Euphoria [M]

Ok, I posted. I kinda put the scene in, at least from My characters View point. I also Had a "lone Gunman" Shoot Kittys Char.
Read your post and it works for me! I'll be sure to update the character list.

So, my post will just about summarize everything and the time will stand at 6AM. Just remember folks with the pollution and all, it's really difficult to tell it's morning or not. So you really can only tell the time through well...clocks, watches, things like that. yea

Updated the character list and it looks like I have to send out a few PM reminders (specifically Quiet One and Slyen). Do any of you keep in touch with them? Are they busy? Have you seen them online?
I'm sorry about the delay everyone. I'm really getting hounded by design projects. A post will be up tomorrow (even if it is a short one) so we can get things moving.

Again, my apologies.
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All right, I finally got a post up yesterday. Seiji had to post it for me cause my internet was being really screwy.

So everything in the IC is up to date now. It is around 6AM, so you your thing (whatever that is)
I've posted!

Now it's the turn of the rest of you sons of bitches! Damnit!
Myrn is right. I don't know what the hold up is. I know I'm busy with preparing for finals and projects. So I don't know what's your excuse.

I would like for the rest of you to post before I reply again.
sorry about the delay, I'll post right now.
Excellent, I read your post =)

So I organized the character list and we have six active players so far. Though, majority are male characters. So I may have to find new players to play female roles.

Unless, you all think it's fine the way it is. :P
I think a well balanced male to female ratio is a good thing.

EDIT: Also. I'm trying to think up a possible side plot for my character. If any one has any ideas of wants in or has a n y ideas at all, let me know.
Yeah, I'll start looking for some players. Hopefully there will be some interest.

Hm, I know Myrn was discussing to me about reporting Amaya to the Overlords. I'm all fine with that idea (as long as she's not killed of course lol), but I have to see what the other "Overlords" think on this idea.

I don't want to have TOO much attention on my character and then forget about everyone elses >_> So it is something to think about.
Alright sounds good. Yea, I want something that everyone can get involved in.
NAME: Monet DeChance
AGE: 23

Monet is a beautiful woman of Cuban and African decent. She is typically seen in a pair of black leather pants complete with a belt that holds lots of shells for her shotgun, which hangs in a holster on her left hip. Her top is usually some form of tight fitting leather sleeveless-top that hugs her assets quite well. She keeps her hair up in a ponytail most of the time, finding it harder to work when she lets it down. It's naturally curly but she likes to straighten it when she can find the time or a working flat iron. She stands taller then most women at 5'11" and has a robust, slightly muscular build from her days as a scrapper.

OCCUPATION: A mercenary for hire, typically takes jobs that require killing and stealing. She works mostly to keep her habits up


IF YES, WHAT IS IT? Some people think that her shotgun is glued to her hands but even without her trusty gun she's skilled in firing just about any gun left around and if push comes to shove she's pretty skilled in martial arts and pummeling others with her fists/feet.

SO TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Monet grew up in the lower slums for a good chunk of her life. She got into her share of fights and scraps over various drugs, X, Meth, Cocaine, but eventually found drinking and vodka. She became an addict at the age of 11 and has been drinking ever since to keep he mind out of where she was living. It wasn't long before she became a contract worker for some of the richer class New Yorkers. Eventually she was carrying out missions for anyone just to get access to vodka and other forms of alcohol.
LOL!! I bet she's good at giving...

Anyway, Zypher, you're accepted :D
THAT^^^^ IS NOT always true, lol.

Anyways. Nice Character Zyph.
I do have to say, her curly hair is very similar to mine. :D