, but he was a little bit of a fashionista. He made sure that everything he wore matched or he would be annoyed and would refuse to wear it. He readjusted the scythe strapped to his back so that it wouldn't bother him. He sighed again as he made his way to the front entrance of the school. He decided to go hang out on the front balcony.

    When he got up there, he sat down on the railing and looked out towards all of the other people. He looked at the masses of new students coming off of the ships and he saw some even getting on already. He sighed as he got bored of just sitting there, so he removed the scythe from his back and laid himself down on the railing of the balcony, holding his scythe in hand and letting it swing like a pendulum back and forth as he looked up to the sky for a moment before he closed his eyes. He may not want to be bothered, but he didn't care if he was seen by everybody, which he probably would be if they paid any attention to anything.

    He was excited for the new semester, he really was. It was just that he wasn't really looking forward to all of the new faces. He really didn't like meeting or seeing new people, but he would have too to make sure that he was able to graduate from the academy. He really had no idea what he would do after he did, but he would figure that out when the time came. All he was worried about now was that he would do great in his studies and make sure to be the best he could be.

    He opened his eyes and looked back into the sky as he sighed with a small smile on his face as he awaited the beginning of the new year.
  7. Nogitsune Hibiki:

    At the words from behind him, Hibiki spun, backed off and his blades were drawn in an instant, his fangs bared and a snarl growing in his throat.

    "You should know better than that Roe..." he spat, returning his blades to their sheathes. "The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come to pass, but you know well I can't forget - you might have lost your head. It would be a shame to have Death show up here; I'm certain he wouldn't be nearly so kind as the Discworld's.

    "But no, I don't relish the idea of dealing with the mob of noobs that will arrive. I'm Nogitsune Hibiki; I'm a man destined to be king - I'm no one's babysitter. But if the powers that be want me to lead, then I shall drag them kicking and screaming if I must. I will mold them as they should; proper fighters and mages - if they have talent.

    "And what of you? Not yet returned to Serra's Realm? You yet still wear Blue though. Perhaps this last Impression did not go as planned?"
  8. Lorren exited the hallway out onto the massive platform of the school's airship docks. He was now walking considerably slower, the pain in his leg intensified by his rather ill-advised rush through the school. Making his way towards the crowd beginning to assemble around the docking apparatus, he saw the Avian he remembered from past years swoop down out of the sky and alight next to none other than Nogitsune Hibiki. The mad kitsune had always intimidated him - those quick to anger always did. Lorren did not like unpredictability. And the Avian. The other Professors had repeatedly denied her petitions to move into Black rank. He agreed - the girl lacked the needed maturity and respect for authority, no matter her age.

    Hibiki wheeled around, clearly startled by the manifestation of an angel next to him - and not in a good way. Lorren changed his course to ensure the situation was under control - he only caught the last of what Hibiki said before he arrived, breathing heavily. "Mr. Hibiki! Ms. Roe!" Lorren called out to the two as he walked up to them, his signature placid smile in place. "Certainly we aren't thinking of f-fighting at orientation? We must set a good example for these new students, no? I know I can trust the members of the illustrious upper r-ranks to provide a leading light for these poor souls who will be inevitably lost and confused, groping hopelessly around in the darkness of ignorance." Lorren had to repress a chuckle as he said these last melodramatic words, the laugh lines around his eyes crinkling.
  9. | | Avian Roe | |

    "Please, I know how to handle myself. I also don't fancy my head anywhere except on my shoulders." Roe knew that she should have known better than appear behind him all of a sudden. It was insensitive of her. Even if she hadn't befriended him throughout the passing years of living and training here, she was well informed on the happenings in both worlds. All Avian knew. It was their job to know and observe and record everything about anything except themselves. Even if they were divergent individuals like Roe. When Avians are reborn, they know nothing but how to do what an Avian does. It's built into their nature. Engraved in their essence.
    "Death would not dare take me, you know that. I'm no fickle mortal. My essence will be reborn again and again, as it always has." she said, although her voice trailed with tiredness. Despite this vessel being rather young, for an Avian, her essence was timeless and eternal.
    "Yeah, they deemed me, and I quote, "Frivolous and Extreme" How about that!" she laughed like a bird, harmonious and chirpy. Happy. "I'm perfectly capable of teaching them a few things about individuality, but someone died and named them the professors." Roe pouted. She had always had a distaste for authority in more mortal races. It was a quality she shared with her race, which is why they kept to themselves so much. Avians had a fair system. They didn't have a leading face, they had seven Elders- the wisest among them with the oldest vessels. They were the first to be created from Starlight. They where called the Council. Since the beginnings of their race, some essences had a habit of preferring the foreign earthly lands to the wonderful and safe celestial Heaven. It was accepted, even rejoiced at times. There were no discrimination in their society- not really. As wrathful as Angels could be in the plains of battle, in Heaven, all was well. They never saw the point of leaving home for a place like Eureka, when all the wealth of knowledge was so be had in Heaven. More than could ever be found in an establishment of the likes of Eureka.
    However, Roe didn't come here seeking knowledge; she didn't care much for books. Her abilities in the field of combat were already in par of those in Black. She could handle herself- she proved that when she found the Crown of Creation, returning it to it's home in Heaven. She came here searching for something else. Roe nearly jumped out of her wings at the startling voice of Mr.Phaestus. "What? No! No, no. Me and Hibiki.. we're friends. Plus, if I really wanted to fight to old fox, I would've done it when I was behind him." she laughed nervously. Hopefully, he hadn't caught her last comment on authority. Not that she cared what his opinion was on it, but more like she had enough on her plate as it was.

    "Yes, right! Guide the newbies! Totally. Mhmm. That's what we're here for, right Hibiki?"
  10. "Yahoo! Land ahoy!" Zach shouted to nobody in particular. Just because he had appointed himself as the ship's lookout, didn't mean that anyone had to listen to him. Overcome by excitement, Zach leapt from his perch on the airship's mast and took his place at the ship's closed exit ramp. This was an important moment for Zach, and he didn't intend to miss any moment. Hell, this day was so important that he had replaced his normal attire with an outfit that he deemed more "classy" (a bright neon green jacket, with a black shirt, slacks, and tennis shoes).

    "Can't this thing dock any faster?" Zach asked the nearest crew member, who sighed in response. Zach's constant stream of questions had definitely made an impact on the ship's crew, "Every second that my glorious feet aren't touching that hallowed academic ground is a second wasted!"

    "We'll be docking soon, sir. Just please step back and let us do our job."

    "I can't wait that long! People who go this school are supposed to change the world! I can't change the world by waiting for someone else to park the boat! Move aside!"

    "Sir, you really shouldn't-"

    But it was too late. Zach was already balancing on the rail. After momentarily steadying himself, Zach leapt from the railing, shouting as he did so.

    "School is in session! Yahoo!"

    The jump itself was rather majestic, to be honest. The landing, however, ultimately detracted from the entire spectacle. Zach managed to plant both of his feet on the edge of the dock, however his forward momentum decided that stopping was out of the question. Thankfully, Zach's face managed to stop the fall.

    Completely unfazed by his crash landing, Zach jumped up from his landing spot and dusted himself off, "I'm okay! Don't worry anybody, I'm still combat ready!"

    As the airship's ramp dropped down, and the students began to pour out into the docks, Zach began greeting each and every one, even the ones he had already met. Even after the crowd had gathered for orientation, Zach continued to work his way through the mass of bodies, greeting and bragging to anyone who had ears. However, his eyes were eventually caught by the image of a young girl in a grey hoodie. Somehow he had missed her before, which was something he was determined to rectify. He shot towards her like a bullet and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, completely shattering any semblance of personal space.

    "Hey there babe, what's up? My name's Zachariah Sun, and I'm destined to be the greatest student to attend this academy! What about you?"
  11. Kasaliene was waiting impatiently for orientation to be over and done with so she could go to her room when some strange boy in a horribly clashing outfit draped an arm around her shoulder. "Hey there babe, what's up? My name's Zachariah Sun, and I'm destined to be the greatest student to attend this academy! What about you?" Normally she'd flinch away from the contact and stare silently. She was shy like that. Something about this boy though, touched her nerves the wrong way.

    She looked from his arm around her shoulders to his face with a cold, slightly bored expression. "You're destined to lose that arm unless you remove it from my person immediately." She stepped away from him in an attempt to regain her personal space. "And if you address me, call me by my name. I am not babe, baby, or sweetheart. I am Kasaliene. Do not treat me like some little girl." Honestly, from the looks of him she could beat him easily. He was smaller than her brothers, and she managed to pin them half of the time.
  12. Zach, being his normal oblivious self, completely ignored the blatant threats.

    "Now that's what I like in a girl, a little bit of fight! A good bit of spirit!" Zach laughed loudly, tightening his embrace on Kasaliene, "I think you and I are gonna get along fine, don't you think Kas? Do you mind if I call you Kas? I think it suits you."

    Finally he released the girl from his intrusive embrace, and stepped back to size up his new "friend".

    "You look pretty dainty, though. Of course, I suppose most girls are. I guess you aren't much for physical combat, huh? What sect are you in, then? Magis? I'm in Ultris. I hear that it's full of strong fighters. I doubt they're as strong as I am-" Zach kept droning on, seemingly forgetting that he was talking to someone in the first place.
  13. Kasaliene listened to Zach for all of a few seconds before be tuned out his monologue of speech. She didn't care any longer, now that he'd released his hold on her. That was, until she heard the word 'dainty' leave his mouth. She frowned and crossed her arms as she faced him again. "I happen to be in Arma." She said with a raised eyebrow. "Meaning yes, I am good with physical combat. Just because I'm small doesn't mean I'm some fragile girl that needs to be taken care of. Don't make assumptions about people you don't know." She shook her head. "And no, you may not call me Kas. My name is Kasaliene."
  14. "-and that's how I saved an entire neighborhood from a major gas leak. It was pretty epic, I have to sa-" Zach's voice trailed off the moment he saw Kasaliene glaring daggers at him.

    "Wow, Arma? You don't say? Well that's great! I myself happen know a few things about hand to hand combat," Zach started flexing his muscles, ignoring the fact that they were hidden under his sleeves, "Maybe we could get together and I could teach you a few tricks. After all, a hero's gotta pass on his legendary knowledge to somebody, right?"
  15. Adora Salvatrix

    Adora's eyes were all over the place! unable to focus on one thing at a time. For starters, the student on the front balcony who so happened the one other scythe wielded besides herself, swinging the weapon back and forth. The blade caught the light beautifully, if not blindingly and she couldn't help but to stare. Unfortunately her legs didn't get the meno and she walked right into Professor Phaestus. She made a quite 'oof' sound before staggering back. "Heh, oops, sorry... uh..." She blinked, not sure how to address him seeing as she was no longer a student. Though, the 'uh' droned on a bit as another thing caught her attention; a falling student! Who then proceeded to face plant upon landing on the dock. She snickered at him in all his green glory.

    This was surely going to make for an interesting year if everyone was as eager as he was. From that student, one thing or another caught her eyes. It was an amazing sight to see bazaar and unique students mingling together excitedly. All from different backgrounds and builds and colors. It was quite a lot to take in and yet she managed to. Well to the best of her ability anyway. There was so much movement going on that even a slightest shift in stance caught the worked up Grim's attention. She eventually came to stand by everyone else, careful not to make a further fool of herself, and continued to watch and observe. Stray strands of her brown hair fluttered around the Spiritualist's face presumably because of the occasional breeze that rolled by but she didn't seem to notice. There was just too much to notice!

    And just that realization crashed down on her. She was going to be on a classroom with these people! Not as a fellow peer but as their teacher! A brief wave of panic and for a moment, Adora thought she was going to have a small attack. Luckily, being a Grim, the thought of control that came with being a teacher gave her a renew sense of excitement. A wide grin split her face and began bouncing on her toes. This was going to fun! Yet challenging but interesting. Always interesting when she set off on a new adventure. But this adventure won't quite turn out like her others. Well, at least, she hoped so. It would quite embarrassing to have your own students be sent out to rescue you because you done screwed up and got trapped. Good times. Good times.

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  16. Kasaliene rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe how full of himself this guy was. If his head got any bigger he wouldn't fit through the doors. She shook her head. "How about we don't, and say we did? Or better yet, don't and don't say anything about it? I'm not sure I'd be able to resist trying to squish your head back down to a normal size." She finally tugged her hair out of the annoying braid with a sigh. "You may want to get that looked at, by the way. I've never seen anyone with such a serious case of overly inflated ego."
  17. "Hey, if you can't feel confident about yourself, then how can anybody else?" A wide smile stretched across Zach's face, "Besides, it doesn't count as bragging if it's true!"

    Finally realizing that Kasaliene was no longer interested in hearing about his greatness, Zach decided to change the subject to a more pressing matter. Of course, the thought of leaving the girl alone never passed his mind.

    "So, Eureka Academy! Some place, huh? I hope our classes start soon, I can't wait begin my hero training. What about you? What brings you here? I bet you're pretty excited."
  18. She shrugged with a grimace. "I'd much rather be home with my brothers." She said honestly. "I don't want to be here, but I didn't really have a choice." She was running her fingers through her dark hair as she spoke. "I just hope that orientation ends soon so that I can go to my room alone and read in the peace and quiet." It hadn't even crossed her mind that she wouldn't have her own room. She'd always had her own room, since she was the only girl in her family. When she finished with her hair she pushed it back behind her shoulders and crossed her arms again.
  19. "I wish I had brothers," Zach said, before releasing a loud sigh, "I bet it'd be fun to grow up with someone else like yourself. Hell, we could even go to school together! Imagine that: Several guys just like me, storming the school and taking the world by force. We could even be a superhero team!"

    Zach laughed lightly to himself as he stared off into space, still lost in his fantasy. Eventually his attention drifted back to Kasaliene.

    "Oh, um, by the way. You know you'll have roommates, right? It might be hard to do that reading stuff."
  20. |Akasma Aari Utakra|

    Sneaking past the highly enthusiastic individuals upon arriving to the school had been difficult. She was the only one holding an umbrella over her head, wearing a rather large hat, and covered head to toe in protective clothing. Of course she stood out, and the students made sure she knew that by giving her looks. She felt like an outcast, like some kind of creature or animal in a cage when eyes darted on her. She absolutely despised being the center of attention, there was nothing noteworthy of her to make her be looked at like some specimen. She was forced to push passed the students to get through the overcrowded mess as quickly as she could. Being a loner definitely had its down sides, making friends was going to be almost impossible if she couldn't stand near even a small group or approach anyone without becoming nervous. Was coming to this Academy really worth the answers she had been seeking? Goodness.. Maybe this was the worst decision she could have made...

    The Albus stood alone, in her own area away from what appeared to be a large group of newly formed or old friends. It was all right, she would much rather stand. It was a benefit for a quick escape if desired. She sighed as she patiently waited for the orienteering to be finished. Her ebony gloved fingers fidgeted with the hat she held. She was very nervous. Not just because she was in this new academy with several individuals, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics; but because she was surrounded by hundreds of others she did not (or wish to) know. She did not like crowded places, never had, never will. It was a hassle she had to get through, thus making her gain unwanted attention from those she found incredibly "colorful" and "odd" in personality. Those were the ones who concerned her. Perhaps they had a disorder of some sort? Especially one whose ego could be heard from across the room. From her own little area, she heard the name of "Zachariah Sun". She had glanced over to the pair and could see a young woman crossing her arms and grimacing at the oblivious other. The white haired girl sighed, feeling sorry for poor girl to be dragged into a conversation with an individual she did not desire.

    The White Magis glanced around the room, scanning for all possible exits and if no one is paying attention to her. She had listened enough to the orienteering to gain the needed information of the academy and how to succeed in said academy. Maybe she could slip out of the room before she was trapped in the middle of the disorganized crowd when it was time to depart? She did not wish to stay any longer, and approaching others to introduce herself was out of the question.
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