Euphoria [M]

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"Imagine a world with no government. It's pure freedom."


"We never have to leave this place. It has everything we need!"
–The Setting



Post-apocalyptic New York City. World War III has finally ended, but caused a great deal of damages around the world. New York City, a once busying city filled with life, is now a run down place with two main boroughs: The Bronx and Upper Manhattan. The other boroughs are in such horrible shape that no one can possibly live there. They are used to hold waste and other garbage, but due to the high percentage of waste removal, Lower Manhattan and parts of the Bronx had to be divided by walls, to also hold the increasingly amounts of waste. Because there is no more recycling, all the waste is gathered into large piles throughout the boroughs, most likely causing radioactivity. Hence, no one is allowed to trespass the wall.

In the Bronx and Upper Manhattan, drugs are sold freely to everyone, pornography has a great value, and the women are easy. The boroughs are beyond over crowded and dust and debris cover the streets. Everyone is high on different kinds of drugs that are sold on the streets.


"It's tough surviving out there, but we gotta make a living somehow."
–Everyday life



Down every single street, shopkeepers hold every type of drugs at a reasonable price. You do not have to worry about paying over thousands of dollars for cocaine or X or any drug that tickles your fancy. Most of the women are prostitutes sent from the rich district part of Manhattan. You can only tell by the long barcode tattooed on their stomach, right above their crotch. The barcodes are scanned for identity check, just to make sure the women are returned to their proper owner. Since cash is rare and credit cards are limited, the people follow a trading system. If you want heroin, you had better have something good and valuable on you. If you want to have sex with a high-class prostitute from the rich district, do not be surprised that the owner demands a favor from you. This is the life of the people in New York.

"You're asking me what happened. Fuck, if I know."


Before World War III ended, the mayor of New York City declared a state of emergency. After this declaration, a gang known as the Overlords assassinated the mayor and took control over the people. Terrorism increased not only in New York, but around the world as well. The percentage of drug usage was increasing each day to escape the reality and to cope with the apocalyptic war.

Secretly however a new drug was being created. A single purpose buried deep in the minds of the dead. One reason made was to relieve people of the war weariness and the state of woe in the world. This drug is labeled Euphoria. This drug has introduced itself on the market and is now the number one in the world. Almost all seek it to escape the harsh reality to an everlasting high. However, the drug is quite expensive and almost impossible to receive in the slums. The rich district, Upper Manhattan, are the creators and holders of Euphoria, so they always have enough. On some days, people from the rich district, drive into the Bronx in black vans holding Euphoria. Their idea of amusement is throwing the drug out to large crowds and watch them fight or even kill over it. You would know this time of event will occur when someone makes an announcement over the microphone and the crowd gathers. This type of game can take place anywhere, so its best that you keep a lookout, you may just get lucky.

"So how do you cope?" - Application

AGE: You must be 18 or older.
APPEARANCE: Please include description and picture if possible. We like to get a good look at you.
OCCUPATION: What are you?
SO TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: What's your history

Feel free to ask any questions!!

THE RULES (yes even in a free roaming type RP, there are still rules):
- Stick with the group, while this RP kinda gives you the freedom to do whatever, I suggest sticking with other characters to provide interaction and plot.
- Don't OD (no pun intended) on the weaponry. While we live in a world where it's almost possible to get anything we want, I still don't want people godmodding.
-Sex is allowed. Detail or fade out effect is totally up to you. If you want to go full out detail, please place spoiler tags between them.
-For your character sheet, you can play either as a gang member, or a regular civilian. I leave it up to you.
-As GM, I do have the right to reject your character sheet if it is unrealistic.
-Have fun!

The RP is rated M for Mature due to extreme violence, drug use, sex, and more drugs.
New York City map


:::The black bars dividing Manhattan and parts of the Bronx is the wall that the people have built. No one can trespass it due to radioactivity.

:::Some bridges to enter Upper Manhattan are still in use, but most people walk on them rather than drive. There are bridges that also allow access to the other boroughs to transfer garbage to another location. Those bridges are mainly used by garbage trucks and maybe other cars. However, you must have ID to gain access to those areas.

:::The gray areas are cities either completely destroyed, no one knows for sure, as everyone stays within their location.

"the cloud nine" pill

Euphoria works as a stimulant drug, sending a large amount of dopamine in the brain. It makes the person feel incredibly alert, happy, energized, hence why the name was given. It is similar to that of cocaine, but the high lasts a lot longer than its "sister." It was originally created in a lab for weapon use (similar to napalm) by scientists, but once the high had been discovered, Euphoria had leaked out throughout the country and the drug's popularity increased.​

There are two ways Euphoria can be taken: the pills work slower, but are commonly seen for the lucky civilians who have the drug. Pills are cheaper but they provide the same satisfaction. Needles, on the other hand, work faster, but are highly expensive. Gang leaders, corrupted doctors, "rich" folk are usually seen with the needles since they can afford it via trade.​

When Euphoria leaves the body, symptoms include: uncontrollable body shakes, chills, sweating. However, if Euphoria is taken at a greater dosage, symptoms include: Paranoia, hallucinations, fever, erratic and violent behavior, and a strong desire for Euphoria.​

Active Characters:

Amaya Masuyo - Necella
Mad Max - Inane Nihilist
Eddy Paulson - Myrnodyn
Daniel Crates "Graverobber" - Mosaic
Charlie Ventura - October Knight
Benito "Capo/Ben" Bombardini - Torsty
Hacksaw Dave - Seiji
Monet DeChance - Zypher
Megan West - Diana Notacat
Calliope West - Nino Notachat
Stephen Carpenter - GMK

Inactive Characters:

The Blonde Bombshell - Angelic Asylum
Oscar Guardia - Darkness
Johnny Hyde - Quiet One
Alek Travian - Slyen

Dead Characters:

Manon - Kitti​


The Mind on E.
Kinda reminds me of someone going through the high and then the withdrawal.
[nomedia=""]YouTube- The Beauty of Being Numb[/nomedia]
Holy shit it's like you just read the DMZ comic.


Gonna make something up.

Once I manage to get some work done, I mean.
Fuck yeah....count me in!.. reserving this post for the char sheet.
You know I'm in this Neccy <3 I'll hunt down my old character for this and get it up for you.
How much of these drugs does someone have to take before they totally lose their minds? 'Cause I call crazy! Speaking of which, what specifically are the effects of Euphoria? What are the negative side-effects? (Every drug has some)
Ignore this post, i thought she had posted the old set character list.
Sweeet! I'm saying bye to my old character and making a new one...
So essentially rather than be post apocalyptic its more cyber punk, no?

Either way I am interested.
Post-apocalyptic/cyber-punk/survival...etc. etc.

Thank you for your interest everyone, I'm looking forward to your character sheets :D

Quiet One, I can definitely give you an answer after I really thought it out. E. usually gives you that great high and possibly hallucinations, but I'll get in more depth about it when I talk to Inane Nihilist and see what he thinks.
I don't see how it's cyber punk O_o but whatever, I'm in! I'll dig up the Bombshell and get her going again.
Hallucinations sound good. I wanted my character to be someone who lost his mind because of the drug, and turned...well, a bit pyschotic.

I'd like to be the only nutjob to try to blow up a Euphoria truck, something that by the sounds of it, no one else would even dream of! (I hope that's not out of bounds)
Yeah me and angelic asylum discussed a lot of effects of the drug, which will be posted soon. The drug works more like a stimulate.

I think, from what I've heard so far, a lot of people are aiming towards to destroy one of the vans. I don't think blowing it up is a wise idea though as I think that's a little too much to start off in the beginning. I know I'm allowing characters to hold weapons, but I really don't want people to owe rocket launchers, snipers, any other big mean nasty machines, in the beginning of the RP. o_O
I don't see how it's cyber punk O_o but whatever, I'm in! I'll dig up the Bombshell and get her going again.

Well seeing as a post apocolyptic setting usually entitles the entire collapse of society, in this case society continues.
Here we go...again. XD

The Blonde Bombshell

NAME: Rose Hardie

AGE: 23

APPEARANCE: Earning a nickname such as "Blonde Bombshell" is no easy feat.
When one sees her on a date with a high end client, one would say she is the epitome of beauty. In her stiletto heels, she stands at 5'9, and her legs are long, lean and sturdy. Her breasts are voluptuous, a C cup at least, and her ass would make any man (or woman) stare with glassy eyes. Her skin is pale and creamy white, without one noticeable blemish. Her eyes are her most striking feature, an icy blue, with an alert gaze that would send a shiver down the bravest soul's spine. A small, upturned nose and pink full lips complete her face and a mane of natural yellow blonde hair hangs down past her shoulders, messy and wild and yet perfect for her frame.

Of course, the few who see her outside of her working hours would view a much different woman. Thin from her lack of appetite and available food, her ribs can be seen through her skin. Her breasts are not as large as one would think without her clothing, which enhances her every feature. Makeup covers the last remnants of her acne from adolescence, and smokey eye makeup enhances her crystalline blue eyes while covering up the signs of exhaustion that rest under them. Lipstick makes her lips look larger and seductive, when they are usually just chapped and ordinary. Her hair has always stayed the same - too difficult to manage either way.

All in all, Rose is an ordinary girl. Not ugly (or else she wouldn't be very successful in her line of work), but with the same beauty that any other young girl would possess. The difference between her and every other girl is that she knows how to make herself stunning, and she knows how to work her every feature to make her clients drool.

As for clothing, Rose will wear anything her pimp gives her. Short skirts, fishnet stockings, and low cut tops are her usual fair. Simple, yet effective, she spices up her wardrobe with costume jewelery and her stilettos, with laces that crisscross up her legs, adding height and the sultry walk of a professional. The only item of jewelery that she wears consistently is the pale green ribbon holding a pink stone in a golden frame that her mother gave her as a small girl. It reminds her of what she was and what she'll never become.

OCCUPATION: As high-class a hooker as you can get in such a world. In society before the war, she'd be covered in diamonds and available only by appointment, but after the destruction of New York, her fake jewels and her cheap heels are the only way to show her status.

Rose is completely owned by her pimp, and has no power to make decisions on her own... not that she'd want to. Thinking was never her strong suit.

DO YOU USE A WEAPON? Y/N: Well... kinda.

IF YES, WHAT IS IT? Turned off by guns (they make you smell like gunpowder, she claims), Rose hides a small knife under her skirt at all times. She has never had to use it before and would not be what one considers "proficient", but the blind safety of owning a weapon makes her feel better. So far, her pimp has kept her safe and without him she would be almost completely defenseless.

Born two years before the war, she has absolutely no recollection of life before World War III was the common talk amongst the people. The war didn't move to New York City, however, until she was 8 years old, but by then everyone was expecting it. The United States was almost completely wiped out and the only reason New York City held on as long as it did was due to it's high population and wealth. When the first bombings happened, her parents hid with her in an underground shelter with 20 other families, cramped and exhausted.

By the time she was a teenager, her parents were already addicted to heroin, scratching their skin until it bled and cold sweating for hours until they got another hit. When her father overdosed and died in a puddle of his own vomit, her mother took her to what was quickly becoming the wealthy part of town (laughable by pre WWIII standards) to present her to one of the many pimps that were slowly building their harems. Dressed in the few articles of clothing that weren't stained or ripped beyond saving and dolled up in cheap makeup, the pimp looked her over with scrutiny.

After much negotiating she was bought and paid for and would never see her mother again. That night she screamed and writhed on a filthy stolen hospital table while a large man covered piercings held her down and tattooed her barcode and number (55385) right above her crotch. He would then become her first customer.

It has been eight years since that night and the Bombshell has long since mourned the loss of her family and virginity. While she does not hold a grudge against her mother for selling her into prostitution, it is still a sensitive subject that she will never bring up in conversation. But she supposes she should be grateful - After learning the tricks of the trade from the older more experienced street walkers she soon turned it into an art form.

Rose Hardie loves her job. It gives her purpose, the closest thing to love she'll ever have, and her beloved Euphoria. Steering clear of the Heroin, Cocaine and Crack that many of the other hookers fell victim to, she was forced to take Euphoria by her pimp, who needed a surefire way to keep her in his possession. After that night the addiction solidified, using alcohol to keep the burning hallucinations of withdrawl away and taking the Euphoria to heal the liver damage her extensive drinking causes her.

It's a vicious cycle, one she accepts and lives with on a daily basis.
Accepted of course, Angelic ^_^ Great profile!

NAME: Oscar Guardia

AGE: 38



OCCUPATION: Retired terrorist, weapons dealer, and now, a "security officer", he works protecting some areas of Manhattan from other gangs, thieves, and the common undesirable.


IF YES, WHAT IS IT? Amongst the weapons he manages to sell, he prefers to stick with an old pump shotgun, and a hunting rifle when he's feeling like doing some target practice on junkies, crazies, and whoever else he feels needs to get shot.

SO TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Oscar was born in Mexico, and with his father and brother, made a run for the border when he was 16, it'd been easy, they got the help of a group who smuggled them inside the USA in a truck, and claimed him and his brother as muscle.

This worked out well enough for Oscar, who wasn't looking up to getting killed at the time. Years passed, and surprisingly, the little gang earned more funds, and the recognition of one man who drove the organization towards more explosive goals. At the beginning of the War, he and his people ended up fighting for no side but their own, defending their area from any outside threat, and expanding their control through what became a barren wasteland.

He was one of the few many survivors of the destruction of the war, as by the end of it most of the other people of the guerrillas had been taken by one or the other side, or escaped with whatever they could gather in their pockets.

With the end of the war, whoever remained had to do with what they still had, and the only thing most of the men like Oscar knew how to do was killing and avoid getting killed, and thus, they took to offering those services, and more often than not, forcing them on other people.

To this day, Oscar's only vices are tobacco, whiskey, and women.
NAME: Madius Maxwell
AGE: 27

Stands at 6'3" fitted with a basic soldiers musculature. He is rough skinned but not very hairy at all. His back is laced with scars as well as his left arm from various fights.
OCCUPATION: Van Snatcher , Safe Cracker, call him whatever. His job is to capture black vans from the rich and give to the poor in a sense.

WEAPONS: He has two weapons. An old sawn-off 12g shotgun capable of holding 5 rounds, and his 10 inch ballistics knife.(spring loaded knife)

SO TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Madius Maxwell or as some just call him, Mad Max, is a lonely man. He lost his family to a viscous street gang after the great war but got over it after seeing the gang butchered by a massive mob. He had been making a living as a tow truck driver before and after the apocalypse, with his only duty of towing black vans from their caravan.

He didn't always use a tow truck however. He used various machines to get the job done. He used a wrecking ball once and watched as the crowd ripped those inside the van apart like a nicely cooked turkey during thanksgiving. He does his job well and keeps safe behind his armored truck. He's even upgraded it enough to last a good chase.

He hasn't been shaken much by life around him as nothing really seems to surprise him. This whole end of the world deal didn't impress him much. He just looked down upon it like a hobo scat on the sidewalk.

He keeps to himself and doesn't like the company of others much at all. If anyhting, he doesn't trust anyone but himself in this horrid world made hell.