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  1. Eureka SeveN: Rebirth

    Holland Novak: For those of you that don't know this story let me start at the beginning...

    It all began with a with a 14-year old boy, Renton Thurston, that's the son of Adroc Thurston, a military researcher who died saving this world from the first great calamity known as 'The Summer of Love'. He lived with his grandfather, a rather obstinate man known as Axel Thurston. He of course, like all Thurstons was a legendary mechanic. Renton lived a rather mundane life in the quiet town of Bellforest.

    That boy enjoyed lifting on the trapar like it was nobody's business. He simply needed the confidence. When we first got him, well, he couldn't lift and he definitely had no confidence. What was the Trapar? It was atransparent light particle substance made by Scub Coral. It behaves like waves or a really strong wind current.
    In order to "ride" trapar, the utilization of reflection films are required. Trapar are released from the Scub Coral's powerful metabolism. As a result, trapar can be completely manipulated and produced by coralians.

    Y[SIZE=3]eah, yeah, I know whats coming next. What are Coralians? Scub Corals? If you just give me a damn minute I'll-

    Talho Novak: Holland[SIZE=3]! What have I told you about yelling at children?

    Holland Novak: Don't do it...Yeah, yeah.[SIZE=3] Anyways...

    [SIZE=3]Scub Corals are intelligent lifeforms that came to earth ten thousand years before ou[SIZE=3]r cur[SIZE=3]rent d[SIZE=3]ate of time. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]They have the ability to change the laws of physics by force of will alone as well as many other mysterious capabilities.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]The Scub Coral originally [SIZE=3]kn[/SIZE]own to crash into Earth's atmosphere somewhere in the 21st century. They survived a collision with an artificial satellite and landed in the Pacific ocean, however their condition was critical. The beings fused with normal coral to borrow their physical body. [SIZE=3]Possessing[/SIZE] a powerful metabolism, the Scub Coral are capable of growing into enormous size in a blink of an eye, and shortly after their arrival,[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]the planet's atmosphere has been contaminated [SIZE=3][SIZE=3]guessed[/SIZE] it--Trappa[SIZE=3]r [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]a particulate matter released from Scub Coral's biological activities.

    Coralians are just the different types of Scubs there were.
    The Command Center of the Scub Coral was a large concentration of the Scub Coral which acted as the central mind for the rest of its "body". It stored all the information the Scub had collected over the last 10,000 years, and keeps the rest of the Scub Coral in a dormant state. Then they had what were known as Kute-class Corallians. A Kute-class was massive sphere of concentrated energy that materialized suddenly in the skies. Though it was a rare natural occurrence, they could be artificially triggered by causing heavy damage to the Scub Coral. The disappearance of a Kute causes a massive release of energy, ravaging the surrounding landscape and lowering the Trappar count in the area to almost non-existent levels....

    Unknown: What's the matter Holland?

    Holland Novak: It's nothing really, I just recal the time that Eureka and Renton went into one of those things.

    Unknown: Eureka? Renton?

    Holland Novak: Yeah...

    Unknown: Are the same people whose name[SIZE=3]s are carved into the moo[SIZE=3]n?

    H[SIZE=3]o[SIZE=3]lland Novak: ...! Yeah...Yeah kid, they [SIZE=3]are...A great couple those two. Heros[SIZE=3] that gave everything...

    Now i[SIZE=3]t's your turn.....[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    This will be a fan-fiction remake of Eureka Seven Ao. I will be using the original animated series as a platform for this sequel.

    Act 1 will involve many of the characters from the series, albeit, older than what they were as 18 years have passed leaving the crew older and the children of the Gekkostate are adults by this point.The son of Renton and Eureka Thurston, Shiro somehow finds and activates the The Nirvash Type ZERO activating the Seven Swell effect indirectly which causes a distortion tear in the fabric of space and plunges him and the Nirvash back into the world with the Gekkostate. Holland and Talho's daughter is the first to find the unconscious boy of 16. Little does he know the Nirvash was waiting for him, even calling to him in his dreams. The war that Dewy had sponsored to eradicate the Scub Coral was just the beginning.

    Shiro is left with amnesia, only fleeting memories of his father leaving and his mother crying leave him particularly hostile. But when a young girl earns his trust, even his affection he is transformed from child to man. Much like his father before him. But this close knit relationship activates the Nirvash to respond to its pilot enabling him to fight the coming darkness.

    Original Characters included:

    Renton Thurston & Eureka (Thurston)(Flashback)


    Maurice, Maeter, and Linck
    (Renton and Eureka's Adopted Children-Grown Up)

    Holland Novak & Talho (Novak)

    Moondoggie & Gidget

    Matthieu & Hilda

    Hap, Stoner, Ken-Goh, Mischa, Gonzy, Jobs, Woz, Tiptory

    The LOF's

    Type ZERO

    The original Type Zero, the one the Voderac see as the "White Demon", and the legendary LFO that was manned first by Eureka Thurston, then later by her husband to be Rento. It has the Amita Drive and Renton's Compsv drive. It's power include the Seven Swell effect, emitting a protective energy field and ultimately transforming into the Spec 3. Being two seated, it needs a co-pilot that can sync with the pilot themselves to work optimally.

    Spec 3 Nirvash Type ZERO

    The Spec 3 Nirvash Type ZERO is by far, the fastest and most powerful firs generation of LFOs. Its
    Uniquely driven by one pilot rather that two, once the pilots are completely synced that is. Although
    the Terminus Devilfish can nearly match it inspeed, it has far superior firepower. This state was only ever unlocked when Renton felt completely love and devotion to Eureka.

    Alex's Nirvash - Nirvash Mk. 1

    An updated version of the Type ZERO. Interestingly enough , it can be unlocked through Alex's growth with his "Other". While this model does not have two Separate seats, it still must maintain

    a strong bond between the pilot and copilot ; has enough room for the co-pilot to sit directly behind
    the pilot. This model also as more conventional firepower than the standard Type ZERO.

    Spec V

    Thr Spec V is the most powerful form of the Nirvash entirely. A complete and utter connection between the two pilots must be achieved. In this form not even the B909 Terminus 'Devilfish' can catch up to it. It has such sped that it can match mach 1 light speed of the Hammer of God Its armament includes a large staff-like weapon capable of cutting nearly anything and generates several small homing 'satellites' that emit powerful energy burst that can destroy surface-to-air missiles as well as destroy smaller hostile aircraft.

    Additional Characters:

    Alex Renton Thurston (Renton+ Eureka)

    Full Name: Alex Renton Thurston
    Nicknames: Alex-kun, Ai-chan (only by Nami to mock him)


    • RP Power: Main Character

    • Race: Corallian
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: August 8th, 22324
      Age: 16
      Hair: Aquamarine
      Skin: Pale
      Eyes: Lavender with red circles around the pupils
      Height: 5'4
      Weight: 112 lbs

      Place of Residence: Novak residence-Blue Seed ship
      [B]Place of Birth: Earth

      [B]Relatives: Eureka Thurston (Mother), Renton Thurston (Father), Adroc Thurston (Grandfather), Axel Thurston (Great-Grandfather), Diane (Aunt)[/B][/B]

    • [B][B][B][B][B]Enemies: Blue Seed, Military[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]

    • [B][B][B]Allies: Holland, Talho, Nami, Moondoggie, Gidget, Hilda, Matthew, Woz, Mischa, Stoner, Hap, Jobs,

      [B]Appearance: Alex looks like your basic teenager...well, except the fact he has lavender shaded eyes and aquamarine colored hair that is. He's rather short, being shorter than Nami, he is often ridiculed by her for it. This makes him somewhat moody and self-conscious. He usually wears some sort of hoodie pullover over top his shirt. This is much like his father rather he likes to admit it or not. He also wears brand of cargo style shorts and tennis shoes. Two of his most blatant features, things of attraction for most other teenage girls (Much to the envy of Nami) is his vibrant colored hair and his equally noticeable able eyes.

      [B]Fashion of Choice: Hood and shorts

      [B]Special Abilities: Yet to be revealed[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
    • History: Will add later


    • Alignment: Good

    • Motivations: To protect Nami
      Disposition: Laid back
      Outlook: Despite it being somewhat of a hazard for his health when it comes to Nami's mood swings, Alex regardless is rather laid back and demure

      Religion/Philosophy:“Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections."

      Sexuality: Straight

      Positive Personality Traits: Kind, Honest, Loyal, Protective
      Negative Personality Traits: Lazy, Self-motivated, can be selfish at times
      Misc. Quirks: Never knows whats going on around hi

    Interests: (optional)

    • Likes: Lifting, sunsets, sky fish

    • Dislikes: Mushrooms, showing off, other people who show off

      Favorite Foods: Chili peppers, Ramen,
      Favorite Drinks: Energy drinks
      Favorite Colors: Red, Silver, Blue

      Hobbies: Lifting

    Theme Songs:[URL=""]Eureka Seven OST: Final Wish[/URL]

    Nami Novek (Holland + Talho)

    Full Name: Nami Einari Kovak
    Nicknames: Eina, Dragonfly (her mother’s pet name for her).

    RP Power: Main Character

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: April 18th, 22324
    Age: 16
    Hair: Dark Brunette
    Skin: light tan
    Eyes: green
    Height: 5'4 3/4
    Weight: 109 lbs

    Place of Residence: Novak residence-Blue Seed ship
    [B]Place of Birth: Earth

    [B]Relatives: Holland Novak (Father), Talho Yūki (Mother)
    [B]Enemies: Blue Seed, Military
    [B]Allies: Eureka, Renton, Alex, Moondoggie, Gidget, Hilda, Matthew, Woz, Mischa, Stoner, Hap, Jobs,
    [B]Appearance: at 13 years old [URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL][URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    At 16 years old: [URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    A quick alteration of one of Tahlo's picks. Nami will cut her hair similar to her mom's when she was younger, cause she was tired of having her huge forehead showing all the time and seriously wanted bangs.

    [B]Fashion of Choice: Wears a red and white summer set: shorts with a crop top that shows her midriff.
    [B]Special Abilities: Is almost equal her father, Holland, at Lifting; and learning from him about competitions, as well as working with LFOs.
    [B]History: Will add later

    [B]Alignment: Good
    [B]Motivations: Helping Alex regain his memory
    [B]Disposition: Spoiled Brat with a Rebellious streak.
    [B]Outlook: Irritated by her parents’ fame, tired of Holland insisting that she follow in his footsteps in Lifting. Really wants to learn more about LFOs so she can have one all to herself, but she’s forced to use Holland’s remade version of his old Terminus type R909.

    She doesn’t consider Lifting worth the effort because it’s not free, in her eyes, when she’s forced into it for the purpose of competitions and not for the sheer enjoyment.

    If she really could have things her way, she would rather go to Earth to a real school and make real friends who only likes her for her, and not for her parents’ fame. She rather have a regular life where she gets to design her own path in life, rather having someone do that for her. She wants to have a chance to be herself and learn about who she is and what dreams she has, rather living her dad’s unfulfilled ones.

    [B]Religion/Philosophy: There is no freedom when someone’s always making you follow their plans for your life.

    [B]Sexuality: Straight

    [B]Positive Personality Traits:
    [B]Negative Personality Traits: Very selfish, tries to be lazy and carefree, but Holland refuses for her to fall into his old habits and makes her work, train and study.
    [B]Misc. Quirks: Always feels like she should have the last word, her depression causes her to hide from everyone. When she’s seriously concentrating on something, she won’t blink and sometimes won’t take a deep breath. She's allergic to peanuts.

    [B]Interests: (optional)
    [B]Likes: skyfish, the ocean, grass, music, piloting, LFOs (Will learn that she really likes being the center of attention)
    [B]Dislikes: Lifting, Cameras, Fans, being ignored, (Alex when he becomes the center of attention)
    [B]Favorite Foods: Rice Cakes, shashimi
    [B]Favorite Drinks: Pink Lemonade
    [B]Favorite Colors: Red, Yellow, Green

    [B]Hobbies: Collecting reasons to irritate and harass Alex (Mainly after he regains all of his memory.) Has a journal where she cuts out pictures of things and places normal people have and go to, like school, soda shops, having roller skates, nice dresses, a vehicle, jewelry. There’s a lot of things that are not necessary for the life she lives, so she doesn’t have them.

    [B]Theme Songs: Niji [URL][/URL][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]

    Kukyo (Moondoggy + Gidget)

    Full Name: Kukyo M. Crescent
    Nicknames: Moon Dj, Moon puppy (A nick name he loathes!!!), crescent doggie, Moon doggie jr.


    • RP Power: Side character, (Unless allowed otherwise. ^^")

      Race: appears to be human.
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: july 16th, 22324
      Age: 16
      Hair: Dyed blonde
      Skin: A little tan
      Eyes: Blue with a Back crescent around right pupil. (believes to be a birthmark)
      Height: 5'5
      [B]Weight: 109 lbs

      [B]Place of Residence: A ship he claims to have maid.
      [B]Place of Birth: Earth

      [B]Relatives: Moondoggie (father), Gidget (Mother)
      [B]Enemies: Blue Seed, Military, and anyone he picks a fight with in a bar. (Don't ask how he gets into a bar at a young age :3)[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]

      • [B][B][B][B]Allies: Holland, Talho, Nami, Moondoggie, Gidget, Hilda, Matthew, Woz, Mischa, Stoner, Hap, Jobs, Alex[/B][/B][/B][/B]

    • Appearance: Basic teenager, except slenderer, a little more built then some (From working on a ship.) Seems a bit lost at times.

    • Fashion of Choice: kacki pants, blue button up shirt, and a Sea blue cap

    • Special Abilities: None that he knows of.

    [*][B]History: Will add later[/B]


    [*][B]Alignment: Good[/B]

    [*][B][B]Motivations: To show people that he can be taken seriously,
    Disposition: clumsy, mellow, peacefful
    Outlook: Is a hazard to himself, and to anyone who is with him when he pilots sleepily[/B][/B]

    • Religion/Philosophy:

    • Sexuality: Straight

      Positive Personality Traits: Goofy, caring, loyal, strong spirited.
      Negative Personality Traits: Lazy, Blindingly stupid

      • [SIZE=2][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]Misc. Quirks: Could have a sword in his stomach and not realize it till later, not even feeling it until he notices it.[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/SIZE]

    Interests: (optional)

    • Likes: Lifting, piloting, sky fish

    • Dislikes: certain spicy foods, showing off, Snobby people, People who point guns at him constantly

    • Favorite Foods: Ramen, Pockie.
      Favorite Drinks: water
      Favorite Colors: black, Silver, Blue, Neon-blue

      Hobbies: Lifting, Piloting

    Remus + Niko

    Name: Nicoletta (Niko)
    Age: 21
    Gender: F
    View attachment 19160

    Stands about 5'7", long black straight hair, ice blue eyes, slightly pale complexion. She is Remus' special...special half. A lady of harsh refinement who shows herself to be a pleasure before public - when she reveals herself; but regardless, it's just for show.
    She wears sexy attire that reveals the beauty of her making - which are mostly the scars left behind from the years of abuse (both as a child and as an adolescent). All of it molded her into the malicious, cold-hearted creature perfectly designed for a heart like Remus'. Although, there is a soft side within her - and that's only for the one who allows her to be the deceitfully, masochistic, unseen mastermind behind Blue Seed - the one who loves her enough to prove it.

    Mental Issue: A bit OCD - cleaning, and an obsession with killing through sexual torture.

    Blue Seed

    ((Send me the Blue Seed photo Kross. I've lost it.))

  2. Kross

    Its roughly a fanfiction squeal to Eureka 7. The storyline was so heartwarming; adolescence growing up, young love and being a true hero.

    It takes place in the far distant future, when the world was terraformed by a celestial species known as Scub Corals. I'll have what a Scub Coral is exactly explained on my page. Just know that it is neither good nor evil, but the only way for it to gather information is by absorbing the subject at hand. That includes people like you and I. However, these people don't really die.

    My story takes place 18 years after the events in the original series. So everyone in the original series is older. The hero and heroine have opted to be together in another plane of existence so they aren't in the same world as the world will be working with. However, their 16 year old son will be transported there through a destructive phenomenon known as the Seven Swell, created by a Mech called Nirvash when in perfect synch with its pilot or if its pilot is in perfect synch with a girl he's particularly fond of.

    At first, my character will have amnesia. And the young girl, daughter of another cast pairing, who finds him crash landed in the Nirvash will take care of him. My character at first, will be very mature and serious--very unlike how his father was. It is when an unknown enemy begins to attack the world that he shows his immaturity to want to stand up and fight. But when the Nirvash is captured by the military and the girl taken over trying to pilot the Mech all by herself, does he leap into action begin his journey with her.
    Talho, Holland and everyone else is on a planet called Kannan. Which is essently a terraformed Earth, but its no longer called earth.

    Renton and Eureka are on another planet--I have no idea what to call it because that was really never shown in the anime. LOL.

    Regardless the gang are all on Kannan and separated from Eureka and Renton.

    Thoughts for Nami Novak

    I think I'm going to call her Nami Novak, Nami meaning Wave.

    I'm trying to build up a decent background for her, incorporating her parents’ history slightly, since I've got to recall a few things from the story. But, mainly just trying to figure out what she would really like to do in her life.

    But... I might just have that as her personal issue... With parents of the well known Gekkostate, and Novak being a household name, she has a lot to live up to; and she hates it. Maybe she just wishes to have something she cared to live for, or to live up to, rather than just becoming another well know Novak.

    Wow, it's almost like she's flipping roles with Renton, in a way. I really want her to have her own story layout, not using something from the original story, but this just popped out on me and I might end up running with it anyways - just finding a different angle...

    Well, one angle being that her life was probably a bit more active than Renton's was during his time. She's was probably on a board lifting when she was old enough to carry it on her own. Her parent's named her Wave for a reason - they wanted her to follow in their footsteps, and they probably had her shadowing their every move and teaching her everything they knew about lifting. I can see Nami being really fed up with all of it because she really doesn't care for it all that much.

    Lifting is freedom, but she doesn't see it because she doesn't have any freedom. She follows her parents, watching them conduct business with the Gekkostate, perhaps hanging back stage during countless talk shows and photo prompts a lot, dealing with photographers wanting a shot of them doing family things... Yea, she's fed up with it all.

    She probably didn't get to spend a lot of time with Holland, especially when she grew older. The whole business of teaching his daughter all his Lifting tricks went out the window when business picked up. And Talho,'s just too salty for her taste. (Nami's more like her father, but looks like her mom.) Yea, what's the point in riding the waves if all it's going to get her is more publicity, which seems to be separating her family... Yea, the publicity is paying the bills and all, but there's no real freedom anymore with Lifting, like Holland would claim. She just doesn't want any part of it, if there's no real point to it that satisfies her dreams and wishes. Nami rather seek out her own freedoms.

    But, of course, all of that will change when she realizes that there's more to life than what surrounds her. There's things she's meant to do before her dreams and wishes can come true... And that, will lead her to the waves and whoever is riding them – Alex.


    That is good start. It sounds like she is fed up with the publicity--she'll hardly know what to do with herself when Alex is introduced; being the son of Eureka and Renton. Though no one can say for certain at first, it isn't until he recovers from amnesia that anyone can say without a doubt he is the heros’ son.

    If you don't mind my presumption; I can kind of see her getting almost jealous because she's not the number one kid anymore.

    I mean, here you have Nami who grew up with fame, and all the sudden she's not quite famous anymore because this kid with aquamarine hair shows up out of nowhere--what's worse she was the one nursing him back to health.

    It would certainly be envy at its finest. Sort of almost like a sibling rivalry.

    But the way I want this particular tale to go, is they get caught up with a group called Blue Seed who are searching for a way to a placed they will refer to as Neverland. They will need to use Alex for this as he is partially Corallian and is essentially the key to unlocking this new mysterious place.

    The way they get him to cooperate is by trying to take Nami hostage, but he saves her and even threatens to fight the entire Blue Seed armada over her. However, an agreement is made: they use him, possibly to his own demise, but they leave Nami alone.

    Then he goes to leave and they are all baffled because they think he's just going back on his word. That's when Alex gets all embarrassed and tells them he's going on a date; haven't quite figured out what kind yet.

    Alex is more...forwards with his emotions, he mainly get embarrassed easily enough but it won't stop him from advancing s to speak.

    Blue Seed fights with the military, as the military fights with an impending Corallian growth which threatens to attack with antibodies.

    I see the military getting a hold of Nami and the Nirvash, because Alex won't fight the Coralians because he doesn't believe it to be his fight--she gets upset because it’s the right thing to do. From the temperament you've told me she has and she goes to operate the Nivash only to find it won't work without two least not fully anyways.

    News gets back to Alex that the Nirvash and Nami are captured by the military. Alex is overridden by emotion and before Holland can say wait--storms out after her.

    Alex saves her from the compound she's in after a gun fight. Here's where I see a comical exchange between the two. He's upset with her for having run off and worried everyone (including him, it'll be referenced rather than outright spoken.) and when she's in the middle of her rebuttal to his statements and him calling her and idiot--he kisses her for the first time.

    Nami may obviously be quite surprised by this. She may even slap him. lol

    But when the two go to lee, he'll collapse. Being young, inexperienced and well...obstinate, he was injured in the gunfight without out knowing it; shot by one of the men who were her guards who may have even tried raping or otherwise hurting her.

    That's where I'll start my post out at, and then we'll backtrack to where they first met and follow through up until then, okay?

    Tell me what you think! :D Also, I could use some physical features to help write my post out!


    Oh yea! I like that a lot. It creates a whole new look at this relationship, which is totally different from Renton and Eureka. Nami's jealousy spurs from just not being the center of attention at the beginning, showing how she really did enjoyed it, but not when it was just overtaking everything in her family's life. Then, the more she gets to know Alex, she begins to really like him but refused to show it because she couldn't stand the attention he was getting that she wasn't. Awesome sauce!

    I think she'll just make things hard for him at the beginning, but when she realizes that she'll have to have him to work Nivash she tries to be civil. This will give them a chance to get to know each other more when she opens up, but she will still hold that anger and jealousy over him until that one moment when he goes out of his way for her, and even becomes injured just to save her life. His kiss proved to her that he did like her, but her old ways make her see it as an insult and she slaps him. But when he collapses, everything rushes her and she realized just how much he'd suffered for her. That will be their turning point. Nice...

    K, looks...I'm so finishing up her template, but to give you something real fast: I'm going to go ahead and use Naru's look for Nami, but will not use her history.

    She stands a little taller than Alex, but not all that much, just enough so she can tick him off by bending over slightly so she can glare him in the eye like a mother scolding a child. She has dark brunette hair and her dad's green eyes...

    Umm...She's somewhat like her father with her temper, but not as bad. She's get a bit violent, especially towards Alex, in order to shield herself from her true feelings. But, mostly she will be more like her mom and push her emotions into a tiny ball of self pity If she could sneak a bottle of spirits, she'll drown herself in it.

    When she have serious moments with Alex, or personal moments, that's when she seems to freeze - not knowing how to respond or react. Her response would then be to blow up for no reason, or bury her head in the sand. Eventually, this will break when she realizes more about Alex and his feelings for her.

    She is slightly carefree, but Holland refuses to allow her to be. He knows she's just being rebellious, but can't understand why. He's still leader of the Gekkostate and has taken on more celebrity events now since he's a husband and father as well. He's less laid-back than he use to be, and has become somewhat of a stick in the mud, according to Nami. All he wants her to do is practice Lifting and training with the LFOs to, hopefully, one day become head pilot of the Gekko, a title Talho once held. He's also pushing her into more and more Lifting competitions because he know she's just as good as he is.

    Nami refuses it all, not seeing any real reason to try, and pushes Holland away for pressuring her into living his dreams when she feels he should go out there and pursue them himself. What she doesn't realize is that all of his past injuries have made it difficult for him to compete, so he lives that part of his life through her. This is why he's really hard on her when it comes to Lifting.

    She was homeschooled when she was younger by Talho and Nurse Mischa. Most of what she knows about is the LFOs, preferably her father's, a remake of his old Terminus typeR909 called REboot, and what little she's been able to learn about the Nirvash without actually piloting it. Oh, and Lifting... that's about all she knows. Going to a real school would be nice, but her fame would get in the way and piss her off even more. So, she's content with just hanging around the Gekko doing absolutely nothing.

    I've orchestrated a sort of love triangle. xD Kukyo will compete for Nami's affection--with Alex of course coming out on top, but still having that effect of jealousy until he realizes that Nami was meant to be with Alex.

    What do you think?

    That would be fun!! Nami can use that to her advantage, to break Alex down even more. I can see her friends or the members of the group talking about how Alex seems to like her a lot. To push those ideas out the door, and to keep Alex down in her fit of anger, she could tease the idea of being with Huntsman's charrie. She's thinking she's hurting Alex, but in the end she's hurting herself and Huntsman's charrie. Nice... This conflict could cause problems with Alex and Nami's connection that's required for running the Nirvash. If they don't get their act together, then Nirvash will suffer too.
  3. Kross
    I was wondering, for Alex's emotional growth--and a point where Nami finds herself truly in conflict with her feelings concerning Alex.

    The situation:

    Holland is hounding Nami, being generally pretty hard on her.

    Alex Tells Holland to shut up and quit putting so much pressure on Nami,

    maybe have him crying without realizing it.

    This separates him from his father, as he is very outspoken when emotional.

    Also, it would show how protective he was of Nami, being capable of standing up to even her father when-in most cases he one of the most laid back people Nami may know.

    This would have several implications. One bi most obvious that he cares for HER not her family name or even for Holland's sake. Even despite what cruel jokes, pranks, or words she might have said to him beforehand--this is the point where he becomes very clear about how much he likes her even if he hasn't said it, in quite so many words as that.

    Now, one thing I am betting on, is the blow back from Nami. While I believe she will feel the effect of the moment where he is being protective of her, she will more than likely try to mask her feelings as they surge to the surface.

    She'll yell at him for supposedly making he look spineless and weak. This would be very ironic, because in her not being able to tell Alex how she feels is being spineless, it is being weak.

    This will lead to discord in which Alex would run away and try to drive the Nirvash. This time the Nirvash works because of his emotional state.

    I could see Nami going after him, but not quite try to stop him. It’s only when she sees him piloting the Nivash by himself that she would probably feel...abandoned would probably be the best way to describe it.

    But she would get to see something not quite right about the way it moves. She could bear witness to why exactly he needs her. Because when he is attacked by two military LFO's instead of disarming them or killing them quickly--Alex and the Nirvash with out an emotional anchor, attack ruthlessly until the Nirvash is covered in blood until Nami says his name and he comes back to.

    He wouldn't immediately show remorse. Not until he got within range of her. I see him crying again, and coiling his arms tightly round Nami before falling to his knees and sobbing regretfully.

    I can that is t point where they run away...yeah run away om Holland an join Blue Seed in order to get freedom. But little do thy know, the leader wats to ue Alex.

    Also, I thought this song reminded me of a lot of what they will be experiencing...

    It's a truth that in love and war,
    World's collide and hearts get broken,
    I want to live like I know I'm dying,
    Take up my cross, not be afraid

    Is it true what they say, that words are weapons?
    And if it is,then everybody best stop steppin',
    Cause I got ten in my pocket that'll bend ya locket,
    I'm tired of all these rockers sayin' come with me,
    Wait, it's just about to break, its more than I can take,
    Everything's about to change,
    I feel it in my veins, its not going away,
    Everything's about to change.

    It creeps in like a thief in the night,
    Without a sign, without a warning,
    But we are ready and prepared to fight,
    Raise up your swords, don't be afraid,

    This is a warning, like it or not,
    I break down, like a record spinning,
    Gotta get up,
    So back off,
    This is a warning, like it or not,
    I'm tired of listenin', I'm warning you, don't try to get up,

    There's a war going on inside of me tonight (don't be afraid) [x2]

    Wait, it's just about to break, its more than I can take,
    Everything's about to change,
    I feel it in my veins, its not going away,
    Everything's about to change,
    It's just about to break, its more than I can take,
    Everything's about to change,
    I feel it in my veins, its not going away,
    Everything's about to change.

    War of Change

    Nami’s reaction to Alex

    I don't know either. I've thought about what everyone has said about Renton and Eureka, how her play uncle and aunt are two people who have made history at such a young age. When Holland tells her who he is, she's going to be shocked and start to wonder about what happened to him and where his parents are. She'll volunteer to take care of him in order to get out of all the major training and such with Holland, and being a gofer for Talho. So, already Alex will be 'saving' her - saving her from her dislikes.

    Hahaha. That is until he starts showing her up inadvertently. First with popularity at school, then at being a natural born lifter because unlike like her--he can see the trapar which makes it incredibly easy to lift. These thins won't be things that he can necessarily help (or want attention for) but people will flock to him because he is a humanoid Corallian. That is until the other Corallians start attacking and they believe its his doing and he becomes a pariah.

    Wow, so true. Yea, she'll get pissy then, and then want him to get away from her... But, that only means she'll have to go back into training again... If Alex likes to lift so much, I can see Holland saying something like, "Yea, Alex can keep you company while you practice - like a training buddy. AAAHHH!!! Then, she's stuck with doing something he dislikes with someone who she dislikes!!!!

    Oh, oh, oh, then we could do the lifting tournament! They could be competing at first, going head to head until some punk knocks her off her board. Alex saves her, then they could share his board. Then, Alex could first show how protective he is of her by catching up to he guy who knocked her off her board, and kick him off his board. Then, to give her the spotlight, he could kiss her knowing she'll slap him for it and when she does he'll fall of the board just before she crosses the finish line so it looks like she kicked him off the board!

    The best way to show someone you care is to put their feelings first, eh? What will she be wanting by that point once all the attention has drawn to him? He gives her the attention she wants. :3

    AAAHH! Brilliant! That's a good, jaw dropping scene. And if Kukyo sees this, that's make him really want to work harder to getting Nami's attention. Ohh, I wonder would he tried to do something bad to Alex just to get him away from her? O.O

    "Suppose I do change. Suppose I start treating myself special. I would be sacrificing their joy at the expense of mine? What would that accomplish? I'd rather have ignorant friends that love me than people who look at me as something that should be pitied; I'd rather be the snail that gets stepped on than the butterfly with no powder on one wing."- Alex Thurston

    I am writing an actual fanfiction along side of the RP. I feel it helps with the ideas and how they flow. I wrote that as his response to Nami, when in this case, she asked him why he dislikes being in the spotlight so much. Thought about using it if it comes up in the RP.

    What do you think? How does it sound?

    Okay, he doesn't like the attention, so if he started to treat him self as someone special and become the attention lover the public wants, then he would be giving them joy at the expense of his. He'll be giving the public what they want, sacrificing his joy in the long run. That comment you had was slightly confusing there. :)

    And the visual with the butterfly is really awesome - showing how being in the public's eye, like a social butterfly, is not worth is if you don't have enough power on your wings to fly away whenever you want to; to have the freedom to walk away from it all whenever you want. That is a nice visual! That's what connects Nami and him together.
  4. Kross
    Should we have a loss of virginity between Alex and Nami?

    This is just an idea of course, I've already written it in my fanfiction. I just wanted to check with you if you are comfortable with such a thing. ^^;

    It would have to be after he saves her from the military base and then recovers from his gunshot wound and before he faces off with the Blue Seed leader.

    I think that would probably be the best time for it if we did go through with it. Because I would think she would finally come to terms with her love for him and Kukyo would finally see him not so much as a rival than as a friend.

    They would be 16 by that time, right? If they were any younger it would feel wrong. Both of them are smart enough to not go there, and really they wouldn't have major feelings or thoughts about sex until 15/16 anyways. So, yea...but this first time will not be a cause of a pregnancy. Nami knows her parents will kill her if that ever happened. I think it would be a simply sweet moment between them when they just throw caution to the waves - like they just decided to break the chains that were holding them back from true freedom.

    Yes, they would be 16 by that point. She would have seen him give her the win for the lift competition--because let’s face it, only one of them could win and he knows how she gets jealous of the attention and she wouldn't intentionally shove him off the board.

    So he creates a way in which she would react that would make him "fall". Gives her the win.

    She would have also witnessed him telling her father to back off and stop putting so much pressure on her, because he sees how insecure it makes her feel as well as incompetent.

    He won't believe Nami is incompetent, the exact opposite is true.

    She would have also seen him try to fight of an entire group for her well-being only to surrender himself to an uncertain fate just to keep her safe. Then turn around and take her on a date much to hers and the Blue Seeds surprise.

    When he doesn't want to help fight the Corallian invasion it kind of hurts her, I suppose. Because in a way he's turning a blind eye to the plight that is threatening humanity, even Holland and the others.

    But really, he's just confused. He doesn't know how to cope with so much weight on his shoulders. The only thing he can focus on is keeping Nami safe. When she is captured along with the Nirvash, he feels truly guilty.

    When he goes to save her, he does so without help-and without much forethought.

    He gets wounded but he manages to get her back home--fighting and straining himself on the way, making a bad situation worse because he just won’t give her up and winds up collapsing once they reach her home.

    Whatever emotional developments you may have her experience that would be a perfect time for her to take care of him for a change.

    It would be a great time for her to confess thinking he is asleep when really he's just coming to. He could then take her hand and hold it and stroke it with his thumb very affectionate like.

    Okay, he doesn't like the attention, so if he started to treat himself as someone special and become the attention lover the public wants, then he would be giving them joy at the expense of his. He'll be giving the public what they want, sacrificing his joy in the long run. That comment you had was slightly confusing there. :)
    No, what its saying is--If I began treating myself as someone special, I would be waking on those people closest to me.

    He would be treading on their dreams because if I were to say I am the best lifter there could be nobody better, how would that make Nami feel especially after she witnesses his inborn talent when she's worked so hard for that same aptitude?

    He's essentially saying he doesn’t want the attention for himself, he wants it for those around him.

    It was a rhetorical question. As though Nami had asked him why he shunned publicity all the time, when she grew up wanting it.

    He understands Nami. That she all the time struggles for her father's approval, his attention. Which a completely accurate statement.

    How do you think Nami will react when she sees Alex all scuffed up and bruised and shot--busting her out out of jail? >.>

    Will she swoon or yell at him When she sees him all beat up just to save her?

    I'm not quite sure... It depends on how much their relationship had changed till then. If there's no change, she's probably going to keep a stiff upper lip and stay mad, but when everything has calm down, she'll thank him timidly.

    If there's a significant change in their relationship, and if she's going through the major struggle with her emotions about Alex and Kukyo, then she'll be stand-offish, thank him but not dramatically throw herself on him. Or, if she did, she would quickly pull away - showing her feelings but also show a deep fear for falling for one guy and hurting the other, when she cares for them both.

    Or, if they are truly a couple, already gave themselves to each other by that time and all, then yea...she'll fall into his arms happy to see him, but still be little Nami and scold him about doing something so irrational, putting his life on the line like that, when he could have called someone to help.

    No matter what the situation is, she's still going to think he was brave to go out of his way to save her all by himself. Crazy, but brave. And that will just be another notch in the love belt!

    Fair enough I suppose. Although I surely do hope its the last one.^-^

    I guess its because I am a romantic, a the way I set this storyline up is just simply because I wanted to recreate that almost nostalgic young love feeling. Not just from the show, but in a new way.

    I mean lets face it, if we were going to recreate the love story that happened in the anime, the we mine as well be playing Eureka and Renton.

    We aren't. We are using totally new characters--granted we are using the images of premade charries. Still, they have their own personalities;

    Renton would never be so bold to declare his intentions of taking Eureka out on a date--his son is lot more forward and mature fore his age in that respect.

    Alex also has the gall to speak up and defend himself and others where his father at his age usually just whined especially when it came to Holland.

    Alex's approach to Hollands temperament is to stand up to him regardless of the consequences such as being punched r kicked and not back down.

    I can safely say that this will be something new for Holland to accept. Especially when he feels as though he is being admonished by a 16 year old who acts more like a 30 year old.

    I can forsee a lot of tension between the two. Because regardless of how mature he may act, Alex just isn't used to a father figure and resents the idea of one.

    That's why he will get along a lot better with Talho or Nami despite their persistant torture of his insecurities.

    Ad despite this obvious torture, he always seeks their approval over any male figure's, Especially when it comes to Nami.

    Its why he winds up doing what he does; deliberately falling off his own board, getting shot beat up, yelled at and so on. Its why he sacrifices himself.

    Because over time, with Nami looking after him at first he learns to trust her over anyone else and eventually that trust turns into a secret admiration then evolves into love which he will show in his every move.
  5. Kross
    I totally found the perfect love song for Alex. It totally explains his point of view.

    What would it take

    To make you see me
    The way I see you?
    What would it take
    To make you want me the way I've always wanted you?
    I don't know why
    You're in everything I see
    I can't deny
    That you're everything I need
    So I'm reaching ...

    Whatever it takes to get to you
    Whatever it takes to break through
    Whatever it takes you are my reason
    For everything I do
    Whatever it takes
    Whatever it takes to get to you

    What would it take
    To make you fall for me
    The way I fell for you
    What would it take
    To make you fight for me
    The way I always fought for you?

    I don't know why
    You bring me to my knees
    But I can't unwind
    From how you've twisted me
    But I'm reaching...

    Whatever it takes to get to you
    Whatever it takes to break through
    Whatever it takes you are my reason
    For everything I do
    Whatever it takes
    Whatever it takes to get to you

    Whatever it takes to get to you
    Whatever it takes to break through
    Whatever it takes you are my reason
    For everything I do
    Whatever it takes
    Whatever it takes to get to you

    I thought so too!

    Speaking of getting her to see his feelings--i we are going to have a sweet moment between them, how should we go about the loss of their virginity?

    You mentioned three different points of view so I am just wanting your input ahead of time. ^^;[/QUOTE]

    Let's see...

    Just depends on placement in the story. I feel when he saves her, after the kidnapping, that they should have their moment together... but, what was done to her during that kidnapping will affect time and how it all happens.

    If she was raped during that time, or molested, then she'll be reluctant for anyone to touch her, regardless if they are family or the one she loves. Alex will have to be patience with her and remind her of the trust she has in him. This will totally effect where, when, and how everything happens.

    But, I don't think it will be all that bad, because she will begin to look to him for shelter, protection. He's gone out of his way all this time to protect her, and after the kidnapping she's going to realize, even if she doesn't recognize or register it, that Alex is her shield and she's safer with him than with anyone else. Therefore, she won't be afraid of him, per se, knowing he's not going to hurt her like others had.

    So, when she begins to behave as if she's comfortable in her own skin again, and Alex is not so bad after all, then they can go to a favorite place of theirs... someplace sweet and secluded for a picnic and just goofing off. will be the first time for both of them, right? So, both will be reluctant to be in an open area, or even someplace familiar where someone they know could walk in on them. No, it would have to be a place they both like to go to, where they both can be free and are comfortable at.

    I would say if they had a particular area where they like to go watch skyfish - like a place in the cliffs that they'd found one day after a good day of Lifting, where they found a large nesting area. The skyfish are flying around everywhere there and not disturbing anyone. They just sat back against a huge rock in a large crescent shaped cluster that they'd found and talked and ate lunch, and watched the skyfish dance in the dimming sunset. It was so peaceful and beautiful there that they'd forgotten the time and had to rush back home for Holland to erupt for their tardiness... And except getting upset, they laughed.

    If we set up a scene somewhere where they have that moment picnicking with the skyfish, and then whenever Nami is upset or frustrated, she would go there. Same with Alex, he would retreat there to get away from everyone. This will indicate that their little time there was precious to both of them. That place is their special place. If this is understood beforehand, then after the kidnapping when the need for Nami to get away from everything comes up, I can see Alex literally spiriting her away and taking her to their place. No one knows where it is, so they cannot be found. He calms her spirit down and they talk...and then kiss...and just let the moment sweep them away.

    Yea...something like that! :3

    That sounds pretty good Phi! I believe I have the perfect set up to start things off. My character likes listening to music, especially when he always seems to get out of doing his chores somehow. But one that day...on that day he reveals to a secret that the quiet boy from the stars has--singing. He can sing. I've been thinking about what song I could have him sing to her, to surprise her. Something that would fit perfectly.

    I had to go with English songs, I am afraid singing a Japanese song when there simply is no Japan would be weird. Now don't laugh if it’s a bit cliche.

    I'm gonna go with you idea it fetched an interesting concept. Particularly the part about the cliffs and the skyfish I just have a little more to add to that.

    What if he takes her lifting, not for training or anything, at midnight. Takes her high up into the night sky towards the moon where his mother's and father's names are imprinted. He's got his arms around her from behind and he slows the lift board and whispers to her "I'm not letting go..." at first she would be confused before, initially she would feel like she were falling which naturally would make her want to cling to him but he tells her to out stretch her arms.

    When she does, that sense of hopelessly falling would turn into a momentum of flying, he would dive until almost hitting the ocean before he pulls the board up giving her the sensation of soaring like a bird in flight, or a skyfish if you will. This would no doubt give her a sense of freedom from the experience despite how much they both had been through by that point.

    Alex shot. Nami abused. I don't think she should be raped. Maybe the attempt before Alex clobbers the guards and is wounded in due process.

    Then he could take her to the alcove that they both liked to go to escape their rigorous training regime. It’s there that I see Alex sitting right next to Nami, and despite her hesitations she relaxes her guard and lays her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes.

    She knows that this boy next to her, he's different somehow. Sure her father and Kukyo would have eventually come to rescue her, but Alex came without hesitation. He didn't have a plan of attack; he was just focused on saving her. She was all that was on his mind. Even when he was wounded he found the strength to get her out of that dreadful place even if it cost him his life.

    Sure, I see Nami mad at him for putting himself in harm’s way as recklessly as he had. But I also see her eternally grateful that he had come.

    But he quietly takes her hand, seeking the confidence he would lack without it, begins to sing.

    "And I'd give up forever to touch you...cause I know that you feel me somehow. You're closest to heaven, that I'll ever be and I don't want to go home right now. And all I can taste is this moment, and all I can breathe is your life. Cause sooner or later it’s over, I just don't want to miss you tonight. I don't want the world to see me, because I don't think that they'd understand. When everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am. You can't fight the tears that ain't coming, or the moment of truth in you lies. When everything feels like the movies, you bleed just to know you’re alive. I don't want the world to see me, because I don't think that they'd understand. When everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.."

    He won't sing it with the same improv a normal singer would. He would recite the words like a poem he were trying to captivate her with because he's 16 and he realizes that he still has some growing to do. But he wants her to understand something that his heart keeps telling him to make her listen to.

    But then he could look at her square in the face and say. "Those three words. Their said too much. They're not enough." Like he's telling her, saying I love you doesn't nearly sum up my feelings for you. They are so over used, they are taxed with conveying such a beautiful feeling, but they just don't cut it.

    Of course she could make him say it before they began kissing which of course will lead to something else. Tell me what you think. I thought the song I chose for him to sing to her, it was very much attached to the feelings and the life they had shared up to this point.

    Wow, no that's wonderful! The song works perfectly for two who don't want the world to see them - not like celebrities anyway. And true to the fact, those three words are overused, misused, and misunderstood. Oh, she'll be melting!
  6. Kross
    I've been experimenting with the possibility of Alex dying at the end. Perhaps finally giving into his destiny to stop the Corallian threat and the Blue Seed leader.

    He finds away to stop the Corallian threat but it involves sacrificing his one and only chance to get back to his real family, Eureka and Renton will then be there. It also takes away the hopes of the Blue Seed finding Neverland.

    It destroys the Nirvash in a fight with the Blue Seed leader who perishes but not before critically wounding Alex.

    When Nami and Kukyo would find him, Alex is wandering through the smoke bleeding pretty bad and crawling and stumbling towards Nami.

    All the while reciting a poem.

    You'll never be alone
    When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars
    Hear the whispers in the dark
    You'll never be alone
    When darkness comes you know I'm never far
    Hear the whispers in the dark
    Whispers in the dark"

    I wanted to give the ending an ironic but sentimental twist, if I were to go through with it.

    So my proposal calls for Alex trying to calm a very frantic and frightened Nami. He holds on to her and pulls her down with him to her knees. He presses his fore head against hers.

    Nami's of course all frantic, but Alex feeling his time is drawing near, for some reason is calm. I'm sure this would frustrate Nami a bit because she would think he was of course not taking the reality of the situation to heart when the exact opposite is instead going on he is taking it quite seriously.

    Then he says something very odd.

    "Your parents say everything is your fault, but they don't know you like I know you they don't know you at all. I'm so sick of when they say: 'It's just a phase, you'll be o.k. you're fine', but I know it's a lie."

    He would then close his eyes slowly and say "I'm going to sing to you...Don't think about anything else, okay?" He would swallow while she nodded or agreed. He would stroke the sides of her face very gently like.

    Then sing " This is the last night you'll spend alone, look me in the eyes so I know you know I'm everywhere you want me to be. The last night you'll spend alone, I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go, I'm everything you need me to be. The night is so long when everything's wrong, If you give me your hand I will help you hold on..."

    He takes her hand weakly, squeezing i as his strength fades finishing:

    "I won't let you say goodbye, I'll be your reason why. The last night away from me...Away from me." The last part he would whisper as his hand slips from hers and his body no longer held up by his stubbornness collapses back wards.


    NOT FAIR!!! I'm going to end up crying about this whole thing before we even get to it!!! Your spoilers are painful Kross, but brilliant!!! If you can pull of killing a beloved charrie of yours, then my beloved charrie is just going to have to deal with it...but, I don't know if she'll be able to move on... Her entire life will die with that one breath. She's going to lose her shield...geez, will she be able to go on without Alex? Will knowing him help her mature and grow stronger before this time comes? And even if it did, would losing him completely wipe it all away? She will have found freedom in him, and with his death...her freedom will be fruitless...

    Man, we've GOT to get this RP moving FASTER!!! LOL!

    This was only a suggestive spoiler. I haven't actually set it in motion. XP I'm actually working on my post to your post. One that...will change Nami's & Kukyo's lives.

    Hopefully for the better. :S

    Although Nami's curiosity with gradually subside into a feral animosity because of Alex's inborn talent for lifting and his casual, nonchalant demure attitude that will get on her nerves because her father is always pushing her and she finds it unfair that he just has the ability.

    Little does she understand, she's the inspiration.
  7. Is this a Kukyo & Nami moment, or is she going off on her own and not to the detention center?

    He'll take it out on Alex. Poor Alex.

    *Shoves mop and bucket into Alex's arms.*

    Alex: Wh-what's this?

    Kukyo: Your cleaning the deck. All 18 floors! I am not letting out of y sight until its done and done correctly!

    Alex: O-o-okay. *Trembles.*

    Plus you gotta account for the fact that when she's sixteen and Alex is sixteen--Kukyo will be 19.

    So, he'll be even stronger than both of them. Hahaha

    Hey! He can teach them how to brawl, or Alex can just get Kukyo into a fight and run away with Nami who will be all confused. xD

    ~In a bar~

    Alex: "Hey Loser!"

    Random guy: "Whatd you say?!"

    Alex: I said your a loser, geeze, clean your ears out already."

    Random Guy: "Listen kid I don't know who the hell you are but you need to beat it."

    Alex: "Beat what? Your mom? Your sister?"

    Random guy : You son of a bitch!" *Throws a punch*

    Alex: *Ducks punch*

    Kukyo: *Catches punch, tosses nails guy right between the eyes knocking him flat on his ass.

    Alex: *Nowhere to be seen*

    Kukuyo: *Rest of the bar stands up. He sighs cracking his knuckles.* alright, come on. *Boredly says*

    Alex: Runs up to Nami: We...sjould really go right about now...

    Nami: *Blinks quizzically: Why Alex? There something the matter?

    Alex: Oh, Kukyo is having one of those days again...

  8. Meanwhile, Nami will probably grab something like a few books or something she knows that Kukyo likes, as a peace offering, and head down to apologize.

    I so totally see her crouching and dangling a bag of books towards him going.

    Nami-chan "I brought you some books Kukyo!" All cute like.

    Kukuyo nonchalantly: I don't want any books....

    Nami-chan: *Blinks curiously putting a finger to her lips contemplatively.* I was sure you would want these, these are the XXX ones."

    Kukyo: *Facepalm sighing.* You scare me sometimes....
  9. [h=2]I believe I owed you an ending to Eureka Rebirth? :P Its a bit flawed so fair warning[/h]

    Crispin lowered the handgun, its sights set on Nami. "Damn you! You killed him! You bitch, you killed Havoc! I bet you killed Joyride too!"The Blue Seed leader screamed, a burning intensity in his eye at the deaths of his comrades. They were both crushed. They were crushed when the Nirvash enacted out of her own will power when they were going to hurt her. The Nirvash's hand was still plastered against the wall. Fortunately the fingers were close to hide the gruesome scene of chaos and panic.

    But none of that mattered. He didn't care about her. He didn't care about Alex He just wanted to use him as a key to Neverland. He wanted to fulfill the prophecy He was nothing like she and Alex had thought he was. She stood terrified Her heart beginning to race within her. There was no one else around She doubted the Nirvash would reactivate for her. Was she going to die?What about Alex? What was she to say if he found her...found her like Kukyo?

    Laying there...barely breathing. What were last words going to be? Don't be such a big baby? What if she said she loved him? Would that make him cry less?She never liked seeing him truly upset. She used to bug him all the time... call him Alex-chan...which he hated. She used to jump on him and lord over him with how tall she was...which he hated. And as angry an frustrated as he would get,the next day he would be all smiles. All the time.

    But those times, especially when he started recalling his memories and he would look up at the moon with his mother's name imprinted on its face...he would cry so hard. It was all she could do to not cry herself. She knew how lonely he felt..sort of. Her parents were there but they weren't 'there' unlesss he needed something medical or something serious...But still, she couldn't have imagined being on a different world or dimension than them. Well, not all the time.

    But when Alex grew up...the crying stopped. He did grow. She was so surprised that she recalled the day that she noticed he was actually taller than her. She actually demanded he shrink and tried to push down on his shoulders only to find something else out...he wasn't just taller, he was built too No more the skulking kid in the hoodie all the time. He wasn't as big as Kukyo was, Kukyo was a brawler. No Alex was more, lean and corded.

    Of course, he still had self-confidence issues.

    When she took notice and even a liking to Alex, Kukyo grew more and more distant. It broke her heart. And it began to wear on her. When they would fight she would feel like screaming and often did. Kukyo was her best friend, she had grown up with him. She had always wondered when he even stated to like her. The night that he died, Alex explained it all. He said it was Kukyo, but she knew better.He always felt so guilty for Kukyo's death. He began working twice as hard.

    Poor thing ran on no sleep, no food just a bottle of water.

    He would always see her off to bed, even when they weren't sneaking around behind her parents backs. He was even afraid to touch her again after Kukyo's death. My, how she remembered that look of fear and shame. He wanted to..but he just couldn't, until she she held his face and told him to look only into her eyes and she took over. That night was a special night. Their first time was special because it was their first time. but that night... something about them both matured and she could feel it in the way he touched he and the way he felt. She had wanted to ease his pain, and she had.

    After that night they were never quite the same. They faced challenge together rather than bickered and fought. Whenever they were in Nirvash just flying high he would let her pilot which excited her greatly. He would stand up in the back seat and just spread his arms. She tried it once while the were away It felt so right. Like she were flying through the wispy clouds.Unknowingly, he had taken a snapshot of it. She wasn't too embarrassed.

    The composition was extraordinary. Her tanned skin seemed so unearthly,like she were glowing. With her new hair style swaying past her features. She looked like she were greeting her warm destiny. That's what Alex said anyways.That's what she would say...

    I'm greeting my warm destiny...

    The door to the hanger flew open, she thought she had been shot by the clatter it made. In reality it was Alex who had taken the bullet. He had shoved her down and out of the way. When she unclenched her eyes Alex was laying in a puddle of blood not moving and Crispin...he just stood there in complete shock.He had just killed the only way to his prophecy.

    "What the hell are you doing?! If you die how can I fulfill the prophecy?!" Crispin shouted.

    "A-A-Alex?!" Nami screamed suddenly realizing. She wanted to go to him except...except he staggered to his feet... Her hand cupped her mouth in horror and her eyes welled with tears.

    "Yeah...well...I think you and I know the other part of that arrangement..." Alex was holding his side. It swelled with blood. Hi sgreen hood stained red with all that blood he was bleeding. It seeped past his fingers even as he put pressure to it. His nose was bleeding again. Did she cause that when she activated Nirvash?

    "How the hell did you know we were down here?" Crispin asked.

    "Well..."Alex began cough, blood spitting out of his mouth involuntarily. "When you feel an LFO poking your tend to wake up even from the most medicated circumstances..." Alex looked harshly towards Crispin. That would mean that Crispin had been the one to send Alex into a coma? But why?

    "I see, so that LFO woke you up? Well, no matter. We're nearly to thepart where you unlock my destiny anyways. So do as I say or-"

    "Or what?" Alex asked defiantly. " You going to shoot her and hit me again? Cause I promise, I'll take every one of those damn bullets." Alex barked. Nami watched from the sidelines. The boy that grew into a man, the man that became her hero. She didn't want to lose that...not like this. Not again.

    The words Alex snapped back with seemed to stall Crispin. Bitten by them,he was taken back. That boy had some nerve.

    Alex then walked over, huffing and wheezing. His face turning pale slowly;eyes looked like they becoming glossy.

    "Nami...are you okay?" She swallowed as he lent his hand down to pick her up. It was bloody, and slick. She took it anyways. She felt resilience his true strength. It wasn't in being strong physically, it was the strength of his character; his actions, his words. Everyone had always admired him for doing the 'right thing'. Even when it didn't seem to benefit him, even when it seemed detrimental.

    "I'm..." She paused watching his face, full of worry and concern.That idiot was concerned because he had pushed her down! The idea that had saved he, even when she was giving up on made tears fall silently."I'm okay." She smiled through them, gratefully she smiled.

    Confused at first, he smiled back. Warm and tenderhearted as always. It made her want to be by him always and forever. Sometimes she couldn't sleep at night without him there, or without seeing his eyes. Those Vivid lavender eyes of his. He nodded towards the Nirvash.

    "Come on, lets go." He said coolly. It was so unlike him. Even for this moment. It felt as if he knew something she didn't. He walked over and slid his bloody hand along the bent arm of the Nirvash. The latch opened. That had never happened before. Nami looked at Alex and then the Nirvash and back to Alex questioningly.

    "I want you to sit in my lap,okay..?" He asked, she at first thought he wasn't going to look but he did and she simply nodded. Now she was curious. The only time they had sit like that was when she was kissing him and they were parked in the small alcove of the cliffs looking over the ocean. Alex climbed his way to the top, straining with much effort. Everything seemed to hurt the gaping hole in him. But he gritted his teeth and bore it because Nami...everything was for her. He would do as he said. He would take every bullet in that gun for her.

    Once he was on the shoulder, he turned and helped Nami up who was pained to see the sweater was now soaked and dripping. When she stood up Alex called out to Crispin.

    "Catch me if ya can." Was all that he said, Nami looked back at him then as Alex settled in the seat, she looked don to where she could sit.

    " Fall, I'll catch you." Alex told her simply. Nami swallowed and took a step over the ledge and fell. Alex did catch her. Arms swept under her legs and one over her back cradling her head. e was like a bride. Nami blushed deeply. But in all fairness, Alex didn't see because he was too worried about protecting her. He sat her upright like she were piloting. Except on his lap.

    Her back rested against his chest and he took her hands, his bloody. But surprisingly he was so strong. He lifted hers to the controls and over lapped them. He made the Nirvash tear the hanger bay door wide open and just let it free-fall before it unfolded the lift board and soared into the air. The gleam of the sun was so bright...

    Crispin shouted. "That brat! He thinks he can outrun me?! He thinks he can steal my destiny?!" He dashed towards the large grey LFO suit. One deemed hazardous to an operators health, while its performance ratings were off the charts. He placed the helmet used to help pilot the machine and up-linked the helm directly to the port in the back of his head. This allowed almost unparalleled control. His LFO took a running leap out of the hanger, rocking the ship as he had, and he was in hot pursuit.

    "Nami.." Alex said weakly.

    "Yes Alex?" Nami responded unsure.

    "No matter what, keep your hands on these controls. Do not let go. We have to get there before him." He said, his lips shuddering in the lastbit of what he was saying.

    "Get where? I don't know where I am supposed to go!" Nami said beginning to panic.

    "You'll know it when you see it. " Alex responded calmly.

    Nami was so unsure. She wanted to veer from the course, to run back to the Gekko to seek help for Alex. But then the thought creeper into her mind...what if he was seeking help and she just flew away? She'd let him die just like that?

    What if there was no way to keep him alive. What if it was all really a futile attempt? What if this was supposed to happen? No, no that can't be! It was unfair to lose Kukyo. But to lose Alex..? To lose the one man she loved?that did his very best to save her? To protect her?

    To love her..?

    Nami's eyes swelled with so many tears she could hardly see the view screen.

    "Nami.." She her a placid...laid back voice call out her name. It was weak in strength.

    "Yeah..?" She tried to hold her composure, but she was falling to pieces.

    "You remember...when you first met me..?" He was smiling, and she knew it. She found her self weakly smiling too, nodding her head as her lip wobbled.

    "yeah...yeah I do." Nami said. " I said..He's weird...he's got green hair ad purple eyes...who does that?"

    He's weird...he's got green hair and purple eyes...who does that?" She said it at the same time as him.

    His hands fell from hers and all she could do was sit there. She felt his body slump somewhat against hers. Nami began to sob uncontrollably. Was she truly alone? Had that idiot gone of alone? In the dark? He had always told her after their first time together...when they woke up to the sky splitting open with the sun rise. She was his light, that where ever he was, no matter how dark--she would light his way. It all seemed impossible now.


    Alex fell he kept falling. It felt like there was water all around him and he was slowly drowning to death. He felt arms, strong arms pulling, tugging him away.

    Not down, just away.

    he sudden felt he kiss of the air and h coughed. Peering up, the world was a blurry, dizzying sight. but the shock of realization hit and he rolled over and jumped up suddenly.

    "Nami! Did we make it?" Alex asked excitedly. As his vision cleared, he saw everyone; Mischa, Tiptory, Holland Talho--even Kukyo which he though was weird.

    "Who's Nami?" Talho asked, both she and and Holland looked rather puzzled. They both peered at him with dumbstruck eyes.

    "Who's--What the hell are you talking about ' Who's Nami'! She's you daughter!" Alex shouted angrily, feeling like they were trying to fool him. But when they still had a look of confusion his eyes widened. he then turned to Kukyo. " You know Nami, right?!...Right?" He asked pleadingly.

    Kukyo threw the cigarette he was smoking into the wet sand. "Sorry kid, I'm just a lifeguard."

    Alex blinked.

    "Lifeguard..?" He thought.

    "Hey, is this...isn't the Kanan?" Alex asked questionably.

    "You must've hit your head, let me se-" Alex slapped Kukyo's hand away furiously.

    "I did not fight this hard just leave her behind! I'm going to find Nami! MY Nami!" He sand angrily, storming off down the beach head.

    But every person he asked...had never heard of Nami Novak. He spiraled. The faces blurred, one into the next.

    No Nami Novak?

    No one to say I love you to?

    No one to demand he be shorter..?

    Alex slumped to his knees, his hands holding the back of his head while his bent arms guided the on look of passer-bys glances while he began to rock back and forth faster and faster.

    This, this has to be a dream!" He told himself. " This can't be real! I want Nami back. I want her. I need her. She's my light...I can't see without her. I refuse to see."

    Alex remained at the beach where they had found him. The world around him moving just as it would any other day. Like it had never know the beautiful side of Nami. The warmth. Th fearless courage. The snotty arrogance. Like it did not realize the touch that she could bestow. Soft, slow and deliberate. It did not these things, this world. Not like he did. So it didn't seem real. How could it?

    With red, fervent eyes. Tear stricken eyes. Eyes that had ran out of those tears. A sudden swell of emotion brought hi to scream out Nami's name. Like she could hear him a world away, or somewhere on this one if she were listening.The world around began to fracture like glass, splitting and splitting apart. Pieces falling into the ocean, others falling into the sand. The people were gone. The beach was a desolate place. He walked over to one of the fragments, and he saw her there.

    He saw Nami!

    But wait...It wasn't the actual Nami. Just the memory of her. Of their first kiss. She told him to shut up and just do it already and stared sternly at him because he had n backbone. According to her that was. He smile, the tears coming back again. they burned so much. It felt like fire. he touched the'screen' gently.

    "Nami...I'm trying...I'm trying to find you Nami...Its hard to see, ya know?" He sniffled. " Kukyo would have my ass if he caught me crying..." he laughed then his lips began to wobble but he just nodded and swallowed the rush of emotion.

    "Could see it now, ' I go and die for you so you can love her and you cry? What's that gonna do?' Like he did that time with me when he stood me up when I was depressed about my mom. He said 'What's crying got to do with finding your mom? Nothing, now shut up and go find her' That's when I asked him if I could invite you to come. He said if you came then he would too cause he made a promise to himself that he would always protect you. That if you lost faith in yourself he would be the one to give you strength."

    Alex looked down, letting the tears pitter patter like rain drops off th efracture.

    "I'm sorry. It's hard to see right now..." He apologized. Another fragment fell sand hit the sand.

    Looking up, he rand over to it. Another memory. This was the time the three of them sat down on the side of the cliff, they were joking and laughing.Laughing because Kukyo had no seat, so he just rode on the board with Nirvash. He always was the cool one. He was one to drink beer and smoke cigarettes when he was older, then lay down that cigarette just long enough to fight some guy who had touched Nami in a way he deemed inappropriate

    Which was virtually every way. Even when she seemed to like it.

    "I should be sorry to you too, Kukyo. I'm stuck here without her. No one knows who she is. I think I might have failed you." Alex touched his chest. He remembered distinctly being grabbed by it.

    He hen turned around. He watched as hundreds, possibly thousands of more memories fell like shooting stars into the ocean. His world was literally crumbling, leaving only a white void behind in its wake. He began forwards,taking steps towards the water yet, his eyes were up at the falling skies. He stepped past people that he had known;

    His mother.

    His father.




    Tiptory, and yes even Kukyo.

    All the while, he waded heavily through the waters. Something beckoned for him. Called to him. He felt the cold rush slipping over his feet, and up his legs. It felt so unlike Nami.


    Nami's hands gripped the controls of the Nirvash, steadily increasing their strength. The grey LFO the appeared. Out maneuvering the MK I, flanking it.

    "You're mine! All mine!" A familiar voice blared.

    The grey LFO launched several missile pods towards the Nivash. Nami did the best she could; veering one way and then the next. Yet, Crispin was on a whole another letter than her and one of the pods smashed into back of them. The explosion was forceful. Thrusting the Nirvash from the skies, sending it spiraling out of control.


    Alex seeped into the water, letting his body just simply...fall. His eyes were falling shut the deeper he went. The water curiously, wasn't going up his nose or down his throat. It was as if he could breathe...but couldn't. Weakly,his eyes shut, and he fell. An alarming sensation of walking made him blink awake and he was surrounded on all sides by white. Just white. He looked around to find...nothing out of the ordinary...for this place he guessed.

    "Am I?"

    "Dead?" A fickle, but womanly voice said from behind. He spun around to see quite the bizarre sight. The voice came from what looked like...half a girl? He tilted his head and looked on curiously. She had a lavender eye for the one she did have.

    "Yeah..?" Alex questioned.

    "The answer is no...not yet." The girl said, not in away particularly emotional one way or the next. She seemed...calm.

    "Then where am I?" Alex asked. "What's happened to Nami?"

    "You really don't remember do you?" The girl asked him.

    "Remember? Remember what? What should I remember?" Alex was puzzled now. Had me met her somewhere.

    "You called out to me. You said you wanted my help to protect your mom. But I needed your help to go through the gate. After that, you passed out and without you...I'm nothing really. Well, you or your other half." She said.

    Alex's eyes widened considerably. " That would mean--Nirvash?!"

    "Yes?" She asked rather calmly. Not at all excited like he was.

    "So your the voice inside always telling me whats going on. You really ought to find a better way of doing it, it hurts really bad." He complained.

    "Sorry, you told me to. You said if I ever needed you to do what I needed to to get your attention."

    "Oh." Alex said."Yeah...I remember that too suddenly.

    "But Alex, you have a choice to make..." This caught his ears and he lifted his head. " I can grant one destiny, but only one. Will you go home to your mother..." To the girls left side, a screen flickered open It was of his mother, she was praying. Tears rolled down her cheeks. But then his father stepped and knelt down to hold her which she clung to him like Nami did to himself. They both looked terribly concerned, his mom especially. His dad was concerned too of course, but some hoe Alex read his face and saw that he had been guessing where he went.

    "Or do you wish to stay here with your other half?" A screen popped up and it showed an increasingly distressed Nami. Immediately Alex jumped at the screen.

    "Nami!" He yelled, pounding on it.

    "She can't hear you. But you need to make the choice. You can only make these two because it is in your heart to only want them. But you ca only choose one."

    Alex backed away, finally. The moment to go home. But that would mean leaving...Nami. He looked back and forth at both screens. He DID want both. his heart started to ache. And he had a sudden awareness off the pain of bleeding to death. On the outside, his body was hyperventilation Breathing incredibly fast. He clawed at his scalp he then felt calmness wash over him after he had taken a deep breathe and closed his eyes. He remembered his words.

    "I will find Nami!"

    "I'll take every bullet i that gun if I have to!"

    "I promise."

    "I choose Nami. My mom and dad will understand. I'll miss them both,but I choose her. She is my light." Alex answered truthfully. "Now what?"

    "Now we wait to see if she chooses you by asking for help."

    "Huh? How's she supposed to know how to ask for help?!" Ale xshouted.

    "How am I supposed to know? I'm not connected with her." Nirvash responded.

    "Connect with her then!"Alex said in a panic.

    "I can't until she asks."

    Frustrated, Alex began to shout and pound on the monitor.

    "Nami!" He yelled. "Please, I'm begging you help me get back! I want to go back..."

    "She can't hear you." Nirvash calmly said.

    "I'll make her hear! Nami!" Alex paced away. Frustrated, scared for Nami's sake. Alex turned around in anger. "What's going to happen to her if she doesn't ask? What then? You said you're nothing with out us--why aren't protecting her?"

    "Because, it could radically alter her choice. She has one too."

    "Are you saying you think she won't choose me?" Alex asked.

    "The choice to choose you is one she's made already. But if I interfere, she could choose you over her and you'd still be without Nami in the end." Nirvash rebutted him. this only provoked him further.

    "How can you sit there and act so calm? Are you that heartless?"Alex questioned through his teeth.

    "That would be impossible. I am you. Are you heartless?" Nirvash questioned. Though it threw off Alex.

    "I'm you?" He asked.

    "Partly; I am the calmness in your heart." She answered.

    "The my heart?" Alex said slowly.

    "Right. I'm that side of which is brave, courageous in situations that most find it difficult...except now. Now you seem pretty upset and I don't understand why."

    Because Nami is in danger, I have to protect her!" Alex argued.

    "Sometimes we protect to much, and are protected too little. You trust in her. You believe i her. Yet you have little faith she can ask a simple question? Especially when it comes to protecting you?" Nirvash answered.

    Alex stood back. Nirvash was right. It was her choice. He had to have faith in her. Nirvash had faith in her, why didn't he seem to notice he had so little?

    "Nirvash I, I'm sorry. I guess you're right. I do trust he. I trust her with all my heart. My entire being. I was ready to die for her. I just, I just don't want to see her hurt anymore, I love her."


    The Nirvash was knelt down in front of the grey LFO. Forcefully. Nami was knelt forwards in her seat. She could hear Alex gasping behind her. She couldn't take it anymore. She waned to hold him. She wanted to kiss him and hold him and love him. This all didn't make any sense. Who cares about the prophecy All she cared about was the man behind her. the one that was slowly dying because she was powerless.

    Her hands weakened on the grips. She had no strength left to carry her. She had failed when it counted most. She had failed him. Her hands clung to her knees as the tears fell.

    "Please...Please if you ca hear me. I need your help to save him. I need to have him." Nami pleaded in whispers. That was all it took.She was suddenly enveloped in white light.

    A seven swell effect erupted; cataclysmic forces peeling the landscape back from a central point. In the point was the Nirvash which had completely transformed. It now stood nearly completely white and with a baton in hand, several satellites formed a ring around. Where once tee was only the lavender shaded eye on the Nirvash, the was a second eye--green. On the inside the cockpit had transformed as well. It didn't have any seats and Alex was laying on the floor. Nami rushed to him, pulling him into her lap. Finally did he open his eyes.

    "I, I, I lit the way for me." He weakly smiled and she choked back a sob and nodded.

    "Yeah. I always will."

    The Nirvash had a will of its own and that will couldn't be detained by Crispin. No matter how many missiles he launched, the satellites shot them down.Sweeping over and under. The Nirvashexpertly arched its arm back and swung. Its baton cut clean through the legs of Crispins Devilfish LFO and sent it plummeting. Meanwhile, It went un-bound lifting above the cloud stream. There was a a glimmer of light andthen...nothingness. They were up so high, the moon seemed so close they could reach out and take it. but they then fell and fell. Catching the trapar in aswinging motion on the way down. Nirvash prepared its baton. The staff-like weapon gleamed as it directed itself straight towards the disturbance that sent anti-bodies to attack.

    With al its force, it pierced the cloud of anti-bodies, into the cluster ofScub Clusters. On the out side the had ht with devestating force. Inside thecockpit, however, lex wavered. Throwing Nami into a panic.

    "No, no, no! Stay with me!" She said as his head began to tilt.




    Her seemed so far...

    "Wait...No, I have to...have to go back..."

    Alex could hear his heart beat slowing. It beat once. His vision blurred.

    “Nam…Nam..Na…mi…” Alex barely got the words out, his heart beat the onlything moving his body as Nami began to bawl; sobbing and howling as she heldthe green haired boy. The one she watched grow into a man, the one who couldsee the waves as well as feel them. The one who came crashing into her worldthrough no fault of his own it was just destiny. Made to be.

    Don’t cry Nami…

    Nami…please don’t cry…

    Alex’s eyes wavered as the impulses running through hid mind slowed. Hecould see Nami in a sea of white light. Slowly though, the features of her facebegan to disappear until he could no longer make out what color her eye were,what expression they conveyed. He felt like he were being tugged towards thestars but his body was going nowhere.
    “Alex…have you chosen…?” A familiar voice called out to him.

    “Nirvash…” Alex said inside his head which was being cradled dearly by Namiagainst her breast. Her heart beat thudding loudly into his ears. Her sobs, hersimpers would be his breath of reprieve. “I have chosen…I want to stay…I want tobe by Nami for as long as I live. I love her…and she loves me.”

    “You realize…you can’t go home after this…you’ll never see your motheragain?” The voice stated. Alex smiled sadly.

    “ I know…I will miss that family…but Nami is my family now. One day we aregonna have a family too. I know my mom would want me to o what is right in myheart. She always told me to follow it. ”Alex replied.

    “Very well. I am glad to have met you Alex Thurston.” Nirvash said. Suddenlythe robotic titan launched skyward ant phenomenal speeds. The air cracked as itwas being sundered and the cloud parted in a wide circumference around aglistening that looked like the twinkling of a star of multiple colors likethat of a rainbow.

    Nami was next to surprised, scared and alone she held onto Alex. Notrealizing a wish had been made and granted. Alex inhaled suddenly as if heldunderwater for far too long. This was followed by choked-back coughs and heavesand him being startled and held close. Once he got his bearings straight heturned around facing Nami. Her eyes wide but filled with tears. Slapped him leaving a nasty hand print on hisface before falling into him crying more, now more so out of joyand thankfulness. Shewas unwilling to let go of his shirt so Alex pulled her into his lap and heldher there, petting her hair.

    He looked up at the sky. He was smiling so bright. He glanced up at themoon that was waiting for the sun to submerge into the hills beyond where theywere. The names engraved were ones he remembered and it reminded him of what hehad told Nirvash. She was his family now…
  10. I have a poem I want to use it for Eureka because it would mostly be suited towards the whole love triangle.

    Should I use this for Kukyo or Alex? Alex is suppose to be the wordy one. Kukyo is the bad boy. >.<

    Verse 1:
    Feelings overflow
    And I'm not letting go
    Though in my heart I know
    I know

    Verse 2:
    She said this wasn't easy for her
    Deciding to walk away wasn't easy for her
    And she said, she felt the world was just something that she observed
    That she was inadequate
    That her place hadn't been earned
    She said, she wasn't happy with how her life had turned
    Feeling the real her was something she had to learn
    I said, this isn't easy but I support unnerved
    Believing that in time she'd wake up and return
    But hope would fade as those few days had turned to weeks
    And those weeks created something of which I couldn't speak
    Except to say it spoke as if I wasn't me
    As if we now hadn't been together since we were teens
    As if these nine years were from a convincing dream
    And the woman I thought I loved never loved me, I can't conceive
    This had to be a thing
    Sort of like a changeling
    It acted and spoke the part
    But her essence it couldn't sing

    Verse 3:
    When you've gone astray
    And the world just won't obey
    When you fall away
    Well we all must find our own way

    Verse 4:
    It's quite amusing how being apart can yield
    Levels of clarity on confusion once thought surreal
    And what amazement to come to find you can heal
    That one's future isn't ill-fated but slated for high appeal
    Well solace gives opportunity to reveal
    And time sheds perspective on why one feels
    To see success even in division's the test
    Well every day we had wasn't anything short of blessed
    So changeling, change brings
    More than deranged things
    Strange things
    I've near persevered in an upswing
    So cling to new hope
    More than a good show
    So do sing, do glow
    And to this new you
    Let us remove adieu
    Let us now greet renewed and just start from a different view
    I'll introduce myself
    Now you introduce you
    We'll smile and live in health as two friends who have never dwelt

    The 1st verse reminds me of Alex. The 2nd and 3rd verses remind me of Kukyo, and the 4th verse has a little bit of both of them, in a way.

    Verse 1: Their emotions/their presence together brings Nirvash to life. And even though he doesn't know this, there's something that just keeps connecting him to her. We'll see more of this, of course, as the story goes; but that fits better for Alex.

    Verse 2 & 3:
    As if we now hadn't been together since we were teens
    As if these nine years were from a convincing dream
    And the woman I thought I loved never loved me, I can't conceive...

    Self explanatory - that time line marked it for Kukyo because they grew up together. And plus, mentioning that she had to make a hard decision -that decision being to choose Alex over Kukyo after all the time they've shared together.

    Verse 3 refers to Kukyo's pledge to always protect her... So, those two verses are more for him.

    Verse 4: This sort of fits both guys. The separation portion of the verse recalls the future scenes of when Kukyo leaves the Gecko for Blue Seed, leaving Nami behind, as well as the portion of the future scenes when Nami and Alex will be apart for an extensive period of time. Within these major separations, that's when the guys' hearts will grow fonder for Nami, and her heart will grow more conflicted between what it feels for them both.

    Plus, we have the singing portion of the verse. Sorry, but I can only see Kukyo being the singer in this. Since he has a hard time speaking his heart to her, singing is the only way he can do this. Alex has the words, so he doesn't need a crutch like placing them in a song to bring them out, like Kukyo can. Besides, I don't believe Alex will have a very nice singing voice... he just doesn't seem like the time who would. LOL!!

    Let us now greet renewed and just start from a different view
    I'll introduce myself
    Now you introduce you
    We'll smile and live in health as two friends who have never dwelt

    This line within verse 4 also fits for both guys, in a sense. After whatever situations come and go that changes Nami's views of the two of them, the need to reintroduce themselves to each other might come about.

    With Nami and Kukyo, it would be more like a coming of age moment - they're both older and reintroducing themselves now as two mature friends/lovers.

    With Nami and Alex, it would be more like turning hatred into friendship. They started out as enemies disliking each other, but through their connection and working with Nirvash they've become friends. So, their reintroduction is starting over on their friendship.

    Nice poem, by the way. :) There's so much seen here, but yea... I see both guys throughout the whole piece. You might just want to break it down and use the verses for various scenes for those guys... Verse 4 could actually be for a scene when they're older and have come full circle with situations with the Gecko and such. After dealing with a life-threatening situation that against Nami that both guys are to blame, and both have to work together to save her (something smaller than the whole Blue Seed thing - maybe a floating accident), then they are all awakened to the fact that they're not kids they need to stop whining over Nami and just work together. She'll decide when she decided...and whatever happens, they'll be find with it...

    Brainstorming... That would be a nice scene before the Blue Seed situation comes up... IDK, it just depends if you want Kukyo and Alex's fight for Nami to be really bad right then, or not.

  11. Oh, just what little Nami's reaction will be to Kukyo's song... Nothing major. But, she's so smitten, besides the fact that Kukyo doesn't sing, according to her. He's not the type... That's going to be one thing she misreads about him, that's just going to pull her in further. The guy who’s been like a big brother, a protector, someone she's looked up to, is now becoming more like the man of her dreams...which is not that far off. Really, being the only person close to her age on the Gekko, she would eventually feel that way anyway. But, there's more to him that she doesn't know that will still stand between them.

    And Nami's is learning a Whole Lot of new things tonight! LOL! I don't know if she's going to freak out, then calm down and just go with the flow....or just freak out because she's never done anything like that before! I think she will be tense at first, not really knowing how far he was going, but then just say, "well, I asked for this...and honestly, what the hell!" At this point, rebellion is the only weapon she has against her parents - that's the only way she can get their attention anyways... This, in no exception.

    I do see her still having a very inexperience response to everything though, an over-zealous (hyperventilated) jarring through her system...just when Talho passes by the hallway and hears her voice raise up pass the partially opened door. When Talho walks in and sees then, Nami's is going to be in such a state - after having a little orgasm, which will make it very difficult to respond to her mother's shouts of anger. It will be the most embarrassing moment of her life, but then - because of it, she's going to have the guts, somewhat, to express her feelings right there.

    Talho will back down slightly, realizing how this was bound to happen regardless, but the need to stay discreet is major now. With Holland's health issues - she's not going to want him to know this fearing it will completely tear him apart. So, that's when she comes up with her little scheme to control their behavior and keep Holland out of the loop - for now.

    Until Holland finds out and beats the shit out of him. Then tells him...You break her heart, I break your legs. because he understands and knows Nami is not a little girl any more. That's when I would like him to tell her that he was sorry for being so rough on her. That he's in pain a lot of the time. But their sessions together were his way of trying to bond with her. that's when Nami finds out he is dying. Which will break her heart.

    he'll walk away, and Talho hopefully will understand that its not to be cruel and seem like he doesn't care--which Kukyo or Nami may stand up and say or that he said it to be hurtful and vindictive and Talho will smack on of them straight and tel them the only reason he isn't coddling Nami right now is because this is hard o her. But they shouldn't be so self centered as to believe he would walk away from them with out good purpose and the go after her husband to be with him because he made a hard choice and he even but others feelings first even though he is the one in terminal health.

    As for Nami...Yeah. I see the rebellious nature in her, the one that flirts with disaster to get attention. But it's more than that. I see she genuinely likes it. Why shouldn't she? Here she is, on the cusp of puberty ,eager from what I can tell but timid and insecure with herself, her body. She's thirteen and she's developing herself mentally and physically into a woman. Its a scary,unclear tim for her.And it is for Kukyo too.

    Hell, I was struck with sexual precocity. By the time I was 9, I already knew what sex was. I was terrified though. I knew more than what most boys would know. Because what I couldn't experience I educated myself. Its just that kind of curiosity that people always give you the worst kinds of looks for. but I always said; education is like a condom. You'd rather have the information and not need it than need it and not have it.

    That's just our nature as human beings. we have that side of ust that's like "How far can we go? How far should we go?" And it becames a game almost.Witth both teenagers going back and forth, daring each other to take the next step. Your level of anxiety builds and your blood goes to your and all those endorphins that are being released feel amazing. You almost NEED someone to tell you no. I think that's what going to happen.

    She'll get very close to Kukyo, wait till she is sixteen and finally give into that mental request once she understands it more.


    She'll get as close as she can to him, then something will avert her infatuation. Such as Alex, because I figure when she actually meets him she'll go to jealous mode at the drop of a hat because everyone's paying attention to him because he's half Corallion or because he can see trapar waves and do a drop back back turn right away. Which would really piss her off. Then, when I see her signing up for a contest, he signs up too. At first he'll be winning. But Alex, he's one of those "I don't back down from what I want". If Kukyo is stubbornness then Alex would have to be perseverance. Which is why hs ultimately going to be Nami's other half.

    Kukyo will in either case clearly be devastated when she goes after Alex an is won over by him. But also see later on, Alex's destiny and gives in to the idea of Nami being in love with Alex and he and Alex finally becoming friends until he dies. Its a story about teens growing up to adulthood and making hard decisions, sometimes for better or worse.

    There you go! That's what I'm saying. She's going to do whatever she wants just to spite her parents who are not really paying attention to her or treating her like the young woman she's becoming who has her own personal views of things. They're still treating her like a child who can't decided on what clothes to where on her own, or how to tie her shoes by herself. This streak comes from the issues residing now between her and Holland about her lifting practices. But, once Alex becomes more of the star of the Gekko and she takes second place, she will fall back to Kukyo because, at least, with him she holds first place.

    I liked that. It was cruel. But having Nami give him a hard on then just...rock. xP

    What was so cruel about it? HE's a GUY with a GIRL practically RIDING him!! If he didn't stand in attention, then Nami would wonder which team he's on! LOL! It’s all for the sake of educating the innocent... I just had a revelation! Sad to say it though, but Kukyo will literally be teaching her the ropes all this time, waiting until she was of age to take things further, but in turn, the honor will go to Alex! She'll probably end up being more experienced than him, except for the actual activity. Wow, so sad...

    I think Holland won't kill Kukyo - that much - if that bit of technicality was installed before hand... Or, would it even matter? He'll kill him anyway...

    Its cruel because he'll like it, it'll be very hard to keep his mind focused on anything else. Matter of fact I'm writing it like that right now. LOL! So be prepared for a bumbling, groaning--can't talk straight Kukyo. >.>

    I don't see Holland killing him. Busting him up maybe. But even so I plan on him standing up to Holland by that point. Then have Holland say "fine, you want her? You break her heart and I will break your legs." >.>;

    I was actually thinking of doing somewhat of a duplicate scene between the 19yr old Kukyo an 16yr old like the day or night after Alex's first time with Nami. Its as you said, unfair for Kukyo to have spent all that time with her, teaching her things like kissing,how to touch and how to hold someone. Gradually getting closer then...Alex gets to be with her first and shes fallen for him.

    He gets fed up with being second best and as in his temperament he strikes a fight with Alex. Only, Alex having matured somewhat won't fight him. No matter how much Kukyo hits him he just keeps getting back up. I can see Nami freaking out because they are fighting and she thinks Kukyo is just gonna beat Alex to death. But Alex will tell her to stay back. Kukyo will be furious!

    The weak, immature, whiney twerp that Alex is, is standing up to him. But no matter how hard he hits Alex he just won't stay down.

    I'd like for him to say something to Kukyo, after he confesses why he's beating Alex outloud. can't wait for that part. Its going to very emotional...very tense.

    Phi Chisym
    I sort of thought Kukyo wouldn't sleep with Nami at this time, being because she is so inexperienced and naive. But, after being together the idea would come up, but they never get a chance - which only increases the sexual tension between them. Now, depending on how everything plays out, if it seems right, it might just happen that Kukyo has the first opportunity. It would make more sense...besides, after all he's done for her, Nami would want to be with him completely - making their relationship more substantial and permanent - anything to spite Holland and live the way she wants with the one she wants to be with. That would cause her emotions to really hit the fan the more she has to deal with being with Alex a lot.

  12. That's a good suggestion Phi. :D Cause I don't really see Alex being able to contend with Kukyo at any point soon. Being forced to work with someone that you despise, even wrongly so, to find that the little achievements and especially when she get knocked off her board and he jumps and takes out the other guy that had knocked her off, causing her to win. I think she'll have to look at him in a new light and with curiosity.

    She'll have to ask how, why does he do what he does? Here's a boy that's being praised one second and when the Corallions show up and start attacking--his life literally is in jeopardy and he wants to go out and save the world even though it hates him for being what he is.

    I have this idea, I want to try once we actually do get them paired up and after the board lifting tournament. Where he lets her pilot the Nirvash, he gets in the back seat but he opens the canopy and he walks out to the ledge and he spreads his arms like he’s flying. The next time, he tells her to do it, but I want her to be reluctant at first. But when he finally gets her out there to the ledge where there is nothing below except clouds and nothing above her but the setting sun. He'll tell her to spread her arms out and even make the Nirvash do this too, lol.

    It would make HER feel like she were flying as well. He'll snap a picture and she won’t notice but she'll find it later when the Blue Seed turn on him and tell them of their plan to use him. on the back I plan to write a small poem about her.

    "The clouds above become my sea,
    The evening star now upon me,
    The velvet night sky begets my tomorrows;
    and the earth far below becomes my grave,
    but for now, now this is my warm destiny."

    This is for Alex when he finally matures when turns sixteen. I was thinking of giving Nami the opportunity of reading it as a letter or poem.

    Waiting between worlds that divide through a choice undefined

    A break in the line where all paths intertwine

    And no roads lead or progress behind

    And all signs read: "know the way. decide."

    They say all things never truly die

    But change in existence and switch design

    Like a drain to an ocean in which we're blind

    We remain set in motion from worlds combined

    So if i had one thought that would last and hold

    Amass and fold over as it fastly grows

    And fuse into life like a fabric sewn

    Clasp the vast field whence existence flows

    I'd say settle down of your grief let go

    This world's nothing more than a magic show

    Though tragic at times and encased in woe

    It all works out of this truth I know

    Used in the right location, this would be a wonderful look into his matured thoughts - how he views life and tragedy and everything that lies in between. Regardless of what happens, it all works out.

    This would be awesome if she found this letter after Kukyo's death... or perhaps around the time she learns of Holland's health problems and his course to death. Don't know if you actually want to kill him off or not, and don't tell me. I want to be just as surprised as Nami in that topic. :)

    But, whenever you decide to place this, when she's about to break from her sorrows, this poem from Kukyo will be another effort from him to keep her standing - showing how, regardless if he's there, are if they're together, or whatever, he's still there to keep her strong.

    Me likey! :)

    But it's not from Kukyo, it's from Alex. Kukyo's not that good with words, Alex is. Kukyo's the masculine guy. The guy that gets into drink bar fights smokes cigarettes when he's older. Granted Kukyo can sing but Alex is the poet.

    I'm thinking once he realizes just how dangerous Blue Seed is and after Kukyo's demise. He becomes an almost different person. He won't be 'the kid' anymore an I am hoping its then she'll see that he has grown sigifigantly from when boards the Gekko,as he is now. He'll work twice as hard to save and protect her; doing things he doesn't like for Blue Seed Leader, Surin.

    Now, after rereading everything again, I'm seeing the same concept, just with Alex. AFter Kukyo, her shield and strength, dies; Alex matures and takes his place in all ways. At first, she doesn't see it, but after Blue Seed and this poem, she starts to see clearly that Alex is truly becoming her new shield and she is truly his other - in all sense of the word.
  13. Just added Remus' girl under the charrie list on the first page. I'm sending her to your PM as well.
  14. Oh boy, I'm late of some of our notes... I'll have to post them in soon - you've added so much more recently. I just hope I didn't lose them all.