Euphoria [M]

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Added a little bit in my history/personality as an update. =P
All righty, let me make an updated character list now.
Murr i have to find Cookie and Graverobber....T_T I thought i had them on my flashdrive.
NAME: Eddy Paulson A.K.A Shifty Eddie A.K.A Eddie the daddy
AGE: 25
APPEARANCE: (can't find a good picture, I'll write a description when I have more to say than: "Babyface, jacket, crafty grin".)
OCCUPATION: as a 'free entrepreneur' he does whatever gets him money, as long as it doesn't involve any big plans. He tends to keep his schemes low profile.
IF YES, WHAT IS IT? Eddy uses a single pistol with a high-capacity magazine, as well as two stiletto knives, and he has some self-taught proficiency with both.
SO TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Born the son of a whore at the political dawning of the third world war, Eddy Paulson was never really destined for greatness. He was loved and was doted on by the prostitutes in the bordello he grew up in and from an early age this served as a training in charming people (especially women). The world war brought on desperate times, but desperate times are usually when the corrupt and the skilled flourish.
The Bordello's owner, known to most simply as Luciano, branched out in drugs and arms trade and used the new cash-flow to form a small army of bodyguards which were often used to settle disputes with rival crime lords.
Not that it mattered in the end. Luciano, like many others, found his end in the war. Eddy, by that time, had grown accustomed to the violence and misery all around him. Orphaned, and having escaped from the bordello with not much more than his young life, he saw new opportunities for those not blind to see them. He began charming those women who had managed to retain a little of their fortune, robbing them of some of that wealth whenever he disappeared into the slums again. He stayed in contact with his criminal roots to gather and sell information, as well as turning into a 'go to' man for stolen goods. With most of the authorities out of the way, or having bigger fish to fry, his small projects flourished, and because of his low profile actions and the absence of a criminal record, people started to call him shifty eddy.
Recently, in what seems to be an unexpected turnaround, Eddy has begun to support those low class prostitutes who had the misfortune of getting pregnant, cutting deals with pimps and gangsters alike, and in some cases buying their freedom for exorbitant amounts of money. Of course, this has never stopped Eddy from sampling what they had to offer, and usually his generosity pays off in one way or another...
Just recently added some information about the drug for those who are curious about it. =)
I hope this isn't pushing it too much:
NAME: James Jekyll aka Johnny Hyde (Yes, I really did that)
AGE: 36
APPEARANCE: Keeps his face clean-shaven, though there are some scars from when he missed with the blade. His hair is a very dark brown. His features are soft and unimpressive, except for his eyes, which seem to flash dangerously from one emotion to another without control. He puts up the manner of being kind, but deep down you can tell he can be very cruel.
OCCUPATION: Corrupt Doctor/Part-time psychopath
DO YOU USE A WEAPON? Y/N:No/Yes. Anything sharp or combustible he can get his hands on.
SO TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: James was never high on self esteem. When he was younger, he would always be pushed around and outright shunned from the world. James came up with the solution when he was sixteen. It was to give them someone else to pick on: Johnny.

Only this new persona of James' creation didn't accept being bullied, bossed around, or intimidated. Johnny did the pushing. Johnny did the bossing around. And Johnny was so good at intimidation that people winced when he walked past them, even when he wasn't using the Johnny Hyde persona.

The second life was addicting. As Johnny Hyde, James could act on a whim without fear. He could hurt people (and he did) just because he thought it sounded like it'd be a good time. Johnny had career advantages, too. People were too scared to tell him "No."

What was his career? During the war, James was a surgeon for the army. He patched up injured soldiers, and was respected among those who managed to walk away from his operating table.

But Johnny was present here, too. Unneccesary surgeries were often performed, simply out of a twisted pleasure for causing discomfort (anesthesia was in short supply at his camp - he's not entirely unresponsible). Many of his patients died during these procedures, which was when James discovered that his alter-ego had a taste for necrophilia.

The taste didn't last long. Johnny was dreamed up for control, afterall. He wanted to use living people, and he got his chance.

During an unneccesary surgery on the attractive female Commander, throughout which James felt her up as much as he was able, Johnny came up with an idea. Euphoria had found its way into the camp and had been confiscated. As a medical doctor, he had full access to it. Just as she was waking up, Johnny injected her with it. Then he raped her. He made sure to last until the withdrawl symptoms began to take effect. Afterwards, he asked her to come by for a check up next week. As he predicted, she came.

Then it was the Euphoria and rape all over again. This happened over the course of a few weeks. She hadn't known about the drug, so was tricked into thinking the sensations she was feeling were being caused by him. Soon, Johnny had an army Commander comletely wrapped around his finger. She was KIA, her mind having beaten her body to the medical tent.

After the war, James kept his job as doctor, but not in the military. He was a good physician for poor New Yorkers, but was also a very crooked one. He sold medical supplies for Euphoria, which he saved until he could find someone worth manipulating with it. Johnny was still a part of his life. In fact his life was divided among his real self and this - thing - he created. Johnny still found people to manipulate and control, mainly the drug suppliers who looked the other way when strange things happened at his office.

Johnny liked experimenting with the Euphoria, which is when he found out it was flammable. This opened up all sorts of opportunities for him. Now he had two ways of using the drug to gain power over people. It gave him the chance to really have some fun.
Hm, I do say I have to think on this one. I'll edit this post once I make my decision.
NAME: Manon
AGE: 19

Manon stands at a delicate five feet, two inches but her slender body is proportioned in a way that makes it difficult to tell. Manon has long slim legs, a narrow waist, and gently curved breasts and buttocks. Manon wears her inky black hair down to spill around her shoulders, while her makeup emphasizes cushiony lips and striking eyes. Manon's usual attire is complex designs in bright, flowing material.
OCCUPATION: Prostitute
Manon was raised on the streets in the post-WWIII era, and it was not an easy life. Manon was not born beautiful, but rather plain and awkward in appearance. Manon woke one morning in the gutter to find a shrewd man staring at her with something akin to interest. Though no one else could see it, he recognized that she would grow into her frame and was kind to her, gaining her loyalty. This man is one of the wealthy men who own prostitutes and go through the slums throwing minute amounts of Euphoria.

Manon accepted Varoj Graye into her life as a protector, even when he began to look at her different, less keen interest and expectance in his eyes and more desire. When Manon was seventeen, Varoj took her to his personal physician and ordered a barcode for her. Manon watched in curiosity as the doctor stripped her of clothing and examined her body with impartial, icy fingers. Satisfied, the man pushed her back onto a table and clutched a strange tool with cold efficiency. Manon was tattooed, just below her belly button, with the numbers 7777. Her pet name from Varoj is Lucky Sevens because of this.

As Manon is one of Varoj's favorites, he occasionally indulges her with a little. Manon was trained by him to use a dagger because "if they want it, they'd better pay".
NAME: Daniel Crates, commonly known as Graverobber

AGE: 32


He stands at 6' 1" head and shoulders. Long brunette hair that goes down to the base of his shoulder blades. His hair has become matted since his bathing is far and few between. He also has the distinct stench of dead bodies on him, as he spends most of his time near the body mounds looking for any stray valuables, and when he's not at the mounds he's looking for old cemeteries. His own natural stench from the lack of bathing, would be more pleasant than the stench of bodies that he carries about him.

He has full lips, you know the kind that if one ignored the fact of the dirty look and the odor a girl would look at his lips and just want to kiss him on the spot. Sadly these are one of the very few positive features he has about himself. They are always covered in black lipstick, as his lips have long lost the healthy warm red color they once carried and are now a very pale color that hints to his poor nutrition.

He has hazel eyes, which you will often see as bloodshot for any reason among a long list. He has dark rings just below his eyes, evidence of a lack of sleep. He does sleep, he just only gets about 3 to 4 hours each night, he only sleeps longer when he's drunk off his rocker.

He has a number of scars from the War, most of which he received from what was called "Meatball Surgery". It was where the military surgeons would work in the field and have soldier after soldier with varying issues, some quick fixes, others that were fatal if not treated immediately, and once the soldier was patched up, they were sent right back out on the front lines.

He has a scar from when he had to have his appendix removed during the war. There is another right near his groin from when a rather large piece of shrapnel just barely missed his little friend and hit him just to the right, he walks with a very slight limp because of the wound and the rushed surgery. There is another notable scar on the lower left side of his back, received from a bullet retrieval. He has various small non-surgery related scars along his legs, arms, and shoulders from knife cuts and bullet grazings.

He wears mainly a loose white button up shirt, you can no longer tell its original color as it has come to be covered in dust and grime, its once pure white color, is now a cream like color. A pair of dark colored denim pants, the fabric has thinned and the pant leg bases have frayed due to age. Military combat boots, which he never returned after his dishonorary discharge. He wears a rather nice black leather jacket, which too, has evidence of age, this he stole off of some guy sleeping in street passed out drunk. He also wears an assortment of belts both tight and loose, around his person, these aren't really to hold the pants up as they are a rather snug fit, but rather instead objects in which he hangs valuables he finds, and on occasion where he also hangs his drug pouches and needles.

OCCUPATION: Graverobber

DO YOU USE A WEAPON? Y/N: kinda sorta


Closest thing he has to a weapon is his Spade (shovel), not that he has to use it as a weapon often, but it just has a double use.


Grew up a southern child, North Carolina boy to be exact, born in Charolette, well southern by birth, but city raised. So he doesn't have that thick southern accent, he sounds like you're average city person, though sometimes his southern roots do make light appearances in his speech. He grew up while things were peaceful, however peace was relative. At the time he considered it peace as that is the time he grew up in, others called it a time of economic troubles and decaying international brotherhood. Daniel wouldn't see this until the beginning of that third world war came, the world war that everyone said would never come, after all WW2 was supposed to be the last.

He was still pretty young when it all broke out, still going through puberty, always worrying about his own life, and how he'd get a girlfriend, rather than being realistic and keeping track of how the War twisted and turned and how its tides of bloodshed ebbed and flowed.

When he finally turned 18 after the war had been going on for a few years, he along with the occasional rare few, actually voluntarily enlisted into the military, he was in the Army branch. The war was nasty, times were rough, many Americans were against it and refused to enlist, so the draft had been re-instated.

The war dragged on, Daniel rose through the ranks, and his pay got better. Man he hoped the war never ended if it meant he kept getting his pay, it was a shame he wouldn't see the full collapse of the American economy coming, making his paycheck, and all the money he had saved away to buy himself a nice place back home on a beach, would become practically worth less than shit itself.

He got as far as Sergeant when he was discovered for a nasty little habit had had made for himself. He would go about after a battle, leaving camp and searching dead bodies of enemies for valuables, as often all soldiers kept some kind of valuable memento that could be traded for something nice, and it didn't stop with enemies, he would even loot his own fallen comrads that had been put into body bags. He was spotted one night taking a pocket watch from a fallen US soldier, and he was also discovered with other various pilfered items that were known to have belonged to KIA'd members of his platoon. Items such as a Rolex, a 22 Karot gold necklace, a wedding band, two high school graduation rings, and a high school football championship ring. He was then thrown in the brig, the paperwork was filed, and after a long wait of being transferred from company to company, from brig to brig, he finally stood trial for what he had done, among the several possible unknown counts of the same crime, and was found guilty and was dishonorably discharged from the military.

Since then he lived in the north until things really got ugly and ran to what was considered the safety of the upper Manhattan area, that is where he stayed until the end of the war, and where he has stayed since. Continuing his body looting, and the occasional graverobbing when he stumbles across small graveyards here and there. He takes whatever valuables he finds and trades them mainly for alcohol, as it is the easiest to obtain in an abundance in a single trade. However sometimes he holes away certain items he finds and saves them up for a couple doses worth of Marijuana, Heroine, hell sometimes even Shrooms. However on occasion when he finds really valuable items, he keeps them and hides away his most valuable finds for the occasional dose of Euphoria. He always gets it in the needle form, and carries it with him when he needs it. He's actually not addicted to Euphoria, he uses it only when he feels stressed out, and even then only when the stress is really on to the point that he feels like he HAS to have a release.
No worries. I may have pushed my character a little beyond the bounds of realism, anyway. I can adjust it, if that would make it better.
Oookay....*looks at sheets* Kitti, you're accepted! Mosaic...ugh, I'm not even reading that. You're accepted.

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Changes look good to me! Let us see what Necella has to say.
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So here's the announcement:

I will be at New Orleans March 7th-March 14th for Spring Break (for volunteer work, no Mardi Gras =P). So the RP won't be up til I get back.

So that gives people time to keep joining Euphoria if they are still interested. To those who already posted character sheets, I'm sorry for such a long delay ^^;
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NAME: Alek Travian
AGE: 23
Alex is young and it shows, maybe more than it should looking to be closer to 18. He stands a little over six foot with black hair and pale skin. He dresses in a mixed manner, wearing fatigue pants and boots with a white button up shirt. Over this he wears a dirty brown trenchcoat and a low slung pistol holster on his leg.
IF YES, WHAT IS IT? 9mm machine pistol with an extended magazine.
SO TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Alek was born into a normal upper-middle class on the dawning of the last war. When the war first hit no one was truely affected, sides were not activly targeting civillian centers and the days went on as they always had. He had an older brother, a younger brother, and two sisters when the war started.
As the war dragged on however the Generals saw civillian centers as supplies for the war effort: stores for food and people for reinforcements. Drafts came up and Alek's father and older brother were taken to join the war. Not long after his eldest sister left as well to work with the doctors. Eventually they a letter was delivered informing them that their father had been killed and his brother was missing presumed dead. His mother was grief striken and her mental state was rapidly detiroating, the only thing she had left being her youngest children.
Alek was a teenager when the war came to the doorstep. As hostile army units came closer his mother's mental state dropped rapidly, refusing to leave their home with the thoughts that her dead husband and son would be coming back. Defensive units arrived, evacuations were in progress and Alek and his siblings were taken to the evacuation point while the soldiers left his mother there. They never saw her again.
A year later Alek and what was left of his family ended up in New England. As the enemy came closer his younger brother was sent away to saftey while him and his sister were drafted for the defense. Over the course of the next several months the city held out against the invaders but it eventually fell, the defenders scattering.
It was at this point that Alek started drifting. Working off of a rumor that New York City he made his way there, doing odd jobs for people along the way for food, shelter, or sometimes ammunition. While still new in the city he has done similar inside as he did outside, work for amenities.
Hmm...Would you be willing to work a deal with my character, Slyen? Johnny has to start somewhere.