Euphoria [M]

Wait...He killed someone when he was nine...had killed several people and joined a gang when he was around 13, and then killed THE FUCKING MAJORITY of a GANG by HIMSELF?

What steroids was he on? I want some...
They are called Van-Dammaroids... they are illegal in the Neatherlands. In the states we call them Ramboroids or Norrisroids though.
All right, let's get the show on the road. Slyen I'll read your character when I come back from my job meeting :)

Oh and Nawlins was the bomb. Seriously, ya'll need to visit New Orleans at least once in your life!
Damn. You know I'd like to, but y'all doesn't sound right coming out of my mouth.

So how's everybody gettin' together? I know I want to find my way to some gang and work out a deal of sorts. I wanna have some fun! *fiddles with a razor while doing evil giggling*

I can't believe it took me this long to realize this: where's your character, Necella? Shouldn't you be playing around post-apocolyptic New York, too?
IC will be coming very shortly. Right now I'm bombarded with career fairs and projects for two days. T__T
Went ahead and updated the character. Hope it's better?
All right Slyen, it looks a lot better! You're in!

IC will be up this Friday, so keep a look out! PM will be sent sometime this week as a reminder!


My character sheet will be coming soon. =)
Yes! I'm finally on tha little list of characters. Sorry, it was a pet peeve of mine. Can't wait 'til this starts: sex, drugs, explosives and a shit load of violence!
Haha! Nah! It's all good, I would feel the same way if I was waiting around!

All right, here's my character sheet so ya'll can get a taste of this bitch.

NAME: Amaya Masuyo
AGE: 25



OCCUPATION: Psycho Bitch N/A
DO YOU USE A WEAPON? Y/N: Yes, several
IF YES, WHAT IS IT? An Uzi, a Beretta (both weapons were stolen after she killed the owners of them), a knife (that she sometimes carry on her) and a functional grappling gun that she stole from an abandoned superhero exhibition displayed at a museum. She only uses it get out of nasty situations, occasionally it can be used as a weapon.

Her grappling gun:


SO TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Amaya, like many others, tried to make a decent living during World War III. She shrugged it off, trying to live a normal life in the Bronx without the drugs. Amaya aimed to finish college, but eventually dropped out after being diagnosed with a strange disease that caused her to have frequent doctor visits and a lack of focus in school. She couldn't get the medication off the counter or from the pharmacy according to her doctor. About three times (or whenever her doctor called) a week, she would come into the medical room to get her shot. Amaya became convinced that the highs were just the side affects. However, the actual side affects she experienced at home were painful and uncontrollable. Amaya knew she had to stop taking the medication before an addiction would begin. Calling her doctor and explaining her situation, he explained to her that she needed to take the shots since her disease was life threatening.

Her life changed when the war was over. She now roams around the city, hunting for people who she believes have Euphoria. Pills...needles...she didn't care, she needed it. Anything to control whatever the fuck she has that her doctor diagnosed her with.

Right. Let's get the show on the road.
Just posted. You really got Johnny's attention. Expect to hear from him in the future. A violent Euphoria addict and a guy who uses the stuff as chemical induced mind control; this is gonna be good.

OH! Awesome thought! What if James is the doctor who got her addicted! It just popped into my head! Probably a bad idea, though, huh?
Nah, this actually works rather than have a NPC of a doctor! Going to read your post now :D
Sweet! That means I turned someone psychotic other than me!
Hehe. Well she's not entirely psychotic. At least not yet anyway :P

Hmmm, I know the IC was recently posted but I really wish there's more posts. I know I PMed everyone, I just wish they either responded to the PM or post in here letting me know a post is coming. T_T
Post will be coming, just been a rather distracting week
Name: Charlie Ventura, Goes by Chuck.

Age: 26

Appearance: 6'3 185 lbs; Chuck is built like a tank with little to no body fat. He has black hair that is usually kept shaved or faded up high and tight. Although most never see him without dark glasses - even indoors and at night, he has light brown eyes and thick full brows. A hard life on the streets have left Chuck with an angry, half crazed expression. Seeing him smile is a rare occurrence.

Occupation: Member of The Overlords

Do you use a weapon: Being a Member of a vicious gang, caring a weapon is a must
. On his person he usually has a colt .45 and a various assortment of knives.

Born in post WWIII poverty, Chuck had a rough life from the start. While most everything around him was desolate and destroyed, he was neglected by his parents and raised on the streets after their brutal slaying.

Chucks Parents, who were both hopelessly addicted to drugs, owed more money than they could ever pay to a local dealer. One night while sitting in their one room apartment, A masked armed intruder shot and killed them both right in front of him. Chuck was left with little choice but to fend for himself on the streets. He quickly became accustom to violence of every kind as he watched people all around him being killed and beaten on a daily basis. At the age of 13, a street smart Chuck was recruited as a drug runner for the vicious gang The Overlords. Over time he became a full fledged member, with a reputation for violent, intimidating acts. He is involved in everything from extortion and murder to drug trafficking and robbery.

The only real family Chuck has ever known are the hardened Gang members that share his set; The Overlords. Somewhere along the way he picked up a habit for popping pills, not the highly desirable Euphoria, but rather to a combination of Pharmaceuticals, namely Klonopin and Morphine. He was every bit as addicted to these pills as any Euphoria addict was to theirs the only difference; his were easier and cheaper to get.
All right, you're accepted! I think the only thing you need to change is the age. Just find him a little young, but his appearance makes him look older. That's about it though =P
Alright, hows 26>?